Notes Along the Path to ‘No-thingness’

Our journey to a conscious awareness of The Substrate, the Core of Subtle Energy, and to the edge of Nothingness, is to the place from which all of creation emerges. As we advance in consciousness along the way, each dimensional realm that we encounter reveals “less” in the material sense, but more in substance, intelligence, wholeness, joy, harmony, love, and power. The subtle world of energy informs the dense world of matter. Indeed, the dense world of matter is simply a specific form and quality of energy.

In acknowledging our connection to all of creation, in contrast to being here by happenstance and with little purpose, we discover that our ability to influence the unfolding of experience has always been, always is, and always will be active. The question arises, what will we choose from this point on irrespective of what has brought us to this moment?

Despite huge perceived disparities in health or wealth, freedom or tyranny, the term oneness contains within it, the implicit, innate and inalienable ability to change one’s experiential state. In other words, irrespective of their social station, each human being is the power to transmute the quality and nature of his or her experience. The “direction,” nature, and quality of the change is entirely up to the individual.

This is done, not by appeals to an outside authority, but by changing the vibrational harmonics within one’s self. This reference to self is not to suggest that God isn’t involved. From what I can surmise, God is involved with it all, whether saint or sinner, believer or non-believer, human or non-human, terrestrial or ET.

God is not only ALL potential, but ALL “ex-istence”. God is The Substrate, Source Field, Prana, Orgone, Universal Substance and Intelligence, The Vacuum, Divine Matrix, the Grand Designer and the Design… you name it.

In God, you can trust or not trust. It makes no difference to God, for God is a Singularity through which the experience of duality becomes possible. Trusting or not trusting will make a difference to you, who chooses that theme of learning. Yet, while the rewards or consequences of duality seem quite real, they are in actuality, an illusion.

Another example is that thing called death. It’s an illusion too. It would be a better description to call it “shift,” or “phase.” No one “dies.” They phase, just as birth is also a phasing, in this case, “in”.

God is consciousness, to which we are indelibly connected. The thing we aren’t always connected to, is awareness of our connection to God and each other. That is the journey of consciousness, which is the journey awareness of our oneness with ALL of Creation, and with love that powers it.

Duality makes both differentiation, and individuation, possible. It also makes unawareness possible. While we are a singularity, duality makes it possible to experience collectivism in its full spectrum of form and degree. From joy to sadness, cowardice to courage, exaltation to shame, love to fear, and all steps in-between, this is the experiential landscape of the human spirit, wherein we travel through the auspices of free will.

Free will allows us to act as though we’re powerless; as though we’re evil or good; victors and victims, villains and avengers. We can be penniless or abundantly rich. Underlying it all is the One Source Field.

By our beliefs and the accompanying resonance that they cause within our energy field, we create, attract, and then experience our imaginings, from the wildest and profane, to the most pious and mundane.

Everyone has an energy field; everyone is an energy field. The meaning of the term energy field should be expanded to encompass one’s entire field of experience.

And so we shall.

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  1. Gilgamesh

    I used to think about, that every year thousands of Stars, and Solar Systems disappearing from the Sky. They are there one night, and they are gone the next night, they just disappear, vanish,
    All the astronomers, and all the scientists can not explain this, they have no answer.
    But I just finished reading David Wilcock’s book, The Source Field Investigations, and The new ideas and the new science could explain the disappearing Solar Systems, and Stars perfectly.
    And I think now, that the Cat Is Out Of The Bag, and it can not be put back.

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