On Deaths, Delusions, and Going Nowhere for ‘The Cure’


I have received news of a number of transitions recently, passings by individuals from this world.

One was the passing of Marie Litster, who illustrated my book, I Am My Body, NOT! An effervescent, warm-hearted woman with that Canadian can do spirit, her illustrations gave my book the joyful warmth that made the words magical, practical, and timeless all at the same time. I last saw Marie on a trip to Vancouver in March, 2008. I only learned this past week that she passed away suddenly… in November, 2008. When her Facebook profile hadn’t been updated since late October 2008, I might have known, but it’s easy to rationalize a more palatable truth until the real truth is known. I trust she is in a better place now.


Marie Litster (1953-2008)
Marie Litster (1953-2008)


In Miami, another childhood friend of mine is sadly picking up the pieces after his wife’s death, the result of a protracted illness. A textbook patient — medical treatment billings measured in several hundreds of thousands of dollars — she finally raised the white flag in a 5+ year “battle” against an assortment of chronic and degenerative ailments, for which doctors prescribed, among other medications, chemotherapy, even against her own better judgment and wishes.

They are among the millions who have bought the story that science and technology are making the very best strides toward the eradication of diseases. They paid into the health care system, put their personal inquiry aside, and deferred to the “experts.” After doing things by the book, they have little more than mountains of debt, grief, loss, and bitterness to show for it. I feel for these families.

And then there’s the MMS story.

The phenomenal results that thousands of people have reported after evaluating and then taking Jim Humble’s “master mineral solution,” or “MMS,” coupled with the coordinated effort by public health agencies (such as the FDA) to dissuade the public from using it through fear, intimidation, and disinformation, points ever more toward “the cure” that they don’t want you to see.

Namely, I’m talking about you.

While this suggestion would be easy to dismiss, given the amount and variety of disease that humanity is experiencing in these times, I submit that current conventions of social thinking and behaving perpetuates the myth that something or someone outside of you and I, are going to fix our problems without us (or the medical practitioners) doing anything differently. And if we, or our heroes, are unable to solve them, then we have the ultimate, plausible escape route in this thing called, death.

It’s the greatest con there is. Not a conspiracy, but a con job, one that we have bought into, mind, body, and soul. The truth is that the powerless are the powerful. The first way to keep you thinking that you can’t solve your own problems, including your health, wealth, and any other challenge of life, is to keep you thinking that you need to put your faith and trust in someone or something else, most of which will simply keep your own inner light dim, which keeps the Curing Force within you inactive, and you unaware.

Most appeals to God come in the form of vacuous pleas and bargainings, from those convinced they have done something wrong, unable to understand, much less do anything right to change the situation. If we are God’s creations, why would we be dealt a short hand? The answer is, we weren’t. We have all the tools that we need for our problems’ undoing, the first step of which is the intelligence to see what is not working in our life and why, and then the courage to go in a different, though unfamiliar direction relying on an Inner Faith that is available to all.

There are other factors, to be sure, such as belief systems that we perpetuate, intractable and unrealistic promises that we make that our hearts can’t keep, airs that we build around ourselves that lead to disconnects between intention, word and deed. Nothing outside of one’s self is going to cure a person who has not yet found a place of comfort, peace, and freedom within his own being. This is what we should not only be looking for when we look in the mirror, it’s what we must eventually choose, if the cure for what ails us, is to be found.

MMS can facilitate a cure, but you are the Curing Force. The beauty of MMS is in its ability to inactivate many of the materials that promise relief but actually postpone healing, because their direct a chemical focus on an area where pain and dysfunction appears while ignoring where it is — in one’s mind, emotions, and beliefs. This is an immeasurable area that is beyond FDA jurisdiction, in which it holds no immanent domain. While the power of the human spirit is inviolate, you can give it away without knowing. We are doing it daily, and paying a dear price for our habituated lethargy.

Present conventions of public education, mainstream science, and even predominant religious teachings have come together in a chorus, singing a single song of separation from you and your Power, you and God, you and Freedom, you and your responsibility, and consequently, your opportunity to transform your life while you transform the world… if you dare.

