Spiritual and Mental Science to the Rescue

Are you ready to consider a new, more joyful and liberating idea of who you are, or what is possible? Are you willing to believe that an idea that may sound “too good to be true,” may in reality, be even better than described?

I am.

Doing so doesn’t make me gullible. The alternative is to continue slogging on with the “truths” that we have resigned ourselves to living life by. An example of such a “truth” is the FDA’s claim that any product that has curative abilities is a drug. This is such an absurd statement that it’s laughable, except that, with so few people actually calling it to the public’s attention, a de facto truth is apparent.

Our “brightest minds” in the scientific, education, and journalism communities are mum of this subject — not calling the agencies out on their misstatement of such basic facts. As such, we’ve undergone a general devolution in our expectations, and a degradation in the quality of life.

Science and technology types will claim credit for helping us live longer, but attribute the earlier onset of chronic and degenerative disease to viral and bacterial villains, for which more pharmaceutical “weapons” need to be developed.

This is a “grim” fairy tale that fewer people are buying. The mis-information has become so pervasive and blatant that people are now seeking truth once again… ones that they can live with, and be healthy by. That’s what makes the seminar that I attended, recorded, and talked about in an interview on Sunday, significant. I believe the methods covered can change everything; and I mean, everything.

It was titled, Controlling Reality Through the Soul, Mind, and Consciousness, and was presented by Svetlana Smirnova, a Neurologist from Omsk, Siberia, in Russia, now living in Hamburg, Germany, and Alexander Teetz (pronounced tates Smirnova, founder and director of the SVET Centre ( spoke in German, with Teetz handling the translation to English. They presented concepts that were intuited by a Russian clairvoyant and scientist, Grigori Grabovoi, and Arcady Petrov, a writer and scientist in Moscow who, after studying Grabovoi’s work, regenerated his own gallbladder, and has been helping others restore their health (including organ regeneration) using a system that involves replacing distorted informational structures (disease) with the Original Code of Creation, which may also be described as The Creator, or God.

The implications of this system includes and encompasses the ability to mitigate any and ALL distorted or mis-information states, simply by restoring what they refer to as the Norm.

Smirnova introduced herself as a conventionally trained neurologist, with no particular knowledge of, or interest in what today might be termed, “metaphysical” subjects. Yet, the principles that she articulated were simple, understandable, and profound truths. Teetz, a life coach and now publisher of the German and newly available English-language editions of Grabovoi’s and Petrov’s works, said that he personally experienced the power of the concepts while in the translation, editing and production phases of publishing. A seasonal allergy condition that had plagued him for over 20 years, went away sometime during the first year of his involvement, and has not returned in the two intervening years since then.

For all of our dependence on technology, and debates about which modalities “work” or don’t work, we perhaps get to the most profound conversation of all. “Who are we, and what are we capable of?”

The theme of the seminar was The Teaching about ‘Rescuing and Harmoniously Developing the Inner and Outer World’. It started out by presenting some basic tenets upon which the various exercises were based.

By looking at the world, the human being in this world and how the human being develops in this world, we see that any change comes from the human being. This means: the human being develops the world, his outer reality, through its conscious or unconscious inner reality.

This tenet is considered part of the knowledge of Creation itself, rediscovered and published by Grigori Grabovoi, who states that both the outer world that we see, and the inner world of the human soul, are both informational structures. As such, they are directly, and inextricably related and connected.

Acknowledging this relatedness and connectedness makes conscious adjustment possible.

Grabovoi has authored many books, and given close to 300 lectures on these concepts, describing, as it says in the syllabus, “the way to restore and regenerate organs and to heal seemingly incurable diseases, including AIDS and cancer. His method has been applied for years in several countries. Many extraordinary, successful healings have been documented and some (have) even been notarized.”

Grabovoi’s definition of health also reveals his holistic worldview:

Health is a state of reality in which the relations between a human being and the outside world are in the greatest possible harmony. Though, health is not only a physical condition. It is both a moral as well as a social and even political phenomenon. Health is a system of relations in which a healthy body exists. — From “the Technologies of Rescue”, an interview with Grabovoi by A. Vershinin

Consider our insistence on maintaining tension, conflict, and war between peoples, cultures, political parties, religions, and nations, in the context of this definition of health.

Yet, the goal, intention, and effect of Grabovoi’s practices, is to rebuild both the human being (inner), and the indentifiable (outer) world. This is because the entire world, and every perceivable thing within it, is an informational structure, and the human being is a light (as in luminescent) structure that contains information. While many researchers, including Fritz-Albert Popp, have confirmed the bio-luminescent nature of all living organisms, we tend to look at ourselves collectively as a conglomeration of nanoscopic particles possessing little in the way of dynamic intelligence, much less the ability to regenerate or reset when dysfunction has set in.

In his book, Angewandte Strukturen der Ebene der schaffenden Informationen (Applied Structures of the Level of Information Creation), Grigori Grabovoi describes how the human being is structured (created). The book describes how, through his mental structures (inner reality), the human being has a direct relationship to and interacts with the entire world (outer reality).

Lynn McTaggert’s latest book, The Bond, supports this concept:

We are constructed by a delicate interplay of substances, inside and outside our physical borders. A Bond exists between the blueprint within our cells and everything we connect with in our world throughout our lives. Like subatomic particles, our physical body is not a discrete entity, but the end product of a relationship. — p. 26-27

The implications of these statements run deep, to the very core of how to transform every problem of humanity, into a normalized state.


My conversation with Alexander Teetz. Video soon to follow.

This is just the beginning. I recorded the workshop on camera, and am determining how to best make the information available. Possibly as a 3-DVD set, or as a “pay-per-view” streaming video.

No matter what your favorite method, technology, or modality, these spiritual and mental science tools and practices open new and exciting worlds of possibility.

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  1. Ruby Drumgoole

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  2. richard vonschiltz

    adam there were two trees in the garden. one was the tree of LIFE, the other was the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. only one tree gave LIFE. people like you and i must make the revolutionary decision and choose to eat of the tree of LIFE as so we can give to others what we have experienced ourselves. let it be!

  3. bernadette

    help me…help me, how can I contact grabovoi …??? thanks

    1. Bernadette,

      I don’t know the answer to that question yet. However, you can visit and inquire there. They are closer to the source.

  4. Dear Adam:

    Thank you so much for your candor this week during our conversation.

    I tried to find an email/contact on “Thought For Food,”
    but I must be missing it.

    Again, I appreciate your time and openness in discussing your
    experiences. It helped me quite a bit.

    Be well.



  5. LePhael

    upon clicking on the Alexander Teetz conversation the message “File not found” is displayed. Please advise.

    1. That link has now been restored.

  6. pam

    I think you have my email. Adam, this interests me highly – please do keep me posted. Also, which of the English translated books would you recommend?

    1. Pam,

      I ordered “Concentration Exercises”, and “Unified System of Knowledge” by Grabovoi, and “Creation of the Universe” by Arcady Petrov. At least one of the Grabovoi titles is on its way from More titles from both authors are being translated.

      1. pam

        Thanks. I will go back and check, as I also took all but one of the books on Amazon. Soon coming, as they say in India . Hope they get translations sooooooon .

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