Photonic Energy Center Opens: A New Concept in Health Possibility

Opening the Photonic Energy Center has been, and is a labor. It’s a labor of love, to be sure, but the heavier emphasis of late has been on labor. I’m not complaining; labor is energy. And the energy that is going into creating the concept that the PEC is, and will be known by, is fully, harmless, harmonious and positive.

While I prepare for the final day of our first Open House weekend, I want to acknowledge a member of our blog family who came for a visit a short while ago. Valerie Ozsu owns the Health and Wellness Center in Vacaville, CA. She extended a weekend seminar trip to Phoenix recently so that she could visit the PEC and experience the environment, technology, and the concept for herself. With 30 years in the health care industry as a nurse practitioner, she knows the system well. Wanting to truly help people overcome their illnesses and improve their health, she embraced methods that work.

We had a great conversation about these and other subjects before she left, which I’ll share with you here.


Several naturopathic doctors, scientists, therapists, authors, and foundation representatives visited the Photonic Energy Center over the past two evenings of the Open House. Warren Starnes, director of the Skilling Institute, which developed the Photon Genius, one of the technologies that we have at the PEC, came both nights, and led an amazing round of conversation in our Media Room. They asked wonderful questions, and all left feeling that this is a wonderful idea, and a great asset not only to our East Valley community, but to the world.

The Photonic Energy Center is one of the first examples of an establishment that would seriously allow us — meaning Western society — to have a realistic conversation on how to lower the cost of health care that doesn’t involve systematic depopulation. I’m not talking about throwing the health care system out. But a system that only anticipates a spiral in costs that is not for life (and antagonistic pharmacological methods are not life-enhancing) will reach a critical mass and implode on its own. It’s like the stock market, which had a 400 point rise on the Dow Jones index a couple of days ago, which appeared to make investors very happy, if you listen to the news reporters. But what if it went up 400 points every day? What would that mean? Another form of adjustment would necessary.

Projecting only increases in health care costs because disease is steady rising is the same kind of thinking. It’s unrealistic. Instead of acknowledging that we are doing something woefully wrong, the public gets pushed and pumped for raise more money. Even when they are healthy, they are encouraged to anticipate the decline of their health and pay for it. They are cajoled into running, walking, and crawling for “the cure,” even though people have been curing themselves of conditions such as cancer since it first appeared. They are still curing themselves now. However, you won’t hear that on CNN.

No one talks about lowering health care costs because people are getting sick earlier in life, and living longer with said illnesses, and the associated costs aren’t going down. However, the people who are administrating that system apparently don’t know, and have been snailiciously slow to accept any mitigation methods that weren’t based on pharmacology, or some other antagonistic approach, including surgery, radiation, etc. Even the latest nanotechnology and stem cell areas of research do nothing about the increasingly polluted ecological, and disruptive electromagnetic state that an ill patient’s terrain will be. These are systemic issues and the health response system is itself divided into specializations that oftentimes don’t talk to each other, except perhaps at the country club. This divide and conquer approach makes multiple toxic, antagonistic medication regimens to be considered normal, instead of insane.

The Photonic Energy Center is indifferent to these shenanigans. We have created a location whose principal focus and effect will on the human energy field. The effects on the energy field are instantaneous, and are 100% beneficial. The metabolic effects occur over time. I will write and speak more on this subject from here on.

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