The Inner Universe: ‘Most Relevant Frontier’

While we focus our attentions here on the inner world, much is going on in the world around us involving subjects that are of great interest and importance. Yet, as much as I’d love to call your attention to these subjects, such as the “reboot” of the financial system with its associated resignations and mass arrests, the major deception that underlies the entire health care industry, or the dire implications of Fukushima, I am content to continue forth revealing the inner “universe” that is not only within us, but IS us. It is the most relevant frontier.

My sense is that as we know ourselves in the highest form that we might imagine, we will find and create answers to the problems mentioned above. This is ultimately, an “inside job,” as only the individual knows for sure what he or she is imagining to be possible, or “true.”


With an unshakable inner knowing, we won’t need to don a jumpsuit and cape, and fly in with fanfare like some cartoon character turned movie star. Many of the answers to Earth’s ecological and environmental lament have already been figured out and presented, only to be squelched by a cacophony of “experts” who refuse to acknowledge any other “god” before them.

Said “experts” then jockey for the honor of being more “right” in their predictions on how bad things are, will, or can be, or where you can run to “protect” yourself, and what you should fear. During the swine flu “pandemic” the best advice that the Centers for Disease Control, (CDC) could muster in a public statement was to make sure we wash our hands when we leave the rest room!

While this may qualify as lunacy, this is not a conspiracy, per se, it’s simply where they are in consciousness. That will change, because consciousness is a dynamic, not a static state.

Simply, when we change our heart, we’ve demonstrated a change in consciousness. As such, the hearts of others will change. When we change our mind, we’ve demonstrated a change in consciousness. As such, the minds of others will change. How they change and what they do will be up to each.

People who were primed to point a weapon at stranger and pull the trigger, may elect not to as they feel a greater connection to, a human connection with, their opponent. This would be a reflection of the individual’s reduction in their own, inner fear.

People who were poised to launch missiles to destroy distant targets, would become less inclined. People who held long-standing grudges against other people, would be more inclined to not just bury the hatchet, but melt it altogether and make something new.

All of this can happen as we know, love, forgive, heal ourselves, and then imagine other even more wonderful things that we can do that would make Earth an even more enjoyable base of experience during our “stay”.

Right now, we’re very practiced in scaring ourselves to death, so much so that it ain’t funny.

Fear is big business far beyond the box office.

I used to wonder what was the purpose behind horror films. Why would anyone purposefully go into a place to scare one’s self? What was the point? I can’t say that I have yet found the answer for consumers.

One might say that they are “harmless fun,” but they’re not for me. Such films exist because the idea of “killing” or being “killed” – i.e., involuntarily and violently being put to death is one that goes, not just unquestioned, but unanswered. If we knew that we don’t “die” and that there is no way to actually be “harmed,” then such films would be yawners. However, we’re presently not getting much help from the education system, or main$tream $cience, though that too shall change.

$cientific experts and researchers still ask the question whether there is “life after death.” In spite of countless testimonials from people who have had “near death experiences,” (NDE’s) and “out of body experiences (OBE’s), and years of research by such people as Elizabeth Kübler-Ross (1926-2004) (On Death and Dying) and Dr. Raymond Moody (Life After Life), the idea is considered speculative at best. Religious precepts each come in its own wrapper, which the faithful in a “take it or leave it” position.

As such, we have been slow to adopt and then apply new truths when they become apparent, as it means we’ll have to stop doing something else we’ve become accustomed to, or face the judgment of others who are content in not even looking, much less seeing what will have become a more expanded truth than their own. The television series “Ancient Aliens,” aired last night on the History Channel, and included comments from the Vatican’s astronomer, with a picture of the telescope and observatory.

Now they’re willing to look!

I noted the irony that Galileo Galilei must feel now, given controversy that he ignited with the Roman Catholic church in the 1600’s. However, ironies aside, this also shows that the transiting of consciousness applies to everyone.

Perhaps not wanting to be “alone” in a new understanding, we are also slow to connect the dots of related truths as they eventually present themselves. The “dragging” element in all of this, is fear, which doesn’t always come in a horrific wrapper. Fear can be presented in very rational, practical terms. Whatever the covering, anything that stimulates or reinforces the practicality of fearfulness will, on subtle levels, cause us to very slowly “kill” ourselves.

Well, the physical aspect. The exo-physical aspect, which is the true experiencer of our reality, can’t be killed, but then this is not presently part of our education system. Therefore, when the body goes, we “logically” believe there’s a strong chance that our existence may go too. We hedge our bets by embracing a religious view, even if some of its associated strings, tend to strangle.

There’s a physiological consequence to fear that often goes unnoticed. When we immerse ourselves within a prolonged or habitual state of fearfulness, we naturally produce certain chemicals that lower the immune system. Cortisol is one such chemical. Dr. Bruce Lipton’s, The Biology of Belief, shed light on this phenomena. Called by some the stress hormone, and others, the death hormone, it is produced in response to the fear, causing a tensing or stiffening effect, which takes an unacknowledged toll when prolonged over time, which we explain away as signs of “aging.”

