The Power of the Imaginal 'You'

Sad truth...

I can’t speak to mass media programming practices in other countries, but in America, the term “programming” is appropriate in ways far beyond the subject of entertainment. At stake is not the human soul. It is the human imagination.

At the heart, the control and programming of human imagination speaks to humanity’s collective perception of possibility and impossibility. It also influences who they believe is “in control,” and how said control is being played out.

Perception tends to be limited or constrained by that which appears to:

  1. have happened in the past,
  2. be happening in the present,
  3. be doable without dire consequence.

Our sense of both “the present” and “the future” is influenced and molded, but not controlled by these factors. If such factors controlled everything, there would be neither innovation nor invention. There would be no social change. There would be no change in direction. No healing for “the ill.” No abundance for “the poor.” No freedom for the confined, and no forgiveness for those who have condemned themselves for their actions.

If the past, present, and the threat of dire consequences actually controlled things, suppression wouldn’t give way to disclosure, and deception wouldn’t give way to truth. Hearts hardened by efforts to “rule” and “control” wouldn’t regain their humanity.

And yet, all of the conditions described above are changed with the application of another idea; courage.

Indeed, illness, dysfunction, poverty, crime, and punishment, and their collective forms of famine, natural disasters, and war, are also perceptions; ideas applied consistently enough to seem real and independent of the people who express, and are directly affected by them. When faced with the courage of heart-felt conviction, all can be transformed.

Say or see something a certain way consistently enough, and the proclivity to question and challenge the idea tends to wane. Acceptance and stagnation emerges as the limitation becomes a stable component of one’s reality. And yet, this can always be changed as one gains knowledge of our true imaginal nature, and changes what attention and energy is given to.

Expect a period of destabilization while the vision settles in.

“Image” is everything

While the imagination would be, and is the main component of the imaginal nature, the more fundamental element to notice is the power to image. When we imagine, we are imaging. When we image, we initiate the organization of patterns and frequencies into fields of energy. Field manifestation occurs instantly. This is one reason that intention is so powerful, though you’d never know it from mainstream media.

We are inclined to think that imaging is a brain function, but it’s not. The brain itself is the result of an idea. It has no creative power of its own. It is a transmitter and receiver of impulses and information that passes through the multidimensional and Imaginal You. The heart is where transformational imaging occurs. It is also how one’s transcendental vision is organized and coalesces without linear “thinking.”

Heart-felt imaging

An energy field is created instantly when we imagine from the heart. However, within the linear space/time continuum that presently predominates, a field formation process is initiated, whereby the patterns and energies that are destined to become our experiences will increase in both coherence and density.

In the context of space/time, “Here” and “Now” is an ideaform that has gained sufficient coherence and density so that we experience it as “the physical moment.” However, it is inherently limited since we think that it encompasses only that which is visible/measurable in the physical sense. Yet, Here and Now is far more expanded than that, encompassing all other planes, vibrations, and densities exist too.

The dark matter and dark energy that are now understood to make up 95% of the mass of the Universe, doesn’t represent an unmanifested reality, but simply one that we presently don’t or cannot yet coherently perceive. The fact that we are aware of it means that we can perceive it. However, we don’t presently know how to interact with it consciously. I believe the this knowledge comes as we awaken to the implicit Oneness of All with the Creator and Creation, and inherent Gifts that rest within each of us.

Our insistence on defining reality and our limitations by the characteristics of our physical form contributes to an inability to fathom the non-physical elements that are equality, and more fundamentally ours. And yet, these elements can be imagined by each human being, and therefore represent individual power that is not yet available consciously.

In this context, notice what the mass media serves up to us each day. Stories about conflicts and violence, that are resolved with guns. Stories of militarily enforced peace initiatives. Stories of disaster and disease, lack and limitation. Stories of exploitation and indifference. Divisive stories about “have’s” and “have not’s”.

No one talks about the costs of health care going down, which would happen as more people (1) heal from illness, and (2) get sick less often. The predominant conversation is about the inevitable and continual rise in disease. Few are willing to help another who is ill because we are told only drugs can “cure,” and you have to be licensed to administer them. We do not understand our own innate power, not only to heal ourselves, but to send coherent, healing energy to another through the conscious use of our imaginal power. We don’t know that denying help to another in a time of need for fear of reprisal is to deny ourselves when our time comes.

It gets easier to pull the trigger with practice...

