Bits and Pieces and Alternative Theories


A Haitian woman drinks MMS in Port-au-Prince medical mission.
A Haitian woman drinks MMS during Port-au-Prince medical mission.

My most recent two radio programs have been on MMS. Last week’s show covered the new protocols, dubbed Protocol 1000 and  Protocol 2000, taken right from Jim Humble and the workshop video itself.

This week’s podcast is a monologue where I cover what I am calling “Alternative Theories” on MMS. A few of my interpretations differ from the current thinking about what is behind its effectiveness, which I have begun to outline here. They don’t contradict anything that has been explained. Instead, I believe they clarify. The hour wasn’t enough time to say it all, but it was a good start.

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Waking Up to Chlorination

Part of my alternative theory on MMS and chlorine dioxide has to do with the condition that chlorine dioxide leaves water in versus the effects of chlorination.

Elephant in the room.
"You always blow things out of proportion!"

While we have become complacently secure in the “safety” of chlorination and the wisdom of its use as a disinfectant (and oddly, the FDA is not concerned about it being, by their definition, a “bleach”), I believe it is one of the elephants in the room that medical and conventional science has refused to see. Whether it is by design or not is for others to speculate, but it is incumbent on the public to become aware that chlorine IS a danger, while the FDA warns, incorrectly, that when used as recommended, MMS may be one.

Chlorination traumatizes water, leaving it energetically impaired; a hydrological retard. Retarded water is not going to be effective at hydration or waste removal. The indiscriminate attack on everything that is “organic” for the sake of the look of purity, inhibits water’s ability to function optimally. However, it will effectively increase the trihalomethane (THM), which includes the chloroform loads that we carry. The constant exposure to these painless dosings come at a price, which can vary from person to person, thereby providing copious deniability.

A little about chloroform from the National Institutes of Health:

Chloroform may be absorbed into the body through ingestion, inhalation, and through the skin. The largest source of human exposure to THMs in the U.S. is from the consumption of chlorinated drinking water. Besides consuming water, other water uses in the home may contribute significantly to total chloroform exposure both from breathing in chloroform vaporized into the air and from it passing through the skin during bathing. One study observed that a greater percentage of chloroform passed through the skin when bathing water temperatures were increased.

How many people do you think these routines apply to?

Let’s look at some of the effects of chloroform exposure:

Short term:

In addition to central nervous system effects, chloroform anesthesia was associated with cardiac arrhythmias and abnormalities of the liver and kidneys. Inhalation exposure experiments with animals revealed that high levels are toxic to the liver and secondarily to the kidneys. Skin contact with undiluted chloroform may cause a burning sensation, redness, and blistering.


Chronic oral exposure of humans to chloroform at high doses results in adverse effects on the central nervous system, liver, kidneys and heart.

Carcinogenic effects:

In studies of human populations using chlorinated drinking water in which chloroform is the predominant THM, small increases in the incidence of rectal, colon and bladder cancer have been consistently observed, with evidence strongest for bladder cancer.

As if that weren’t enough, fertility and reproductive health is affected:

Reports in the scientific literature in which chloroform was administered to animals indicate that chloroform has the potential to cause birth defects, miscarriages, and delays in fetal development. Results have generally been inconclusive regarding exposure to THMs and adverse developmental or reproductive effects in humans. However, the results of a recent study suggest an increased risk of early-term miscarriage from high levels of THMs in tap water, particularly BDCM.

With all this evidence, plausible deniability still reigns, enough that the practice isn’t banned, even though a significant portion of the population is experiencing the very pathologies outlined above.

Of course, there is a lot of “junk” in water these days. The predominant water treatment methods are ineffective at the most fundamental level; i.e., the level of vibration and information.

Chlorination is the foundation of a long list of chemical pollutants that masquerade as treatment aids.

Another is fluoridation.

A friend sent me a link to a movie that is online, about how fluoridation became an accepted part of water treatment.

Along with the link to the film was the following quote:

The history of medicine and government in the United States is littered with corruption, crime, and fraud.

Make no mistake. All of us have been placed in position to believe lies that would ordinarily be rejected by those less educated that we. But for some reason, we go on believing these lies as if to do otherwise would place us in jeopardy of ridicule.

This link delivers unbelievable proof of what I have been saying for the last 5 years..FLUORIDATION IS DEADLY.

These chemicals are deadly only if we don’t take measures to nullify them. I believe that MMS (chlorine dioxide) is one such way.


I’m sure the story of how chlorine continues to be chosen over chlorine dioxide is just as compelling.

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109 Thoughts to “Bits and Pieces and Alternative Theories”

  1. Gilgamesh

    If you feel I m jumping too far ahead with my last post, or this idea is not very realistic at this time yet, you can just delete it.

    1. All good inventions tarted with a good idea first and were only materialized by somebody proving that it was not just an idea. What you can dream you can do, if you want to!
      Bad things happen when good people do nothing. So lets do something a and spread the good news… 🙂

  2. Gilgamesh

    It was on the news some years ago now , that HRT could cause cancer, and at first the drug companies said it was not really serious.
    But chemo therapy is about 10% successful, and now the drug companies say, this is the patients fault, because if the patient is stressed and worry before the procedure, chemo will not work as well. And if the patient exercise before the procedure, the chemo will not work.
    In my opinion there is something wrong with this scientific method, that Adam, and the skeptic society talk about all the time.
    And it is not just chemo therapy, but hundreds of other prescription drugs have very serious side effects, and every year over half a million people die just from prescription drugs.
    So why should anyone trust the scientific method?

    1. You right, and have you noticed how every time we mention this, there is absolute silence and this fact is simply overlooked or ignored. In fact I see this common trend here that all those who do not allow to be intimidated seem to be under a personal attack by some of those AAMF, and they spend a lot of time to make us feel incompetent, rather than sticking to the issue, which is that MMS has healed many people and is still doing so, NO MATTER WHAT…whether they like it or not! 🙂

    2. “So why should anyone trust the scientific method?”

