Apple's Brightest Light Dimmed

Steve Jobs passing

As I took photos of just my second Apple product ever, a tiny iPod Nano that has become part of my vision for a new concept in healing and well-being modalities (more on that soon), the announcement was broadcast on my car radio that Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple Computer Inc., had passed away at a brief 56 times around the sun.

Expect to see pundits and opinion directors turn this into a platform for “heightened awareness” about the condition that will have been attributed as the cause of Jobs’ death. More money will be sought and raised, more people will walk, jog, and run. However, until more people gain a practical understanding of humanity’s multidimensional nature, we’ll continue devising strategies to heal the human iceberg by “attacking” the tip only. They will continue to sound plausible as long as we act as though the other part, is not there. I refer specifically to the need for balance, which includes a functional existence on what would normally be considered purely energetic levels of expression.

All expression is energetic. One major difference lies in density. Another difference is in the expression’s degree of coherence. The form that we think of as the human body simply represents the optimal vibrational density range for interaction with others who are similarly “tuned” for earthly life. When it is coherent, we are also healthy, not only of body, but of mind and emotions.

There are other, less dense energetic aspects (and realms) of Earth, as well as of the human nature, that we are free to travel to. Anyone who can remember a dream, recalls a subtle adventure where generally understood laws of physics, and concepts of who is “living” and “dead,” need not apply.

As is the case with the deaths of most high-profile people, Jobs’ passing is a windfall for the present medical orthodoxy because he will be presumed to have received the very best of care that money could buy.

That’s the problem. If he had insisted on some “alternative” approach and died, the approach would have been blamed. If he got well again, it’s highly unlikely anyone would ever have publicly said how.

If the money to pay for orthodox pancreatic treatments and liver transplants couldn’t buy Jobs his health back, most people presume — or it will be suggested — that even more money must be spent in research in this ongoing “battle.” They don’t question the treatment methods, even though there is no reason that a man so young should contract such a condition, much less succumb to it. We’ll never know whether it was the acuteness of his condition, or the treatment, that actually hastened his exit.

By relying on “the experts” to tell us how to interpret what happened, as well as where the challenges, opportunities, and research must be directed, we continue to put distance between true healing, and ourselves. Thinking of disease as a “battle” maintains the mentality that justifies destructive, medical weaponry. Thinking that death is the irrevocable end to life maintains the “by any means necessary” attitudes and methods that are employed to avoid it.

So expect to see all the stops pulled in an effort to “beat” this “menace to society,” even though in actuality, cancer is no more a menace than an Staph, E. coli or Salmonella bacteria, or the West Nile virus. These mute living messengers are natural responses that the body produces in response to the unnatural products that predominate day-to-day life. Being life, they serve a metabolic purpose that is necessary to sustain life. Yet, the press is more apt to characterize Jobs’ death a victory for “these enemies” than a failure of current medical or political, social, and educational standards and practices.

No one is speculating on what, with an idyllic life and enviable lifestyle, Jobs’ would possibly intake or be exposed to on an ongoing basis that would eventually wreck pancreatic function and lead to a liver transplant. Yet, there are surely a long list of medications that can shut a liver down.

We’ve lost touch with the knowledge that under the proper circumstances, the body can self-repair, and have been led to believe that unless we take vaccines “for protection,” we’ll definitely catch the feared disease. The companies that produce the medication think it’s good business to “be prepared.” They seem to have no concept of the insult, the shock that vaccines have on the entire electrical system. That’s why they appear dumbfounded when hints of a connection between vaccinations and autism and “sudden infant death syndrome” or SIDS, are suggested.

On the other hand, orthodox medical practitioners would likely be dismissive of a conversation about natural organ repair or regeneration without surgery!

The people who we’ve trusted to know what the microbial messengers are really saying, have themselves been fed a grim fairytale, and been led to believe that their medical religion is infallible, so infallible that laws and government agencies have put all conscience and common sense aside to shield them from the consequences of their prescriptions and practices.

However, Nature will have the last word.


Book two of Arcady Petrov’s trilogy just arrived, and the first paragraph of the introduction describes the journey and objective.

You are holding in your hands the second book in a series conceived as a trilogy. It’s title, “Save the World within You” largely defines its subject matter. The purpose of the book is to unveil the techniques and technologies of clairvoyance, its discovery through the spiritual aspects of self-development, and positive management of events in one’s life. Just as in the first book, the narrative is presented on two planes — the ordinary, earthly plane and the subtle matter plane occurring, as it were, in parallel to our world, the existence of which most people do not even recognize.

After reading the first book, “Save Yourself,” I suspected this might be the case.

Preparing to dive in…

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  1. pam

    I didn’t realize how young he was… yes, a great loss and well loved by many.

    My 2nd in the trilogy arrived yesterday, too. Amazon must have just gotten them in – hot off the presses {G}.

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