‘FDA Protection’ At Work v. MMS

I’m going to start right here by saying it deeply saddens me to feel that the image above is an appropriate representation of events that are reported below, but that’s how I see it.

For almost two years I have followed, with minimal comment, the saga of Daniel Smith of Project Green Life, who the FDA sought to make an example to discourage merchants from selling and distributing MMS.

On June 11, 2011, while Daniel was on a road trip to a yoga camp with his daughter, FDA agents — with guns drawn and protective vests in place prepared for a shootout — raided Smith’s home. “Securing” the premises, they forced his wife to sit on the curb while they ransacked the property.

When they were done, the agents had seized everything they could to undermine not only PGL as an MMS distributor, but of Smith’s ability to earn a living whatsoever, confiscating computers, hard drives, business records, private member records, product, equipment, and every penny from every bank account.

They also raided the fulfillment and bottling companies that provided the MMS product under contract to PGL.

Mind you, he had not lost his right to earn a living. He still had the right to be presumed innocent until proven otherwise. Additionally, the harm of his action needed to be self-evident. In spite of the FDA’s public statements to this effect, evidence of such harm has yet to be demonstrated, whereas the success stories remain on the rise.

Please note before I go on, that this is not to say that MMS is “a” cure, or “the” cure. The question here, is whether it is the harmful agent that the FDA claims, and whether the rights of private individuals, including Daniel Smith and you and me, can be kicked to the curb in such a callous manner by a government agency on the strength of unverified, specious, or outright false claims.

This was the culmination of a year-long “operation,” where FDA agents quietly went through Smith’s garbage, put GPS tracking devices on his cars, and had agents sign membership contracts affirming that they were not federal agents so that they could purchase MMS.

After their initial raid of PGL in August 2010, Daniel had formed a Private Membership Association. Under this framework, he could lawfully – under protections provided by the First Amendment – make products, which may be outside the venue and authority of State and/or Federal agencies (in this case, MMS), available to individuals.

As a condition of purchase, members were required to affirm that they did not represent a federal agency, and were exercising their right to use the products purchased in the manner that they, said individuals, saw fit.

As you might imagine, in the course of their information gathering, representatives from the Agency did indeed join PGL’s Private Membership Association and purchased MMS, with no compunction about misrepresenting themselves or their intent.

These tactics were used to help the Agency craft a story that would be shocking enough to a Magistrate to grant them nearly one hundred warrants so they could completely wipe Project Green Life out in a single day. The true harm that had been done by Smith, or by the particular product in question, if there were any, was never at issue.

Neither Smith’s Constitutional, nor Human rights meant anything to the Agency. MMS was the only product under any contention with regard to FDA “authority”, yet the Agency, with cold precision and little regard for humanity or truth, drew the U.S. Postal Service and a Magistrate of the Washington State Courts into the fray.

I have sat by quietly, exchanging emails from time-to-time with Daniel, as he has filed motion after motion in his own behalf. I have remained silent at his request.

A much larger MMS Community has morphed, as any idea will naturally do. While still led by the now the Archbishop Jim Humble, “the movement” has been primarily concerned with advancing its crusade through “health ministers,” via a non-religious Genesis II Church of Health and Healing.

Before there was a Genesis II Church of Health and Healing, people who saw value in what Jim Humble had brought to the public’s attention, took steps to inform (myself included), and make it available to others (e.g., Daniel Smith).

Project Green Life wasn’t the first “major player” (Global Light Network was the first) in the nascent MMS Community, but they became one because they hung in there with people. They didn’t just “sell you product.” They answered questions when others were mum. They worked with health care practitioners as well. They amassed many stories of success. Some could say that this was their ultimate downfall, but I suggest that not doing so would likely have meant much slower growth, and maybe, no FDA interference, and no Genesis II. Just “business as usual,” except more; more deaths, more stories of pain and suffering.

Today, April 22, 2012, Daniel Smith fights for his life. I don’t know what Jim, who I personally love and respect, can or will do to help Smith, but anyone who takes umbrage with how the FDA has used its power in the case of MMS (and many other instances), should consider raising their voices now.

The Agency is attempting to form a Grand Jury in its concocted case against PGL, in their claim that it is an “unapproved drug,” and supported by their bogus published claims in July 2010, that MMS was “a potent bleach”. This from the agency that APPROVES the use of mustard gas – they call it “chemotherapy” for cancer patients.

