A Real Life ‘Clinical Trial’ Opportunity for MMS

Many new people are being introduced to MMS, the “Miracle Mineral Supplement,” in part due to the FDA warning against it, but also, from more credible sources; i.e., doctors and other health care practitioners who know that, when used as directed, it is a safe, effective, powerful, and inexpensive detoxifier. While it’s not likely you’re going to see Dr. House recommend using MMS to stop flesh-eating bacteria (although it would) anytime soon (perhaps by next season), a growing population of naturopathic, chiropractic, and even some quiet MD’s have studied the chemistry, weighed the evidence, and seen the potential benefit, enough to incorporate it into their practice.

As such, there is also a growing demand for information about MMS, not so much from those who want to shut it down, but from people who want to help themselves and others improve their well-being in spite of the myriad of “ordinary” factors that tend to compromise health, which start at the most basic, fundamental, and overlooked of areas; water.

Water content in the body.
Water content percentages in an adult human body.

The human body is over 70% water, by weight. However, life doesn’t begin that way. While in utero, upon its inception and development into a human form, the body is almost 100% water. Water is — as I suggested at a talk I gave with Ann Cullen in London at the NutriCentre in the Hale Clinic — the medium by and through which we enter this world. We are not physical forms; we are intelligent, living consciousness. Our bodies are energy and informational patterns that coalesce, organize, and form in water. If the water is not pristine, balanced, and energy rich; if it is unbalanced and full of distortion, then how can the formation, and hence the pregnancy flawless? Healthy water creates healthy bodies. And yet, water is routinely deadened, by adding chlorine and other chemicals, with apparently little concern over how this simple, accepted practice may be contributing to the health problems that show up later in life. The good news is that water’s health can be restored easily.

A water station in Cite Soleil district in Port au Prince, Haiti
A water station in Cite Soleil district in Port-au-Prince, Haiti

For a reminder of the importance of water we have to look no further than the unfolding events in Haiti. Still reeling from a devastating earthquake in January 2010, Haiti’s citizens are now dying of cholera. This is a clear, direct, and timely example of the ramifications of unhealthy water run amok. However, instead of looking at how to deploy a proven water purifier in the chlorite matrix, the main therapeutic component in MMS, the authorities — including the CDC — are compiling an arsenal of antibiotics with which to treat people after the fact. They want to deal with the effects by trying to kill the bugs (if they can), but not the cause, which would be done by clarifying the water.

The World Health Organization’s (WHO) solution includes powdered chlorine, which continues the cycle of producing derivative contaminates, the trihalomethanes or “THM’s”. This demonstrates either how blind the establishment has become to fundamental causes of illness and disease, or how indifferent they are.

I believe that chlorination and fluoridation, which produce halogen substitutes for chloride (Cl-) — essential in the proper function of the Krebs Cycle — is a direct cause of full spectrum of health problems, including breast cancer. This theory could be tested in a “clinical trial” by simply selecting a method that does not inundate the body with carcinogens, ensuring sufficient chloride and oxygen uptake, and seeing what happens.

I drank some of the bottled water when I visited Haiti in April, and my throat tensed up as it went down. Its energy was so chaotic, it seemed to be dryer than before I swallowed. The label on the bottle indicated that it was “purified,” produced via reverse osmosis process. However, biologically inert, processed water alone is not the solution. For there to be health or healing, the water itself must be healthy, energy-rich, and coherent. There are some water sources that naturally fit that criteria, and technologies that can transform existing water and restore its coherence.

Used on a large-scale basis, the chlorite matrix would certainly deliver sufficient oxygen to safely disinfect the water and make it safe to drink. Barring that, with the help of Jim Humble’s protocol, MMS can be used effectively and safely to generate a detoxified version of chlorine dioxide (ClO2-) in smaller quantities, to be added to water before drinking, or it can be taken internally to prevent, or arrest cholera on the back end.

MMS is effective against cholera, malaria, and dengue fever.
MMS is effective against cholera, malaria, and dengue fever.

Not being satisfied with people simply being well, certain “scientists” would prefer risking the deaths of countless individuals by withholding treatment to a control group via a “double-blind” study in order to prove that the new treatment worked. When you’re talking about a drug that didn’t exist a year ago, and itself is synthetic, it makes sense. But the chlorite matrix has proven itself to be a natural disinfectant, yet we have kept it in the closet when it could have been used extensively to save lives.

Jim Humble’s 5-day workshop covers many ways to prepare and use MMS, along with a wide range of situations in which it might apply. He discusses the protocols, which have been updated, and shows how to prepare it, in small amounts for personal use, or for large.