Our children’s imaginal power is being channeled through realistic looking video games that help them practice pointed guns at other human beings and pulling the trigger, stealing cars and racing dangerously through the streets for no particular reason. We’re led to believe that unseen viruses and bacteria are threats to our health, so much so that we’ve permitted life-altering chemical treatment of our water, foods, and medications to combat them.

When the viruses, bacterial infections, and tumors inevitably come, we raise more money to fight them as our “enemies.” Practicing medicine by “the Book,” allopathic practitioners discuss the odds of recovery using statistical data lacking any knowing, or even evidence, that the human being is well within his or her own power to not only heal, but regenerate and normalize and restore metabolic function.

Inner Peace art

Peace is not thought of as an inner state. We see it as a state that someone else must submit to through some form of “enforcement.” We have even shouted mantras such as “No Justice, No Peace!” in protest to perceived external conditions that we wish to see changed. Yet, the conscious, positive use of imagination is as powerful as any other, its power increased by the level of balance, peace, and equanimity that one has established within one’s self. It is untraveled territory for most.

Peace is a gift that one fills self with to overflowing. Then, as we keep on giving, its radiant vibration will touch everything and everyone around us without depleting the Giver. We need not be afraid of the future, if we choose a loving and peaceful present.


Before writing the above, I read this passage from Book II of Arcady Petrov’s Creation of the Universe trilogy, Save The World Within You.

I have devoted many pages in both the first and second book of my trilogy to traditional, “big” science. “Why did you do it?” the reader may ask. It was adherents of traditional science that formed humankind’s collective consciousness for centuries; they are responsible for many of the planet’s problems, both global and those involving personal destinies. Therefore, all those to whom the true state of affairs is revealed must relentlessly ring the alarm bell and help to shift the worldview and psychology of people in the other direction — from mechanical knowledge to universalism and from selfishness to universal love for all nature, for everything that the Creator has given us.

Yes, the inertia of thinking is a powerful and dangerous force. The well-known American writer James Halperin has a good joke about it: “People drummed it into their heads that man is mortal, and now they keep dying of inertia.”

Actually, Halperin is absolutely right. People do not necessarily have to die. Conviction in the inevitability of death is real only as long as public consciousness accepts this sad inevitability. But if people stop thinking that death is inevitable it will no longer be that.

Further on, Petrov continues…

When people appeal to the past, extracting from it abundant evidence to confirm that these or any other paranormal phenomena are impossible in principle (which is what Academician Kapitsa did), they forget about the simple and universally understood word, “evolution.”

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5 Thoughts to “The Power of the Imaginal 'You'”

  1. Great post Adam, thanks for sharing.

    “Every refusal of food and every minute rescued from sleep, is a victory in the battle against death… Physical death is immoral…
    unnatural… unnecessary.”

    “The life of an ordinary man is a one-way street He only knows the way towards limitations. His only faith, his only absolute loyalty is to death. The choice of how he kills himself is his only true freedom. This body is indestructible. We ourselves allow it to be destroyed. The very thoughts and feelings we impose upon it are the causes of ageing, disease, failure and death. Whatever happens in your body happens to the world. The world is what you are; and you are
    this birthless, deathless body. You, like millions of men, have chosen to use your fears and destructive thoughts to kill

    – from The School for Gods by Stefano D’Angelo

    Peace & Love

  2. Gilgamesh

    It was on CNN, and all over the news, that vitamins, organic foods, and food supplements are harmful and could be dangerous, and everybody should through their vitamins and fish oils out. And should only use them if it is prescribed by the doctor.
    I find the doctor part hilarious, and all of this redickulous. How many doctors out there know anything about vitamins, and food supplements? . And how many of them would prescribe them ?

  3. Adam
    I just got a mail from my MMS supplier in Germany, telling me about anew product called SoloCLEAR, which seems to be like MMS, but without having to activate it! Do you know about this product? It says that it is ‘Chlordioxid’. Any comment to this?

  4. IMAGINE works!
    As a spiritual healer I have learned that ‘THOUGHTS ARE ACTIONS ON THE SPIRIT PLANE’ and that what we think, will materialize one way or the other.
    I use the power of ‘imagine’ when doing spiritual work.
    Example: ones when I was giving healing to a lady, she told me that my hands feel like magnets and that she felt as if I pulled her pain out her body with that magnet.
    Ever since I imagine the pain being from ‘steal’ and my hand-palms being ‘magnets’ when I give healing, and I got similar comments from others afterwards. 🙂

    1. Gilgamesh

      Hi Simunye.
      I think you might like something about this.

      G E N E S I S

      Running Wild.

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