You can transform the world. While you wouldn’t do it alone, you could. There will always be others who share your view and want to play in the new world with you. However, if you don’t believe you can heal yourself, and you are taking medical advice that also supports that falsehood, you’re not likely to give serious thought to changing the future by simply visualizing a new, joyful Way, with a knowing that it will be. In order for things to stay as they are, it is imperative that you not look at yourself as capable of any meaningful action on your own. That is the essence of the dissuasion strategy that we’ve observed.

The “opposition” is not really focused on MMS. They are against anything that could possibly restore to you the time, energy, and opportunity to recognize, re-acquaint yourself with, and reconnect to your True Self.

In his book, Vibrational Medicine, Richard Gerber, MD, quotes William A. Tiller, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus of Stanford University’s Department of Materials Science:

Man appears as a being whose primary level of existence is at the non-space, non-time levels of the Universe, and who has placed himself in a space-time vehicle of consciousness for the purpose growing in awareness of the True Self of generating coherence in the True Self. Our perception mechanisms at the space/time vehicle level lock us into a narrowly restricted view of reality and the Self. — William A. Tiller

Predominant science has yet to consider that a non-space/non-time aspect of the human being exists, much less factor in its potential influence. They’re not alone.

While children are led to believe in Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny in their early years, they get virtually no introduction into their own energetic nature, not in early, secondary, or in college studies. We are taught to believe that safety comes from the possession of the biggest gun and power, happiness and security go only to those with the most dollars. We don’t give it a second thought when we hear someone make being a millionaire their goal in life. Some even become erstwhile heroes, though they’ve done nothing significant to advance humanity.

Humanity will advance as each human being gains and demonstrates a better understanding, and mastery, of self. To do so means accessing and acknowledging the non-spatial Aspect that influences and forms the spatial one.

Any information that a church-connected school offers is likely to be shrouded, if not overshadowed, by denominational beliefs and doctrines.

Tacit agreement has therefore been made to not adopt, promote, or teach any  intelligent understanding of that department of reality that could be considered, faster-than-light and non-material, leaving myth, superstition, and fear in the vacuum. Tales of ghost stories, hauntings, pearly gates and fire and brimstone fuel our imaginations about the non-material and non-spatial world, to which we are encouraged to maintain an aversion… and hence, a fear of the transition between worlds, otherwise known as death.

Anything that may help open the public’s awareness to the fact that healing is possible, is a threat to a far larger cat being let out of the bag.

As such, the “debate” on MMS will, for a time, continue to be framed in the context of whether some impersonal, laboratory enslaved, linear thinking, scientific “peers” have reviewed and some advertiser supported, credential impressed, editorially biased publication has rubber stamped the information. Don’t think for yourself. Don’t choose that you will decide what’s right for you. Don’t stand by your own decision, even though they don’t even stand by the medical decisions they make on your behalf.

The best that any product can do, is facilitate your healing. This is its only true measure. You are the healer. Not by waving a magic wand or falling down on your knees in prayer, but by doing the truly difficult task of looking in the mirror, and letting go of your story. Forgiving yourself and everyone you feel has “hurt” you. Looking ahead to the life that you truly want to live, instead of the life that some else wants you to live. This means being you, whoever that is.

There are those who believe that some people are “evil” (to our good) and we have to watch out for, and fear them. If you stay ever alert on fear watch, you will not have time to look into the mirror, and find that aspect of you that knows there’s nothing to fear, not even that dreaded thing called “death.”

When you see yourself differently — with love and compassion, you will see the world and all therein with fresh eyes, and a marvelously opened heart.

If you can be persuaded to not consider a product’s facilitation potential — that’s all any product or treatment method can really offer — because it hasn’t been peer-reviewed, then you have already decided that you won’t allow your own healing to occur unless it looks a certain way, such as being under the direction of people (and their belief systems) who think their methods, knowledge, and power are more effective than yours. In other words, they believe that the Curing Force is in their products and technology, not in you. But this is your belief too.

In this respect, I am not an advocate of MMS, or anything outside of one’s self, as a “cure-all.”

Imagine millions of people seeing the light, realizing not only that the Curing Force is within them, but it has always been there, and always will be there. With the Curing Force, all things are possible. This can’t be said about technology, given the hundreds of billions that are raised annually for medical research. What has it gotten us? Longer life spans coupled with the earlier onset of chronic and degenerative diseases. Coupled that with the protection of government agencies such as the FDA, Health Canada, and FSA (UK), medical research that demonstrates a strong bias toward patentability over effectiveness, a myopic peer review process, and a compliant health insurance industry that only pays for “approved” methods even though they are ineffective, you have a pharmaceutical company’s dream come true.

