Conscious Imagining for a Changing World

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If the first three months of 2011 are any indication of what the rest of the year holds, then I think it would be a gross understatement to suggest that it’s going to be quite a ride.

What that statement means to you reveals a lot about where you’re putting yourself in the matrix of potential outcomes.

A large proportion of the population fears that the current chain of events represents the beginning of the end of the world. But that’s not the only possible interpretation. We all agree that change is occurring right now. The vast majority of us would likely agree that change is needed. So if we can agree on those two points, the events that are unfolding is simply how the beginning of what lies ahead looks right now. Everything else that unfolds is potential. It can be heart breaking, or heart warming, a nightmare, or the realization of our most wonderful dreams.

I see this time as a one of great opportunity to learn more about who we are, our spiritual/energetic nature, and what that means, and to imagine new and different outcomes that involve qualities best described in words other than “doom” and “gloom.” Imagination is the unacknowledged power that rests within every human being, used most often unconsciously, or stimulated through fear, limitation, and dread. We’ve grown accustomed to dismissing or discounting this great ability, thinking that the creative experiential process couldn’t be that simple. In other words, it seems unlikely that imagination/visualization plus belief could coalesce into experience.

I ask you to consider while you are reading these thoughts, that it is that simple. Consider that we don’t have to convince anyone else to change in order to change the world. We only have to change ourselves. The motive force behind all harmonic change, is being moved by, through, and in love. It may sound hokey, but it’s true.

If you’re sick, imagine what your life would look and feel like after you healed. Believe it. Love it. Be grateful. Rejoice. If you’re concerned about radiation, imagine what your life would look and feel like as your immune system is protecting you. Believe it. Love it. Be grateful. Rejoice. It doesn’t matter what the problem is. Imagine what your life would look and feel like with the problem solved. Believe it, love it, be grateful and rejoice.

This doesn’t mean we won’t have new challenges (which themselves are opportunities), but let’s get some of the old, clearly outdated ones, off the table.

Guided into Fearful Imaginings

Through education, medicine, science, the media, and many other avenues, we are being guided to imagine far more ignominious outcomes for the planet Earth and humanity, and led to believe that they represent the only possible future. We’ve grown accustomed to fearing the doom and dreading the gloom.

There’s no need to be afraid, but if you are, an option is available. Inquire Within.

Many well-meaning experts are firing off instructions to their email lists, to help their audience best cope with the changing tide… doling out advice on how to survive the anticipated calamity. However, survival mode sets the quality of life index quite low.

This lies at the heart of old school, dualistic, linear thinking. It is “Good Guy/Bad Guy 101,” played out on a grand stage. So “convinced” are we that our methods represent the most advanced possible, we panic when the limitations of our current orthodoxies become self-evident.

Pick your apocalypse.
Pick your apocalypse.

We’ve grown accustomed to watching and rationalizing millions of deaths each year as a result of pharmacology-centered medical treatment schemes. The public is placated by stories of the valiant fight that individuals are waging against the “menace.” Fundraising campaigns suggest we’re getting closer to finding “the cure,” and you can do your part by helping the organizers reach their fundraising goals. Each year over $100 billion are raised, and people keep on dying from the same diseases. Readily available healing methods, which might be called cures, go unpracticed, which health insurance companies would refuse payment.

Do YOU want more of this?

If you don’t, then celebrate the changes that are happening, and imagine how you’d like your new world to be, and know that you won’t be alone.

This is One ‘Cloud’ We Can Do Without

Take the nuclear radiation problem that now troubles so many people around the world. Suppose there was/is an easy fix it? What if it could be achieved through a simple matter of transmutation where, under the proper circumstances and conditions, the toxic elements could, in effect, be “turned off?”

This is not a far-fetched idea. The key could be through the auspices of biological transmutation, a subject that was studied by Louis Kervran (1901-1983), an expert in radiation poisoning.

In The Secret Life of Plants, by Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird write about Kervran’s work:

All of this further suggests that in living nature there exists, below the level of Lavoisier’s classical molecular chemistry, a deeper level of nuclear chemistry which associates and dissociates nucleons, the components of atomic nuclei.

Science et Vie has postulated that if plasma-type nuclear reactions take place in bombs, in nuclear reactors and in stars, then there must be a wholly different type of reaction, specifically utilized by life, which brings about fusion in a strangely quiet way. The magazine suggests the analogy of a strongbox which can be opened by dynamite or by a combination lock. Like the lock, the atomic nucleus can prove stubborn when confronted with blind violence but pliable to a skillful manipulation.

This raises the question of whether Dr. Wilhelm Reich was not on track of the discovery of the century when he purported that he had observed at the microscopic energetic visicles or “bions” which are not alive but “carry biological energy.” Exposed to sufficiently high temperatures and made to swell, all matter, even sand, undergoes viscicular disintegration, wrote Reich, and the resulting visicles can later develop into bacteria.

What that means to me is that life is indestructible. The disintegration can be described by such terms as chaos and anarchy. Yet, they are precursors to a reorganization and re-forming of life, and a coalescing into new, improved forms.