      That question is so daft it’s barely worth answering.

      But just contemplate it next time you’re on an aeroplane.

      1. The scientific method falls short if it excludes the subjective aspect of all experiments. Typically the so called ‘scientific method’ only accepts data or input from objective reality. This is of course a HUGE flaw because it ignores, again, the subjective aspect of all experience. What is the subjective aspect? It’s you, and I and all conscious observers.

        Hope you can understand. If not please inquire.

      2. You really don’t know much about the scientific method, do you?

        Scientists probably would ignore subjective aspects if they are working on making an aeroplane fly. But if they were working on a new treatment for clinical depression, then subjective aspects would be their most important measurements.

        Science is about using the right methods for the question that’s being investigated. Perhaps you should study it sometime: you might learn something.

      3. Fascinating that you would talk about making an airplane fly. The role you’re taking in this conversation would be the one of calling the Wright brothers crazy for believing they could build a working airplane because it had never been done, that people had died trying, or that you wouldn’t believe it had happened, until it had been peer reviewed and published in a journal.

        Science is about using the right methods to get the RESULTS that are desired. YOUR form of science has NOT produced acceptable RESULTS, and we are having this conversation because a significant number of PEOPLE have experienced the kind of RESULTS they are actually seeking through the use of MMS, which you are loathe to acknowledge, much less respect. Your admonitions about studying the scientific method are laughable given the vacuous position you’ve taken here.

      4. Well said Adam (1). One can only find the truth if one is looking for the truth.
        Our ‘experts’ here are only looking for prove AGAINST MMS, hence the won’t find the prove FOR it!
        But all they an come up with is COPY and PASTE other peoples opinion. They can not supply THEIR OWN PROVE, since they have neither tried nor tested it them self. 😉

    3. Gil,

      The problem is not the scientific method, per se, it’s the scientific motive. When credibility for a new product is only given to that which lines one’s pockets, and actual health and healing properties are secondary, then motive is wrong. There is no way that a true scientist would or should dismiss a new modality on the basis that it hadn’t been peer reviewed. If someone is new to an idea, they should first take an intelligent look at the idea itself, judging for one’s self its plausibility. This process can be performed by anyone, irrespective of whether a group of scientific “peers” have looked at it or not. Then the scientific method can be used to confirm, repeat, and even refine what has already been learned. It doesn’t define its efficacy whatsoever.

      And when we see so many expensive prescription products that have been peer reviewed (tested out on others, but not on the peers themselves), and are not effective at facilitating a restoration of health, but have APPROVAL by the authorities and are sanctioned by the agencies, then the skewed motive is quite clear.

      1. Adam (2),

        I’ve actually always been quite natural in the sciences. And I actually don’t see why you’re arguing with me on this one. Perhaps you could re-read my statement.

        If by chance you don’t agree that we both appreciate good science, then just keep it to yourself. You’re really draining of energy, you know.

      2. Gilgamesh

        Hi Phaelosopher.
        I agree with everything you wrote.
        But a doctor, to become a doctor, have to spend or invest a lot of money for their education and years of training.specializing.As a doctor, they have to make this money back, and make a million a year. I have no problem with that.
        Jim Humble cures patients free. And I have no problem with that. However To keep the free program going, and educate the doctors and the public, and open hundreds, and thousands of free clinics and churches,will cost money.
        In my opinion MMS not only cures diseases , but it is for good health, strength, endurance, and longevity. And WHAT IF the church, or Jim, or even someone else buy some
        cheep land in Arizona, and buy five old Arizona horses, and put some activated MMS in their drinking water for 5 or 6 months. I think with the right protocol these horses could become so healthy, and strong, that you could put them in any horse races, and no other horse in the World would out race them.So Jim could make a lot of money for the church,
        and the people will have free treatments and free clinics.
        And MMS will get World Attentions,and the MMS sales will go trough the roof.The horses could be called MMS horses;
        MMS Humble, MMS Phaelosopher, MMS Gilgamesh,and etc.
        Maybe a line of MMS horses, and Jim could collect royalties also, if other people want to race their own MMS horses.
        I dont know if this could be done, Im not a horse person,
        But as I said; WHAT IF?
        They are using DMSO on injured horses, and maybe somebody out there also developing MMS horses already.

    1. I see that Rohsmann is described as a “praktischer Arzt”. Since I’m not so familiar with physician licensing in Germany, could you explain what that means? Is that the same thing as a properly licensed doctor? And how would one go about checking that his license to practice is up to date?

      1. yes, this is a fully licensed Doktor in Germay. This is what we call a GP/general Practioner.

      2. Funny, that’s not how a friend of mine who lives in Germany described it.

      3. Please everybody note;
        Duo to the fact that Adam (2)keeps on calling me deluded because I believe in my experiences and MMS, I have blocked him on facebook. Unfortunately I can not block him here!
        I have an allergy against bad manners, name-calling and abuse just because I do not agree with their opinion and hence I will ignore Adam and all other bullys in future here as well.
        Thanks for your understanding. 🙂

      4. I can only speculate, but it is evident to me that this is a job for Adam. Otherwise, he is an extreme example of what’s wrong with our education system too, as if impersonal clinical trials and peer reviews are to be believed to be more credible than direct knowledge born from exercising one’s own intelligence.

        No one is ALWAYS doubtful, discourteous and negative, disinterested in readily available information, and unwilling to examine accessible logic, except by ignorance, or obedience to someone else’s agenda.

      5. Sorry Adam (1), but I’m 60 years of age, but I have never come across such bad mannered younger people and teenagers as on all MMS sides.
        Rhys (15) called me a quack when I mentioned I’m a Reiki master, the father calls me an idiot for making my experience know and believing in it and this Adam calls me deluded, and after I ask him nicely to refrain from doing so, he does it again! It looks to me like their plan is to demotivate people to take part in forums, more than to find the truth about MMS! Hence I fully agree with you that they must have a hidden agenda…
        But I will not be quiet, I just ignore them! 🙂

      6. I agree.

        Thank you for speaking up!


