On Neutrality, Changing Truth, and Worldview on Death

At its simplest, most fundamental core, change happens from the nexus of where the Now Moment intersects with the spatial construct known as “here.” At these precise coordinates is the confluence of feelings that represent one’s vision, or worldview, which is “colored” by individual and collective hopes, fears, passions, and beliefs. We could say that there are no real “truths” in this objective or observable world because while it might appear that the sky is blue or the sun is hot, you’ll always find someone whose “truth” says otherwise. Truth is an inner construct that is as malleable as the outer one. And when we are ready to embrace a different inner truth, we will create a different outer world.

For a vision or worldview to change, one’s truth must change. To understand that the truth can set one free, one must see how their truth has already enslaved, and most likely is still doing so.

We argue for our limitations. We rationalize the status quo, and horrors that we instigate in the name of freedom. We acquiesce to the notion that the diseases — the abnormalities — that have insinuated themselves into our lives must be fought to the death, and — as long as we have someone to pay for it — that we will be the battlefield. All the while we’re never invited to re-examine our truths. It’s not that they are sacrosanct, they’re very profitable for a few at the expense of many.

But damn neither the few, nor the many. If you insist in doing so, you strengthen your current worldview, thereby keeping yourself where you are.

The moment we embrace neutrality. The moment we see and feel all ideas with equanimity; the moment we are at peace with all that has “shown up” in the Now Moment, Shift can happen.

If death can be reversed, then what is the point of killing?

If death is an illusion that we’ve been treating as “truth” all these eons, it makes perfect sense why there would be a nether world of “dark” spirits who haven’t yet awakened again to their Inner Light.

Imagine the suicide bomber that was conned into killing himself for 72 virgins, only to get to the other side and realize that he needs a body in order to play with them, or that they are 72 angry wives. Angry before he took his own life and that of others, he’s most likely angrier now… but at whom?

If we are one, his motivation for wanting to return to this dimension (he will not have left Earth) may not be to “get even,” but to restore balance, for destruction is a destabilizing force that affects the entire Cosmos and dimensions not yet imagined in our world. As we recover our true selves we become the balance that the world needs and yearns for. We also reveal the love that the world needs and yearns for.

Love is the cohering power of all creation.

There is life on the other side of “death,” but not bliss if one’s heart is not blissful, if it’s not balanced, coherent, and at peace with all. There are legions of souls who have gone to war to fight (i.e., kill) for peace, but they were in conflict with their Inner Truth that since there is no death, this was not getting us where the politicians said we were going. Net result, messed up souls.

Why? Messed up worldview.

The “preserve freedom” mantra that the Western nations have fed their citizenry is the same as the “72 virgin” myth of the terrorists. I refuse to label the 72 virgin myth as an Islamic or Muslim construct, but will call our military actions in foreign nations terrorist too. They are just as destructive and destabilizing as the suicide bombers. They may also be fed from the same source, who fund both the west and east.

All of these dynamics could be part of a larger, collective ruse to keep the When Will Humanity Wake Up? game going.

And what are we to “wake up” to? Our power. Our ability to create everything, and to the fact that we are creating everything that we imagine. Everything, without exception, from the picocosm to the macrocosm. If it is in our consciousness, it is our creation, because it is real.

Many people think that when they die they’ll go to heaven and be with God (or a menacing counterpart). What if the real truth shows up after the veil has lifted, and they see the deception that they have operated under and the mess that they perpetuated?

It could be that many people are allowing themselves to be killed medicinally for some karmic balancing purposes that only a soul would understand for sure. But what about those who are allowing it because they simply don’t know better yet? What about those who think that their illness is God’s punishment, and they’re running the martyr program? What joyful options, experiences, and accomplishments are they foregoing simply because they have yet to imagine it? What if they knew that they can heal and be healthy, and the price that they must pay is to give up their tendency toward judgment and ill-will?

If such truths became evident to me after leaving the body, I can imagine wanting to come back until I understood myself enough to make making my heart’s choice the signature of my life.

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13 Thoughts to “On Neutrality, Changing Truth, and Worldview on Death”

  1. Adam, personally I don’t believe everything written unless it feels right to me.
    I think that to begin with men did not eat animals, neither did animals eat men.
    As we saw, so we reap!
    This suggests that after men started killing animals for food, animals started killing men too.
    I think our DNA changed because we changed our believes and habits, and as we are changing now again, our DNA will change again to and we won’t need the same food that we needed for the last millenniums.
    I could understand, that if plants chose to be food, this would explain why they have this defence mechanism to avoid pain, to ‘pass out’ when we approach them to harvest them to eat them. There must be a good reason why plants grow better in a loving environment and when we give ‘attention’ to them.
    The movie ‘The Celestine prophecies’ was a great insight to this
    process as well as to how energy works! It is the best movie I have ever seen to get a glimpse of what is coming our way and how this world really looks like when we dare to open up our eyes. Magic! 🙂

  2. imploder

    “And what are we to “wake up” to? Our power. Our ability to create everything, and to the fact that we are creating everything that we imagine. Everything, without exception, from the picocosm to the macrocosm. If it is in our consciousness, it is our creation, because it is real.”
    You’re only insulting your own intelligence. No. we do not create. We only modify things that are already there, created for us.

    1. You split thin semantic hairs that neither of us are prepared to debate… well I’m not. But I do have a question.

      You said… “created for us”…

      Created by whom? or what? And why?

      You imply that we’re not doing anything, that everything’s being done for us.

      Yet, even if we are “modifying” what’s already there, then our experience remains our creation… a product of the choices we’re making.

  3. Gilgamesh

    I guess you are right about the 72 virgins, it must be just a myth, as all they need is a few goats, and could buy any virgins they want.

  4. pam

    For some reason, I didn’t get an email notification that this was available – but am very glad I found it! I posted it on my wall on FB. Thanks!

    1. pam

      i found it!!! System is working fine.

  5. carla

    Great post Adam. Touched me to the core.

    1. I know Dr. Korotkov and his GDV technology. Thanks for sharing!

      1. Adam, I wonder if you know if Dr.Korotkov also made experiments with plants regarding how they react to people wanted to eat them.
        You know that some people argue, that plants have life as well, so why to vegetarians eat plants?
        I ones saw an article/video on an experiment (the type that we see above in the video) where it was established that plant , when somebody approaches them with the though of harvesting them for food, they ‘pass out’ (become unconscious) and hence they feel no pain.
        But it is so long ago that I can’t remember who wrote it and were I saw it.
        Sorry: Please delete the previous comment becomes it is confusing with a comment being on the wrong place.

      2. The book, Electrical Nutrition illustrates that same point, and goes further to say that our digestive tracks aren’t designed to convert seeds and grains so as to allow us to get the nutritional value that they hold, and that we are designed to get our proteins from higher animal life-forms. Another book, The Secret Life of Plants, also describes how plants in a room reacted to an individual’s intent to burn or destroy another plant. They probably have quite a response to normal farming/harvesting machines that go down row after row, ripping crops to shreds. I would imagine that they also have quite a reaction when pesticides or herbicides are sprayed on them.

  6. Oh dear Adam, you surely are awake…and making a lot of noise trying to ‘wake up and smell the roses’ as many others as possible. Count me in! 🙂

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