Remarkable MMS Insights, "Geeks Gone Wild," and Change Whose Time Has Come

In my Talk For Food video this week, I mentioned a remarkable information source that has emerged who articulates the underlying chemical behavior of MMS with amazing clarity. It evolved in the comment thread from a short clip that I posted three years ago on YouTube from my documentary, Understanding MMS: Conversations with Jim Humble. Naysayers have come and gone, some of whom we’ve seen here. However, a lively interchange has been going on between two people, for months. One, the naysayer, calls himself “Footman.” The other, who has emerged a most knowledgeable researcher on the deep chemistry of MMS, calls himself “Frootloopsian.”

This is the video in question titled, “A Conscientious Doctor Comments on MMS.” That doctor is John Humiston, MD, who at that time, practiced medicine at the William Hitt Center, in Tijuana, Mexico.


The exchange below comes from a new naysayer, Gravitytheory.

GRAVITYTHEORY: The main ingredient in this “solution” is chlorine dioxide, a form of bleach. Any chemist or even material safety data sheet on the subject will show you the harmful effects on your body due to ingesting bleach. Please do the research yourself before taking this. There are many scientific papers out on chlorine dioxide toxicity, and not one on the positive or therapeutic effects of this poison passed off by these lying snake-oil merchants.

FROOTLOOPSIAN: Not true. The main ingredient is 17 Cl 37 which becomes 17 Cl 38 by collecting a neutron from any number of ongoing decay. The only way to get the Cl 35 and Cl 37 into the cell in a way that doesn’t interfere with the normal Krebs Cycle will be by causing the Chlorine isotope(s) to accept two oxygen atoms. Few understand the different production methods of the ClO2, and even fewer know that the Sodium Chlorite/Citric Acid method produces detoxified ClO2. The detoxified ClO2 is the issue here and the cell’s “programing” to accept all dioxide, due to the pair of Oxygen atoms, become the vehicle of that acceptance. Any chemist worth dick will know about the differences between the two ClO2, and my collection of those data sheets you refer to clearly make my point.

Your handle tells me that you are a fan of Newton’s inaccurate Gravitational Constant.

You tell people to do the research themselves. That is EXACTLY what I have said. My offerings are well researched, and will stand up to anyone’s Pepsi Taste Test. People should stop thinking about this as MMS or WF10. Think about it as its ingredients, and it chemical processes. Think of the communication between its ingredients and their matching Voltage Gated channels, in the context of Krebs Cycle. Think of the Citric Acid as the reagent for the detoxification of the ClO2.

I don’t want this valuable idea to disappear for another 40 years, and that is EXACTLY what will happen if idiots have their way.

I heartily agree.

The YouTube comment limitations may be far more liberal than Twitter, but neither are useful for anything resembling a complex thought. Frootloopsian manages to do it anyway, but it even takes some intelligence to follow, as the comment flow moves from the bottom of the page up, at which point you must read from the top of the comment to down.

I’m going to attempt to meet, or invite him to write a paper with his summation of findings, which includes the parallel evolution, research, and clinical trials, by OXO CHEMIE, a pharmaceutical company, of what he dubbed, detoxified chlorine dioxide, that we know as MMS.


It’s the ENERGY Baby!

Tomorrow I’ll be heading for Albuquerque, to attend Geeks Gone Wild, otherwise known as the ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference, which is hosted by TeslaTech. This is where the new methods, principles, practices, devices, and thinking are honored, showcased, and are on full display. While mostly hardware oriented, the platform of change that these devices focus on tend to be an energetic, as opposed to a molecular one, subtle instead of gross. This is where the potential to heal a “disease” without even touching or medicating an individual moves from the realm of theory, into actuality.

In truth, such ability has always been present and available, but we grew so enamored with chemistry that we lost sight of the fact that it represents only a small bandwidth of viable active agents in the abatement of disease. To make matters worse, our focus on, and research for chemical solutions have been conducted with a virtual refusal to consider the electrical consequences to our energetic nature. As such, they wreak havoc on it, and when that happens, we treat with other chemicals, which wreak havoc, and when something else happens, we treat with other chemicals, never even considering taking steps to mitigate or nullify the effects of the now understood to be ineffective chemicals previously taken. That is the not-so-merry go round of the Standard Medical Model that 10’s to 100’s of millions of people now see as “normal.”

And yet, if we saw things from an energetic perspective, the idiocy of these practices would be glaringly obvious. That was what I noticed when I read Electrical Nutrition, written by Denie and Shelley Hiestand. When I learned that they were now located in Las Vegas, I had to invite myself to come for a visit. Fortunately, they too thought it was a good idea.


I know two of the speakers at this year’s conference, Clayton Nolte, who first introduced me to the world of coherent-state water technology. I consider it the second major discovery that I made after starting my radio show four years ago. MMS being the first. Yet, as I began researching the writings of Callum Coates (Living Energies), Alick Bartholomew (The Spiritual Life of Water), MJ Pangman and Melanie Evans (Dancing With Water: The New Science of Water) and many others, I have come to realize that water is more fundamental than MMS, and the state of the water that MMS (or anything) goes in can influence the potency and extent of the effect. In other words, the more coherent the water is, the more powerful (and beneficial) the effect will be. As it relates to MMS, fewer drops will be needed at a given time if the water is in a coherent state before a measurable result might be seen.

