On the Road to Explore Water, Healing

Healing Pool at the New Earth Center, Austin, TX
Healing Pool at the New Earth Center, Austin, TX

Just some quick thoughts before hitting the road to Park City, Utah to interview M.J. Pangman and Melanie Evans, authors or the new book, Dancing With Water: The New Science of Water ( I have been aware that this book was coming down the line for the past year. In it, they explain, in clear, understandable terms, many of the dynamics and factors that both influence, and contribute to water’s behavior, particularly its states of health and ill-health.

We cannot be healthy while steadily consuming unhealthy water. Most people are using chaotic, energetically discordant water, unaware of what, or even if there is anything they can do about it. The answer is, it is a factor, and we can do something about it. M.J.’s book covers the subject in a very accessible way.

This is one reason why I got involved with water transformation technology after meeting Clayton Nolte. After helping sales of his product get started, with the help of my radio and video interviews on the subject with Clayton, I started PHOTONIC WATER SYSTEMS (, with my friend George Clark, a Certified Nutritionist and wise man in his own right. Now we’re taking steps to distinguish our product, and product line. You’ll see how very soon.

We will be talking more about water in this blog space, and certainly with M.J.

413BGBFWP6L._SL500_AA300_[3] M.j. edited another book on water, The Water Puzzle and the Hexagonal Key, written by Dr. Mu Shik Jhon. She also authored a book titled, Hexagonal Water: The Ultimate Solution.

I first met M.J. several years ago, via a mutual interest in MMS. At one time she was interested in producing a print publication, with news and articles related to MMS. However, another project came up, which turned out to be Dancing with Water.

What we don’t collectively know about water is a major part of our current health malaise. Water transformation technology can help, but self-understanding and awareness is even more important. I intend to bring more information out that will assist in that journey.

Wikipedia Struggles Continue

The battle for control of your perception continues behind the scenes at Wikipedia’s “Miracle Mineral Supplement” entry.

Please visit the entry, and read it. Then click the Discussion tab, and particularly the History tab. You will see that its version has changed almost 100 times in the past 6 days!

The word “Fraudulent” has been fought over, with not one, but several editors doing their best to keep it there by undoing each attempt to remove it. When I checked a short time ago, the word Fraudulent was not in the entry, but the impression of MMS being a harmful, toxic chemical, remains.

If you are concerned about creating and then preserving the correct perception of MMS, I encourage you to create a presence for yourself on Wikipedia, and help and others who are speaking up on its behalf.

If We’re Not Healthy, We’re Not Free

It has been wonderful watching the liberation events that have unfolded in Tunisia and Egypt. Oppression takes many forms, but always with the cooperation, willing or unwilling, of the “oppressed”. It takes real courage to stand up to the status quo and say “No more!,” unafraid of dying, yet without seeking or needing to kill or vilify.

Contrary to the unspoken impression that we hear and see over most mass media outlets, chronic and degenerative diseases are not inevitable. They don’t even appear to be genetic; meaning that there appears to be no real reason not to be able to restore health that a change in attitudes, beliefs, and restoring balance, can’t fix. If it doesn’t fix it, it would certainly help.

Of course, if you “ask your doctor,” you’re likely to get a different view.

It is refreshing to know that anyone and everyone can heal, be healthier, and freer. The concept of Free Will means that we are also free to be sick, infirm, and debilitated. We are free to deny responsibility, think we are powerless, and argue for our limitations. The Will to be truly free rests within each of us, and can only be turned on from that sacred, inner place. My solace is in knowing that when the Healer (one’s self) is truly ready, the healing can and will happen.

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0 Thoughts to “On the Road to Explore Water, Healing”

  1. Joe

    Hi Adam:

    Love your blog!!

    Quite some time ago I watched your interview with Jim Humble. It motivated me to start using MMS for detoxification purposes. I was so impressed I introduced it to my family members and they are also regular users.

    Recently I have discovered information on the hexagonal structure of water and it’s therapeutic value to optimal health. The more I looked into the perfect water, the more I was drawn back to natural spring water from some local springs in my area. The concern I have with the sources is that they may have pathogens in the water. This is why the local people advise boiling it before drinking. It’s my understanding that heating at high temperatures will become destructive to the structure of the water. So my first thought was to use MMS to treat it. Then my next thought was whether or not this approach would have a negative effect on the structure as well. I’m not a biochemist and have a limited view of how this might alter the value of the spring water. I’m hoping since you have worked so closely with MMS and water structure, you could elaborate on this for me.

    Love your work and hope you continue to spread the message.



  2. Gilgamesh

    I use prill water for years now, but we always drink coffee, not much water.
    And for months now the skin on my elbow was very dry, the skin was so dehydrated. About a week ago I made some Ormus water, and I add about one ounce Ormus water,and 2-3 gallon of prill water to my bath, and now my elbow is soft as a baby’s ass.
    Yesterday I made 2 kinds of pyramid water, in one I just used purified water in a glass jug, and that tastes good. The other one I made in a glazed clay jug, with prill water. The second one did not taste very good. The very first time I made prill water, I thought I was making it in a real glass container, but it was acrylic, and tasted really bad. I guess acrylic and prill water dont go together very well, and I m not sure, the small pyramid I put in the prill water is real glass ,or just acrylic, or the glazing on the clay jug gives it a bad taste.
    So if the Dancing with water web site will sell pyramids, sell real glass.
    My wife have the the same problem with her elbow, very dry skin, and she use lotions every day, but it is not helping. This morning I show her my elbow, and now she will be also using my Ormus water bath system.
    And today, if I could find my Tesla purple plate, I will also make some purple plate water.

