Finding the Courage to Imagine Resurrection

Organ regeneration is one of the most accessible and perhaps comfortable aspects in the universal appeal of Grigori Grabovoi and Arcady Petrov’s writings and teachings. I have a part or two that I am excited about restoring to the Norm. However, that is just the appetizer to the main course, which, I believe, we may be more reticent (myself included), to discuss… but we must. The subject is resurrection.

What does “restoring the Norm of the Creator” really mean if not eternal life and immortality? In other words, no death? As it became quite evident in Petrov’s “Creation of the Universe” triliogy, death was/is a fabricated idea that we have perpetuated by our beliefs and through our fears.

I’m over simplifying here, but the fundamental message is that as “children” of The Creator, we are imbued with the same attributes, including eternal health and life. Yet, given our Free Will, we are free to continue to believe in the inevitability and/or finality of death (and taxes), until we choose not to.

A rap concert in Coachella, CA caused quite a buzz when rap artist, Tupak Shakur, who left this world via gunshot in 1996, appeared in an on-stage performance with Snoop Dogg. It caused quite a stir. Even the Los Angeles Times, in reporting on the concert, demonstrated some conceptual dyslexia, referring to Shakur’s appearance as “reincarnation” instead of resurrection.

In the general scheme of things, if resurrection is possible, and is a reality, it makes the possibility of organ regeneration feel that much easier. I offered more thoughts on the subject in the first half of Talk For Food.

If we want to “Restore the Norm”, it’ll mean living again, and fully.
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0 Thoughts to “Finding the Courage to Imagine Resurrection”

  1. Linley White

    I have had adult stem cell therapy via 250ml of my blood harvesting 100million stem cells some of which were injected directly into my heart muscle which had an EF of 12-15 at the time. 4 years down the track I am leading a healthy,energetic & grateful life.
    I love your Posts.

  2. Barbara A. Baker

    I am so thankful to know that there are others who also believe that we are able to restore our bodies, that we are able to always maintain our health.

  3. pamgotcher

    Living an eternity in good health and the ability to manifest your needs would be wonderful – so much to learn, and a lifetime is so little time to do so.

    1. Gilgamesh

      Our physical body makes brand new cells every day, every minute. And our cells also dying every day, and if we are slower to eliminate the dead cells, and dead materials, toxins, we will get older faster. If we accumulate one pound of dead cells a day , and if we only eliminate part of it, over time it will accumulate, and half of our body will be dead cells, and will look old, and half dead.
      Just my own opinion.

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