On the other hand, water that has been treated chemically, with no sensitivity to its energetics and natural ways of achieving and restoring health, will actually contribute to the diminution of vitality.

Since virtually all water “looks” alike, it is easy to dismiss its energetic condition as a factor, whether we’re talking about the evolution of a chronic condition, or its mitigation. But this truth has become self-evident to me now, thanks to the doorway that Clayton invited me to enter.

I co-founded Photonic Water Systems (, with my friend George Clark, to basically create a business framework with Clayton that would establish the scientific and practical foundations for this technology, help the public appreciate the nuances of the technology, and establish price points that would support a traditional (not MLM) manufacturer, wholesale, distributor, retail model. When Clayton subsequently decided to emphasize his autonomy as a manufacturer, we became just another distributor. Except that we had a brand name (Photonic), and a vision.

We’ve set ourselves apart in pricing (choosing higher price points for some models), which has driven business to other distributors. There are a few distributors who are using our brand name but have no business ties with us. But that’s where things are now. It will all eventually change. Clayton will be a speaker at the ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference, to talk about how to structure water, and host a booth demonstrating the product.

The other speaker that I know personally is Warren Starnes, director of the Skilling Institute, and manufacturer of the Photon Genie and Photon Genius. This would represent the third technology, after MMS and Photonic Water, that I have embraced in a deeply personal way. I won’t go into the whole story on how it happened, but suffice it to say that I’ve seen a lot, and it is positive, and exciting.

It was Warren who commissioned me to visit with and produce the video below after taking a trip to meet a married couple who operate a natural health care practice, with two offices in the Midwest.


That was an eye opener.

On the trip I introduced the Photon Genie (the Skilling Institute’s smaller, portable device), to several people who saw such dramatic reductions in pain that they purchased devices for themselves. As I saw more, and realized that this technology is not widely known, much less available, I wanted to create a way to do it. The Photon Genie has been around for 15 years or so, and is in use by practitioners in 41 countries. The Skilling Institute itself has existed for over 50 years, and is well-respected for its technology. The Photon Genius, however, is relatively new by comparison, and there are few places available where the public can simply schedule a session. I could see playing a part in changing that. What better way to do so but to acquire the technology, use it ourselves (gaining our own experience), as well as make it available to others, learn how to run such a center, and then package it as a business?

We’d need our own Photon Genius, but didn’t have the $25,000 that the system goes for. Sounds like a lot until you realize that this price point now represents the lower mid-range for automobile purchases. Virtually anyone who really wants one of these devices, can get one. And standard medical care for chronic and degenerative diseases will cost FAR MORE.

With that in mind, the desire was so strong, the vision so clear, that I wrote one of the people who purchased one of the Photon Genies (she had been experiencing some major pain when I told her I had some technology that she might consider trying out), and asked if she would purchase the Photon Genius on our behalf, suggesting a workable repayment schedule, and allow us to open, operate, and develop our vision into a turnkey business. She said yes, and the PHOTONIC ENERGY CENTER was thereby conceived.

The day the Photon Genius arrived.

We received our Photon Genius in late June, 2011, and are close to opening. Our site will be There’s no working site there yet, but it’s coming too.

This too is part of the change whose time has come.

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5 Thoughts to “Remarkable MMS Insights, "Geeks Gone Wild," and Change Whose Time Has Come”

  1. Adam,
    Hi. I was wondering if you ever had the chance to connect with Frootloopsian?

  2. Gilgamesh

    Hi Phaelpsopher.
    The Conscientious doctor say, that we should activate the MMS drops before we put it into the water to purify it. I purify the water with unactivated MMS drops. I would like to know more about this.
    And one more thing I would like to ask the Doctor;
    There are different protocols, like Clara protocol, DMSO, and MMS protocol, etc, but I like to know if there is a Serrapeptase and MMS protocol. The serrapeptase enzyme is a very strong enzyme, and when the pathogens build up defensive walls around themselves,in hidden places. this enzyme will destroy their defenses, and clear up all scars, growths, plaques in the arteries,and all inflammations, blood cloths, Eye, Ear problems,etc.
    I think if we use a higher dose of serrapeptase, 200-240 000 units
    3x a day, and maybe one hour after each time, use the MMS, the MMs will kill the pathogens more effectively and faster, after the enzyme break down all the defenses, the MMS, and our own immune system could go after all the pathogens as they will try run away, and kill them. Maybe this will also allow to use less MMS.
    I just want to know if there is a protocol for this, or if anyone tried it.

    1. rex

      activate the mms first before adding it to the much more powerfully and quicker.with sodium chlorite it take 24 hours to purify a gallon of river water.with 1 to 6 drops activated mms=chlorine dioxide it takes 15 minutes.

  3. Rhedda

    did fruitloop sya he had a blog?
    I wish to gain more details about his studies

  4. pam

    Yes, I went and found the video after watching yesterday’s offering, and was very impressed with frootloopsian. He’s definitely a keeper, IMHO.

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