And a medical and social nightmare.


The world also eulogized the passing of Elizabeth Edwards recently, wife of former Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards from breast cancer at age 61. Her passing represented another silent vote for the status quo.

What is the status quo? The idea that “medicine” is the best response, death is never a personal choice, and that “incurable disease” remain a plausible way to make a “no questions asked” exit from spatial life.

Elizabeth Edwards died, not of breast cancer, but of uncured dis-ease. I didn’t know her, but she had not found peace within herself, a reason to tap into, or avail herself of, the Curing Force.

The public story will be about the valiant battle she waged against the cancerous nemesis that still takes the lives of so many women. But who talks about the end of a person’s, not “will to live,” but desire to live a lie?

Mrs. Edwards underwent surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, a point that, on unconscious levels, represents what is considered the best approach to cancer treatment. It is, if you’re not yet aware of, or willing to use, the Curing Force.


Millions will read of, and identify with her battles, and never consider that other options were available.

We assume that the desire to live is unfailing and universal. It is not.

We think that no sane person would ever wish to die. This too, is a myth. If an individual is not in harmony with their life, in their relationships, and inner peace, they may not be dead, but their life will be out of balance, and in some form of dis-ease.

Given the tens of thousands of people who have taken MMS and have wonderful results to report, it would be tempting to think that it, and not the Curing Force, was responsible for the healing. As I see it, the Curing Force Within has guided people to MMS, that it might address the environmental and energetic factors that have contributed to the onset of their pathologies.

Possession of money, a doctor, or health insurance, or even MMS, is not required for an individual to heal. A desire to continue living, not just “surviving,” is required, as is the willingness to write a different plotline in one’s life story.

These are subtle factors that don’t make the major news stories, and leave many people prepared only to take the sorry road that most have traveled before them.

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20 Thoughts to “On Deaths, Delusions, and Going Nowhere for ‘The Cure’”

  1. Rhedda

    in some people’s world, there is no validation for personal experience: “you experienced such and such, it is not significant because the authorities can’t measure your experience”

    in some people’s world, “authorities” have wings and harps BECAUSE they earned them through hard work. They also have no egos, no arrogance and no hidden agendas. they are all together saintly.

    in some people’s world, the FDA is A-ok.

    in some people’s world, passing the test of the FDA means it’s ok to consume genetically modified foods
    even though the evidences have surfaced of such highly touted food products being extremely dangerous to enviornment and creatures

    on the other hand, in other people’s worlds, there is no time to wait on white coats to evaluate things. 10, 20 years out, still no evaluation? I need alternative choices today! and with reasonable caution and fear quenching knowledge, I will proceed to defy the “authorities”.

    in these same other people’s worlds, meticulous study is generally A-OK. Why not? knowledge is power and I say fine, great, bring out the microscopes and petrie dishes! but not if the ones doing the studying are bullying, threatening, feeling threatened. this puts the inevitable slant on findings. Also if you are a good scientist, you won’t mind if I do some independent investigation through cautious self-trial and census taking from testifying individuals? What’s that? you say proceed with caution? Ok Done

    how though do I speak back to you, Mr. or Ms/Mrs whitecoat
    what voice do I have to make sure you are truly working in my best interest???

  2. Maria

    Adam- I was asking the phaelosopher. Not you. If I wanted your advice I would’ve asked for it. If it sounded like I did then I’m sorry.

    1. Maria, I can see why you ask for Adam1’s private address to avoid such selfcentered I-know-everything-better-than-you-Adam and the likes of him. But that is expactly why they keep on writing here, to discourage us from writing here. Don’t give them the satisfaction and do them that favour… 😉

    2. All I’m saying is ask your doctor first. You need to ask yourself why the MMS-pushers feel so threatened by that suggestions.

      And then you need to ask your doctor about MMS. Your health is too important to rely on what some random bod on a website says.

      1. Gilgamesh

        Hi Adam.
        I dont agree with you, that the MMS pushers feel threatened by the suggestion to ask the doctor about MMS.
        And nobody here is pushing MMS, it is your delusion.
        I read about a doctor in a small health magazine. He prescribed some drug for a lady. And the lady felt, she should not accept the prescription. And the doctor got very upset with the lady, and told her, he only needed to prescribe that drug to 3 more patients, to get a free set of gulf clubs from that drug company.

