Sitting Out the E. Coli Scare with MMS

The new wave of stories about illness and death make the following points increasingly obvious:

  • Just how little we know about ourselves, meaning our metabolic, mental, spiritual, and imaginal nature,
  • How having money, or throwing money at a problem, is no guarantor of solution, and will more likely escalate the problem.

The newest scare is out of Germany. It involves a frantic search for the source of an E. coli strain that induces Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome, the most common cause of acute kidney failure. This is the latest example of an application where a scaled-down round of chlorine dioxide disinfection, my new designation for what we know here as MMS, would drastically diffuse a very diffusible situation.

Chlorine dioxide will eradicate the O104:H4 E. coli. Period. Not because it is an “industrial strength bleach,” as the FDA and other MMS detractors have incorrectly asserted, but because regardless of the cause, the E. coli is still a bacteria whose natural voltage and polarity is under and within the range of reactivity that would engender a chlorine dioxide oxidative response.

If any scientists are reading this article, please consider it a hypothesis. If you happen to have some O104:H4 sitting around the lab, or on some tomatoes from Germany, prepare a weak solution of chlorine dioxide, using Jim Humble’s protocol for a topical spray (10 DROPS of activated MMS per ounce of water volume), apply it and let us know what happens.

As an example, for a 4 ounce bottle, use 40 drops of MMS activated with 40 drops of 50%-strength citric acid. After the solution turns a dark orange color, usually within 30 seconds or so, fill up the rest of the bottle with water, which will turn it to a light yellow.

This is a great topical spray that would safely inactivate any E. coli, Salmonella, or Staphylococcus bacteria that may be lounging in your food or on your skin. Of course, if it’s already in your body, you can prepare according to the standard Protocol 1000 that Jim Humble recommends, and ingest.

In either event, the active chemical load within the environment would have been lessened via this novel form of benevolent oxidation. This, in conjunction with other elements that should be considered, allows the body to then restore and repair itself.

That’s been the story of chlorine dioxide’s value all along that some folk just haven’t wanted to acknowledge, or want you to know about.

This charade can’t continue much longer.

More thoughts on this subject.

E. coli as Biological Weapon?

Some people are circulating the notion that the O104:H4 E. coli is particularly deadly strain and that it may be the result of research in biological weaponry. (See linked article.)

I suggest that it isn’t important. If one were to embark on a witch hunt into who might have created it or for what reason, what would the results yield? Most likely more suppositions that cannot be confirmed. Even if confirmation were possible, what would you do?

On the other hand, if chlorine dioxide disinfection will actually help solve the problem—a supposition that can easily be confirmed or refuted—then that’s all that really matters. Peace of mind comes in proof, not of conspiracy, but that you can’t be harmed by the threat any more.

The public is not being informed that the kind of solace being referred to here, is even possible. If you remain afraid of the O104:H4 or angry at the possible conspiratorial idiocy, you’ll remain in the same unhealthy mindspace. Can’t touch it, but it’s very real, and it is self-devastating.

The good news is that you, and only you, can change it for you.

It is equally possible that the emergence of the O104:H4 E. coli was not the product of some form of nefarious “man-made” research, but the result of the legal, ignorant, and irresponsible treatment of a water supply. With all the expensive efforts to recall produce from Spain, along with the blood transfusions and dialysis treatments that have impacted over 1,700 people thus far, not one news report has suggested that anyone is looking at the water, and seeing a connection as to how it—if contaminated with certain chemicals—might induce a natural bacterial mutation.

Whether it was intentional or otherwise, chlorine dioxide disinfection can help resolve the threat, whether infection is problem, or has already happened.

If the authorities don’t see the potential connection and aren’t moved to test and confirm this for themselves, then informed individuals can and should do it on their own.

The only mention of water that I’ve seen thus far, is in an article that advised readers to wash your produce with normal tap water. The writer doesn’t mention of the chemicals that are already in the standard water supply.

Dr. Bruce Lipton (The Biology of Belief, Spontaneous Evolution (co-written with Steve Bhaerman) really brought home the idea that, as a result of Newtonian, particle-based scientific thinking, we fail to factor in one of the major influences to behavior, that is essentially “hiding in plain sight.” That is, the environment.

