Bits and Pieces and Alternative Theories


A Haitian woman drinks MMS in Port-au-Prince medical mission.
A Haitian woman drinks MMS during Port-au-Prince medical mission.

My most recent two radio programs have been on MMS. Last week’s show covered the new protocols, dubbed Protocol 1000 and  Protocol 2000, taken right from Jim Humble and the workshop video itself.

This week’s podcast is a monologue where I cover what I am calling “Alternative Theories” on MMS. A few of my interpretations differ from the current thinking about what is behind its effectiveness, which I have begun to outline here. They don’t contradict anything that has been explained. Instead, I believe they clarify. The hour wasn’t enough time to say it all, but it was a good start.

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Waking Up to Chlorination

Part of my alternative theory on MMS and chlorine dioxide has to do with the condition that chlorine dioxide leaves water in versus the effects of chlorination.

Elephant in the room.
"You always blow things out of proportion!"

While we have become complacently secure in the “safety” of chlorination and the wisdom of its use as a disinfectant (and oddly, the FDA is not concerned about it being, by their definition, a “bleach”), I believe it is one of the elephants in the room that medical and conventional science has refused to see. Whether it is by design or not is for others to speculate, but it is incumbent on the public to become aware that chlorine IS a danger, while the FDA warns, incorrectly, that when used as recommended, MMS may be one.

Chlorination traumatizes water, leaving it energetically impaired; a hydrological retard. Retarded water is not going to be effective at hydration or waste removal. The indiscriminate attack on everything that is “organic” for the sake of the look of purity, inhibits water’s ability to function optimally. However, it will effectively increase the trihalomethane (THM), which includes the chloroform loads that we carry. The constant exposure to these painless dosings come at a price, which can vary from person to person, thereby providing copious deniability.

A little about chloroform from the National Institutes of Health:

Chloroform may be absorbed into the body through ingestion, inhalation, and through the skin. The largest source of human exposure to THMs in the U.S. is from the consumption of chlorinated drinking water. Besides consuming water, other water uses in the home may contribute significantly to total chloroform exposure both from breathing in chloroform vaporized into the air and from it passing through the skin during bathing. One study observed that a greater percentage of chloroform passed through the skin when bathing water temperatures were increased.

How many people do you think these routines apply to?

Let’s look at some of the effects of chloroform exposure:

Short term:

In addition to central nervous system effects, chloroform anesthesia was associated with cardiac arrhythmias and abnormalities of the liver and kidneys. Inhalation exposure experiments with animals revealed that high levels are toxic to the liver and secondarily to the kidneys. Skin contact with undiluted chloroform may cause a burning sensation, redness, and blistering.


Chronic oral exposure of humans to chloroform at high doses results in adverse effects on the central nervous system, liver, kidneys and heart.

Carcinogenic effects:

In studies of human populations using chlorinated drinking water in which chloroform is the predominant THM, small increases in the incidence of rectal, colon and bladder cancer have been consistently observed, with evidence strongest for bladder cancer.

As if that weren’t enough, fertility and reproductive health is affected:

Reports in the scientific literature in which chloroform was administered to animals indicate that chloroform has the potential to cause birth defects, miscarriages, and delays in fetal development. Results have generally been inconclusive regarding exposure to THMs and adverse developmental or reproductive effects in humans. However, the results of a recent study suggest an increased risk of early-term miscarriage from high levels of THMs in tap water, particularly BDCM.

With all this evidence, plausible deniability still reigns, enough that the practice isn’t banned, even though a significant portion of the population is experiencing the very pathologies outlined above.

Of course, there is a lot of “junk” in water these days. The predominant water treatment methods are ineffective at the most fundamental level; i.e., the level of vibration and information.

Chlorination is the foundation of a long list of chemical pollutants that masquerade as treatment aids.

Another is fluoridation.

A friend sent me a link to a movie that is online, about how fluoridation became an accepted part of water treatment.

Along with the link to the film was the following quote:

The history of medicine and government in the United States is littered with corruption, crime, and fraud.

Make no mistake. All of us have been placed in position to believe lies that would ordinarily be rejected by those less educated that we. But for some reason, we go on believing these lies as if to do otherwise would place us in jeopardy of ridicule.

This link delivers unbelievable proof of what I have been saying for the last 5 years..FLUORIDATION IS DEADLY.

These chemicals are deadly only if we don’t take measures to nullify them. I believe that MMS (chlorine dioxide) is one such way.


I’m sure the story of how chlorine continues to be chosen over chlorine dioxide is just as compelling.

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109 Thoughts to “Bits and Pieces and Alternative Theories”

  1. Gilgamesh

    If you feel I m jumping too far ahead with my last post, or this idea is not very realistic at this time yet, you can just delete it.

