Gratitude for an Inner View

While Thanksgiving is being observed in the United States, I’ll take this opportunity to extend it to all who receive and consider these thoughts. Your interest and support for the ideas that we explore is very much part of what I am grateful for.

I am likewise grateful for the insights that continue to filter through to my consciousness, made possible in part, through the ongoing research into the nature of reality and human potential, and through the new awarenesses that register as true, especially when I haven’t read or seen them expressed just that way anywhere else.

51Fv gr3CnL._SL500_AA300_I have finished Book II, Save The World Within You, of the Arcady Petrov trilogy, “Creation of the Universe.” My copy is sprinkled with highlights in various colors, of the simple, comprehensible, common sense truths that are revealed.

On the other hand, they are revealed through what is for most, an uncommon view.

That this work would come from a Russian, who may have been an atheist at that, is remarkable. The journey leads not only from the Garden of Eden through the gates of Hell, but to Mount Olympus and Greek mythology as well as Hindu and Egyptian antiquity.

The work takes the reader on a journey of time, space, dimension, and interplanetary proportions.

Given our cultural obsession with segmentation and fragmentation, the integrative spirit of Petrov’s three volume magnum opus is very much part of what makes it credible. The amazing results that they have achieved at the physical level – remember the cases are not fictionalized, but are real – broadens our sense of the scope of reality, as well as our nature as co-creators, whose thoughts, beliefs, and actions are actually meaningful in shaping the direction of world events.

For anyone new to this subject, “amazing results” refers to the cases of healing that Petrov, with the help of his co-hort Igor Arepyev, have been able to achieve at his center in Moscow, by employing clairvoyant, or inner sight. The cases outlined in the book that involve cancer, AIDS, restoring eyesight, organ regeneration, even reconstruction of the body after catastrophic injuries, have all been recorded. Oh yes, resurrection too.

It is a mistake to treat cancer only on the physical plane. You must work, first and foremost, with information. Thus, you must first find that chromosome or chromosomes, in which the information about cancer was implanted and which is the source of its initial effects. – p. 324

I fully trust that statements like this will eventually be confirmed when scientists are willing to put their nanotechnology tinker toys aside, and consciously explore the universe of the Soul, mind, and body.

Petrov and Arepyev didn’t realize their achievements by embracing the attitude of a Nike commercial and “just do it.” They sought and gained progressive understandings, helped along by another Russian, Grigori Grabovoi, other staff members with activated inner sight, and on inner planes, by the Creator.

We erase the information on AIDS and burn the virus. It does almost instantly, without any complications for the human body. That’s right right way to fight it! But who is able to fight it this way, considering that one has to enter the virus through the vacuum and then erase the information?

Igor is now chasing the hexahedrons across the entire body. They blow up and burn. Now blood will carry and easily expel the harmless remains of foreign organic pathology. – p. 294

A passage such as this would most likely be scoffed at by mainstream science, especially since no medications of any type were involved, or required. At the information level, scale is somewhat different.

In the physical plane the AIDS virus is microscopic. In the informational plane it is gigantic. Nothing can be compared to it. This virus looks like a hexahedron in the information plane with somewhat uneven and rounded junctions. On the outside, it has dark blue or purple color. From the inside, parallel to the outer sides, there are six sticks, which contain information. These sticks are in some kind of lumpy jelly of yellow color. This is the energy battery of the virus. – p. 295

With all of the polemical actions being taken by various corporate and government agencies to exercise greater control over the availability and use of nutritional supplements, it is gratifying to see this new system of potentials unfold.

Getting acquainted with the information plane, learning our way around it, and transforming knowledge into amazing new outcomes, will yet be a personal journey. However, the world and the future, is just bit a brighter with this understanding than it was without it.

I’m looking forward to the release of the English edition of Book III, Save the World Around You.

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5 Thoughts to “Gratitude for an Inner View”

  1. David Bowen

    After spending 4 days with the master story teller Petrov, I picked up a book written by a woman called Vianna. In this book the author claims to have healed herself of bone cancer , broken bones ,the list really does go on and on about the miraculous healing she has achieved on herself and thousands of others. The only piece of vital information that was not included in this book was proof of the cures, by proof I mean certified copies of before and after medical documentation that would validate the claims made by Vianna. Now I am not a total non believer in people being able to use energy to heal , I suffered in agony for 18 years with a back problem and was fortunate enough to be sent to a guy in Stanthorpe Queensland Australia he made no claims about his abilities he just removed the pain, I have be pain free for 4 months so I do believe that some people have a gift. For 2 hours I paid less then $100.00 and problem fixed.

    I am not under any illusion regarding the alternate healing business, it is a business and there are a large amount of people in this industry making unbelievable claims and NOT providing any form of evidence to validate their claims,these same people then prey on people that are desperate to find answers.I was one of the victims until I woke up and asked the simple question SHOW ME THE EVIDENCE, SHOW ME THE PROOF….. this is the final time that I will visit this web site as I am well and truly over all this misinformation, in leaving I ask everyone seeking an answer to a problem you may have JUST LOOK WITHIN YOURSELF you will find what ever it is you are looking for and if you do feel you need the assistance of others, simply insist on being shown evidence documented certified evidence before parting with your money. May GOD bless you all.

  2. David Bowen

    I went to the expense of travelling to Melbourne a week or so ago and spent 4 days at a Petrov event. I found this person to be nothing more then a storey teller that defies belief.Forgive me if I sound as if I am suffering from a case of acute dissatisfaction for attending this persons course. I AM…….

    1. David… I am not surprised. The thought of attending a “genuine Petrov” workshop was very attractive to me, given how much I have enjoyed reading the first two books of his trilogy. However, I was given the heads-up from a woman who traveled to Moscow to attend his workshop there, after she traveled to Thailand for a less than satisfactory workshop there. She is from Australia herself, and teaches Genome Healing, which incorporates some of the Russian’s (primarily Grabovoi’s) principles. Her name is Carol Roberts. She said that Petrov literally read from his book in his workshop, and none of the workshop material was available in English.

      I have thoroughly enjoyed Petrov’s book, and just received Book III today, which I am preparing to dive into. However, for all of his success in the Inner Worlds, they do not appear to have worked out adequate communication in the outer world.

      After talking to Carol several times, I plan on taking her workshop and bringing her to the U.S. later this year to teach her method.

      Best wishes,


  3. Gilgamesh

    Hi Phaelosopher.
    In my opinion it would be great if the schools and universities would teach the universe of the soul, mind and body, and how to heal, raise the dead. like some people doing it all over in
    Zambia.I guess it will be in Russia they will start teaching it schools.
    I guess if people can learn how to dance, and walk in a fire pit with their bare feet on the coals that is thousands of degrees hot, and learn how to levitate in the air, and all kinds of martial arts,
    It would make a lot of sense to teach how to use the Petrov ideas
    for self healing, and healing and the universe of the soul, mind and body in all the schools..

  4. pam

    I’m eagerly awaiting book 3, too! I know you’re busy with the photonic stuff, Adam, but, I promise you, if you go back and reread book 1 now, a whole new world will open for you – it did for me. Course, you might have caught it all the first time.

    Happy Thanksgiving – we have much to be grateful for.

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