  3. Gilgamesh

    Hi Phaelosopher.

    If the Bauer energy water mugs can really transform the electrical spinning of the water from right to left, I hope they will also sell the energy mugs on the dancing with the water website.

    1. Gil,

      I’ll mention this to MJ… we’re heading for Idaho now, so I’ll get back to your other questions later.

  4. Gilgamesh

    Hi Phaelpsopher.

    I hope you will answer this question;
    Photonic water, structured water, prill water, Ormus water,Tesla purple plate water, clustered water, willard water, Nolton water, all these different waters have a different electrical spinning, or some have a left spinning. and some a right spinning? And which ones? I think
    they are all good waters, but the left electrical atomic spinning waters are the real healing waters.
    And the Bauer energy water mugs really can transform the right spinning water to a left spinning water?
    Structuring and energizing water do change the electrical spinning of the atoms?

  5. Gilgamesh

    Hi phaelosopher.
    I made some pyramid water today. I bought small 2 inch pyramids from the Dollar store, and peeled off the felt paper and I put one in a glass jug of water, and one in a ceramic ,or clay jug of prill water. I just tasted it , just after a few hours, and I was surprised how good it tastes. I use just filtered city water, I have a filter on the tap, and I put one or two drops of MMS in it, before I prill it. I dont know how long it takes to energize the water with a pyramid, maybe just a few hours, or over night.
    I should mention here the Ormus water that I mixed last week and I use
    in my bath with some prill water, is very smooth, and very hydrating.
    Now I have prill water, Ormus water, Pyramid water. And maybe tomorrow I will make the Tesla purple plate water.
    I bought a purple plate about 30-35 years ago, and I used it than, and I think I still have it somewhere, I just have to find it.
    Purple plates have many uses, not just energizing water, but foods, for plants, for the fridge, for pets, and for healing, faith healing, when it works, works the same way as the Tesla purple plate, raising the vibrations.
    But I hope you will write more about pyramid energy, and the Tesla purple plate, I think Linda Goodman wrote about these plates, but I never read any of her books.
    And I hope they will also sell small pyramids, and purple plates on the dancing with water website.

  6. I went into wiki Adam, but I can’t make head or tail of what is going on ther. But I like the following statement made by :
    “Where has Humble been declared a fraud other than by opinion? The grave error being made here is declaring anyone, or anything, a fraud without judicial determination. You may only say I have reason to believe, or it is my opinion that so and so – or such and such – is a fraud (and a Wiki entry is not place for opinion). This goes also for the FDA. Their opinion is not a judicial determination. As for Humble, if one cannot prove he is a fraud it cannot be said as if factual that he is so.”
    Well said!

  7. Gilgamesh

    Hi phaelosopher.

    On the Dancing With Water website I see a lot of products, and some of those products are not even available as yet, and I see no prices.
    And I was just thinking, if they will also include small,, glass, or clay pyramids to their product line ?
    In the 1950s I worked in Ruen France, and they use to package milk in small pyramid shape containers, and I really used to like that milk, but I never drink milk, not even in coffee, I dont like milk.
    The Dollar Stores sell small glass pyramids, some have a felt paper on the bottom but that could be taken off, and the glass pyramid could be placed in the bottom of a glass water jug, or an egg shape clay water jar.
    I never energized water this way, as I use prill beads, in egg shape clay jar, and water stick, but a few years ago even some sport teams used pyramids. During their games, pyramids were hanging from the sealing.

  8. Jenny Jung

    Dear Adam

    I hope you are doing great. And I hope you still remember me. 🙂
    I am Jenny from Barahona.
    I am writing to you because I’ve heard the Apple’s Steve Jobs are suffering from the cancer. Could you please inform him about MMS? I wrote the email to him. But I am not sure he can actually read it. Is there any way we can help him? I felt really sorry for him. I read his book. He seems really good man. I am sure MMS can help him. In my country, I’ve heard a lot of miracles already. Heart disease, Hepatitis, Alzheimer, Epilepsy, Skin disorder, Food poison, Flue, Diabetes, High bood pressure, Arthritis, Prostatitis, Cross-eye,..I can’t even remember all of them. It was a true miracle. And the people were so thankful for the information about MMS and they are spreading the words eagerly. So over 1 thousand people are using it since I informed MMS in my country. It’s been just only 9 months. So please let’s help Steve Jobs. I really hope he can have a chance to give it a try. And Adam, I wanna say you are doing a really great job. Please keep up the good work. And I miss every moment we all shared in the Barahona and Haiti. I am always dreaming I could help them in the near future sometime again. –Jenny

  9. Love what you said right here at the end, Adam: It is refreshing to know that anyone and everyone can heal, be healthier, and freer. The concept of Free Will means that we are also free to be sick, infirm, and debilitated. We are free to deny responsibility, think we are powerless, and argue for our limitations. The Will to be truly free rests within each of us, and can only be turned on from that sacred, inner place. My solace is in knowing that when the Healer (one’s self) is truly ready, the healing can and will happen.

    So TRUE!!

  10. Julie Baumlisberger

    Unfortunately, the book (Dancing with Water) is not available here in Canada – I will try through their website and see if they can ship directly to me…sounds fascinating. The synchronicity of information and things I stumble upon lately are very cool 😀 Thanks for all the groundwork, Adam!

    1. Hi Julie,

      The book will be available on my site as soon as I return home, and we ship will ship it to you. I believe they haven’t set their site up yet for international orders, but it’ll all happen soon.



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