Video Explores the Nature of Plasma

I found a few typos in my last post, that have been corrected.

I am producing the first DVD masters for Indelible Promise, my conversation with inventor, Paul Pantone, and will start producing and shipping next week.

What I originally estimated would be a 4-DVD set, will now be 3. The ideas that we discuss — I have edited much of my own commentary out — are compelling with, or without demonstrated “proof” by the inventor. We, the public, should know more about plasma and vacuum technology. Perhaps with this video, new conversations will be started.

Below are a few snippets.

An Introduction to Plasma


What a Friend We have in Plasma


Human Rights in America


GEET Demonstration — Engine Runs on Coffee


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One Thought to “Video Explores the Nature of Plasma”

  1. Well Adam, are you about to blow our minds again?

    I’ve just spent over 2 hours going though all the Pantone videos on youtube and others as well, regarding GEET.

    What I failed to see were actual cars running on these engines although I did see the devices installed on auto engines..
    Will you have that visual delight for us in your DVDS?

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