Pain Relief by Information Waveform

Some of the many insights contained in Grigori Grabovoi and Arcady Petrov’s works are beginning to see the light of day in my own life. Evanescent concepts are evolving into practical understandings that can be applied in my “here and now.” In this case, it was through my first successful use of intention, Grabovoi numbers, and consciousness to help a friend gain relief from what might be described as “Red Zone” back pain.

Oh yes… she was 25 miles away. 

* * *

It had been several weeks since Pat and I had spoken. Unbeknownst to me, she had recently sustained a fall at home, landing on her tailbone (coccyx), stressing the sacroiliac and resulting in spinal disc herniation.

To put it midly, it hurt, badly.

Pat’s lower back pain was profound and constant, and had been that way for over a week. Given her predilection against taking pain killers, her inner strength was her only buoy. It was enough to allow her to carry on with life, but not without the pain. This is one reason that our quest for understanding should be ongoing, not pursued by a few “credentialed” individuals, but by everyone.

Pat was happy to hear from me and, putting her own discomfort aside, she asked how life in general, and things at the Photonic Energy Center were progressing. I had much to share, including the Genome Healing Workshop we’re planning in June, and our exploration into healing methods that can be performed remotely, in essence, via waveform.

It was then that she shared her lament, as any way that she might gain relief would be most appreciated.

Distance, or waveform healing is not new. The term “waveform” refers to the transmission mechanism by which information is directed to any “place” in existence, and activated.

Creation is comprised of, and driven by information, organized in a specific order, according to a directed intention. Information is “pre-energetic”. It exists as an impulse even before it is received, or uttered.

Knowledge represents a specific information organization. It is a transient state. For example, Pat’s knowledge was sufficient to know that prescription pain killers would not actually help her condition. Therefore she refused to rely on them. However, it was not sufficient to mitigate the condition or the pain.

My knowledge had been sufficient to know that information, numbers, and geometry could be used to mitigate many conditions, but it was an intellectual knowledge. It had not become practical, meaning that hadn’t actually done it myself.

I can now say that I have.

Coincidently, I had just read a section in Chapter 2 of Save the World Around You, the third book in Petrov’s trilogy, which talks about creation, and how all that is created begins with, and springs from a point.

At one point, Petrov comments that Leonardo da Vinci’s famous drawing of the Vitruvian Man is conclusive proof that he was clairvoyant. Of particular interest to me was/is the significance of the square and the circle, which are two-dimensional analogs for the three-dimensional cube and sphere; both, according to Petrov, are perfect forms of God.

I deduced that the square and circle are somewhere present in the Blueprint of Optimal Expression, otherwise The Norm of Creation. As such, they might likewise be effective in removing, isolating, or otherwise nullifying information that represented a deviation from said Blueprint, or The Norm.

So I took a sheet of paper, wrote Pat’s name on it, and with a black ink pen, drew a single point or dot. From that dot I drew six random radians. I didn’t think about it… just did it.

The image felt like the point from whence the pain was being “broadcast”. Therefore, I drew a circle (representing a sphere), then a square around it (representing a cube). The purpose was to contain/isolate the pain point.

I then referred to Grabovoi’s Restoration of the Human Organism Through Concentration on Numbers (we have 3 copies) for an appropriate number to apply to the situation. That turned out to be for Spinal Insult, or “8888881.”

We have another “waveform” method of working with people on the energy matrix. It is a software-based system that is based on the principles of Qi Gong.

“Waveform” sessions that we have run have taken as long as 10 hours to complete. We rarely know how long they will take. So it was somewhat of a surprise when the program that was started on Pat completed in only 8 minutes.

A few minutes afterwards, Pat called me and asked me had I done some work on her, which I answered to the affirmative. She said that she had been out with a friend, trying to look at some furniture with a friend in order to divert her mind off the pain. However, it wasn’t working, even to the point of asking her friend to take her back home.

It was while they were on their way back to her house that the pulsations of pain suddenly stopped. The timeframe corresponded roughly to the time that I drew the pictogram above.

I didn’t record Pat’s elated comments to me when she shared how much better she felt, but I did turn the speakerphone on so that my colleagues, Della, Canei, and Jim could hear.

We are not content to “push the envelope” of possibility with regard to how these new methods can be used to help each other. We’re venturing outside the envelope, as we appreciate and release the limitations that we have based prior self-understanding on.

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  1. Hiya! I simply wish to give an enormous thumbs up for the good data you could have here on this post.

    I will probably be coming again to your weblog for more soon.

  2. Kwesi Seeker

    That’s fantastic. Seems like you’ve really connected to your right brain and your inner intuition.
    Do you think that Arcady’s trilogy is helping you develop clairvoyance?
    I’m just nearing the end of book 1 (save yourself) and has great as it is, I’d hoped for a bit more practical guidance of how to develop the necessary abilities and consciousness to make healing myself possible. Do the other two books go more into the how?



  3. Linda Kelly

    Wow, that is awesome… how does a person tap into that, I could use it on several fronts. Linda Kelly, Kaslo BC

    1. Hi Linda… I’m not sure how to answer the question. I’d probably say keep taking in information and allow yourself to process it, and then be open to situations where you can apply it. Our Genome Healing Workshop ( in June will certainly be a formal environment where these methods can be learned and practiced. We intend to help increase awareness and the practice of these methods.

  4. pamgotcher

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! I keep getting lost in the adventures with the Creator and all the confusing pronouns used when describing process (I apparently need pictures!!!!) –

    May I ask what made you choose 6 radians – was it just intuition that 6 was right – or something else?

    Sooooo many questions are roaming through my mind. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Pam… I didn’t “choose” it. I just stopped at 6, and then looked at it and see what I felt about it. You could say that it identified itself as the source of pain. As such, I decided to contain it. Today I did another for Della, who had a different problem, and I drew only 5 radians.Yet, 30 minutes later, the problem had gone.

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