      2. Sorry, Gilgamesh, I’m not clear exactly what your position is here. On the one hand you say that MMS pushers are not threatened by the idea of going to see a doctor, and then you say some rather anti-doctor things.

        Do you agree that it’s wise to seek advice from a doctor or not?

  3. Maria

    Is there anyway to contact you privately. I have some questions on how I should use MMS. While there is some information on the internet and some from friends they still have some sort of speculation about it…I feel like I’m not getting a 100% positive answer hence my asking you for contact info. I figured I could go to the source.
    Please help me.

    1. Maria, I’ll give you some advice on how to use MMS: pour it down the nearest drain. MMS is a scam. It will not help you with any health problems, and if you take it at too high a dose it will poison you.

      If you don’t believe me, just ask your doctor.

      1. We’re at square one Adam. MMS’ legitimacy is not at issue here, so you’re not helping anyone. If a person wants your advice, I’m sure they will seek you out.

        I’m not going to ask you not to call MMS a scam, since it seems you’re paid to do that. However, I will no longer allow such characterizations on this site by you. You’ve had ample opportunity to state your one-dimensional case.

        Yes, you’re that special.



      2. Anything taken in to high dosages is dangerous, so what is your point Adam2, other than forcing your OPINON onto somebody who did NOT ask YOUR opinion, but Adam1’s knowledge… 🙂

  4. Gilgamesh

    Hi Phaelosopher.
    I think you know about the IONA paramedia website, as I saw Food for Thought, there also.
    Iona Miller wrote the DEEP FIELD 2 article, and a lot of information in there about the healing state, and how it works. I met Dr Andrea Puharich and Thomas E. Bearden in the 1970s, and they also did a lot of research on healing,and on subtle energies. I think Tom is out of that now, he is researching other things.

    1. Gil,

      I learned about scalar waves a couple years from a 60+ page article published by Tom Bearden. It was written more so from the context of the militaristic uses of the technology, which didn’t impress me. However, I was excited by the potential benefits of employing scalar wave modalities in health and healing. Wanting to interview him, I actually called a phone number that I found online for Bearden, and he answered the phone. However, while he declined to speak on the record, we had a very lively chat for about 45 minutes. He too spoke of misinformation, primarily in the education of electrical engineers, that keep them seeing (and understanding) a subset of the knowledge they should be exploring.

      Not too long after that, I met, and have become friends with a woman who developed a system that does just that: Not familiar with Puharich’s work, but I’m sure it’ll be interesting to discover!



  5. Dear Adam
    Whilst I would not be able to put my thoughts into words like you do, I certainly understand and agree with everything you say and I’m not wrapped the wrong way by what you say!
    We are not bodys with a soul! Our body is the vihicle of our soul!
    There are no coincidences….
    God bless you. Keep it up… 🙂

    1. Thank you Simunye! The more I look into the situation with MMS, the more apparent it becomes that MMS is not the issue. It’s good for people to understand how MMS it works, and that it can help them, but there is a bigger prize to be realized, a greater Gift available to be received. I told a man yesterday that the problems aren’t simply under our noses, they’re behind them! Well inside every problem, is the solution.

      Best wishes,


      1. Problem are there to be solved, and we are never given anything to bear without the solution to overcome. When one door closes, another opends. So it is with medication: when conventional does not work, alternative is the solution, or vise versa… 🙂

  6. sarah

    What a wonderful discussion! In my work as a message therapist I see the truth of this frequently: a client comes to me with chronic issues, they’ve seen medical drs, they’ve been to the chiropractor, still their quality of life is impaired. They don’t give up. They are committed to finding a way to heal. Last week I worked with a man whose feet have been numb for 10 years. Some years back an MD told him it was nerve damage and it was permanent. Repeated chiropractic visits have made no difference. I spent 90 minutes manipulating his feet, talking with him, telling him that “his problem” was entirely healable. He came back today for another 90 minutes, and was so excited. Since his first treatment he’s had tingling and some shooting pain in his feet constantly. This is his nerves reawakening and healing, for the first time in 10 years! Today as we worked, he kept feeling energy beginning to move in different places. For him, this is miraculous. What I see as miraculous is that he persevered until he found a way to heal himself, and that his amazing body immediately responded to the new treatment.

