Awakening from the Astral Slumber

The physical and the astral (or plasma) body.

Ponder the thoughts written below:

…the astral body is a component part, the very Self, of earthly existence; … it is the seat of the conscious mind and is not created by the will of the individual.

The astral phantom is so much our very Self that we do not realize how bound up in it we are; we do not seem to comprehend that we are using it this very moment. It is our life, this astral body,and when it permanently severs from the physical body, that physical is of no account. I wish I could convince you, reader, that this phantomous body is not a new entity, which you will acquire in the future; it is “You” of the present—your consciousness, your animation.

Without the astral body your physical anatomy would be but a crude mass of insensible material, lying inert in the power of gravity.

The quotes were excerpted from Projection of the Astral Body, by Sylvan Muldoon. The book was originally published in 1929. The subject of the “astral body” was wrapped up, along with many others, under the general category of “the occult”, which meant that “good,” or “God-fearing” people would be wise to steer clear.

The above excerpted statements laid bare, in very understandable terms, the truth about who we are. At the time the book was published, Muldoon was in his mid- to late twenties.

In today’s terminology, the astral body can also be described as a plasma energy field. They are one in the same. “Ectoplasm,” another linguistic “blast from the past,” also describes the look and behavior of an “exteriorized” plasma field. The term is hardly used today in anything but a “spooky” context, yet a willingness to “sit” with these thoughts takes us to the doorway of life’s most bountiful reward, transcending the fear of death by and through a greater understanding of Self.

The first time or place I ever heard the term “Bardo” used, was in Arcady Petrov’s trilogy, “Creation of the Universe”. Of course, given its Sanskrit origins, the term had been around for quite some time. It hadn’t occurred to me to look up its origins or meaning while reading Petrov’s work, so it was a pleasant surprise to see Muldoon refer to the bardo level in his master work.

A careful look at the languaging of various reference books on these subjects reveals the subtle and consistent nudge of these concepts into the realm of “after-life” or nether worlds that are detached from, and not involved with this one. For example, it’s not “normal,” but paranormal. Not “natural” but supernatural.

This is how blatant the dimming and dumbing down of humanity has been. This is why today we spend trillions in “space” travel, developing ways to move physical bodies across the heavens, when the form that gives those bodies any significance, can travel to any point in the heavens right now. This why we spend tens of billions on massive “super colliders” to destroy particles in a quest to “understand” the origin of the universe. This is why we spend billions seeking “cures” for what are actually dis-eases of the heart and mind and then develop and apply caustic chemicals in long-standing “battles” with copyrighted and trademarked “diseases” that can never be “won.”

The plasma energy field is the experience vehicle for each individual life on earth as well as beyond it. Yet, it is not studied for what it is. “Experts” publically deny, debate or dismiss its importance or question its existence. Privately they employ “remote viewers” to “see” what our “enemies” are up to. We think only a few people have such abilities, if they are acknowledged at all, yet, we all have them.

“Prestigious” institutions of higher learning offer no curricula on the subject, in spite of the very real scientific bridges that can be crossed. “Death” remains cloistered in intellectual ivory towers, or in a pop culture house of horrors. We remain in the dark about who and what we are.

The phantom body is the condenser of cosmic energy—the very energy you employ in moving about. This energy is the “breath of life”—omnipresent in every living thing. The Adam and Eve story is no doubt fiction, but the ancient writer hit upon the truth of the matter when he said, “And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.”

Without this “breath of life,” man would be really nothing but the dust of the ground. The breath of life is the universal, the cosmic, energy, condensed in the astral body, which you are using every instant. You may think you are a living body, but you are, as Moses said, “a living soul.” It is the astral entity which is the real “You”; it is the universal energy that is the breath of life.

Muldoon wrote the passage above in his examination of what many have described as the “silver cord.” He concludes:

But what has all this to do with the astral cable? Simply this: When the astral body is in coincidence (with the physical), you are physically alive. When the astral body moves out of coincidence, you are physically dead—unless the astral cable, running from the energetic body to the physical body, is intact.

Healing… true healing is not about anything other than you and I, our choices, our nature, and the understanding that we bring to, or glean out of each experience. Everything else is a side story or subplot. We are attractors of experiences, both “in” the physical realm and beyond.

The 90+ percent of the universe that is considered “dark” because it is unaccounted for only describes the extent of what we have been unaccustomed to intelligently seeing, and therefore, have remained vibrationally incompatible with. Our concepts about death, and whether it is “right” to “kill” another, for what ever reason, “eye for an eye” thinking, concepts of “haves” and “have nots,” are all influenced by fundamental constructs of possibility which we impress upon the mind and thereby form what we think of as our reality.

So when someone is killed or “die,” we mourn a “loss.” They didn’t really “die,” but they will have essentially been ex-communicated if we think they’re “in heaven,” (or hell) and “out of reach.” When we have a metabolic dysfunction we focus on the body and not the individual’s state of mind and heart. We don’t consider their goals and dreams, passions and fears. Our health care system judges whether we can help them by whether “the practitioner” has an accredited “license,” or whether they have money to pay their bill. The more help they are convinced that they need, the more costly the remedy. And yet, the remedy itself is not.

Time to wake up from the slumber.


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I’ve also produced a new 6-minute video about it.

Some thoughts on the Genome Healing Workshop.
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  2. Adam, thank you for sharing this. We are progressing with the bio-resonant harmonic immersion to catalyze our ability to bridge the delta between the states of mind you referenced. Be well, Paul

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