The bin Laden Perception Campaign: Who is Being Served?

President Obama, in his own words (or that of his speech writer).

President Obama’s announcement of the killing of Osama bin Laden on May 1 has triggered a massive ORCHESTRATION and MANIPULATION of public perception, not only of Americans, but anyone who thinks they have a legitimate axe to grind about AMERICA.

However, we should make a distinction between citizens of the nation of states founded in 1776, and UNITED STATES CORPORATION, which was founded in 1871, is based in the District of Columbia, and of which Barack Obama is the present CEO. (Please download, read, and save this document.)

I make these distinctions because President Obama’s actions are so out of character with the spirit and sentiment that marked his rise to office. To stand before, not only the nation, but the world, and proclaim that he had overseen the campaign to murder another human being – let’s put the fact that it was Osama bin Laden aside – goes against any semblance of what America stands for, and gives legitimacy to martyrs, whether real, or wannabee.

To rationalize that the world is a better place without him suggests that bin Laden and Al-Qaida were the cause of our problems.

But exactly what are our problems?

  • The American dollar is presently in a slippery slope to worthlessness, which is having a cascading effect throughout our society.
    • Gas prices are at $4 / gallon and higher
    • Food prices are skyrocketing
      • This prompts producers to find more ways to extend the shelf-life of their foods, generally through the use of preservatives
      • Pesticide use is soaring
    • Bats are “mysteriously” dying in the millions
  • Chronic and degenerative diseases are coming on earlier in life, and staying longer.
  • The cost of these treatments are going higher, while the results continue to be ineffective
  • The advice and guidelines that government agencies propound tend to be of ever more dubious value.
    • FDA authorizing genetically modified foods
      • Corn
      • Soy
      • Alfalfa
      • Salmon
    • FDA using misleading and outright false information in opposing alternative therapies which have shown themselves to be effective and inexpensive, such as MMS.
    • EPA doing nothing new to
      • Mum on chemtrails,
      • Bullish on chlorination and fluoridation in the water supply
      • ALLOWED BP to dump Corexit in the Gulf after the oil spill, to which the FDA gave an “all clear” just weeks later that it saw “no evidence of harm” to eat the food
      • Estuaries in the Gulf are still toxic spill zones, a year after the oil spill

While the list could go on, we have to ask ourselves, “Was bin Laden responsible for this?”

The current public relations campaign to get you to be celebratory over the United States taking the lead in a premeditated killing would suggest that our problems are over.

Do they really believe the American people, or the world, are that naïve?

I guess the answer is yes… that “they” must believe it, since it is happening.

It is a greater shock to see president Obama do this… that is, until we see him as CEO of UNITED STATES CORPORATION, as opposed to being the elected representative, by democratic process, of the American people. The interests of those who run UNITED STATES CORPORATION are being served by Mr. Obamas current actions, and it appears by this gesture, that humanity, even in times of war, is not sacred to them.

I will shed no tear over bin Laden’s death, yet it is hardly a cause for celebration. The selling of celebration over the killing, is reason for even greater regret.

It is a time for solemn and earnest sorrow, not only for the twisted set of circumstances and policies that put him on his journey in the first place, but for the geopolitical social atmosphere that those who run the UNITED STATES CORPORATION have wittingly or unwittingly, contributed to.

The greater victory, the greater act of patriotism would, in my opinion, have been to diffuse the enmity that had prevailed so long that provided plausible cover for a 9/11 event to occur. The world doesn’t feel “safer” simply because we have donned the role of “Exterminators” and taken out the latest pest.

This is a monumental demonstration of how inappropriate our current thinking is, and how easily and effectively the public has been conditioned to be misled.

On the other hand, that may simply be the appearance, because anyone who truly respects life, and even freedom, could not be pleased to hear about how a deliberate, pre-meditated murder plot was carried out. Bin Laden’s masterminding 9/11, if indeed he did do it, doesn’t make our masterminding his killing – and the deaths of almost 6,000 and countless additional Iraqi and Afghan civilians, any less heinous.

I just had to say something.
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10 Thoughts to “The bin Laden Perception Campaign: Who is Being Served?”

  1. Leigh

    Hi Adam,

    You are such a great ambassador of peace. You clearly have your head outside of the white house clouds, seeing things for what they really are. Thank you for your common sense view and posting. To accept their political, mass media brain washing is to accept the mark of the beast. Thank you for your love and light.

  2. sarah

    There is a lot of finger pointing, a lot of criticism of the government (past and present), and all of that may have some legitimacy. However I think the larger question is one that Phaelosopher touches on over and over: what are you (what am I) doing about it? What am I doing to change the world I live in, starting with taking responsibility for my own health and wellbeing and moving outward from there. The only true and lasting changes come from individuals. When you finish reading this, how will you change your world?

  3. Dave Sutherland

    I don’t like the idea of human beings killing human beings. I believe that “thou” (all of us) “shalt not.” On the other hand, the collective body of humanity is sometimes threatened by rogue human cells in much the same way that our individual bodies are threatened by cancer cells. Likewise, I have to concede that sometimes surgury to remove the offending cells has to be done in order to save the collective. So, I have no problem with the killing of an Adolf Hitler or an Osama Bin Laden. In fact, I don’t think it makes sense to do anything else. If the Americans had captured him alive and attempted to send him to trial, I am convinced his followers would have kidknapped and/or threatened to kill any number of innocents in order to have exchange for his release. There’s no need to go on at length about this. Some will agree. Some will want to go further. Some will hold that any killing is wrong. The bottom line is that it is done. And, I for one think it’s not a bad thing. As for all the conspiracy stuff about the US, that’s another story. So is the probability that the international corporate comunity in conjunction with the good old USA have played invited terrorism by blatantly exploiting vulnerable people around the world. Shame on the government adminitrations of the USA since the end of the second world war. Now the good people of the United States of America are suffering the economic consequences.