    I do think that there are many, many conduits for healing. My work may be completely ineffective for some clients, and seemingly miraculous for others. MMS may be a “miracle cure” for many, and have little discernible effect for others. Chiropractic sometimes is the only thing that will release a migraine for me, while other days a little coffee does the trick. And somehow, someday, I’ll heal myself so that I don’t get them at all anymore. Will the key for me be herbs? Accupuncture? Yoga? I don’t know, and honestly, it doesn’t matter. The point here is that WE CAN HEAL! Isn’t life amazing and wonderful?!

    And the more we investigate ways to facilitate healing ourselves and others, the more healing becomes – not only possible but PROBABLE – for us all.

  7. Cathi Clarke

    So insightful and thought provoking. Having survived breast cancer almost 30 years has given me the heartbreaking focus of watching the many, like Elizabeth Edwards, waging “the valiant and brave battle” against cancer. And the masses that identify with that war without ever questioning the real enemy. The masses never coming to a logical conclusion, given 70 years of the same toxic cancer treatments that somehow only allow 3 percent of those treated to survive the treatment, that there might be other options.

    You state it well, the “con”…we have surely been conned. You are right, it is only through love and compassion of ourselves first, then others that we can no longer be conned. Thanks for your meaningful post.

  8. So you think that people who die are not having the desire to live?

    I think that in some casese this is true, I have met many people who want to die and some admit it and some don’t. But to suggest that because you died you did not want to live is equally in error in many cases. Although the soul and karma may choose to take someone off the planet it is not necessarily a reflection of what the personality and the spirit of the individual projected manefestion wishes… and yes, there are those too who are taken out buy the evil doers of the world… just look to Iraq for examples of that. None of those mothers and children wanted to die… and the undending greif and pain is the testimonial of a life unwillingly cut short… and the cycles of karmic wheel continute to roll

    There are many who die who truely want to live and if you do not see this you aught to spend more time with those who are dying… you lack practical hands on, face to face experience and you are projecting theories into the air based on a belief system that I think is not correct.

    We are complex multidimensional beings and most of us have not come into our full power or potential and likely most of us will not in this lifetime.
    I do hope that you or a loved one of yours does not have to deal with chronic disease and be faced with the belief that they really want to die and are not willing to do what it takes to shapeshift their reality into healing because they are not getting well… it is a terrible burden to put upon someone and it is based in incorrect thinking.

    If you think healing is so readily available please educate us on how to heal all dieases… and in your thinking it is just a mindset away so please you should be able to teach us quickly then.

    And I firmly disagree that MMS cures disease… although I have been a long time MMS promoter and user.. MMS is just another mask. It kills microbes and may boost the immune system.. but it does not address what causes the imbalance in the first place… it is just another drug, even though it works better than many on the market for some conditions. Why would a curing force bother to “call in” MMS… A true curing force needs not MMS or any other thing to cure… it is merely the purchase of time credits to get on with figuing out how the curing force works and how to access it, how to take ones power in this life…it is our intuition and gut knowledge that guides us to survivial, buys us time and hence more experience to lean and grow.

    1. Gilgamesh

      Hi Arrow Durfee
      In my opinion the Healing Force in people is the brain.
      The brain controls everything in the body, trough the spine, and the nerves system. And if the brain dont have the proper connecting to the body , there will be not much healing. The brain runs everything.
      And that is why God invented Chiropractic.
      Chiropractic can open the channels, so the Healing Force of the brain can do the healing, and proper functions in the body.
      In my opinion before anyone take any medication, should see a chiropractic, even if they think dont need to. It should be chiro first, medication second, and surgery, if really needed.
      And if someone need medications, there are a lot of alternatives to drugs, like MMS and herbal potions, vitamins, trans dermal magnesium
      and maybe even Metatronic healing.

    2. Hi Arrow,

      I believe that when it comes to death, personal volition is rarely looked upon as a rational idea, making it almost impossible to have a rational conversation about it generally. This throws any effort to educate children about it under the bus as well since the subject is most often loaded with extraneous information that is more about religious faith, which can be transitory.

      I suggest that people who transition do so because they are either ready to (not always consciously), or on some level, have agreed to do it. I do not believe in “accidental” deaths.