    1. All good inventions tarted with a good idea first and were only materialized by somebody proving that it was not just an idea. What you can dream you can do, if you want to!
      Bad things happen when good people do nothing. So lets do something a and spread the good news… 🙂

  2. Gilgamesh

    It was on the news some years ago now , that HRT could cause cancer, and at first the drug companies said it was not really serious.
    But chemo therapy is about 10% successful, and now the drug companies say, this is the patients fault, because if the patient is stressed and worry before the procedure, chemo will not work as well. And if the patient exercise before the procedure, the chemo will not work.
    In my opinion there is something wrong with this scientific method, that Adam, and the skeptic society talk about all the time.
    And it is not just chemo therapy, but hundreds of other prescription drugs have very serious side effects, and every year over half a million people die just from prescription drugs.
    So why should anyone trust the scientific method?

    1. You right, and have you noticed how every time we mention this, there is absolute silence and this fact is simply overlooked or ignored. In fact I see this common trend here that all those who do not allow to be intimidated seem to be under a personal attack by some of those AAMF, and they spend a lot of time to make us feel incompetent, rather than sticking to the issue, which is that MMS has healed many people and is still doing so, NO MATTER WHAT…whether they like it or not! 🙂

    2. “So why should anyone trust the scientific method?”

      That question is so daft it’s barely worth answering.

      But just contemplate it next time you’re on an aeroplane.

      1. The scientific method falls short if it excludes the subjective aspect of all experiments. Typically the so called ‘scientific method’ only accepts data or input from objective reality. This is of course a HUGE flaw because it ignores, again, the subjective aspect of all experience. What is the subjective aspect? It’s you, and I and all conscious observers.

        Hope you can understand. If not please inquire.

      2. You really don’t know much about the scientific method, do you?

        Scientists probably would ignore subjective aspects if they are working on making an aeroplane fly. But if they were working on a new treatment for clinical depression, then subjective aspects would be their most important measurements.

        Science is about using the right methods for the question that’s being investigated. Perhaps you should study it sometime: you might learn something.

      3. Fascinating that you would talk about making an airplane fly. The role you’re taking in this conversation would be the one of calling the Wright brothers crazy for believing they could build a working airplane because it had never been done, that people had died trying, or that you wouldn’t believe it had happened, until it had been peer reviewed and published in a journal.

        Science is about using the right methods to get the RESULTS that are desired. YOUR form of science has NOT produced acceptable RESULTS, and we are having this conversation because a significant number of PEOPLE have experienced the kind of RESULTS they are actually seeking through the use of MMS, which you are loathe to acknowledge, much less respect. Your admonitions about studying the scientific method are laughable given the vacuous position you’ve taken here.

      4. Well said Adam (1). One can only find the truth if one is looking for the truth.
        Our ‘experts’ here are only looking for prove AGAINST MMS, hence the won’t find the prove FOR it!
        But all they an come up with is COPY and PASTE other peoples opinion. They can not supply THEIR OWN PROVE, since they have neither tried nor tested it them self. 😉

    3. Gil,

      The problem is not the scientific method, per se, it’s the scientific motive. When credibility for a new product is only given to that which lines one’s pockets, and actual health and healing properties are secondary, then motive is wrong. There is no way that a true scientist would or should dismiss a new modality on the basis that it hadn’t been peer reviewed. If someone is new to an idea, they should first take an intelligent look at the idea itself, judging for one’s self its plausibility. This process can be performed by anyone, irrespective of whether a group of scientific “peers” have looked at it or not. Then the scientific method can be used to confirm, repeat, and even refine what has already been learned. It doesn’t define its efficacy whatsoever.

      And when we see so many expensive prescription products that have been peer reviewed (tested out on others, but not on the peers themselves), and are not effective at facilitating a restoration of health, but have APPROVAL by the authorities and are sanctioned by the agencies, then the skewed motive is quite clear.

      1. Adam (2),

        I’ve actually always been quite natural in the sciences. And I actually don’t see why you’re arguing with me on this one. Perhaps you could re-read my statement.

        If by chance you don’t agree that we both appreciate good science, then just keep it to yourself. You’re really draining of energy, you know.

      2. Gilgamesh

        Hi Phaelosopher.
        I agree with everything you wrote.
        But a doctor, to become a doctor, have to spend or invest a lot of money for their education and years of training.specializing.As a doctor, they have to make this money back, and make a million a year. I have no problem with that.
        Jim Humble cures patients free. And I have no problem with that. However To keep the free program going, and educate the doctors and the public, and open hundreds, and thousands of free clinics and churches,will cost money.
        In my opinion MMS not only cures diseases , but it is for good health, strength, endurance, and longevity. And WHAT IF the church, or Jim, or even someone else buy some
        cheep land in Arizona, and buy five old Arizona horses, and put some activated MMS in their drinking water for 5 or 6 months. I think with the right protocol these horses could become so healthy, and strong, that you could put them in any horse races, and no other horse in the World would out race them.So Jim could make a lot of money for the church,
        and the people will have free treatments and free clinics.
        And MMS will get World Attentions,and the MMS sales will go trough the roof.The horses could be called MMS horses;
        MMS Humble, MMS Phaelosopher, MMS Gilgamesh,and etc.
        Maybe a line of MMS horses, and Jim could collect royalties also, if other people want to race their own MMS horses.
        I dont know if this could be done, Im not a horse person,
        But as I said; WHAT IF?
        They are using DMSO on injured horses, and maybe somebody out there also developing MMS horses already.

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