Slammers can Come and Go: MMS Roles On

A new “anti-MMS” article was brought to my attention this week. This one, written by Sara Vaughter, a nutritionist, has her conclusion in the title, “No Miracle, No Mineral, No Solution.”

Sarah Vaughter
Sarah Vaughter


She and I agree that MMS is no miracle, but that’s where the agreement ends.

Vaughter’s commentary on the chlorine dioxide disinfection (CDD) method introduced by Jim Humble that we’ve come to know as “MMS” reads as an “authoritative” analysis that is based on faulty, or misinterpreted, information. As such, she supports her assessments with negative personal characterizations of Humble himself.

Vaughter came across MMS because her customers have often asked whether it works with a product that she sells; a product known as Lufenuron, a Liver-safe candida killer that is between natural and chemical.

We discovered a prescription-free, over-the-counter, totally harmless veterinarian remedy that kills Candida as effectively – but differently – than Diflucan (oral “azole” antifungal medicines), while putting no burden on liver and kidneys! It makes holes in Candida’s cell wall. It can cure vaginal yeast, oral Candida, Candida rashes and intestinal Candidiasis. More serious semi-systemic Candidiases such as IBS may need multiple treatments and are at least greatly improved. The Lufenuron is “loaded” into the fatty tissues over a period of five days, and then slowly releases, maintains tissue concentrations high enough to kill the Candida for three weeks. We sell a 2-month course. Antifungals such as Diflucan are harmful to the liver and kidneys. Lufenuron is not metabolized or eliminated by the liver or kidneys, but excreted through the feces. Lufenuron is about as toxic as orange juice. It has no side effects but indirectly, it can make you feel bad as reported below – but stay the course – it’s an immune response against dead Candida fragments and suddenly released Candida toxins (“die-off”, or “detox” reaction). Before you decide, it is important to read the details of Lufenuron as a Candida treatment.

Change a few words and her description of Lufenuron sounds very much like how chlorine dioxide works.

She starts out with a disclaimer saying that she never knew what it really was. Yet, her conclusions indicate that she still doesn’t.

”It turns out that MMS, instead of curing cancer, causes cancer!”—Sarah Vaughter

Being a nutritionist and having a chemist as a husband doesn’t appear to be enough for Vaughter to get her very bold and false statements in order.

She says that sodium chlorite is a common form of household bleach, a toxic industrial disinfectant, and powerful oxidant that caused cancer when ingested in small quantities and massive organ damage when taken in significant quantities.

Neither of these factors apply to MMS. The ingestion amounts are miniscule, highly diluted, using no more than a few drops at a time; scaled down to levels that allows the oxidation/disinfection to be done safely and effectively. This is very different from what is inferred in Vaughter’s article.

Acknowledging that there have been precious few reports of harm caused by MMS use, she moves to Humble himself, and does her best to turn the man into a cartoon character.

As though the word “bleach” were the secret word that, by hypnotic suggestion, produces a psychological gag reflex, she applies it liberally, as have so many others who find the ideas associated with chlorine dioxide disinfection, i.e., dramatic improvements in health, so hard to swallow.

Vaughter attributes the now massive body of positive results from chlorine dioxide disinfection use to the sellers, motivated by the 10,000% profit that they must be making on each $20 bottle. At least, that’s what Vaughter figured Jim Humble was making, even though in actuality, he doesn’t make money on MMS sales.

Apparently, truth isn’t important if the story can be made to sound sordid enough.

This is not to say that Jim hasn’t given his discovery’s critics fodder to work with. The church thing is one. Having the audacity to claim that the very tiny doses of chlorine dioxide, produced from an inexpensive, abundantly available, unprocessed salt product, could resolve an entire laundry list of conditions that hundreds of millions spent each year haven’t resolved, is quite another.

Most critics appear so intent on discrediting the man that they’ve not stopped to even consider if what he has said, may be true. And if not totally true, all-the-time, what about some of the time? The people who are using MMS aren’t making their claims up simply to have a good story.

On the other hand, most critics haven’t taken the time to rationally consider what effect the intake of substantially reduced amounts of chlorine dioxide—a proven pathogen inactivator for everything from anthrax to E. coli, plus MRSA, Staph, fungus, mold, and yeast (including Candida)—might have on a chronically compromised human body.

Said critics also fail to discern the behavioral differences between chlorine (also an active agent of bleach), and chlorine dioxide. While they would have you gag at the mere thought of taking in “bleach”, as though that was what you were doing with chlorine dioxide intake, they are mum at the daily intake of elemental chlorine that water management agencies across America have done for years, without raising an eyebrow.

If they don’t know the difference between chlorine and chlorine dioxide, then why aren’t they appalled at the involuntary exposure to chlorine that the public is being subjected to?

