A Visual MMS Response and New Beginning

A Happy New Year to ALL!

2012 – 1 is here, and so are we.

Here’s to 2011 being a year of discovery and recovery; discovering our innate gift of healing that is within us all, and recovering not only health that has been hijacked by years of chemicalization and medication, but the sublime joys of living in health once again .

I am yet writing my response to Jonathan Campbell’s article, “What is Miracle Mineral Supplement (MMS), and Why is it Dangerous?,” but I have spoken about it, making it the subject of my Talk For Food radio show, which I uploaded yesterday.

However, in a first for me, not only did I record the entire show on camera, but I produced it on video. Normally I take only the audio and post it to’s server.

After receiving a notice from YouTube that they had removed the 15 minute restriction on my account this past week, I had additional incentive to make my show visual.

So here it is:


I will say here that I spoke longer than I had time for the show, and you may notice it toward the end. Omitting Mr. Campbell’s comments on vitamin C, I somewhat abruptly shifted from talking about toxicity, to vitamin C. I hated cutting that out, but it’s done now.

You will be able to read my comments, and perhaps I’ll isolate the missing video, when I finish writing, and am ready to publish my article. I’ve included some wonderful insights on vitamin C that are clearly not considered by Mr. Campbell.

In the spirit of the New Year, and the new medium, we’ll see where this visual journey takes us.

Best wishes!

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8 Thoughts to “A Visual MMS Response and New Beginning”

  1. MMS is the bomb that ive seen do 3 miracle healings already that nothing tradtional or alternitive would even touch!!!!

  2. I have looked trough some youtube video’s and came accross this one I think you all like to see. There is more GOOD news out there re MMS than bad, for sure… 🙂

  3. Rick

    As usual, another “self important” pimple on the ass of progress, (Campell), has let his vested interest in profiting from the misery of others take precedence over altrustic aid to others.
    Some people need to stew in their own s**t and … hope it turns into fertilizer.

    James, study a little on eastern health therapies. My acunpunturist treats the kidneys first as it’s been it’s been her experience that it is the major source of blockage of Chi energy (“life force”) in most humans.

    My viewpoint is … If you’re going to dump s**t in a sink, you’d better pull the plug and make certain the pipes are clean first. Organic cranberry juice works for me !!!

  4. James

    Hi Adam

    New to MMS been researching it for a few weeks now. I have one important question. I heard MMS will cause renal failure is this true?


    1. It certainly can at high enough doses. See for an example.

      Most MMS users probably don’t take it at that dose. So what constitutes a “safe” dose?

      The fact is, we don’t really know, because no-one has studied it systematically. So the question is, do you feel lucky?

      1. a shaker of salt will cause renal failure.
        mms as per its protocal is .00004.
        incredibly safe.

        dont belive ya adam.

  5. Adam, please check you inbox @ youtube, it is important! Thanks!

  6. Happy new year 2011 to you Adam and all particants on this blog from me to.
    May 2011 be the year where everybody takes off their blindfolds and all those interested in being healthy and helping others to become healthier find comman ground to work towards our coman goal together in love, peace and understanding!

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