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68 Thoughts to “A Real Life ‘Clinical Trial’ Opportunity for MMS”

  1. David

    Perception is reality. Too bad that some people choose to blindly rely on the establishment rather than have 1. faith, and 2. trust in their own experience. MMS works, and I don’t need a government approved clinical trial to prove it. God bless the warriors of Truth!

  2. AAMF is not a label, just shortening. If the shoe fits, you may wear it!
    You see, it is a difference if you are just AAM and that’s fine, but if you try to force your opinion onto others and get abusive, like many of you do, than that is fanatic, because you don’t care who you hurt in the process. We KNOW from experience, and we have the right to do with our health what is best for it. If years of medication did not heal me, but MMS did it in 2 days, that WHO ARE YOU to try to stop me from being healthy and staying that way!

    1. I don’t think anyone is anti alternative medicine, just anti dangerous and unproven therapies. If alternative medicine is shown to be safe and effective, then I’m all for it.

      The trouble with MMS is that no-one has shown it to be safe and effective, and there is some pretty good reason to believe that it is dangerous.

      1. I did not say that not ‘everybody’ is anti alternative medicine. That is why I say, if the shoe fits, wear it. 😛

      2. No, but you said that those skeptical of MMS are anti alternative medicine. No-one here is anti alternative medicine. Who do you think is? Or do you agree that no-one is?

      3. Adam, that is where you are wrong!
        Here are many anti-alternative medicine fanatic, and they are not only against MMS but all alterbatibes.
        This is why I will not listen to such people. Remember how I was called a quack, because I’m a Reiki Master. You don’t seem to have read all the comments made by some members here, and some of them were made on facebook, but by the same people. 🙂

      4. Monika, you are confusing 2 separate issues.

        1. Alternative medicine versus conventional medicine.
        2. Unproven, quack remedies versus treatments of proven efficacy.

        I think the people you describe as being “anti alternative medicine” are simply “anti unproven quack remedies”. I don’t think anyone has anything against alternative medicine if it is proven to be useful.

        It’s an easy mistake to make, because much of alternative medicine is unproven. Nonetheless, it is an important distinction.

      5. Sorry Adam, but you wrong, because most alternative medications are only proven by experiences and passed on my word of mouth or books. The only difference is that MMS is only known to be used recently, whereby most other alternatives where known to be used BEFORE pharmaceutic was in the picture.
        But it may also be interesting for you to know, that when I told a friend of mine about MMS, she told me that she knows a herbal medicine lady who was using this method of healing successfully LONG BEFORE it became known as MMS. So we cannot be sure how many others did it before Jim Humble published it. We all know he is not the inventor, just the one who made it widely known. 😛

      6. “most alternative medications are only proven by experiences and passed on my word of mouth”

        Quite. In other words, unproven.

        Some alternative medicines are proven to be effective in clinical trials, such as St John’s Wort for treating depression, and I have no problem with those. But most have no proof.

      7. Adam
        “Quite. In other words, unproven.”
        Old saying but still true is:
        “The proof of the pudding is in the eating. ”
        Many of those ‘unproven’ remedies where proven to work before pharmaceuticals existed simply by their frequent use (cause and effect). Something that does not work, will not be passed on by mouth.

      8. Not true. Plenty of things that don’t work are passed on by mouth. Homeopathy is a good example. That’s very popular, and has been researched extensively, and found to be no better than placebo. People’s opinions can be, and frequently are, wrong. The only way to know is to do a properly controlled clinical trial.

      9. Adam,

        You talk about what’s no better than a placebo, as though the human ability to heal is accidental or a fluke, and that medicine is the only way that healing happens. That is the thinking that dominates the FDA, FSA, and all the other organizations that you consider “credible.” Yet, the medicines that they offer the public are no better than placebos, and oftentimes are worse. Your position here has left no room for no possibility that the “scientific method” could produce such products, or that they would be approved.

        Here’s a article that describes this very scenario:

        Homeopathy is popular for a reason: RESULTS. You say people’s opinions can be, and frequently are wrong. You are a person. Yet, you don’t leave room for the possibility that your position in this conversation is faulty, as the results bare out the efficacy of MMS, in spite of efforts of current medical convention (which you speak for) to denounce it.


      10. Phaelosopher, you mention antidepressants as being no better than placebo. For patients with mild depression, that’s true (although they are effective for more severe depression).

        And how do you think we know that? Because of clinical trials and the scientific method. You can’t have it both ways. You seem to take notice of the scientific method if it supports your view, but ignore it if it doesn’t.

        Antidepressants are just one kind of drug. There are many others that have much greater efficacy, such as proton pump inhibitors. The scientific method allows us to distinguish the useful drugs from the turkeys.

        And there are no “results” about the efficacy of MMS. Just anecdote. If there were “results”, we wouldn’t be having this discussion.