These questions are rhetorical. The reasons may vary, simply depending on who the critic is.

I’m sure Sarah Vaughter’s product is what she says it is, and does what she says it does. It’s not that I don’t see why she can’t accord the courtesy of an unbiased look at something that isn’t Lufenuron, and withhold her suppositions about Jim Humble to what she knows to be true, which is very little. It was, for me, difficult to read a mean-spirited article dressed in “concerted expert” clothing.

Personally, I don’t care for the church thing. I’ve told Jim that, and he respects my position. However, the efficacy of chlorine dioxide disinfection doesn’t depend on whether the original discoverer started a church or not.

Given that MMS sellers have been harassed and threatened, in the United States, UK, and Japan, and the protocol has been maligned by the FDA, FSA, and the BBC (in the UK), it isn’t hard to see why anyone who fears for their safety and freedom might not take desperate measures to protect them.

Jim Humble doesn’t have a financial stake in MMS product sales. From what I’ve seen, he struggles with life issues just like you and me. But his insight to use small amounts of chlorine dioxide internally—which has been known for over 200 years, and used as a water purifier for almost 100—was a stroke of genius that no attempt at character attack can take away.

All this is happening while news stories report of a new strain of E. coli infecting over 1,500 and killing 17 people in Germany. (Click here to read the story.)

We’re being advised to be on the watch for E. Coli that might be “lurking in our salads,” when a little chlorine dioxide, applied with a sprayer, would stop it immediately. Even if we ingested it, a tiny bit of chlorine dioxide would put it down. This has been tested by many agencies over the years, including a 1982 study commissioned by the National Institutes of Health, the EPA (in a product marketed under the Selectrocide brand) and the FDA.

Chlorine dioxide is not new to the FDA. Jim Humble’s proposed application is the cause of the most controversy.

To get an “inside view” of how the FDA works, below is a response letter from Laura Tarantino, Director of the Office of Food Additive Safety, to a proposal by Engelhard Corporation for approval to market a misting system that, using one of two methods, would generate and spray chlorine dioxide on produce on your grocery store shelves. (Click here to read the entire letter.)

At issue was the GRAS (“generally recognized as safe”) status of this “additive”. With it, Engelhard would be able to market the system; without it, they would not.

Since an extension of shelf-life would result from the process, the FDA interpreted the proposed application of chlorine dioxide by the Engelhard system in the context of a preservative—a stretch, in my opinion. Nonetheless, they concluded thusly:

Based on the information provided by Engelhard, as well as other information available to FDA, the agency has no questions at this time regarding Engelhard’s conclusion that chlorine dioxide generated by either of their two CSR systems is GRAS under the intended conditions of use.—Laura Tarantino, Ph.D. (FDA)

This exchange happened in April, 2005, well before Jim Humble emerged on the scene to suggest that we look at the potential of chlorine dioxide in a different context.

Instead of acknowledging the known merits of chlorine dioxide after the good news continued to pile up, the agency went the other way, issuing their warning against MMS use in August, 2010.

Nowhere was the term “industrial bleach” used in the FDA’s correspondences with Engelhard’s representatives, or any concerns over the potential dangers, even though the amounts of chlorine dioxide that would be generated were likely higher than those that were eventually developed and proposed by Jim Humble.

I am as eager as the next person for the FDA, EPA, Sloan Kettering, or the Mayo Clinic, or any other agency to study the potential benefits of the therapeutic use of chlorine dioxide. But so far, they have been not just unwilling, but hostile toward the idea.

They are like the Roman Catholic church that tried Galileo in 1633 for declaring that the earth was not the center of the universe. Their rationale was not the evidence—they refused to look themselves—but that his conclusions went against doctrine. He spent the rest of his days under house arrest.

When will we have the humility to acknowledge that we not only don’t have all the answers, but that the way that we’re currently doing things—with respect to health care—is not working very well?

Instead of flaunting its authority by intimidation and squashing, obstructing, or delaying the emergence of new ideas, the FDA could play a valuable role in helping the public prosper in a rapidly changing world by welcoming new ideas and methods, and confirming their efficacy.

But it won’t happen with dis-information.

And while Sarah Vaughter doesn’t know Jim Humble, the Jim Humble that I know would never publicly make such personal characterizations about a stranger simply because they had another product that could help people. He’d be more inclined to support them if he saw that the product worked. He certainly did that with the probiotic product that used to be called Paradophilus, and Indian Herb. The probiotic was so popular, due in part to Jim’s bravado (and ultimately the success of its use with MMS), the developers changed the name.