      7. Monika, I didn’t call you deluded because you drink bleach (although perhaps I could have done). I called you deluded because you believe that there is a huge global conspiracy which is somehow suppressing huge amounts of positive data for MMS, despite those data existing.

        That, by anybody’s standard, is deluded.

        And Phaelosopher, if you truly think that clinical trials are somehow less trustworthy than a couple of people on the internet saying “in my opinion…”, then perhaps the label applies to you as well.

      8. Adam,

        You’re saying that a person’s own knowledge is invalid if it has not been peer reviewed and “confirmed” by some scientific agency. You dismiss people who have done the experiments, on themselves, against their own illnesses, and seen the illness go away, as not worthy of belief, when the scientific peers would only have observed and reported their opinions, not KNOWING anything more than they did beforehand.

        Your labels are meaningless here, especially since YOU don’t know what you’re talking about, and don’t respect people who do.

      9. By the way, I discovered that taking MMS in capsules for any head related problem is not a good idea, because the MMS does not come in contact with the affected areas in the mouth and the throat. But I also tested that Jim’s idea of adding 2 drops of activator AFTER adding the water does eliminate the bad taste very well.
        I always say: problems are there to be solved! 😉

      10. I love it how Adam always likes to put words in peoples mouth they did not say, but rather what he wants to hear… 🙂

      11. I fully agree with you Adam (1), it is those who never tried MMS who have no prove. But just so you know that we, who believe in our experiences and MMS are all typical cases of
        “Dunning-Kruger effect”….according to Doctor Morgan, so he told us repeatably on facebook. And he is also the one who thinks it is OK to prescribe drugs that have more, and more serious side-effects than MMS has, as long as it is FDA approved and peer reviewed… 😆 , 😆 , 😆

      12. Phaelosopher, yes I do indeed dismiss anecdotes from individual people as unreliable.

        If you don’t, I’d be interested in what you make of the stories on this web page:

        How reliable do you think those stories are?

      13. The reliability of UFO abduction cases is not relevant to this conversation. You give yourself all kinds of reasons to keep YOUR mind CLOSED to THIS subject.

        That’s your prerogative.

        Unlike the UFO example that you site, you have an opportunity to interact directly with people who have experienced it and KNOW what their experiences have been. All you can do with the UFO example is read and determine if it sounds feasible to you. No learning opportunities whatsoever. Relying only on the peer reviewed information gives you NO OTHER PERSPECTIVE than theirs. You don’t gain any insights of your own that helps increase understanding.

        That too, is your prerogative.

      14. “The reliability of UFO abduction cases is not relevant to this conversation.”

        On the contrary, it is highly relevant. It is an excellent example of why using individual anecdotes to arrive at a conclusion is highly unreliable.

        I think we can agree that the people who claimed to be abducted by aliens were either lying or genuinely mistaken. We can agree that, can’t we? Never really sure in a place like this.

        Anyway, how do we know they are not telling the truth? Because they are claiming something implausible, and there is no scientific verification of what they are saying.

        It’s exactly the same with MMS. Some people claim MMS has healed them. Some of them are no doubt deliberately lying about it, motivated by a desire to sell it to others, and I’m sure others genuinely believe MMS has helped them. However, they are still mistaken, probably because of the well-known cognitive bias of illusory correlation, coupled with the placebo effect.

        In the absence of scientific verification of those claims, we should give them no more credence than claims of alien abduction.

      15. Anyway, how do we know they are not telling the truth? Because they are claiming something implausible, and there is no scientific verification of what they are saying.

        How do I know that YOU are telling the truth? Assuming that you are here for clarity’s sake. Well we both know that it’s not your purpose. Your purpose is to dissuade and cast doubt. Nothing else, because that’s ALL you’ve attempted to do here.

        I didn’t need a clinical trial or peer reviews to get a read on YOU. You can discern the efficacy of MMS by interacting with people who know what they’re talking about. You dismiss those people because they are not “credentialed” in your opinion. You dismiss people who are credentialed as not having credentials that YOU accept as valid.

        A person who doesn’t use his or her own intelligence is only a puppet for someone else.

        That’s why your opinion counts for so little now Adam, as you’ve demonstrated that you’re not even in possession of your own mind.

        It belongs to someone or something else.

        It has been abducted.

      16. Well said Adam (1), but there is another difference between alien abduction that makes it a bad example to compare with MMS, namely that aliens can neither be seen, can not be touched, tasted or tested (not by the average person anywhere), but MMS is viable, touchable, can be seen and tasted and tested by anybody who wishes to.
        But again, nobody is forced to do so.
        But saying that somebody who used something we know does exist and reports to been using successfully, is deluded, is the same as implying that all people who are pro MMS are wrong, untrustworthy and liars, but all people who are against MMS are right, trustworthy and honest.
        Now that is a myth I think only people who are full of them self and have no clue what they are talking about, would believe… 🙂

      17. “How do I know that YOU are telling the truth? ”

        Because I cite references to reliable sources, and don’t rely on someone’s opinion.

      18. Perhaps you don’t see it Adam, but you are not relying on YOUR OWN opinion, and YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT HAS, OR HAS NOT BEEN PART OF THE GENESIS OF YOUR “RELIABLE SOURCES'” OPINIONS.

        You offer nothing of YOUR SELF here. Your PhD might as well be a branding iron on your mind, which says that someone else OWNS YOU.

        Fortunately, you can take it back, but it means you’d have to be weened off peer review opinions. It’s not that they’re bad, but they are not infallible, and you won’t KNOW anything that you’re not willing examine and process for yourself.

        And while you have been programmed to dismiss the opinions of lay people (the height of arrogance), their observations and understandings about the nature of health and healing were in effect long before the scientific method you now hold so dear.

      19. “You dismiss those people because they are not “credentialed” in your opinion.”

        No, you’re wrong there. I don’t care what their credentials are. They could be Nobel laureates in medicine for all I care, and I would still dismiss them. I dismiss those people because all they are offering is their own opinion.

