Delivering Ourselves from Orthodox Thinking

Dog chasing its tail.
Finding out that we're all connected, the hard way.

A CNN story on the discovery that the water supplies of 31 of 35 U.S. cities is contaminated with the carcinogenic chemical chromium 6, is evidence of how our media tells itself they’re protecting the public interest when, in truth, they’re doing little more than helping us “feel good” about chasing our collective tail.

Millions of people have learned that there is one more layer of concern that they should wrap themselves up in, as pointed out in a report published by the Washington, DC-based non-profit Environmental Work Group. Chromium 6 gained some recognition when it became a central plot point in the movie, Erin Brockovich (2000), based on a true story when the chemical leached from a manufacturing plant into the water table in Hinkley, CA, which resulted in a sharp rise in sickness and hospitalizations.

Instead of being a happy ending when Brockovich got Pacific Gas and Electric (PG & E) to pay out over $330 million in claims, the bell has continued to toll on the town of Hinkley.

The town’s citizens have been dismayed to see that the contamination area is now doubled what it was originally, and a new round of “woe” is about to begin.

The area of contamination has more than doubled.


image4061139g[1]This is reminiscent of how the death toll continued to rise after George W. Bush’s famous “Mission Accomplished” declaration when the U.S. led invasion of Iraq brought down Saddam Hussein in May, 2003.

The woe has not ended. The infection has even spread to Afghanistan.

This situation points out two fundamental flaws in our collective thinking about the value we place on life, and when the going gets tough, how we go about resolving it.

The first flaw is our thinking that money is the solution to every problem. If the problem persists, either not enough money has been thrown at it, or it can’t be solved. The notion that Jim Humble’s MMS could actually help mitigate many diseases is met with skepticism by some because not a lot of money, or even an expensive education is needed to either see how it works, or make it available to everyone. When money is made king, humans and humanity take a back seat, leading to a long list of expensive and ineffective remedies that are thought to be, because of the money that went into their development, infallible.

Did you noticed how, during the discussions and debates about health care reform, the overriding topic is how we’re going to pay the continually escalating costs?

Healing, as in the full restoration and sustaining of health – which would actually and ultimately lower health care costs –was never considered.

This leads us to wonder whether it is assumed that when the “cures” to various diseases, such as cancer, etc., are found, that health care costs would go down? Or whether no such cures are being projected?

Given news like the CNN story on chromium 6 in the water, you can see how there might be little inclination to project success at something that conventional science has, so far, failed so consistently at.

This points out the other fundamental flaw, which is illustrated in an often recalled quote by Albert Einstein:

“The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them.”


This simple statement describes why the problems are escalating, the projected costs are all on the increase, and we’re just getting more of what we’ve already had.

We lull ourselves into a false sense of security by thinking that life will be better if or when we raise enough money. We fight battles and declare wars over money. The battles can be political, medical, economic, or personal. Our logic will always sound quite reasonable and appropriate.

However, a false sense of security is simply a real state of insecurity.

By making money the chief raison d’etre in our life endeavors, it becomes more important than life itself, not because it is, but because we will have made it so.

Money itself is not a great evil, any more than a gun is dangerous in and of itself. The chances of a gun harming anyone are very slim, if a human does not it. The potential harm or harmony that we create and ultimately experience, are the progeny of our thoughts and beliefs, aspirations, motives, and fears, both collectively and individually.

The chromium 6 contamination issue is an indication that we can no longer ignore the proverbial elephant in the room, content to endure it growing case of indigestion while waiting for someone to fix our problems, whatever they are. While money may help a situation, it cannot be at the expense of our health and humanity.

So a new contamination threat is no longer limited to Hinkley, California. It’s now across America, thanks to precious little change in our ways of thinking.

The problem problem with contamination of the water supply didn’t begin with, and is not limited to chromium 6. Chemicals that are routinely used to make water safe to drink, are in large effect, contaminants, because of the energetic and informational state that they leave the water in. This state is not measured, nor considered by current standards of water analysis, which focuses strictly on its molecular properties. The molecular state is the densest energy state, around which Newtonian physics is based. However, its behavior is influenced and regulated far more subtle, quantum forces, to which the terms entropy (chaotic/destructive) and fractality (coherent/harmonizing) are germane.