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17 Thoughts to “Slammers can Come and Go: MMS Roles On”

  1. Nicole

    I dont think Sarah Vaughter , actually understands completely how the products that she sell works in more than at than a basic level . Lufenuron can be used to treat different forms of cancer

    when used with MMS effectively and to treat different form of Candida you need MMS to make it flare up in the bloodstream while using lufenuron .The information on her site is only really for treating Candida Albicans and some is not really correct dosage and quantity this causes poor results …..Sarah is just a Shop that sells stuff 🙂

  2. Hi All , Will start with love Jim Humble and his work MMS is

    amazing and simple we have used it extensively with great success
    in treating various illness . We also have a site that sells a Chitin
    Synthesis Inhibitor
    There are protocol s to use MMS with Lufenuron . When the shell comes off the fungus in releases heavy metal/toxins from inside

    the shell some are transfered/absorbed back into the blood , MMS does the same thing with bacterica,and viruses , So another form of Candida is formed then Tropi,Ruguso and others the Lufenuron then attacks this in the second or third stage of treatment . I have watched this happening using advanced equipment on many people there is more complicated information this would take up pages to explain in detail . My point is MMS and Chitin Synthesis Inhibitors work well so does Zeolite to remove all the different forms and create a very alkaline human being a combination of these substances in a protocol works well … we will have another site attached soon with information on how mms and lufenuron can be used effectively . hope this helps Hugs


  3. Rhedda

    To add to what Giglamesh wrote, and in disagreement with Arrow, this extremely snide and callous woman gets no slack from me. Sometimes we need to have to call it like it is and as I see by some of her language – being very sarcastic against someone she’s never met, telling people authoritatively what she has not a tight grasp of, that MMS does not work and calling Jim a “ruthless thug” and the like that she should SHUT UP.

    What reason is there for her to take such a mean-spirited approach to her writing?? Knowing that Jim is NOT the character she wants to portray him as, what merit does that leave for her slanderous rant?!?!

    If anything she could simply implore curious potential users to consider all available information. Even saying it doesn’t work – though wrong – would not be as offensive as the type of ignorant vitriol she was typing.

    Silly too, to suppose as she does that “positive testimonials are fake”.
    Should I believe that all positive testamonials are fake? really?

    She is filled with ugliness, and from what I can read, I would never want an individual such as her near my family, nor would I buy anything she was selling (not because of a bad product, but as not to support her)

    1. It is my opinion that with people like Sara Vaughtner, education is the only cure. Without it you will do nothing to change her nor what she may say about Jim or MMS.

      You cannot change her by fighting with her. Just leave her alone. Her voice in the MMS story is essentially meaninglesss and all of us who know first hand what MMS can do for people, we know where the power lies. It lies in the unbiased truth.

      An for all intent and purposes Adam was fairly gentle on her for if I put on my mean spirited hat she would be fully slayed… but to what avail?

      She is nothing and even if thinks she is much. She might do well to consider that people who live in glass houses should not throw stones, for there are people out there who thrive on such activity, but stones will not come from me as my belief system tells me that focusing on the negative only fortifies the negative. One only need be aware of it and move forward. We are all aware of who she is now…

      Onward and forward with MMS education and this education will and is changing the world for the better. This is the only path that needs energy.


  4. Hi Adam,

    Ive been familiar with Sara’s promotion of Lufeneron and have read what material is available on it. Due to some people not being able to get rid of candida with MMS I have refered them to her website. I haven’t been there in a while but for some time at least she was prohibited from selling it by some governmental agency. It seems like she is selling again as recently I’ve communicated with someone who has purchased it.

    I think we should give Sara a little slack. She obviously cares about people’s health and is concerned for the truth.

    That being said everyone comes to the truth in different ways. She obvioulsy has limitations in understanding chlorine dioxide… and who among us has not at least for some amount of time… being either minutes, weeks, or months until we warmed up to the idea, looked at the science, or observed it in action?

    Even chemists, I think that we both have communicated with, have struggled with the concept, and one I know of eventually conceded that MMS was likely harmness and potent if used as directed.

    It is a learning curve. And aside from being a learning curve it requires one to get past old paradigms and belief systems.. no easy task for many.

    The absolute first learning is that household bleach is sodium hypochlorite.
    MMS is derived from Sodium chlorite. These are two different substances…as they are both different and yet again from sodium chloride. that we all consume daily. All three contain elemental chlorine.

    There has been much fear mongering over the years regarding chlorine.. from use in swimming pools, to drinking water, to destrustion of the ozone layer. Certainly it is an element that requires respect. But we must also respect that chlorine is involved in many biological metabolic processes in the human body.

    The second level comes in understanding that sodium chlorite is converted to chlorine dioxide during the activation process, once again making it still something else.