Fear Lowers and Blocks, Love Elevates and Builds

If we think that another person, entity, or idea “caused” or even could have caused our problems, then we increase our susceptibility to the effects that the idea might have potentiated. This can be positive or negative. There are chemical counterparts to cortisol, all of which influence the function or dysfunction of the physical form, but have nothing to do with our existence. They impact the quality of the physical experience, with health of the body being a major influence, but not the only one.

Here’s what I believe we need to know about ourselves. Each one of us is a major player in unfolding of this time in Earth’s story. Each one of us has a “vote” in what will, or will not be. The vote is choice, the options are love, or fear. Love harmonizes, while fear disrupts. Love expands and builds, while fear constricts, contracts, and destroys.

There is both equality and inequality in these choices. From one human to next, the choice to be loving is equal to every other choice to be loving. However, love’s effect is constrained by the degree of fear that we allow to influence our choices. This includes what we choose to imagine. Therefore, because the amount of fear present in a choice will vary from one human to the next, so will outcomes.

It takes fewer people who are acting from a place of pure love to affect a positive change than it does people who act out of fear. Few people act out of pure fear, but some fear is considered normal and customary these days. As such, it will inhibit or prolong the manifestation of the intended result in direct proportion to the imaginer’s fearfulness.

Waging war in an effort to establish peace is only sounds “logical” to fearful minds, and only works if there is a belief in the finality of “death.”

How intelligent would president Obama have looked when he announced Osama bin Laden’s killing (May, 2011), if enough people knew that “death” was/is an illusion, and not a way to resolve a dispute between human beings?

President Obama announces bin Laden’s “death”.

Truth is, he didn’t look too intelligent anyway, given that many, if not most Americans believed bin Laden was killed quite some time ago. Yet, few, and certainly no “public figure,” have been willing to say it publicly.

And even then, instead of expressing great sadness, respect, and regret that such a choice was deemed necessary to make, the president conveyed a sense of pride that a great accomplishment had been made. How much “better” do you feel the world has become just one year later?

We’ve convinced ourselves in the innate savageness of certain “foreigners” that we feel compelled to find our courage behind the use of “weapons” and “force” to impose our will. Yet, we open ourselves to far greater atrocities by other “friends,” and “protectors” such as the people who run BP, Monsanto, the FDA, the AMA, Wall Street, the Federal Reserve, and so on. They are not villains. Their beliefs and practices are reflections and out-picturings of our own. To change this, we need not “occupy” these places in protest; we must become comfortable occupying our own love, for self, others, and the whole.

The world will be better when we gain the intestinal fortitude to stop accepting poison in our pabulum, whether it is in products, relationships that we maintain with others, or in the ideas that we embrace as “true.”

Atomic events on Hiroshima (left) and Nagasaki, August 1945.

On August 6, 1945, the United States dropped an atomic bomb on the city of Hiroshima, Japan, killing 90,000-166,000 in the initial 4-month period. Three days later, on August 9, another bomb was dropped on the city of Nagasaki, resulting in deaths of another 60,000-90,000.

What many fear today.

The populations of those cities were roughly 350,000 and 240,000 respectively. Today Hiroshima is a city of 1.2 million citizens, while over 500,000 now call Nagasaki home. The point I’m making here is that life will persist and will thrive. It never dies.

Microbial life is called microbial life “primitive.” Yet, they make macrobial life, which our physical form represents, possible. Microorganisms are the architects, engineers, and builders of all “higher” life forms, including our own. We couldn’t have a physical form without microbial life-forms. They make our body possible. We couldn’t heal or repair the physical body without them, yet they are reviled and killed indiscriminately.

Nature has many ways to mitigate all “poisons”, including radioactivity.

Microbial life can mitigate the effects of radiation, whereas “man-made” chemicals cannot, and they can make adjustments in human forms if they are given the instructions from their God, which is human consciousness. These are the “dots” that I suggest are available to be connected, if we respect the whole and are not so convinced that fear is the only option.

We can turn our planet around as we turn ourselves around. As we turn ourselves around, we can turn our planet around. Much of it rests on our own willingness to step beyond our fears, not only of death, but of being truthful, loving, and willing to respect others, even if it is unilateral.

So I’ll continue to cover what makes sense for me to comment on (there’s actually quite a bit).

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  1. Albert Krauss

    So now we have a somewhat “secular” preacher sounding very much like the Indian swamis and Sunday Baptists, and, yes, the entire social work profession speaking to addicts, troubled teens, quarreling families, etc. Who can disagree with the contents? The simplistic message is old, but, equally old, is the ingrained tendency for people to ignore same. Good luck “entertaining”, or “scaring” (that would be ironic!) people into paying attention 🙂

  2. Wow! Excellent post! You hit the nail on the head. Eliminate the fear,… embrace the love and allow “whatever” to unfold, then be opened to the outcome.

    Thank you for all you do!

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