That truth applies for all life, from human beings, to cells, fungi, tumors, cysts, yeast, bacteria, and viruses. Yet, we act as though the chemicals that are in an environment have no effect on what happens there.

From one person to the next, the chemical, ecological, electrical, and metabolic makeup inside their body is going to be unique. And, if we looked at people as the unique beings that they are, it would become evident why those 1,700 people were susceptible to this strain, and why this strain mutated in the first place.

Believe it or not, one’s state of mind will also impact the chemical makeup (and susceptibility) of his or her body. In other words, you can make your own body susceptible to an O104:H4 E. coli by your pattern of thinking. But most people don’t believe this. Others have neither the time nor the inclination to make that kind of examination.

Money, Sports, and the Great Deception

Money gums up the wheels of positive change even more, in part due to our belief that power (knowledge, etc.) follows it around. The belief is so strong that we put the pursuit and possession of money ahead of our humanity and happiness. We’ll set both aside in order to pursue a buck, in order to feel “secure.” But then, we become slaves to a lessor god.

Money doesn’t buy you happiness, and certainly doesn’t guarantee that you’ll get the best in health care. Knowledge, patience, and the courage to persevere, will get you much further along the path of health than any prescribed medication.

Last week I watched the French Open tennis championships, as well as the NBA finals, which are going on presently. With all the “health” advice and facilities that sports figures have available, they are not particularly resilient people.

Tiger Woods certainly has money, but he has a persistent problem with a knee and Achilles tendon that have been slow to heal.

They’re talking about the possible “need” for replacement surgery.

Andy Murray, of Great Britain, claimed to be on pain medication during the French Open after sustaining an ankle sprain.

Serena Williams has been off the tennis court for over a year, and her career has been punctuated with withdrawals and cancellations due to illness or injury.

Dirk Nowitski carried a 101-degree fever from a sinus infection (another environmental condition), in Dallas last night, as the Mavericks beat the Miami Heat to even the series at 2-2.

My point in bringing this up is that the higher the profile that a person attains, for example, through sports, the more likely they will “break down” physically, and eventually be under “doctor’s care”.

The conversation could justifiably be about magnetic field therapy for Tiger Woods and Andy Murray instead of pain medication and replacement surgery. A baseball pitcher could also forego the perceived need for “Tommy John” surgery.

For a sinus infection, Nowitski could have taken chlorine dioxide disinfection (MMS) and most likely would not have needed to try to overcome the ill-effects of the medication that he was on, which the press has been attributing to a bug. The problem with all this is that when their health problems become public, the resolution methods become de facto standards in public perception. Isn’t it interesting that Magic Johnson’s method of recovery from HIV remains a mystery today? Well, the public message is that he is still HIV positive, but at the time he retired from basketball, it was considered a death sentence to be so diagnosed. Yet, he didn’t die.

His foundation is now dedicated to “fighting” HIV, another misguided pursuit. An article in Newsweek suggests that a daily regimen of antiretroviral medications is helping him. An article on another site suggests something else, a product called Natrol, which contains an immune system enhancer. This site also reports that Magic may have used ozone therapy too, but that his doctors are remaining tight-lipped about that.

There are some amazingly wonderful technologies available to help us restore health when gets sidelined, but you’ll hear precious little about them through mainstream media.

However, I believe that is changing.

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9 Thoughts to “Sitting Out the E. Coli Scare with MMS”

  1. dawn

    My partners 19 yr old son has been diagnosed with an e.coli infection in his pelvic bone, chronic osteomyelitis and has been in alot of pain for several months and now walks only with crutches. He has been on various antibiotics treatments but regular scans are showing no improvement and the doctors are now considering surgery. Would be grateful for any advice on using MMS and at what dose ?