I’ve been studying these issues and factors intently recently, knowing that answers to our social and individual challenges in life are available, if we are willing to view them with fresh eyes.

It was at first surprising to see the resistance, if not outright opposition to new approaches by orthodox science. The FDA’s initial disinterest, and subsequent smear campaign against MMS is by far not isolated. A history of such activity has evolved right under our noses, at an incalculable price to humanity.

Given that water contamination is so pervasive and spreading, it is all the more ironic that chlorine dioxide could possibly be used to inactivate chromium 6. The answer lies in whether the chromium 6 has an oxidation potential of less than .95 volts. Or… it may be that a microorganism that consumes chromium 6, thereby converting it to a non-factor, might then be oxidized by chlorine dioxide electron transfer.

Also, after experimenting, witnessing, documenting, and experiencing the remarkable difference they bring, transformation technology that restores balance and coherence to chaotic water, looms large in its ability to not only help us solve the problems of present thinking, but to live long and prosper in harmony with each other, and our planet.

These new, unconventional, “out of the box” approaches merit earnest consideration because it is quite evident we’ve been in the box for too long.

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14 Thoughts to “Delivering Ourselves from Orthodox Thinking”

  1. Howdy! I’m at work browsing your blog from my new iphone 3gs!
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    all your posts! Carry on the outstanding work!

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  3. I’m impressed, I have to say. Really hardly ever do I encounter a blog that’s both educative and entertaining, and let me tell you, you will have hit the nail on the head. Your thought is excellent; the difficulty is one thing that not enough persons are talking intelligently about. I am very happy that I stumbled across this in my seek for one thing referring to this.

  4. Adam2
    As you know I’m only a user and I know that MMS works with me.
    But can you tell me if MMS can indead help this people on the Gulf and how?

  5. Canadian Farmgirl

    I was just about to let you know about the examiner articles, Adam, but I see that Bruce has already contacted you about it. Ralph sent a reply directly to the author, as have some other MMS believers, but it would be great for you to address this…


  6. Bruce

    Hi Adam, I hope this isn’t TOO off-topic, but my partner accidentally stumbled across this article today – – and you might want to check it out. I wrote a reply and sent it to the author, Deborah Dupree, which follows:

    I hope that this will get to Deborah Dupree, as it’s regarding her recent article “Crude oil, Corexit and now, Snake Oil to fix it” on If Deborah is reading this, I apologize for speaking of her in the third person.

    In my opinion, this article is full of false information, half-truths, and aspersions based on an incomplete understanding of the science around so-called MMS/sodium chlorite solution.

    In the first place, sodium chlorite (NaClO2) is not “Pool Shock,” and has never been used for that purpose to my knowledge. The pool shock that is starting to be propagandized against, by people who seem to be associated with the Big Pharma/FDA quasi-official campaign against the use of sodium chlorite (I would argue because of its effectiveness against a wide range of challenges to human wellness), is calcium hypochlorite [Ca(ClO)2]. Calcium Hypochlorite becomes hypochlorous acid when put in solution in water, and is taken up and used by white blood cells in dissolving the foreign particles they absorb. Thus, Ca(ClO)2, though putatively a “pool shock,” aids the immune system in its effectiveness when taken internally in small amounts. However, I digress.

    If Deborah Dupree intends to use her no-doubt extensive scientific background for the good of humanity, instead of adding to the fear and suffering experienced in places like the Gulf region, she will need to do some research on the chemistries she’s writing about. In particular, take a deep look at the remarkable and unique characteristics of Chlorine Dioxide.

    The statement quoted from nurse Patricia Springstead, “The historical fact of MMS is, that when, activated, it becomes what is equal to pool shock, to shock bacteria, fungus and other pathogens from swimming water,” is entirely specious, as one might expect someone with a Masters of Science to recognize. In actuality, as Dupree might have informed us accurately, sodium chlorite, when activated with a weak food acid, releases Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2), used not as “what is equal to pool shock,” but as a water purifier in municipal water-treatment facilities across America, and as a disinfectant approved for spraying without needing to be rinsed off, on vegetables and meat before sale.