        If someone can provide scientifically obtained data from a controlled clinical trial, then I would listen to them, even if they didn’t have any credentials.

        This is not about credentials. It’s about providing scientific evidence instead of opinion.

        Because if you are going to believe in unsubstantiated opinion, then you might as well believe that aliens are abducting people.

      20. You suggest that “scientific evidence” isn’t possible except in a laboratory, and is not knowable by people who haven’t been published in journals that YOU consider credible.

        True science is universal, and can be discerned by anyone with an open mind and willingness to study it. It will also be ignored by anyone, including scientists, with closed minds or biased perspectives.

        You can’t make a scientist willing to study chlorine dioxide, although many are, and many more will. However, they will do so because “non-scientists” demonstrated its efficacy enough to THEMSELVES that it could no longer be ignored.

      21. It’s nothing to do with laboratories, it’s about some extremely basic concepts of study design: things like having a control group, double-blinding, randomisation, and that sort of thing.

        To produce scientific evidence, you have to have some basic grasp of how science works.

        You may choose to reject the scientific method and make your decisions based on opinion rather than scientifically conducted experiments. I don’t.

      22. I don’t reject the scientific method. I simply acknowledge that truth is not defined by the method. At best, the method can be used to understand truth. At its worst, it can be used to distort it.

        If you have exercised no abilities to discern truth for yourself, then you are at the mercy of the limits of someone else’s inquiry, and the conclusions that they reach, which may differ from, and not be as extensive as your own.

        And if I don’t trust and respect my own opinion, I have nothing worthwhile to live my life around, except perhaps yours, and we know that’s not going to do anything helpful for me.

        Not to pick on you though, but ultimately, it gets down to the question of who lives the life? Do the peers and reviewers live my life? Or do I? I have to trust the person who is most affected by my decisions. That person is me.

        I also don’t begrudge you for being “the foil” in this forum Adam. There are people who clearly think as you do, and they do so without thinking about it.

        Now they can.

      23. I think Adam (2) is getting too much attention. Just ignore the pig who likes to wrestle in the mud. He’s a waste of time and energy.

      24. Phaelosopher:

        So, you think individual people’s opinions are more important than controlled clinical trials, and yet you don’t reject the scientific method.

        What an interesting world you live in. Clearly, the scientific method means something very different in the world you live in to what it means in the rest of the world.


        Ah yes, the classic debating tactic of those who have no logical arguments to support their case, the “la la la I’m not listening” argument. You should get on well with Simunye: that’s one of her favourite debating tactics too. She’s blocked me on Facebook. But if you want to believe drinking bleach is good for you, you go right ahead and ignore me. Just don’t say you weren’t warned when you’re in the emergency room with symptoms of poisoning.

      25. Yes, individual opinions are more important than scientific method. Opinions are formed from beliefs, as are scientific procedures. Scientific methods are formed from various beliefs about what is, and what is not possible. It amounts to a collection of opinions, and is subject to human biases and fears. Just like you, for your own reasons, are unwilling to rely on your own intelligence to deduce the possible efficacy of the MMS protocol, so it is with “scientists”. You assume that there are groups or individuals worth listening to, and those that are not. Truth has no such limitation, and is available to anyone and everyone who is open to it.

        The scientific method can be useful if the openness has been genuine. That is not the case with regard to the MMS naysayers. The science will confirm that it is beneficial when the “scientists” gain the collective courage to look at it when applied on the highly reduced scale that it is being used. In the mean time, people who want to know the truth will discern it for themselves. They are true scientists.



      26. I blocked ADAM 2 on facebook AGAIN, because he is abusive AGAIN and has no manners.
        He must not think that his FALSE statements and bitching about me will shut me up.
        On the contrary… 😉

      27. Here my update on MMS used with 2 drops of activators added after activation and water filled in. I do not find it as effective and it toke me longer this time to get rid of my asthma. I’m back to using it the conventional way and since then I’m getting much better. Still coughing now and then, but nothing serious…

    1. Yeah, well he may call himself “Dr” Brady Hurst, but he’s not licensed to practice medicine. He’s based in Atlanta, Georgia. This is what happens when you search for licensed physicians in Atlanta:;jsessionid=36e0a1c35211b1e107265ce411b5

      1. Adam,

        You’re a broken record, with not much to offer beyond your own doubts, which no one here is going to pry away from you, or even try to.

        This must be a paid job for you (being the voice of intellectual treason), because if this is the best you can do with a PhD, then heaven help YOU.



      2. Roland

        You say the word “doubt” as if it was a bad thing. What’s so evil about wanting to know?

        Surei it’s better to have questions than *pretend* to know the truth, right?

      3. Roland,

        There’s nothing “evil” about wanting to know. However, being “in doubt” is a state of NOT wanting to know. To learn something new, one must be open minded. Adam (2) and company would not “doubt” Rhys, simply because he’s already on record as supporting their point of view. However, at his age, he simply hasn’t had enough life experience to know anything on his own, and he certainly hasn’t learned the value of respecting others who speak from their own knowledge and experience. But then, the rest of the gang hasn’t learned that either.

        You don’t have to agree with anything point being made about MMS. Yet, if you haven’t experienced it yourself, it’s silly to try to denounce people who are authentic, to prop up others who are not. Whether “proof” of chlorine dioxide’s efficacy exists in the form generally considered acceptable, an intelligent conversation would acknowledge that it is possible to discern the similarities and differences of chlorine dioxide to other chemicals. No name calling is needed, nor qualification checking or dismissing. I’m the only person who has license to “check” qualifications here, by allowing free discourse, moderating it, or blocking it. I trust that grown people will act mature.

        It has been eye opening to see how far from intelligent and mature some have gone.