    1. Hello Dawn,

      I would not make MMS my sole remedy. Please understand that years of antibiotic treatments have thrown his body’s ecological balance out of whack. In addition to bacterial imbalance, he has enzymatic and mineral imbalances as well. Please DO NOT allow anyone to consider surgery until you have taken steps to replenish his minerals (more fundamental to restoring balance), and “re-initialize” his immune system. The former can be helped by a regular intake of 1 teaspoon of a liquid ionized Himalayan salt solution (called solé — or so-lay). His immune system instructions can be “reset” with the help of colostrum. These can be taken with MMS, and on their own.

  2. Gilgamesh

    Dr Laibow say in her video; A Weaponized World, that the e. coli usually not resistant to antibiotics. But maybe they made it in Germany antibiotic resistant, so they can treat now all the vegetables, and all the foods with radiation.

  3. I have had opportunity read testimonials regarding MMS1 in its cure of kidney failure. These testimonials were submitted to me from mms users who were either facing kidney dialysis as a way of life or all ready on kidney dialysis. MMS1 reversed their conditon so that dialysis was no longer required. All exclaimed at how stunned the physicians were to see this happen.

    Many cases of kidney failure occur for unknown reasons. There is no difinative etiology to the case. It is my long standing opinion that most of the diseases we die from are caused by pathogenic microbes, even if the medical profession cannot find them. They would find them if Dark Field Live Blood Analysis were commonly used, along with the electron microscope.

    If I had contracted this dangerous e-coli I most certainly would be taking MMS1.

    These patients who are being treated for this disease should also be aware that the antibiotics that they are being given can and for some, will lead them into further disease. They should be following all the protocols for flora replacement, flora support nutritionals and vitamin B supplements. Vitamin B deficiency is a consequene of over use of antibiotics as the drugs kill the normal floras that produce the B vitamins. They would do well to also supplement with bovine colostrum when they are done with drug therapy if that is the route they are on.

    All though many people are brain washed by the system, countless millions are turning to alternative medicine. More every day. Countless more every year. The alternative supplement and alternative medicine industry is growing by leaps and bounds.


  4. Thanks Adam for this article. I wish my German friends could all read it.
    Maybe this would take some of their fear away and maybe if Germany would not be in the ‘cahuts’ with all the other ignorant and money-orientated leaders, there would not be so many dying of this bug. Now who is responsibly for people dying because they are denied something that might save them? They sure will have to answer one day to somebody for it!

    1. Gilgamesh

      Hi Simunye.
      I afree with you, this is a very good article Adam wrote, and I think somebody should post it all over in Germany, and in Spain, Romania, Russia, China, Italy. Africa, Australia, South America, and on youtube, on facebook, and all over.

  5. sarah

    Adam, I love your perspective. I have dear friends who are vitally involved in “healthy healing” for themselves and others. However their FB pages and conversation are so heavy on the scary information about conspiracies and HAARP etc,. That may all be true. But in my personal belief system, focusing on those things is a major contributor to compromised health because of the anxiety it produces. It is incredibly refreshing to read “Don’t sweat the cause; take good care of yourself and others.” If we all could move joyfully in that direction, what a difference that would make. And the really great news is, even if I am the only one moving joyfully in that direction, that will still make a great difference!
    Thank you so much for raising your voice.

  6. oman

    as long as the conventional media exists, the newspapers and TV, most people will keep believing lies by FDA, Pharmaceuticals, and food industries.
    Newspapers, magazines, tv are the tools of cosa-nostra of the american ruling establishment. They use these tools to turn people into zombies, to keep trusting their zombie doctors, hospitals and lies these doctors tell them.
    yes, society is brainwashed by this same media, thousands of ads for drugs, processed food, fast food..etc.
    american media is the Enemy of america.
    The real media is Internet, that provides the world the truth about health and food.

  7. Yes, and practitioners like myself could probably help these people if they would look outside the box and stop looking for the quick fix in drugs to cover the pain or cover the problem instead of dealing with the cause. Just as the rest of the society is brainwashed into wanting a pill for every ill its no wonder that superbugs become rampant. When do people stop being sheeple and wake up and see the truth that for the majority of people-pharmaceuticals creates more problems (which includes vaccines and all the medical treatments and unnecessary surgical procedures)?

    Natural Health and Wellness Center, Inc

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