    What is the point of including quotes from Springstead like “Would you want to ingest pool water that you swim in on a daily basis?” in this article? Does the distaste invoked have anything to do with the effectiveness or danger of a particular chemical?

    Anecdotal and questionable assertions are made throughout this article. While Dupree quotes health consultant Jonathan Campbell regarding MMS’s “destruction” of amino acid and “sulfurous” (sic) bonds, she might, with a short investigation on Google, have found a study published by the EPA in 1982 when chlorine dioxide was first considered for use in municipal water purification, entitled “Controlled Clinical Evaluations of Chlorine Dioxide, Chlorite and Chlorate in Man” – ( – which found 12 weeks of exposure to the 50 subjects who actually received chlorine dioxide or its metabolites “failed to reveal any clinically important impact upon the medical well-being of any subject as a result of disinfectant ingestion.”

    Interestingly, also in 1982, the first of three patents was issued for the use of sodium chlorite internally in humans for blood purification. One would suspect that, to attain such a patent, the authors would have had to demonstrate the harmlessness of the substance.

    And it is reliably (I think) estimated that by now in excess of 250 thousand people, mostly in Africa, have been freed from the suffering of Malaria through the use of MMS. Jim Humble’s book “Breakthrough, The Miracle Mineral Supplement of the 21st Century” has sold an equivalent number of hard-copies or copies of the electronic version of Part II, meaning that many tens of thousands of people have probably used MMS to one extent or another based on what they read. And yet, after years of use of the product by thousands of people, even considering that many people haven’t clearly understood its proper use, there is at this point only ONE (highly contested) claim of a fatality from its use.

    Compare this to the sordid record of commercial pharmaceuticals (conservatively estimated at over 200,000 a year) in America alone, without a hue and cry for “responsibility to protect vulnerable people…from…those pushing them.” This fear-mongering may shortly result in the “recall” of sodium chlorite due to its “danger” by an FDA newly re-empowered by the recently passed “Food Safety Modernization Act.”

    Crucially, Dupree makes a major mistake in quoting health consultant Campbell’s statement that “CLO2 cannot differentiate healthy tissue from diseased tissue.” Of course, the molecule cannot make such a distinction itself, but one of the vital unique properties of chlorine dioxide is that it has a low Oxygen Reduction Potential of 950 millivolts, lower than any other oxidizing agent used in the body (the ORP of ozone is 2,070 mv). Because of this, ClO2 will only draw electrons from the field of weakly bonded molecules, and will consequently NOT hurt healthy tissues. It will only act against pathogens – anaerobic bacteria, viruses, parasites, and fungi, and also against toxins and heavy-metal compounds lodged in tissues, which tend to surrender electrons easily.

    MMS is not necessarily easy to use. For chronic conditions (unlike Malaria, which is eliminated in about 4 hours) it requires an understanding of its chemistry, and of how to support the health of the body while using it (for instance, it’s important to stay hydrated and to use anti-oxidants appropriately). However, when understood, it is, because of its unique properties, a safe and effective answer to many health issues that have, until now, been intractable or dangerous to deal with.

    In the case of the massively tragic Gulf oil disaster, we have a situation where perhaps millions of people have been exposed to toxins that have now been stored as compounds in their tissues, where they can continue to cause health crises indefinitely. When chlorine dioxide first starts to act in a body that is very toxic, it quickly breaks up a lot of material that then must be flushed from the body before what’s dumped into the bloodstream can cause a detoxification reaction known as a Herxheimer reaction. If too much is released into the bloodstream too fast, this reaction takes the form of occasionally severe headache, nausea, sweating, or diarrhea as the body struggles to clear itself out. Simply backing off on the intake of MMS can bring the reactions down to where it isn’t unbearable. Remember, the goal with people who have ingested dangerous loads of toxins is to clean them out. While a detox reaction can be unpleasant, it can be mitigated by careful monitoring of dosages.