    That the CDC and FDA has determined in several studies that chlorine dioxide is considered GRAS is proof enough.
    Journal of Toxilogical Sciences, Abstract:

    after 12 weeks of ingestion…… “However, by the absence of detrimental physiological responses within the limits of the study, the relative safety of oral ingestion of chlorine dioxide and its metabolites, chlorite and chlorate, was demonstrated. ”

    If a chemist wanted to go further he/she would look at the work of Hesselink:

    and further reading here:

    and this article on Jim’s website.

    I will also mention here that Jim cured his first cases of Malaria with sodium chlorite alone… unactivated in product called generically, stabilized oxygen, that has been on tha e market for over 35 years with no issues from the FDA. This webside sells their version of it for the use in animals. They have some very nice animal testimonials for their sodium chlorite product called ox-E-zymes.

    Hopefully Sara will come around in time. Although Lufeneron may be good for Candida, MMS covers so many many other conditions. She is in a good position to promote MMS as she has a large blog following.

    1. Well spoken, makes sense to me, and thanks for the links Arrow…:-)

    2. Gilgamesh

      Hi Arrow.
      The Sarah Vaughter article shows not only her incompetence, but only a person with a very low intelligence would wright and publish an article like that. She is giving a bad name to science, doctors and health care professionals.

    3. Why sure, why not cut Sara some lack, I’m game. After all, Sara just barely got start with calling me a ruthless thug, there were a number more really good names for me in the rest of her writings couple articles. I’ve had a lot worse than that. Others have done better. Cut her some slack and who knows, she may come up to par.

      1. zoran

        But…is it true about your spinal cord tumor or so?
        And…if its true,how come that MMS did not work on you?!
        Please replay
        Thank you
        God Bless

  5. Joe

    Hi Adam:

    Love your blog!!

    Quite some time ago I watched your interview with Jim Humble. It motivated me to start using MMS for detoxification purposes. I was so impressed I introduced it to my family members and they are also regular users.

    Recently I have discovered information on the hexagonal structure of water and it’s therapeutic value to optimal health. The more I looked into the perfect water, the more I was drawn back to natural spring water from some local springs in my area. The concern I have with the sources is that they may have pathogens in the water. This is why the local people advise boiling it before drinking. It’s my understanding that heating at high temperatures will become destructive to the structure of the water. So my first thought was to use MMS to treat it. Then my next thought was whether or not this approach would have a negative effect on the structure as well. I’m not a biochemist and have a limited view of how this might alter the value of the spring water. I’m hoping since you have worked so closely with MMS and water structure, you could elaborate on this for me.

    Love your work and hope you continue to spread the message.



  6. Rhedda

    difficult indeed to read this woman’s ill-mannered tirade

    I swear I literally get a pain in my chest half way through the article

    Sometimes Adam, I need anger management: I get really upset at inhumans like this, and I am not sure that if I were in the presence of such an individual, that I would be able to restrain myself from slapping this person – a few times

    I wrestle with anger like this because I hate to see people in pain and yet feel like she needs to be humiliated in ways which would render her mute and running away

    In the bible, The god of Israel is mad at them (Israel) and in the book of Ezekiel, instructs them to eat shit cakes

    In the case of Mrs V, I feel like saying “Give me that old-time religion”

  7. Mike Morris

    Unfortunatly its all about money and anyone who is perceived to be a threat to another person ,company or corporation is fair game for lies slander and intimidation. These people are not interested in the truth, or helping humanity as a whole if they do not receive monetary gain . Jim is a good humn being and so are you Adam and I am sure you will keep on keeping on trying to help people regardless of the backstabbers and misinformed . Kind Regards Mike Canary isles

    1. I say AMEN to that! 🙂

  8. Peter McAlpine

    Thank you, Adam, for letting people know about MMS. The world needs a lot more people like you, mainly because the pharmaceutical industry folks predominate. Perhaps you’d like to write about Ozone and Hydrogen Peroxide therapies for the treatment of serious illnesses, such as cancer. You’ll really stir up the wasps’ nest then! I pass on the gist of your messages to the 2 doctor boyfriends of my daughter, who seem to have “Skepticism” and “Denial” imprinted into their DNA.

    There is a parallel in agriculture where globally the chemical fertilizer producers have farmers thinking that only chemical fertilizers and sprays can help them. Now the big seed companies are pushing small seed companies, and they are providing farmers with one choice – seeds coated with pesticides and fungicides, and which have to be bought each year.

    Thank you, Adam!

  9. Joy Pitts

    I’d like to know what they changed the Indian Herb Paradophilus’s name to?

    1. Paradophilus probiotic was renamed Living Streams Probiotic. Indian Herb wasn’t renamed. It is a separate product.

  10. Jim

    Thanks for your comments and support of the sodium chlorite miracle. As for the E. Coli problem and your suggested solution, a sodium chlorite solution and spray kit can be found here
    Use it in good health!

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