      4. Well said Adam (1)
        I personally have no problem with other peoples opinion, view and believes! But they must not try to force their will and opinions onto me.
        Even less do they have the right to call me names, because they don’t know me.
        Only people who lie them-self usually call others liars. So that already settles that argument!
        But what I absolutely can’t stand is when people getting the boxing-gloves out to make their point. They call people names and abuse people. Bad manners, especially amongst youngsters toward elders, make me see red! But than, what can we expect from youngsters if the parents set such ‘good’ example? 🙁

      5. Adam (2),

        Thanks for the diagnosis of “paranoid delusional’. TO be honest, it’s partially true. My trust of government and their agencies has been so extremely damaged that I would say there’s hardly any to speak of.

        This can lead a person to become overly skeptical. But, I think it’s a natural phase for someone who’s found some very disturbing truths.

        In this case, my paranoia is very justified. The FDA is tightly linked with INTERNATIONAL pharmaceutical corporations with CEO’s of these corporations becoming the head officials of the FDA.

        I think if anyone, it’s certainly you who remains delusional for refusing to acknowledge you’re arguing for the wrong side, independent of the true nature of MMS.

        Is it within you to acknowledge that the FDA is corrupt and therefore not currently working to protect consumers but the interests of international drug corporations?

        Adam, you’re either a hopelessly SCHOOLED individual who’s paradigm has been completely crystallized or, you’re just here to waste everyone’s time.

        You’re like a turd that just won’t flush.

        FLUSH! FLUSH!! 🙂

    2. I want to share my first experience with MMS.

      I found MMS while looking for a way to remedy or combat the effects of chemtrails. I subsequently found information on Jim Humble and after about half a day of weighing the information, I bought from an online seller.

      I received the MMS last week and recalled saying (somewhat sarcastically), “I wish I was sick so I could test this stuff out!”

      Well, I got sick that very next day with the common cold. Interesting.

      Anyway, so I tried to solution for the first time. I mixed the activator and the MMS but did so in a bottle containing a small amount of water. I thought this would make no difference – it did. The solution never turned dark yellow and gave off a distinct smell (chlorine dioxide) as I discovered later when I mixed in a totally clean and dry bowl.

      So the first day with the un-mixed solution I noticed that the mucus or byproducts of the cold were breaking up and coming out of the body more easily but I was still feeling sick. So, I was not totally disappointed but somewhat let down.

      Then, the next day I mixed the two ingredients correctly and the actual chlorine dioxide sought was produced.

      I took this with a small amount of water to dilute the taste and another dose (5 drops each ingredient) and the next morning (today) I felt and looked great again.

      It works.

      1. *EDIT*

        “I took this with a small amount of water to dilute the taste and another dose (5 drops each ingredient) TWO HOURS BEFORE GOING TO BED and the next morning (today) I felt and looked great again.”

        So, two doses at five drops each eliminated the symptoms of the common cold within 24 hours.


      2. Good for you Parker, and good health in the future. 🙂

  3. “Pretending you have already given the information, when you haven’t, is not convincing.”
    OK Adam, that just about does it!
    You are calling me a liar, when there are many people here who did not only see my links but also who posted links them self.
    You seem to have amnesia when it comes to anything posted that is pro MMS.
    I hence WILL NOT WASTE MY TIME with you any longer, because you have proven that you do not wish to hear any thing that is pro MMS and you either don’t read it or forget conveniently.

    I also still wait for the answer to my question if it is OK in your opinion to prescribe FDA drugs with as many side-effect, and much more dangerous, as my last antibiotics?
    Are you avoiding the issue that FDA approved drugs are often as or even more dangerous than MMS?

    1. I would love to hear this supposed pro-MMS stuff, but you simply haven’t provided it.

      You can bluster all you like, it will not change the fact that neither you nor anyone else has named a single licensed doctor in a developed country who uses MMS.

    2. I agree to disagree with you Adam, because it does not matter what I or anybody else says or no matter how much proof they bring, you will never accept any proof pro MMS, neither do we believe all the so-called proof you ‘copy and paste’ here, because WE USERS KNOW BETTER!
      End of story. 🙂
      Still avoiding my last question? Typical for you and the likes of you! ;P

      1. Germany is a developed country, for your info, and not as brainwashed as were you come from!

      2. Germany is indeed a developed country, and a splendid one at that, which I am always happy to visit.

        But are there any licensed doctors using MMS there? Still waiting for evidence.

      3. Gilgamesh

        The public knows MMS works, and it will replace hundreds of pricey prescription drugs. And it is happening already around the world.
        The cat is out of the bag.

      4. Roland

        “And it is happening already around the world.”

        Where, exactly?

      5. Maria

        “And it is happening already around the world.” Exactly at your country and it is all over the internet in every country now. It seems that you haven’t seen the power of the internet, do you come from a third world country? hahahahha, I do, I know about MMS and it’s benefits to humanity for the lack of cures coming from the so called agencies that protects us.
        I think you should stop terrorazing this blogs, I hope that phaelosopher would stop your controversial posting,s because this a peaceful place to blog about the pros and benefits on MMS.

      6. A friend of mine in South Africa had to order it from Germany, but after finding out how good it is she now found a friend who is into chemistry who produces it herself. Luckily Jim has told officially on the internet how it is does. Good for him! God bless him… 🙂

    3. Well her Dr Morgans expert answer to my above question:

      Paul Morgan
      Perfectly ethical to prescribe medications which have undergone proper testing through a process of clinical trials. All medicines have adverse effect profiles and that is …why patient information leaflets have to be provided. As I have expl…ained before, the question of safety and efficacy for a medication has to balance the risks against the benefits. Some drugs have proved too toxic for use and never get licensed or get withdrawn as a result of post-marketing surveillance. As part of the clinical trials procedure, data is gathered about all possible adverse effects which might be related to the medication in question. Many reported adverse effects are no more than coincidence and many are no more than an irritation. Some are more common than others. Some can be pretty serious and nasty. What you won’t gather from patient information leaflets are the frequency of the adverse effects, particularly when that adverse effect is rare and idiosyncratic.
      It’s all about the balance of risks – if an antibiotic has an 80% chance of curing an infection compared to a 1 in a million chance of a serious adverse effect, my money is on the antibiotic.
      As for MMS, I think ingestion of a bleach that results in nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, thyroid disorders, methaemoglobinaemia and neurotoxic effects with no evidence of efficacy, I’ll pass on the MMS and advise others to do likewise.

