When ExtraOrdinary Technology Meets ExtraPerceptual Consciousness We ALL Win

Time flies when you’re having fun, or so the time-honored adage goes. But today, time seems to simply be flying. Your individual “fun mileage” may vary.

The 2011 ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference was something that should be on everyone’s list who want to see “out-of-the-box” thinking in action. I had an intense weekend at the event in Albuquerque last week (some of it discussed in my most recent edition of Talk For Food), and upon returning home, quickly immersed myself in the details of opening up another venture, the Photonic Energy Center (we don’t have the web site up yet), which will feature, among other things, a device called, the Photon Genius, which I learned about in March when I traveled to the Midwest to interview a couple, Drs. Tom and Joy Watson, who run a natural health service, in which a Photon Genius is in both of their offices.


The big national (and international) story was agreement of the U.S. government to increase the debt ceiling. A cause for celebration by most pundits, but which affected me in much the same way as the celebratory tone that prevailed after Osama bin Laden had apparently been “conclusively” killed, according to the opinion makers, making the world a better place. I shared my misgivings about the debt ceiling decision too, since no one expected anything else. The drama surrounding the “last minute” wrangling was predictable and inevitable, so as to give the impression that the outcome was truly in doubt.

It was not. The perception of debt, indebtedness, and by inference, indentured status, was solidified, which was the goal all along.

It was the goal because no options; other than raising the debt ceiling or raising taxes, were ever discussed.


I opined that these, among other reasons, are why America has already become a Second World country. Standard and Poors has already devalued the bond rating, which will mean higher interest rates which will ultimately be paid by, guess who? Americans!

All of this in the face of the fact that it is unnecessary.

I’m about to dash out again, this time to record a seminar about a topic I came across last year, but kept quiet about. It is the work of a Russian, Arcady Petrov, who has a center in Moscow three notable phenomena are happening; organ regeneration (e.g., uterus after hysterectomy), restoration of eyesight (after blindness that persisted, in some cases, for decades), and the regeneration of teeth. The main vehicle for these changes? Consciousness.

Petrov is a student of Grigori Grabovoj, who is on record of performing a feat thought to be possible by only a few in all of human history, resurrection from death. I’m not making this up.

Watch this video, Light of Eternity. It is part 1 of 7 on YouTube.


When I saw this video last year, I made a promise to myself that I’d go to Russia to meet Petrov and Grabovoj, learn about their methods, and introduce and employ them here in the U.S. Petrov’s book was not available in English at the time. I looked hard and wide for a translation, finding only a 25-page manuscript of the beginning. But all of that is changing.

The only place where I found any coherent information about Petrov and Grabovoj’s work was in Germany, at the Svet Center, which was founded by Svetlana Smirnova, a Russian-born neurologist who now lives and practices in Hamburg.

Life hasn’t taken me to Russia yet, but today, the information that I seek has come to me. Svetlana Smirnova is in Phoenix, about to give an 8-hour seminar on this work with Alexander Teetz, a biophysicist who will translate Smirnova’s German into English.

I’ll be video recording, as well as interviewing them. We’ll discuss how to use the video after it is shot.

At the time I learned about this, there was no Photonic Energy Center in my plans. But now that there is, what I envision is even more exciting, as I see how humanity —  those with the eyes to see and the ears to hear — can ween itself off the “medicinal model” altogether. Looks like a great marriage between ExtraOrdinary Technology and ExtraPerception (which is simply an awakened) Consciousness is at hand.

I’ll have more to say about all of these subjects soon.

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9 Thoughts to “When ExtraOrdinary Technology Meets ExtraPerceptual Consciousness We ALL Win”

  1. Gilgamesh

    Hi Phaelosopher.
    I guess the Russian regeneration technology is not an advanced
    laser kind of technology, but would be about the same as psycotronics, that the Russian military was researching, I think Tom Bearden wrote a book about it, but I m not sure if he ever published it.
    The United States Psycotronic Society’s Virtual medicine, or psycotronic medicine, would be close, or similar to the Russian regeneration technology?

    1. No, this is not advanced “technology,” but advanced thinking, conscious use of the mind. I have two of Tom Bearden’s books, one of them 950 pages (that I haven’t read). But the concepts that Grabovoi is presenting are far simpler, comprehensible, and doable by anyone.

  2. Looking forward to hearing more of this subject.
    I knew for a long time that it is possible to regrow limps and teeth.
    I had long time ago a dream were I had 3rd teeth overnight, and I know the day will come that I will be able to do it.
    The day of the Lord is nearer than we think and than all mankind will live in a higher conciousness level and be able to rejuvenate and heal them-self.
    Those that are not ready to do this will be born again into a perfect world, were our ways of today’s living will not be any longer valued and practised! Halleluja 🙂

  3. none of those links worked

    1. I had no problems with those links..:-)

  4. Gunnar

    In case you don’t know it already I briefly explain how money currently works:
    What we call money today is just numbers on paper and in computers. The only value it has is the value people _believe_ it has. It is not backed by anything!

    The current USD is not real money, it is a Federal Reserve Note (FRN) – which is a fancy name for a piece of paper with numbers on it. Real money would be silver and gold coins for example, which carry inherent value.

    The US deficit results from the US government receiving (borrowing) those FRNs from the Federal Reserve instead of printing numbers on paper themselves. The people profiting from this scheme are the owners of the Federal Reserve, who unsurprisingly invented it.

    The much talked about debt ceiling is mostly propaganda to frighten people.

    These systems are built on lies and deception. Those are really big lies, which makes it hard to understand them. But once you break the barrier it gets easier.

    Be well.

  5. So excited to learn more about this new technology. Look forward to seeing you soon…keep up the great work!

    1. Gilgamesh

      Hi Phaelosopher.
      I hope you can bring this Russian Rejuvenation technology to America very soon. Over the years I lost a lot of my teeth, the first ones were pulled without anesthesia, or freezing, There was no anesthesia then, it was not yet invented. I tell my wife all the time, that I will never get dentures,but I will rejuvenate it and grow new teeth, but she thought it was all nonsense.
      So I would like to be your costumer, for teeth regeneration or when the time comes for me for dentures I will travel to Russia, if this technology will be blocked by the FDA and the drug companies. And I think, there will be thousands of Americans will be flying to Russia.for rejuvenation, and health care.

      1. Gil,

        It’s a way of thinking, seeing, and interpreting the INFORMATION about who we are, and re-ALIGNING with our ORIGINAL INFORMATION MATRIX. It’s discovering that we have one, created perfectly by the CREATOR, and accessing it with CONSCIOUS INTENTION. Grigori Grabovoi developed a system to do it. For all the benefit that new technology can bring, we learn that the most powerful element in the healing process, is YOU and ME. We can correct or restore ANY condition when we set aside the massive amounts of MIS-INFORMATION AND DISINFORMATION that predominates our current world.

        I’m now considering how to present the information that I shot at the workshop.

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