Water and Salt in Optimal State Puts an End to Self-Desecration

Each day I gain a greater appreciation for the important roles that minerals and microorganisms play in the maintenance of health, as well as its restoration. Yet, if we choose to embark on the journey from the depths of chronic dis-ease and return to our home in Well-being, we’ll discover profound solace in natural elements. Central to that process are the natural properties and power of water and salt. Specifically, coherent water and crystalline, or full spectrum salt.

These factors go a long way to explain, in part, why chronic and degenerative diseases evolve (as we move away from healthy forms of these products), as well as why MMS – which is derived from a salt –is as effective as it is.

W_S-Cover-smallHaving just finished reading Water & Salt: The Essence of Life, by Peter Ferriera and Dr. Barabara Hendel, I am somewhat amazed that this information isn’t taught even in our first science courses. However, if it were, we’d have far less disease, and more robust health throughout the course of life, than we presently can lay claim to.

Instead, our industrialized, technological methods routinely, and as a matter of course, desecrate two of the most basic components that make life as we know it, possible, at a price we all pay to one degree or another.

The authors begin by making a clear distinction between biochemistry and biophysics, which they refer to as the realm of living energy. They conclude that all disease, as we know it, can be looked upon as expressions of an energy deficit. The term imbalance would also apply, since disproportion in any aspect – whether it is molecular, microbial, or even in consciousness – away from what is optimal will result in energetic degradation and a loss in coherency.

Seeing life and experience in holistic terms, which includes an energetic perspective, allows new insights and interpretations to emerge. New behaviors and then experiences will naturally follow.

Desecration is a most appropriate way to describe water and salt treatment, an often overlooked factor that contributes to the disease parametrics that we are currently experiencing. If that were the extent of the sacrilege, it would be a simple matter to fix. The problem runs through virtually every thread in the fabric and tapestry that is modern life.

It is neither my purpose, nor intention to get you down or piss you off in sharing this viewpoint, although such reactions would not be unreasonable. The realization of just how pervasive our collective ideological and technological perversity is, can mark the turning point where one makes the personal decision to not only claim, but exercise their innate and inalienable power to heal, and be well again.

WHEN we get “the memo” that the power to heal is innate and inalienable – when that simple idea begins to ring true, even though we may have no clue as to how, or even if everything we’ve done thus far has not worked – the new path that one must take becomes evident.

The closer our return to fundamentals – water, salt, food, environment, etc. – in their optimal state, the closer our return to health. Water and salt in their optimal states should be part of our daily intake, because they are necessary requirements to repairing the body and restoring, as well as sustaining health. They facilitate and deliver balance because they are integral parts of our Original Design.

More to come.

MMS & Dead Sea Salt

On the video edition of Talk For Food I conclude my conversation with Wil Spencer on the flap that developed on the Gulf Coast, and then talk about some of the powers of salt with Pavel Gershkovich of Salt Chalet, located in Scottsdale, AZ.



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0 Thoughts to “Water and Salt in Optimal State Puts an End to Self-Desecration”

  1. the work of the late dr. arnold murray shouldn’t be overlooked in all of this. the minerals which are depleted from our soil are abundant in the waters of the ocean & can be readministered to our farms & gardens at a dilution rate of about 1 teaspoon of raw sea salt per gallon of water.

    a good book to start on this is murray’s own, “sea energy agriculture”, & also, “fertility from the ocean deep” by charles walters..

    these books detail the incredible positive affects that these sea solids – raw sea salt – has on food production, heartiness, flavor, nutritional content – all the way around.

  2. Adam, I know all about the power of healing via energised water and just love to see videos which show us how beautiful watercrystals become by adding positivity to it, be it light or positive words.. I always bless my water I in South Africa I had blacks coming to me with bottle of water, to have me bless it. They claimed that it helps them to become healty.

    1. Gilgamesh

      Hi Simunye.
      I can energize my water in a glass if I put my hands around it, not even touching the glass, just about 1 inch away, for 15-20 sec0nds, but I also have water stick, and I can just stir the water with it, and it get energized with subtle energies.
      But I want to ask you, how the blessing, and energizing would work on coffee, tea, beer, wine, vodka, etc?

      1. Ha..ha..ha…that is a good question.
        After all, most of those ‘liquits’ have water in it… 😉
        That is just how I do it, with my hands around the glass!
        I also energise my bathwater. 🙂

  3. Gilgamesh

    I think the salt room is a great idea,it would be nice, if they had those everywhere. However I m not sure, if it would make much difference in the Gulf. If the air is contaminated, and the water and the soil, and the food, maybe for many generations, the best thing people can do is just move out of the Gulf area.

    1. Gil,

      It WOULD make a difference if salt lamps were in each individual’s home. Crystallized salt can neutralize ANYTHING harmful. Every harmful environment can be restored IF we take certain steps that work WITH Nature rather than against it. I am currently reading “The Healing Power of Energized Water” by Ulrich Holst. It’s a short read, but the information and research shows that what we refer to as “contamination” is a transient state that is subject to change under the right conditions. Our only problem is that we’ve not been willing to recognize them… and that’s changing.

  4. Rick

    As I’ve just begun to study the works of Serge Kahili King, I’m finding that it’s almost a natural integration with the works of Masaru Emoto, Bruce Lipton, and Rupert Sheldrake, and the transitioned Dr. B.
    We, as humans, should increase our respect for the power and energy available from our planets basic building blocks of biological existence – water and salt.
    Virginia … my Chiropractor, Herbalist, and TCM Acupunturist (all good dfisseminators of shared knowledge) exhibit cognitive dissonance when I mention MMS. Their morphic field of agreement is rather significant. It’s not that they have a vested interest in it. It’s mostly unconscious. I let it go always. LOVE them anyways.

  5. Virginia

    Dr F Batmanghelidj wrote several books on the importance of water and salt: Your Body’s Many Cries for Water, Your’e Not Sick, You’re Thirsty, and many others. He explains in his books how this information was received by the medical establishment.

    I mentioned these books, and my improved health from applying the information, in my local health food store — a place you would think would get excited about a natural cure. They did not want to talk about it either. It was not because we are strangers, my kids know and associated with their kids and we’ve talked about many things. I got the cold shoulder when I mentioned the “water cure” I was amazed until I realized that it was not good for their business either.

    I hope this information is helpful. Thank you and keep up the good work you do keeping us informed.

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