      I rest my case; such hypocracy!

  4. Adam
    “I challenge you to find one licensed doctor working in a developed country who prescribes MMS.”

    Many links to this regard have been posted already several times, especially from Germany, where MMS is not banned.
    So I suggest you start reading them and saving them, because I don’t like repeating myself over and over again.
    Why don’t you Google yourself for this info.
    Look and you shall find!

    1. I have repeatedly challenged you and others to name a licensed doctor using MMS. The best you have come up with so far is a guy who had to move to Mexico because of “legal issues” and now works in an institute run by a convicted fraudster.

      Pretending you have already given the information, when you haven’t, is not convincing.

  5. Wow Adam
    “If so, I said earlier “discuss this with your doctor”, but in your case, I think it might be more appropriate to say “discuss this with your psychiatrist”. You might want to google the phrase “paranoid delusions”.
    Correct me if I’m wrong, but did you not answer my question about your medical qualifications with ‘no medical” qualifical just Chemitry qualification? So how do you come to this medical observation that Parker must be paranoid delutional? I guess this applied, acording to your opion to everybody else who belives that there is something fishy going on with Pharma. This is of course a lot of people if I have a look at the internet….wow. Thanks God there are a few ‘sane’ people like you around!

    1. Monika, Parker seems to believe that there is a worldwide conspiracy going on, apparently run by the FDA, but with the collusion of governments in Britain, New Zealand, Canada, Kenya, The Netherlands, and the Czech republic.

      Does that not strike you as just a teeny-weeny bit delusional?

      1. Adam, Parker is not the only one thinking that! The hole internet is full of it. My personal experience now with anibiotics does also make me wonder how could they aprove something like that with so many side-effects? So I’m not surprised people questioning the integrety of the FDA!

      2. So, you also think there is a global conspiracy against MMS, do you? With the Dutch and the Kenyans and everyone else all doing what the FDA tells them to?

        Seriously, have a think for a moment about how likely that is, really.

      3. Adam
        “So, you also think there is a global conspiracy against MMS, do you? With the Dutch and the Kenyans and everyone else all doing what the FDA tells them to?”
        You may call this a conspiracy but some people may just call some things like not kosher, not making sense, fishy or suspicious.
        When medication, that officially states in its leaflet, that it could have serious side-effect or even be life-threatening, like in my antibiotic, and they are FDA approved , than I don’t call that a conspiracy, but the truth that needs to be investigated and people need to be protected from such FDA approved drugs.
        So why don’t you do that, instead of making a fool from your self here, arguing with MMS users who know IT WORKS and who are still alive to testify on it.

  6. I just received the DVD on MMS and listen to DR. J. Humiston. He sounds very creditable to me and he does it public, so he is diffidently not intimidated by either anybody including the FDA.
    He also seem to me very well mannered and gives a good impression on the hole. Some people here could do with some lesson on public relation. Know that nobody will get anybody to listen UNDER FORCE!
    The days of the internet bullies are numbered!
    Thanks Adam (1) for the video. It is well done and easy to understand by anybody. I like what the experts, Like the Dr. and the Professor (forgot his name) on there have to say as well as the experiences. Well balanced! I lobe it.

    1. Would that be the same Dr J Humiston who works at the William Hitt Center in Mexico?

      Here’s a little snippet of information about the William Hitt center:

      California attorney Jenelle C Prins, who has investigated Hitt, reports that “William Hitt does not have any undergraduate or medical degrees. In 1987 he was sued by the State of Texas, Case No 87 27882, for fraudulent practices. In sworn documents filed with the court, he admitted that he had no degrees of any type (except for one from what Hitt called ‘a paper mill’, known as Walden College).” Prins reports that the University of Colorado, where Hitt once claimed to have been awarded an MD in 1952, “has no record of him”.

      And what of that Nobel Prize? Hitt claims to have won the Nobel Peace Prize while a member of the International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War. This is false, she says.

      “The International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War corresponded with me and stated that Hitt had never been a member. Hitt has recently changed his story to say he was a member of the Mexican delegation to the International Physicians et al, but I checked this claim as well and it is also false.”

      Hitt claims to have won a “prestigious Eli Lily Award and several other awards. “I called Eli Lily and spoke with a woman there who researched Hitt’s claim,” says Prins. “First, Eli Lilly does not give out a prize. They do, however, provide grants, but no grant was ever awarded to Hitt.”

      “We learnt of his falsity when one of my clients returned from treatment for Hepatitis C in Mexico,” says Prins. “When she went to her regular doctor to check her viral load, her levels were higher than when she went to Mexico.” Prins says that in this and several other cases, “Hitt doctored test results”.


      Yeah, sounds very trustworthy.

      And if Dr Humiston is not intimidated by the FDA, how come he moved to Mexico? Well, according to one bio you can read of him, he had to move to Mexico because of “legal issues”. (Source:

      Do you really want to be taking medical advice from someone who moves to Mexico because of “legal issues” and ends up working at an institute run by a convicted fraudster?

