Misinformation and Restoration of the Norm

Easter Greetings to Everyone, believers and non-believers included.

The vast majority of those who will read the following thoughts will do so after Easter, but the subject of resurrection is becoming particularly meaningful in a far more expanded context than has been the case for the past 2,000 years or so.

Some thoughts that came on my morning bicycle ride.

I am nearing the completion of Book III of Arcady Petrov’s trilogy, Creation of the Universe: Save the World Around You. At times it has been difficult for me to form a mental picture of what is happening, or to follow the logic of the dialogues between Petrov and his cohort, Igor Arepeyev. For example, the progression of creation from a point, or as represented by a cell.

Nonetheless, I don’t dwell on what I don’t understand, but latch on firmly to what I do. There is a smorgasbord of embraceable thoughts for us to consume and enrich ourselves by.

Self-enrichment is not a dirty word, for it must begin in thought; in the ideas and concepts that we embrace and hold as “true”. Informational elements are the core components of ideas, and collections of ideas form the concepts that eventually coalesce and express themselves as the experiences of our reality.

While there are profound appearances of commonality, no two experiences or realities are the same. We’ve explained away some of the differences by categorization practices, breaking down all elements of life into various groups. While this Newtonian logic seems true, we are actually observing the effects of an entire universe of subtle dynamics that stand as real causes. We define the iceberg of life by the tip that we see and measure, looking at anything and everything visible and assuming that the definition is implicit within it.

Let’s take recent racial dynamics as an example.

The media frenzy that has followed the Travon Martin death in Florida demonstrates how delineation techniques, in this case, racial categorization, has been successfully used as a tool to stoke tensions within an entire population.

Talk show discussions about America’s “race problem” shot up like wildfire, and was further stoked a couple days ago when a rash of shootings broke out in Tulsa, OK, that left three black people dead and two injured. (See story.)

I rarely speak about racial dynamics because the “race” that may define me has never been founded in how I look, nor in my genetics.

Being a human being provides me with the same tools, abilities, and needs that are shared by virtually every other human being. The tools are information and energy, the abilities are discernment and choice, and the need is for love. Some people may think the need is for money or power, but when they obtain both, they learn that nothing else satisfies the heart, or heals the soul. I speak not of love received, but of love given.

Believe it or not, these same tools are the very ones used by beings from beyond earth. They are no “greater” nor “lesser” than we are. Their level of advancement, compared to humanity, may very well lie in the greater degree of self-understanding that they have sought and attained. $cience would have you think you have to go to certain schools in order to even have a relevant thought along these lines.

Little or no connection is thought to exist between something within you and the “cures” to the ills of our world, so you are not encouraged to look within, nor to help others. In so doing, the general disintegration of our world continues while we wait for someone to ride in on a white horse.

That said, the one element that each and every one of us can “control” in life, is in the choice of whether to give or to withhold love. Love and its elements – compassion, tolerance, patience, forgiveness, inspiration, intelligence, genius – is connected to every wonderful discovery and outcome that we have ever enjoyed. When the times get tough, the tough should get loving.

The civil rights leaders who are now spouting off about the race problem in America, and are suggesting that their “group” is now endangered, is essentially encouraging their followers to withhold love, friendship, courage, and respect, not only for others, but for self.

When we withhold our own love, by being fearful, we are the first to lose. Nothing good ever comes when such behavior becomes habitual.

If we spend more time looking suspiciously or with resentment at our fellow human beings, it means we’re spending less time looking lovingly within, discovering who we are, and unwrapping the amazing gifts that the Creator – I don’t care what label you give – has given.

Petrov refers to this Force as the Father. This is the source of life. I’ve sometimes done the “where’s the Mother” thing, but I have no question that the following elements represent the Norm of Creation:

  • Natural Immunity from ALL Disease
  • Restoration of Health and Well-being
  • Regeneration of Organs (internal and external)
  • Restoration of Optimal Expression (Reverse aging)
  • Immortality (No need to “die”)
  • Resurrection (Re-entry on the physical plane after “death”)

If the first five options are true, then the sixed must be too.

Humanity is emerging from an elaborate wool-pulling that goes back thousands of years before the Sumerians.  In Petrov’s third book, the main focus is on how the idea of death was inculcated into the collective consciousness, and how it – the being that represented Death – has been vanquished, actually by giving it the seed of life, and removing information (a profound over-simplification.)

Anyone who aspires to make any of these ideas true for themselves is advised to understand that Restoration of the Norm implies all of the above. It would also mean being loving, not as a requirement, but as a choice. Love that is thought to be obligatory, isn’t genuine.

There’ll be no faking here.

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6 Thoughts to “Misinformation and Restoration of the Norm”

  1. Linda Kelly

    Thanks Mr Philosopher, I loved it and because I also love, i totally agree. Love is a tangible energy I believe, and the more of that energy passed around, in the home and without, the more it will multiply until that is all there is, and we can move on. Perhaps on world singing day, we all sing a song of love!

  2. Hi Adam
    Fabulous article Adam, like usualness.
    I follow your blog via BlackBerry now, since I have a problem here in South Africa with my internet connection.
    I have been commenting via BB as well, but I see those comments did not reach your blog.
    I’m back in South Africa since January and on pension. I’m also getting ready for my ‘mission; re the ‘Golden Age’ which is closer than most people think.
    The resurrection (spiritual rebirth) is a fact, and not only for the likes of Jesus, Elijah ect.
    It is our birthright to go back from where we came: God/the light/ the creator, call it what ever you like!
    I’m ready…see you there! 🙂

  3. cbga09

    So happy to be apart of the viewing audience. This article is very well stated and I whole heartedly agree. It doesn’t take a $cience to show you how to love. It simply just is, so just BE love! The rest will follow suit….

    1. It is not important how much we know, but how much we love> Love is all, and all is LOVE!
      God bless you… 🙂

  4. Thank you for your bicycle musings. When we move beyond the surface and see the truth of our human existence, we come to understand and know that our time in a human body is but a mere blip on the screen. We are free to choose, free to co-create and free to leave the body when we’re done with this part of our journey. There are no victims!

  5. artemzuev

    Excellent post, I certainly think the ultimate goal with the tools of communication that we have today is to shine light on the equality of human beings grounded in love giving. And it will take a special moment of awakening in every beings life in order to grasp that truth. I believe with posts like this you contribute to such awakening. Bless you and and thank you for sharing.

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