They intend to indict Smith in a kangaroo court that will only hear one side of the story – that is, the FDA’s.

Short video that I produced with Jim Humble after the original FDA “smear”.

The RESULTS that MMS users have gained will not be under consideration. The HARM that may or may not have occurred, or the benefits, will go unexamined. It is the lack of APPROVAL, something that from its historical pattern, the FDA has shown itself unlikely to grant at any price (an exception being VERY narrow approvals given to DMSO), that is at issue.

(This article shares many other FDA acts against distributors of nutritional or “unapproved” benign products.)

The FDA should be called to task for the RESULTS that the health care business is getting with the products that it has already approved, yet it has spent two years and who knows how many millions of taxpayer dollars to shoot down public perception about a single product, whose “dangers” have not been demonstrated by the facts.

Irrespective of what the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing does, or does not do to assist one of its precursors, Smith has put up a site by or through which individuals can voice their support:

The site’s name, “I Am Not an Animal,” is from FDA drug laws that classify Man as “animals”. Don’t believe it? Here are two:

(f) 1 The term “food” means (1) articles used for food or drink for man or other animals, (2) chewing gum, and (3) articles used for components of any such article.

(g)(1) The term “drug” means (A) articles recognized in the official United States Pharmacopoeia, official Homoeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States, or official National Formulary, or any supplement to any of them; and (B) articles intended for use in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease in man or other animals; and (C) articles (other than food) intended to affect the structure or any function of the body of man or other animals;

Here’s a link to the entire Section:

Unless declarations are submitted and on record, the Grand Jury will ONLY hear the evils that MMS is, and the dangers that Smith, by his wonton disregard for the FDA’s “authority”, has subjected the public to. This is a sham in the making.

While “animals” don’t have the ability to nullify the FDA, humans do. It’s time they learn that there is a difference. I don’t know who or what they think they are, but their thinking, is off… way off.

If you have experience with MMS that may be helpful here, please consider going to the site above and making a declaration. You will need to print out the provided forms, fill out where appropriate, and send two copies out; one to the U.S. District Court in Spokane, WA, and the other to the U.S. Dept. of Justice, in Washington, DC.

If we don’t act responsibly in the face of such blatant tyranny, we might as well be animals.

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0 Thoughts to “‘FDA Protection’ At Work v. MMS”

  1. Marli

    The wicked WILL be destroyed, till then even more oppression than already exists (and of which the FDA actions are an atrocious example) will come. But times will change.
    “And the seventh angel sounded; and there were great voices in heaven, saying, The kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord, and of his Christ; and he shall reign for ever and ever.” – Revelation 11:15
    Tips: biblegateway. com, Audio Bible, reader Charles Taylor, and www. trthndcptn

  2. Janice

    I think the FDA need to have a very good look at themselvies first before going after others.

    with all the drugs they have passed and now all the law suites For Yasmin and yas. Add plus the drug for use diabetics and I can’t sue because the lawyers are not taking any Canadians. It is just the though to me that my children could have lost there Mom.

    I don’t understand how the FDA can give the ok to drugs that should be still in the testing stage for sure. Instead of sueing drug companies should be sueing the FDA for letting the drugs pass in the first place.

    If they allow these types of drugs out in the public in the first place, shy is there a need for a department call the FDA in the first place.

    To me it just shows they don’t care about or safety in the first place and will pass anything under the sun. This department was invented for our protection and not just for their own pocket books, and we are not your testing piggies.

    Now my doctor is giving me any new precription he is going to give me is new on the market, I personally refuse it and will ask for an other med, that has been around for a long time- and didn’t care if the older med may take a bit more time to work its magic. At least with the old meds around I will still be around for my children and grand kids.

    My kids now will not take new drugs knowing that they could have lost their mom, my children still need and want us around for as long as possible,

  3. Don

    Unfortuneately these actionas are part of the global food harmonisation rules (codex) and the other human destroying programmes of the hidden rulers.
    I say it is time for a revolution… the first thing to do is abruptly awaken the masses from their programmed slumber, with hope to quash their apathy. Then we may have a chance. David conquered Goliath… but now we have hundreds of them.
    I will add this link on to my page. (in development). Thanks Don