      1. yesAdam, that same video.
        But what has Dr. Humiston to do with Dr. Hitt’s lies. Since when do we judge somebody by the actions of their familie or associates? Would you like to be judge you by your colleges action? I don’t care whether he is in mecico or were-ever. We all know that as long as there are people who go on witchhunts , those who are a thread to the pharma, will not be able to do what THEY feel is right. To may doctors seem to forget that their first priority is the welbeing of their patients, not if they can sell FDA aproved drugs when they KNOW something cheaper is available and works better.
        Besides I think I made it more than clear for anybody to undertstand, that I take MMS onrecommendation of friends, not because of what Jim Humble says or anybody else selling it. BUT, I’m just trying to proof that there are more than one doctor who use and prescribe MMS, and you can’t argue them ALL away with insignificant.
        Also, I have NO proof that either for example Paul is really a doctor, or that you really know chemistry, simply because I don’t know anything about either one. But what I do know is that MMS healed me last year, and that now I was on 7 days anti-biotic and my asthma is back, and that this antibiotic has many more side-effects and some of them as worse than vomiting or diarrhea, yet the FDA has approved them. Therefore I can neither trust the FDA or anybody who tries to take something away from me that DID help me, whilst seemingly not caring about the side-effects I had from the anti-biotics.
        NOW THAT SOUNDS VERY SUSPICIOUS TO ME, because it shows how much YOU REALLY CARE about if drugs are save. As long as they are FDA approved, you don’t care!
        I don’t blame the doctor, for she seems to also believe if the drug is FDA approved it must be OK. So I’m not sure who is here really delusional!

      2. “BUT, I’m just trying to proof that there are more than one doctor who use and prescribe MMS”

        And you have spectacularly failed to do so. All you have shown is that one doctor, who had to flee to Mexico from the US because of “legal issues”, and now works at an institute that is known to be connected with fraud, uses and prescribes MMS. Hardly a ringing endorsement.

        I challenge you to find one licensed doctor working in a developed country who prescribes MMS.

      3. That is your OPINION Adam, because you are OBVIOUSLY forgetting all previous posts about other doctors besides him who use MMS that have been posted here, and not only by me. But than: what is new! You only read and remember what suits you.
        I guess he can NOT legally help his patients to his best ability in your country. So he prefers going where he can live up to his doctors oat instead of being bullied into allowing his patients to suffer for the sake of some dictators who ban something that works, but allow many others things that don’t work so well and are REALLY dangerous. :-0

      4. Yes, clearly I have forgotten all those previous posts about other doctors who use MMS. In fact, try as I might, I can’t remember a single one. Why don’t you remind me?

        I stand by my statement: there are no licensed doctors in developed countries using MMS. If you think I am wrong, then give me some names.

      5. “Yes, clearly I have forgotten all those previous posts about other doctors who use MMS. In fact, try as I might, I can’t remember a single one.”
        You seem to remember very well anything anti MMS, but nothing pro. But why am I not surprised about that?
        Maybe it is because most of them are German, and you could not understand. But since it is not banned in Germany THEY do it legally. Maybe that explains why they don’t go UNDERCOVER!

      6. Doch, ich kann gut deutsch verstehen (obwohl ich nicht so gut schreiben kann, wie Sie wahrshcheinlich erkennen können).

        Können Sie deustche Ärtzte die MMS verordnen nennen?

    2. Thank YOU!

      You mean Professor Paz, from the biology department at the University of Sonora. Dr. Humiston was the one who embraced and used MMS in his practice. While I didn’t ask for it, Dr. Humiston presented me with a document that showed he was/is licensed to practice in California. He actually lives in California too, crossing the border each day to work. I spoke to several of his patients while we were there. They were very happy to have him as their physician.

      On another trip, I traveled with Jim and Professor Paz to deeper into the state of Sonora, to visit an Indian tribe ravished by the effects of chemical toxicity (diabetes and other afflictions). We met first, with tribal elders, who listened, and then agreed to allow MMS to be presented to the community. At least 40 people took doses of MMS that day. We also left them copies of the documentary (which has a Spanish-language audio track). A few of the people who had chronic pain, reported relief within an hour… one woman, who had *clusters* of sub-dermal growths on her legs that she concealed with a long dress, said that the pain relief was the first in years.

      People in pain are disinclined to fake its abatement, and will gladly tell you when the solution didn’t work. They ARE the proof that denouncers want to dismiss.

      1. Thanks Adam
        Denouncees can denounce all they want in the face of our experience. They may need scientific proof. But I only need to be pain free.
        After my experience last week with antibiotics I ‘m now back on MMS. I just wanted to wait till the antibiotics were finished. I did not expect to get my asthma back, I must say!
        I now also joined a German discussion forum on MMS. same story there, but more people for then against MMS and the ones against it are not abusing the others. They would be out of that forum in no time. We Germans have an allergy against bad manners, especially the older generation! 🙂

      2. Don’t worry, I don’t believe everything the AAMF write here, specially when they fail to ask simple questions like: is it OK in his opinion to prescribe FDA drugs with as many bad side-effects as the one I toke this week?

  7. I find this amusing how we are always been given the same links to proof that MMS does not work and that it kills, but when we ask to send a the proof that Silvia died from MMS. there is absolute silence. What is the problem guys, can’t you find the link that proofs that her husbands claim was genuine and not just an early reaction to grief? I’m still waiting…

    1. The autopsy has not yet been made public, while police investigations are ongoing. That is quite normal.

      So right now, we don’t know for sure whether or not the death was caused by MMS.

      In the meantime, you have a choice. You can either cross your fingers and hope that MMS had nothing to do with the death, and carry on drinking it. Or you could play it safe, acknowledge that the death might have been caused by MMS (can you prove that it wasn’t?), and take the wise precaution of not using any more MMS until things are clearer.

      I know what I’d do. But hey, your life, your choice. If you want to play “MMS Russian Roulette”, that’s up to you.

      1. How do you know that there is a police investigation?
        I searched the internet for ANYTHING in this regard. Nothing! Or is this also only your opinion?
        Not even a new or later statement of the family repeating their claim or saying the police is still investigating
        It makes me think…

      2. PS, If MMS was the cause, then the police better hurry, or?
        After all lives would be at stake, right!

      3. I see, you did post a link about the police investigation.
        But that does not mean as long as this investigation is on, Jim is guilty.
        He is INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY, not the other way round.
        Also I repeat: The police better hurry up if MMS is really responsible for her death! Which is the very reason why I don’t believe it was MMS.
        Maybe together with some other drugs? Possible!
        But than the other drug also needs to be investigated.

