The Great Power Within Us

I have finished reading Book III of Arcady Petrov’s trilogy, “Creation of the Universe”, Save the World Around You. It was well worth the effort, replete with useful insights, some of which are metabolic, particularly on cancer, telomeres, and the informational nature of DNA. It’s greatest gifts, however, are conceptual.

The drama surrounding the struggle of “Death” to remain alive, and its eventual vanquishing by placing the spark of Life within it, is just one of many subplots that would make Petrov’s book an amazing motion picture, one I’d love to produce.

While it is clear to me that re-reading the voluminous work, 1,600+ pages in all, would reveal even deeper levels of insight that I may have missed on the first pass, the salient point to be understood is that the power to change both our inner and outer world is within each of us, not only collectively, but individually.

The unspoken point that is up for grasping is that these powers are activated through the process of knowing, accepting, revealing, and embodying the highest imagined expression of one’s Self. Grabovoi and Petrov’s methods are actually secondary to the primary understanding that the Power to make these amazing changes is present within each of us, and is activated via desire, willingness, intention and permission. These immeasurable attributes can be “turned on” or “turned off” only by the “attractor” of the experience.

Experiences are “attracted” to each of us, individually and collectively, for reasons that we may, or may not consciously know. However, the fundamental purpose of all experiences are to facilitate a higher expression and depth of self-awareness, through:

  • deeper understanding
  • expanded knowledge
  • self- and experiential mastery

Shedding dis-eases, which themselves are simply patterned ideas based on certain sets of assumptions about what is, and is not possible, is just one indicator of a conscious awakening, and an awakening consciousness. How perfect that the foundation of these revelations are so simple as restoring The Norm of the Creator, or as Carol Roberts calls it, The Blueprint of Optimal Functioning.

We are excited to be bringing Carol and her crew to Arizona (June 11-18) for an intensive 7-day course in Genome Healing, which incorporates many of Grabovoi and Petrov’s methods. If you haven’t seen it, here’s the second recorded conversation with Carol on my Talk For Food program.

Genome Healing puts many Grabovoi and Petrov methods into practice.

The class size will be limited to 24 people. The tuition is $3,000, not including lodging. (Click here to register online.) We’re finalizing the location venue.

We’ve seen weekend “Petrov” workshops at a tuition of $1,500. In addition to the Grabovoi and Petrov methods incorporated, Carol’s experience in Thought Field Therapy and other modalities, attention to the subtle nuances of consciousness, and the absence of language or cultural barriers, will make this a far more productive experience. That is because the power is already present. We are each learning how to access and use it consciously, rather than continue our time-honored practice of deferring to a highly indoctrinated (“educated”), but unconscious “Authority”.

The “within-ness” of said power is not a material space. It’s not in an organ or embedded within some area of the brain. It exists on a level that precedes the pattern or matrix around which our reality and everything within it, organizes itself. In other words, it is not “physical”. But then, nothing real ever was, or is.

The power that is within us is not limited to matters of physical healing. It is expressed within the totality of our experience. Healing of physical dysfunctions, through the act of restoring the Norm of the Creator, represents a validation of sorts for the healer’s ego. This is not a criticism, just an observation. We can use this power and affect amazing healings on others, and not our physical selves, and it would not mean that there is something we’ve yet to master. As long as we are giving of ourselves in the best way that we know how, and have not come to the conclusion that there is nothing more to know, then we are a conduit for the Great Power; both a blessing thereof, and blessed thereby.

Bashar offers some great insights on “Earth School” and humanity.

More soon…

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  1. Hello Adam you know I always read your posts and they are hilarious and informative. Thank you for your efforts. Although I still think that the only way to have a real change is through Jesus Christ and believe it in your hearts. I stopped MMS because I was still getting sick and now after believing in Jesus as my only saver and no deities, I am actually cure, I am not even taking any medicines at all nor any vitamins, I stopped getting sick for good. I still use MMS to cure others for any type of cancers. I have seen gastrointestinal cancer cure and colon cancer too.
    Jesus is the only way to cure whatever you have, if you only believe it.

    1. Mariluz, When we say that something is “the only” way, the truth of the statement must be weighed by experience. If no evidence of cures had ever been recorded in ALL OF HISTORY, except during the time of Jesus, or among believers, then I’d agree with you. That’s just not the case. People who have no knowledge of Jesus, either pro or con, have healed. On the other hand, there are those who truly believe in Jesus, but have not. Other factors are involved. “Belief” is one of them, but it appears to point to an element that exists on a more fundamental level.

  2. pamgotcher

    Looking forward to the workshop, Adam!

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