    1. Dear Dave,

      I am a firm believer that we create our reality, and that it is created based on wherever WE, the creator AND experiencer happen to be in our awareness of cause and effect. Therefore, EVERYONE — every SOUL involved in the drama surrounding Adolf Hitler and Osama bin Laden, both victimizers and victims, were the creators and creation — FOR THEIR OWN REASONS and PURPOSES. My main problem is the CELEBRATION… the orchestration and promotion of the idea that killing bin Laden was a “victory”, and that a major problem has been solved.

      I have the sense that such sentiments would be distasteful to Barack Obama, the man who campaigned to become president of the United States. Even if it were done, the spirit of the man might have presented this as anything but a time or moment of celebration. It doesn’t mean being fearful, but people like OBL aren’t the real problem, it is the ideas that people think. We need to change ideas, not kill people.

  4. Rhedda

    You refer to “the USA it used to be once”

    With the risk of getting into some squabble over politics, I can’t be sure by that snippet (along with your opinion about Obama’s “identity” and him not being the president and such) if you are another one of those red white and blue bootlickers who regurgitate the delusional, intelligence insulting hooey as some of the propaganda machines which you deride. I am not talking about this whole bin Laden affair nor am I an apologist for the government’s “war on terror” campaign, but to your original remark of what USA ‘used to be’ ( I assume you mean “the good ole days”), I must ask when and for whom?

    Did you tune in to the real history outside of the box and if so do you not find it a bit naive to state that the USA has EVER been anything other than a GREEDY TYRANT and a THUG ?

    The country who murdered the natives, commandeered the territory, enslaved and sadistically tortured and murdered African people and continued to skirt the horrible, accountability of that diabolical, psychopathic, color-coded legacy then generates a bunch (more than I’d like to think) of inane lunatics who now snidely tell the progeny of “those people”, who still by and large suffer from serious institutional racism and white privilege malfeasance, to just “get over it”.

    ‘Just get over it’ is what I hear from alot of ignorantly nostalgic white folks when people of color express outrage at the blatant and obvious racial/class disparities that are alive and kicking in the USA today because they’ve always been here!

    What used to be is exactly what is so problematic for people of color today. And it was NEVER nice for those nameless African souls who were never accounted for by the “significant other” back in the day. To the folks in my neck of the woods more rampant, In-Your-Face and out-of- the-closet white supremacy is what USA used to be!

    I see alot of silly white folks who love to use time because they foolishly believe that time forgets and heals all by itself.

    It’s all coming to a head now with the very obvious criminal minority who managed (for well over 150 years now) to be clever enough to consolidate their powers into the perilous corporate culprit that now towering over everything, poisoning and polluting and pillaging!

    I agree with brother Jerimiah Wright

    God (or The Force if you prefer) DAMN The USA of yesterday and today !

    I’m sorry if I have misread you Oman; if so, my humble apologies to you my friend

    And to Adam, I applaud the article

  5. Gilgamesh

    Hi Phaelosopher.
    The truth is, that they dont know that Bin Laden was in the compound.They were not sure who was in the compound.
    The security forces successfully took over an Al quaida strong hold, or compound,and Bin Laden was in there , and he he got killed in the action.
    I think who ever wrote the speech for Obama, should of been more accurate.
    I think the speech was not accurate, not very presidential, and not very American.

  6. When you get a nation that is eating toxic foods, using prescriptions to add to their already toxic physical load and top it off with vaccines, environmental toxins (like silver fillings-amalgams) and add to that fear perpetuated by Government then how can one think clearly? Osama was killed at least 7 times and the original death occurred in 12/01. Was he only sort of dead then? Did it really take 7 times for him to finally die? What’s happened in the Gulf is only the tip of the iceberg to come. The GMO foods: corn, wheat, soy, cotton, salmon, beets, alfalfa have changed people’s gut health in so many ways. All of these issues contribute to not being able to cope with stress. Medical Care is disease management not health promotion. You are so right about people being sicker at an earlier age. Time to add more vaccines? I think not. One only needs to read Pottinger’s study to realize that we are the third generation and deteriorating fast UNLESS we wake up and make changes not only for our own health and longevity but for our future generations as well. We have to take responsibility for our own health ~our government isn’t doing such a great job.

  7. oman

    very true!
    today USA is no different from yesterday’s Iraq or Iran or Afganistan. To make a spectacle of killing…?!!!
    No, it’s not USA it used to be once.
    It’s america of obama.
    No doubt in my mind, that there were too many reasons to doubt in obama’s goals and his secret identity. There were and there are too many questions marks on his identity.
    Obama is not a US president. He represents ideas and principles of others.
    I’m not sure if Binladen was the one who was killed.
    The whole spectacle was orchestrated toooo well. Obama’s goal behind this game is to win the next election. That was the only goal. Even if binladen is dead, makes no difference. It’s only the stinky media like CNN, washingtonPost, LAT, NYT…add to this crap a lot of colors and stinky aromas.

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