      4. By the way Adam (2) I used this link you gave me and tried to see how accurate this search was. It say to put in any of the 3 possibilities marked with a star. So I put in “california, Physician”
        The result was 21 physicians in California.
        9 of them are “active”…
        2 are “inactive”…
        8 are “lapsed” , what ever that means… 😉
        2 are “deceased”…
        Now that gives you an idea how accurate you search for Dr Hurst might has been…

  8. Oh dear another brave man speaking up who will soon be under the scrutiny of internet-bully’s.
    Thanks for the video!
    My questions to the ‘experts’:
    Does MMS also eliminate the fluorite in the water?

    1. While this is something that can be tested for verification, chlorine dioxide would oxidize anything it encounters that possesses an oxidative potential less than .95 volts. If that applies to fluorite, then it would be toast.

      1. Ooh, this is fun. Why don’t you tell us exactly what happens to “fluorite” in water when it encounters MMS? Looking forward to some nice chemical equations.

        (Hint: think first about whether you really mean “fluorite”)

        I’m afraid, Phaelosopher, that if you can’t even get some pretty basic chemistry right, then it doesn’t say much for your credibility as someone selling chemicals and claiming to know what they do.

      2. Fluorite, fluoride… you could care less whether the concept is sound or not.

      3. OK, I’ll help you out a little here. What you get in water after fluoridation is fluoride. So, tell us more about the concept. How exactly does MMS react with fluoride?

      4. maybe somebody knows how many volts fluorite has?

      5. Everything, including fluoride, has a vibrational nature, which can be expressed in electrical terms, i.e., as voltage. I do not know the formula, but with some research, I’m sure we can find it. It would also be possible to analyze a water sample to measure fluoride content before, and after treatment with MMS. I have a friend with a lab that I’ll talk to about this, and see if hers is equipped in such a way to do a test. A mass spectrometer would likely be needed.

      6. Phaelosopher, this is brilliant. You are absolutely right: the way to answer a question is to do an experiment. You’re starting to think like a scientist. I’m so proud of you. Perhaps my presence on this blog has not been in vain after all.

        Of course, in this case, the experiment is not strictly necessary, as you could also find out the answer from an elementary chemistry textbook, but I still think it’s great that you’re going to do the experiment. After all, you never know, perhaps those chemistry textbooks have all been “altered” by Big Pharma (in fact I once wrote a chemistry textbook, and we all know that I’m a stooge of Big Pharma, so you wouldn’t believe anything you read in my textbook, would you?) By doing the experiment, you will know for sure what happens.

        Do post back and let us know the results when you’ve done the experiment.

      7. Adam,

        What is your motivation? If you dislike what the host is saying, why are you wasting your time with harsh criticisms?

        Get lost if you don’t have anything of value to contribute.

      8. Thank you for your polite contribution, Parker. Nice to see you doing your best to raise the tone of the discussion.

        My motivation is to warn anyone who is coming to this site for information that MMS is a scam. Many of the folks on here make a living out of selling MMS, and clearly I am not going to change their mind about what MMS does. It’s a nice little earner for them.

        But some people probably come here who have heard about MMS and are curious to know what it is and whether they should take it.

        I am here to warn them of the dangers of it. They may not believe me, and that’s fine. If they don’t, I would simply encourage them to discuss it with their doctor before buying any.

        Anyway, talking of warning people of the dangers, just a little reminder:

      9. Adam,

        I think most people here probably distrust the FDA and therefore their warning against MMS could be taken as just another support for the Solution’s legitimacy.

        Do have a more credible source?

        You’re attitude is highly sarcastic as well. Why?

      10. I’ve posted some links to many other credible sources besides the FDA. I see that post is awaiting moderation, probably because that many links triggered a spam filter, but I dare say it will emerge from moderation before too long.

        Oh, and I’m not going to take lectures on attitude from someone who tells me to “get lost”, thank you very much.

      11. Adam,

        OK. I appreciate you taking the time to provide numerous links. HOWEVER, none of the links are credible.. at least in my mind. Any time you provide sources to back up a claim that a certain substance is dangerous for medicinal purposes, you can’t expect an informed and aware person to accept the type of sources you provided.

        Here’s some articles about the FDA for your review:

      12. Oh, and the fact that most if not all the additional ‘non-FDA’ sources you provided actually refer to the FDA and each other for back up!! It’s actually pretty comical. Thanks for the laugh.. seriously.

        The cat is out of the bag. The FDA has no credibility.

        My mind is still open on MMS. So, if you have any additional, independent and credible sources I’m listening.

      13. Parker, I have linked to several non-FDA, reliable sources who all state that MMS is harmful. I am curious to know what you would consider to be a “reliable” source. Presumably you believe that only the people selling MMS are reliable, right? So if I linked to another source saying the MMS is harmful, then you would just automatically say that it is part of the conspiracy, right? Do you seriously believe that the FDA and all these other governments are part of a huge global conspiracy? If so, I said earlier “discuss this with your doctor”, but in your case, I think it might be more appropriate to say “discuss this with your psychiatrist”. You might want to google the phrase “paranoid delusions”.

        Let me ask you a question: can you point to a reliable source saying the MMS has benefits? And I shall pre-define reliable for you, to make it easy. Anyone selling MMS doesn’t count. Anyone with no scientific or medical qualifications doesn’t count.

      14. So, for example, I suppose you’re going to tell me that this is just part of the conspiracy, are you?

      15. adam (2)
        “Anyone with no scientific or medical qualifications doesn’t count”. So what is your medical qualificationif I may ask?

      16. You’re more than welcome to ask. I have no medical qualifications, but my scientific qualifications include a PhD in chemistry and an MSc in medical statistics.

  9. CdnFarmgirl

    A municipality (pop. 250,000) near us recently voted to discontinue it’s 40 year-old fluoridation program, by a narrow margin….There is hope yet 😀 Fortunately, we are on our own well, here in the country.

  10. “These chemicals are deadly only if we don’t take measures to nullify them. I believe that MMS (chlorine dioxide) is one such way.”

    And your evidence for that would be…?

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