    Dupree quotes Dr. Rodney Soto, a doctor working in the Gulf as saying “No toxins are a ‘safe level’ of toxins.” While, if we’re talking about persistent chemicals that are entirely foreign to our biology, this is essentially true, it’s patently false when talking about substances that are bio-compatible. For instance, an excessive amount of table salt or water can be fatal, but no one is going to label them as toxins. When it comes to the dosages involved with MMS, we’re talking about fractions of a milligram per pound of body weight! For instance, a “6-drop” dose of activated MMS will provide at most 0.225 to 0.45 mg (depending on drop size) per pound of body weight in a 120 pound person. Tests for toxicity in rats on which many of the extreme claims about the toxicity of chlorine dioxide are based, involved amounts above 10 mg per pound up to 100 mg per pound, and in some cases the ClO2 was put in the water the rats drank throughout their lives. And even then, the developmental problems suffered by rat pups were not life-threatening.

    To cite just one more obvious comparison, chemo-therapy drugs for treating cancer are severely toxic, yet supposedly responsible doctors prescribe them to immune-compromised people every day.

    Reliable witnesses inside the FDA have stated that the agency has been studying the therapeutic uses of sodium chlorite since at least 2003. After all that time, and in the face of a distinct threat to the profits of their masters, the Pharmaceutical Industry, the worst that FDA can come up with to attack this valuable bio-purifier with is that it causes understandable reactions as it causes the body to release toxins, and that it can contribute to preventable dehydration. Considering this, how can we understand the vehemence of the developing campaigns against MMS? Do you, Deborah, want to contribute to a pogrom against a simple chemical that potentially promises a massive improvement in human health, conceivably in the very near future?

    Sincerely, Bruce Tanner –

    1. Hi Bruce,

      Of course, this is not off topic. Thank you for writing. If you don’t mind I’d like to publish your reply in a post of its own, with some annotations by me. I have recorded my own response on camera.

      1. Of course, I will feel honored to have this published more prominently, and will be interested to see your take on this continued smear campaign. BTW, Deborah Dupree has another article (she has her own link box on the front page of called “MMS Alert: Con men convince Gulf residents to drink chlorine,” ( in which she not only tries to rekindle blame against MMS in the death of Sylvia Fink, but suggests that Vanuatu, where she died, is defenseless against the scourge of MMS as there are no laws to protect the island against it. In the article, Dupree links to an article from attacking Jim Humble’s appearance at the Nexus Conference, suggesting SOTT as the source of Dupree’s use of the term “Snake Oil.” She also quotes the SOTT article as characterizing chlorine dioxide as “household bleach,” hard to fathom from a trained scientist.

    2. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t MMS 2 calcium hypochlorite? So while you are correct in saying that original MMS (sodium chlorite) is not the same thing as pool shock, in fact MMS 2 is exactly the same thing as pool shock.

      1. Pool Shock is a trade name, and a term that describes a specific purpose. In the amounts that are used for MMS2, no “shock” occurs. A very very small amount of calcium hypochlorite taken in the body augments the body’s ability to produce hypochlorous acid, which is normally and naturally produced by the body’s immune system.

        You could say that the fluids that course through the body are a “pool,” or more so an ocean, as it is teaming with life. But the effect of the intake does not “shock” the system, but based on observed results, actually helps it function better.

      2. Adam, if you had read my comment, you would have seen that I mention calcium hypochlorite specifically and state that it’s used as A “pool shock.” I also stated why it has uses other than that as a support for the immune system – i.e. it is ALREADY part of the body’s natural defenses.

  7. Let me take this opportunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happy new year.
    It was a pleasure being part of this channel to share my experiences. Thanks to Adam1 for this platform.
    May 2011 bring love, light and health to all of you & all mankind… 🙂

  8. Bad things happen when good people do notheing!
    It is easier to shut our eyes and trust in the dovernment to solve problem, because then we can blame them when somethings goes wrong.
    As long as trouble is in front of other peoples door, we feel sorry for them and give donations to help those unfortunate ones, but thats about it. We will only get of our ass and really do something, when trouble hits ome!
    So we must stop asking WHY ME, when that happends!
    “We are the ones we are waiting for!”
    No Messiah will save us!We have to save ourself!
    Only when government and chruches stop ruling us with their money, will things come right!
    But dovernments and churches have not taken GOD into their account when they make their plans, hence they are bound to fail…halleluja
    More and more people are sick and tired and are waking up to reality! More and more people are doing something about it!
    Thanks God for that. 😉

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