    1. Gilgamesh

      Hi Don.
      In my opinion , sooner or later Obama will change all the patent laws, As I see it we are heading now in that direction.
      The patent laws are all the problems. In Michigan now they are killing all the pigs that are not a patented Monsanto pigs, and if the pigs have a patch of red, or black color in them. I guess a lot of farmers will be dying their pigs, with the Monsanto hair color. And the drug companies using our donation monies, and government grants, our monies for research, and developing dangerous drugs that even kill people, but they will own the exclusive rights and the patent, and they will mark up the profits on them even 3-400 thousand %.
      If the patents would be owned by the government, and would rent it out to manufacturers at a low price and from the rents would compensate the original inventor, I think it would be a fair system.
      But now a new science is emerging from Russia, and it will be a big changer, in energy, education, health, medicine, etc.
      There are over 5000 patents now for free energy devises, it is strange, that we can not buy these devises as yet, and generate our own energy, and the cars that runs on water, so we would never have to buy gas again, etc.
      And all these things will be for real, and much more, I just finished reading David Wilcock’s book; The Source Field Investigation, and that is just the tip of the iceberg.

      1. Fred

        Gilgamesh – I did some searching about the killing of pigs in Michigan. Your version is much different than a Cheboygan newspaper:

      2. Gilgamesh

        Hi Fred. I was not writing about that article that you posted, Read the Natural News, Article by Mike Adams May 3, 2012, And read also article on the bees, I think it was today or this week, also in Michigan
        And read SOTT. net.

        Graphic photos surface of Michigan DNR forced shooting of baby pigs, breastfeeding momma pig

        Thursday, May 03, 2012
        by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
        Editor of (See all articles…)

        Learn more:

  4. Co BL

    Maybe you should send copies of this article to consumer advocate Tim Bolen’s the list of “United States Allies in Health Freedom” which can be found in

  5. Patricia Sobczyk

    One last comment Adam. Here is an excerpt from my post on Facebook. That image is totally appropriate as Michael Taylor, Sr. Advisor to the FDA has ties to the Codex Alimentarious. Here is my excerpt: “I have a very strong feeling that what is going on here is the same thing that has happened to other people who have provided extreme improvements in health at just a fraction of the cost. This FDA move has nothing to do with concern about health it is concern about profits. Ironically, I first became aware of MMS through a FDA Alert (I receive notices whenever the FDA decides something is hinky with a product. My in box can overflow with all the FDA approved medications that get alerts.) When I read the alert, just the way it was worded bugged me. If I remember correctly (this was a couple years ago) I believe it said “a death” had been reported from MMS. I guess what was bothersome to me was the term “a death”, from an organization that allowed, how many deaths from Vioxx before it got pulled just to name one. So I researched and found the documentary, then I looked up the death. The woman in question had other health issues and there are questions as to weather or not she used the correct protocol. You can die from asprin if you have certain health conditions and don’t follow the directions on the bottle. We really need to stand together and stop this agency from doing more harm. Remember the Director of this agency is Michael Taylor. He was the Lobbyist and Legal Counsel for Monsanto before President Obama appointed him as Senior Advisor to the FDA (See Mr. Taylor’s web of connections between the FDA, USDA and Monsanto). In this discussion you need to be aware of The Codex Alimentarius This link will give you a good explanation of what it is and lead you to understand Mr. Taylor’s association and support of this tentacle of the UN. On this EARTH DAY please help to support those who find possible cures for horrible diseases right from the abundance the earth provides.”

    1. Beautifully put Patricia! Thank you for sharing.

  6. Patricia Sobczyk

    Would this be a possible solution?

    1. This organization actually helped Daniel form his Private Membership Association. Daniel sent notices to the FDA, informing them of his intention, under the auspices of a Private Membership Association, to sell MMS, and if they had any objections, or if they considered that there was some profound danger was posed, to say so. He received no response whatsoever.

  7. Penny Shellswell

    Can I suggest you contact Mike Adams of who has a large following investigating many false claims and could well put his team to work on this.
    Personally I have used and benefitted from MMS in respect of malaria.

    1. Hi Penny. I’ve forwarded a copy of the article to the editor of Natural News. We’ll see what happens.

    2. Patricia Sobczyk

      I was just at that site thinking the same thing. Bet Mike will jump on this.

  8. pamgotcher

    Thank you, Adam. I will post this link to the Genesis2Forum, where we have wondered what was happening with Daniel.

    1. michaelharrah

      Thanks very much for the update Adam. We need info like this to be able to fight the tyranny. Unfortunately the Nazi picture is right on. I’ll post this in my MMS yahoo group too.

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