While there may be a number of ways to mitigate the effects of radiation, including products such as bentonite clay, iodine, and even MMS, wouldn’t it be better to simply turn off the radioactive clouds?

While I believe it can be done, you have to wonder how many people would scoff at the idea if “pundits” hadn’t already given their stamp of approval.

After seeing how ardently some people are intent on debunking MMS, trying to convince anyone not already familiar with the product that it is dangerous bleach, how open are we to even imagining solutions to human problems if they haven’t come from “approved” channels.

MMS use has been criticized by some apparently naturopathic “experts” who dismissed positive testimonies freely given by many thousands of people. Like their allopathic counterparts, the many stories of success that poured onto the internet after Jim Humble wrote his book, were treated as “anecdotal,” while the erstwhile experts continued to scoff at its use.

Criticism or not, MMS has shown itself to be effective in many areas where satisfactory pharmacological substitutes do not currently exist. Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus, a.k.a. MRSA, the leading cause of hospital-acquired infections which claims over 18,000 lives each year (and rising), is one example.

Yet, for all the claims that MMS is a dangerous bleach, there has not been one death attributed, since its introduction, to its intake, whether used therapeutically as recommended, or even by inadvertent overdose.

Make no mistake, chlorine dioxide is not something you take lightly. It should be used with careful consideration, but without fear. Contrary to what the FDA has suggested in its 2010 warning on MMS, it should be used. We should understand the “when” and “how” to apply it best. This is research that Jim Humble has continued to advance.

In 2011 we have seen the collective Calamity Bar ascend to unprecedented levels, and there is reason to believe that Mother Earth is not done. In part because we, her children, still have some waking up to do.

“Wake up to what”… You ask?

For one, that neither “science” in its current form, nor scientists who consider The Scientific Method to be sacrosanct, have all the answers. And yet, they act as though they do. BP’s scientists and management sure acted that way in the Gulf oil spill of 2010, and we are seeing the pattern repeat itself in the wake of the 2011 earthquake in Japan.

A New Respect for Energy

Radiation is energy, and therefore, has a distinct vibrational frequency. If it has a frequency… of shall I say, if it is a frequency, then it has its own color (light) and audio tone. It may be possible to produce an audible (or inaudible) frequency that safely inactivates radioactive isotopes in the same way that chlorine dioxide inactivates pathogens.

Royal Raymond Rife (1888-1971) isolated the frequency of a microorganism that was consistently present in cancer, which he inactivated through the application of a complementary (cancelling) frequency. Patients went into Rife clinics in Los Angeles and San Diego with cancer, and walked out cancer free… in 1931! The Rife device represented one of the first vibrational or therapeutic energy devices to be suppressed by the AMA, and the still nascent FDA, which officially bans the use of this non-invasive technology as a medical device to this day.

An opportunity to imagine a different scenario is at hand.

We have been practicing “checkbook science” for quite some time, long before Louis Pasteur deduced that microorganisms, or “germs” were bad things that could and should be killed off by chemicals. In this thinking we have remained oblivious to the environments, including energetic states, in which certain microorganisms grow. We have neither taught our children, nor ourselves to be aware of, or respect energy. Children who retain their innate sensitivity to, and awareness of energy tend to be “persuaded” to shut it down, or keep it to themselves.

We generally can’t see an energetic state, but we are always in one. That is, because we are one. As such, they tend to follow us wherever we go. They (we) have the ability to bring certain experiences and behaviors into our sphere while keeping others away. The tipping factor?


Making someone or something else the “bad guy” has played its course for many of us. If you listen to “experts,” they’ll tell you who and what to think of as “bad” today, although it may change tomorrow. Taking no time to do any research on their own, or even engage in creative and courageous imagining, they look to what other “experts” have opined, even if it means resolving ourselves to many years (or lifetimes) of suffering.

I don’t believe that any suffering is necessary and virtually all suffering from chronic and degenerative diseases can be mitigated; and health restored, IF it is truly desired. Not everyone who is chronically ill wants to be well again, but we have to assume that those who are sick, but say that they want to be well again and are willing to take the sometimes lonely journey, are sincere.

The business of degenerative and chronic disease is a sorry game that’s only fun for a very small few, if the word “fun” even applies. It is big business, very BIG. IF it is going to change – that is, if more people are going to become healthy, then they are going to need to be willing to have more, and be more fun. We’re often ready to be serious at the drop of a hat (or news release); having reasons to be heavy, instead of light. And yet, this is where limitation and fear predominates.

The answers that we seek that will resolve the personal, or social challenges of our times, are available to those who have the eyes to see, and the ears to hear. More importantly, to those who have the heart and wisdom to care for the whole, for Mother Earth, and humanity, Her Children, even those who don’t care for us, even over money itself.

The Money Factor

Our belief that money is the key to the solution of every problem, as well as the way to prevent solutions from being known, is part of why we are where we are. It is time to wake up to this fallacy. The “Golden Ring” that one human would think is so valuable, so as to step on, or over others in order to reach, would be fool’s gold. There is no real value in any “success” where the human heart has not been one’s guide.