      Whether conscious or unconscious, I do not see our exit from this world as an end to life, existence, or consciousness, any more than it is when we go to sleep. The only difference between death and going to sleep is that we do not reanimate the body upon awakening. In other words, we do not return to this plane of existence, or our vehicle of expression. When we are done with the body, it is broken down by microorganisms, just as microorganisms maintain and repair the body during our lifetime at this level.

      If we can agree that death is not “the end,” then it would be far easier to see it as a choice, even if those who are left behind don’t see it at the time. Instead, we tend to see ourselves as our physical body, and then define ourselves, frame our life choices, as well as our sense of existence, around its condition, looks, capabilities, limits, etc. The body is the tail-end of our Totality. Not even do our feelings originate there, as evidenced by the pain that continues to persist after a person has had a limb amputated.

      When we learn to see ourselves as Energetic or Spiritual beings, whose existence is not dependent on the existence of the physical form, a lot of the manipulation that we currently go through, could and would come to an end, as fear levels subside.

      I can appreciate how my thoughts on this subject may rub you and others the wrong way. It is not my point to irritate. It is to suggest another way of seeing our familiar world, and our place within it.

      We agree that we are complex, multidimensional beings that have a ways to go in realizing the blossoming into greater expression, but I have no opinion about the likelihood for realizing it in this lifetime. I’m certainly not doubtful. I believe it is possible, as many of the impediments to our health and well-being are man-made, the effects of which can be nullified and neutralized as we learn more and embark in new directions. Other impediments to full expression are attitudinal and behavioral, which also can change with new insight. Finally, some are simply habitual, the result of seeing and doing the same things that we saw others see and do before us.

      I have already gone through the dynamics that you describe with my own family. I respect that people are where they are. I love them for who they are, as they are. My step-dad transitioned a year ago, three years after sustaining a stroke, and then having his legs amputated last November (2009). He was willing to try new things (we drank some DMSO together during one of my visits home), and loathe to taking his Coumadin (and other drugs), but ultimately, I respected that he saw and lived life as HE saw and lived it. My mom listens to many of the things I say, given the many friends she has seen get used up and thrown away via horrible “deaths by modern living,” but she keeps her health insurance premiums paid and goes to the doctor when she needs to. I have no desire to make a person “wrong” for doing or seeing things differently than me. She knows I am, and will be there for her in whatever way serves her best.

      Healing IS available. Yes, I do believe it. I can teach a person the dynamics of healing. The healing will still have to be done by the individual, which includes me, for me.

      Diseases begin as dis-eases, conflicts and disharmonies that we experience within, and among ourselves. It can be in he form of dishonesties, untruths that we’ve rationalized and decided to live with, not to mention the physical/environmental factors. From one person to the next, the actual reasons will be unique.

      Most approaches to healing involve trying to address observed symptoms, which themselves are gross effects. Dis-eases are invisible. They are mental and emotional disturbances that get suppressed or distorted, then dismissed… until they show up again. These areas are beyond the scope of most healing approaches, which want to have one “fix” for everyone, when the true answer will differ from one person to the next. Yet, there IS an answer for everyone, and it is within that person.

      Perhaps you didn’t read what I said about MMS correctly, or I didn’t write it, as I said at the very best, it (MMS) can facilitate a cure. But it does NOT cure. I fully agree that it is a mask. I simply believe that we have severely lowered our own expectations of ourselves (based on what we’ve been told and learned), and are living it out. It’ll all change when WE change our expectations, hopes, and dreams.

      A Curing Force will guide an individual to, and call in anything that works within that individual’s framework of plausibility. You could use an eagle feather to heal, or even a pinky finger, but many people won’t believe those are plausible implements for healing.

      I am testing a vibrational MMS. It has the SAME energetic characteristics and qualities as regular MMS, without the visceral effects. Even Jim Humble was initially hesitant about introducing this variant. While it will help anyone, skepticism and doubt, due to unfamiliarity, can limit effectiveness. It doesn’t mean that it will in all cases, but no “external” application is going to succeed every time.

      We are learning more about the non-material, non-linear, energetic world, and discovering that we are, have always been, and will ever be part of it. Yes, a true Curing Force does not need MMS or anything else. But it does need one thing; the individual’s willingness to move beyond merely surviving, to living, even thriving once again.

      From one person to the next, this is quite an X factor.

      Best wishes,


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