On the other hand, there are legions among us who believe that their life is somehow “deprived” if they don’t have the latest this or that. They strive to “keep up with the Jones’” (who they may not even like), at the expense of their own happiness.

We are stressing ourselves out over meaningless distractions and pursuits, while meaningful discoveries and truths – about ourselves – go unexamined, and therefore, remain unembraced.

Money has been the goal of many, and the downfall of many more. It is neither a doorway to happiness nor power. Whatever one’s station in life, both happiness and power are abundantly available, if we liberate ourselves from unquestioned, self-limiting beliefs.

One place to begin this redefinition is by being willing to take a kind, loving, and benevolent look at ourselves and others (even if they don’t take us kindly), as well as the future, and don’t be surprised if it turns out just as we imagined.

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  5. Brad

    Very informative

    1. I also made a new MMS-capsule-filling video… 🙂

      1. Gilgamesh

        Hi Simunye.
        You make a good video.
        Just dont spill the citric acid.

      2. hi…hi…
        i wanted to do it all over again at first. But accidents happens, as you can see. I left it, because it may make people notice that it is wise not to do it on a wooden table. Luckily in my case the wood was bleached by the sun already, so now it is worth while having it restored. 😉

  6. 2011 or 2012 do not scare me. There has always been upheavals necessary for change . But my dreams have told me over the last 15 years that after the upheavals, peace will be there for those who seek it. Since my dreams have the habit of coming true, I take then serious!
    There is a time a place and a reason for everything and I know that we will be at the right time in the right place, no matter what comes.
    Disasters seem to bring out the best in people, like compassion, which is our real purpose in life, one way or the other!
    Ones we get out priorities right and love our fellowman like ourself, we cannot fail!
    What we do onto others, we do to ourself and it will all come back to us 10 fold. 🙂

  7. Bruce

    According to Carl Johan Calleman, we have entered the 9th (and last) Wave of the Mayan Calendar as of March 9 this year. Moving through 13 Days or Nights of 18 days each, this Wave will end simultaneously with all 8 previous Waves on Oct. 28 this year. For more info, see:

    My take on the ongoing Shift and our collective reactions to it:

    1. Gilgamesh

      The American Government is building underground shelters everywhere.
      Under the Denver airport they are building a huge shelter, that will be connected with a 70 mile long subway, to the Cheyenne underground shelter. And many other governments also building shelters. Jesse Ventura talked about all this in his documentaries on tv.
      About the 9th Wave by Johan Calleman, Johan Normark say, there is nothing like that in the Maya calender, he thinks, Calleman just made it all up.But I dont know I never read much from Calleman.And in some books 2012 already happened, In the book The Pillar of Celestial Fire, by Robert Cox, the date is 2010, last year July, August.
      Robert Cox calculated the date from the Maya,Tibetan Hindu, Romanian, and the Hebrew calenders.
      It was on CNN, that the doomsday bunkers selling like hot kakes, but when I checked it out, they only sold 5 in California.But I think a lot of people will build their own,
      I m thinking about building my own underground shelter in the Aquarius Mountains in Arizona after I retire in about 15-20 years.

      1. Gilgamesh

        I dont think the American Government is into new age stuff, or the Maya calender, or doomsday prophesies. But I think they are building underground shelters, Maybe because of the climate change.
        We could have very sever , Ice age winters, or very sever hot summers. In Phoenix Arizona it get very hot now, in the summer, but if in the next 20-30 years it get even hotter only a few degrees, air condition will be not much help, and if people try to escape from the heat to the mountains, they will find that the roads, and highways will be melted, the asphalt will turn into liquid. They will need air conditioned, off road vehicles to go anywhere.
        So people may have to stay in the mountais and maybe live underground, maybe even for weeks, or months in the summer, and that is why I m thinking building an underground home in the Aquarius Mountains in the next 15-20 years.

  8. @ Libby:

    You can still take antioxidants, just not antioxidant supplements closer than two hours to the MMS. You will need them 😉 That is what I do anyway.
    Love Hilde

  9. Thank you so much!! Great read, and an important message. On we go in faith and with even more wisdom. Keep up the great work! 🙂


  10. Libby

    Thanks for adding me to your list. Just received my first post and, although my faith is more God- centered than Mother Earth centered, I couldn’t agree more that we all need to reach out in love as the answer to this world’s problems.And as for the doom and gloom, I look beyond the ‘ birth pangs’ to see the new world, where the lion and the lamb shall lie down together.That couldn’t say Peace and Love any louder to us, could it?I’m trying to take MMS for cancer now. I’ve been treating it myself for 1 year, changing my diet to raw, etc.I’m looking for the way to order the 5 day workshop DVD so I can be more assured of protocol. I take a lot of other things, most of which I’ve suspended as they are anti oxidants .Thanks for your encouragement, wisdom, and courage in posting these important events to those who are willing to learn and seeking answers.God Bless

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