        I certainly leave room for the possibility that I could be wrong. Show me credible, verifiable evidence that MMS is useful, and I will cheerfully admit that I was wrong. On the contrary, it seems to be you who doesn’t leave room the the possibility that you could be wrong. What would convince you that you are wrong and the MMS is in fact worthless and dangerous?

  3. Gilgamesh

    In my opinion, even Francis Bacon would tell you; Dont buy the cow, if you have no idea why you buying it for.

  4. Roland

    So, what is this “AAMF” some of you talk about?

    1. Anti-Alternative-Medicine-Fanatics…:-)

      1. Roland

        So you actually came up with a label for all the people who don’t think like you?

        We’re the fanatics, yeah…

  5. Gilgamesh

    In my opinion they are not supporting any organization, maybe, only the skeptical society.
    But even the best skeptics in the skeptical society would be skeptical about all the misinformation about MMS and would not believe it.

    1. I agree. The best skeptics would ask intelligent questions, not simply spout off dribble about who hasn’t given it their stamp of approval. They’d be skeptical of them too, unless they had presented credible information to support their positions. These guys are even giving skeptics a bad name.

      1. Quite right. Skeptics would indeed be skeptical of misinformation about MMS. They would indeed ask intelligent questions, such as “what evidence do you have for your information?”

        Don’t suppose they get many good answers though. Just a whole load of waffle about how MMS doesn’t need evidence because we have Jim Humble’s word for it.

      2. Paul Morgan

        There you go again! The skeptics ARE the ones asking for evidence, while the MMS advocates do their damndest to avoid answering them. Asking for evidence is intelligent questioning – what is it about this that you think isn’t intelligent? Your knowledge of skepticism is extremely poor.
        The only real question when it comes to MMS is :-
        “What credible evidence is there to show that MMS is a safe and effective therapy for any condition?”
        If anyone has any real, credible, verifiable evidence to show that MMS is safe and effective, please post it so that the world can see it and so that it can be subjected to proper scientific scrutiny. Typically, what is continually repeated is unverifiable anecdote and complete misinterpretation and jumping to fallacious conclusions. For example, chlorine dioxide can be and is used to purify water safely (possibly better than chlorine), but MMS produces a much higher concentration of chlorine dioxide which has not be shown to be safe in trials (and there are reports of harm and death).
        Skepticism asks the questions and demands the answers. If you have the evidence that shows MMS to be safe and effective and that evidence stands up to scientific scrutiny, you will have proven your case. Belief doesn’t enter into it.

      3. Paul,

        You have made being a negative presence here a priority for a reason. And it’s not to help people, given that you can’t “help” a person by affirming a negative.

        You have had nothing positive or even correct to say about MMS, about the people who have looked at it, experienced, and KNOW that it has helped them, nor even about the people who are genuinely trying to figure it out for themselves. You opine that if anyone takes this stuff, they are gullible, ignorant, or some other pejorative term. If anyone, including you, is inclined to use their intelligence, they can prove MMS and chlorine dioxide is beneficial when used in scaled down concentrations. It’s as easy as testing water… just as the National Institutes of Health did. The people in Haiti could, prior to drinking the water that they are now dying of cholera from, put a few drops in a gallon — activated if they are going to drink immediately, and unactivated if they let it sit overnight. This is positive information that can be tested and verified by anyone who cares enough to go beyond criticism… which doesn’t include you or your “posse.”

        You are not the arbiter of “credible” information. The simple fact that you present yourself as though you are, and that no one but you (or those who share your view) determine what is true or not, is the very point that destroys your credibility, individually and collectively. If chlorine dioxide use is of true benefit, it WILL GROW, and there is nothing you or anyone else that is out of integrity, which includes the agencies that you hold so dear, can do about it.

        When you first showed up here, I treated you with respect, even though you’ve shown none to anyone here. When I realized that your concern wasn’t truth, but simply dissuasion, you became laughable. However, what you’re doing is not funny. If you don’t know better, it’s one kind of unfunny. If you do, it’s another.

        Not knowing you personally, I’m not here to judge what your motive is. I will continue to allow you, within reason, to post your opinions here, because you represent a way of thinking — like it or not — that rational people SHOULD see clearly.

        For that, I thank you.

        Best wishes,


  6. There are as many real life clinical trial opportunities for MMS as you want, if you actually want to do a clinical trial. And just to repeat what I’ve said many times before: if you did a clinical trial, and the results were positive, then I and many others would happily change our minds and believe you were right about MMS all along.

    All you have to do is pick one of the many diseases which you claim MMS can treat, get the necessary ethical approvals, recruit a bunch of patients with the disease, and treat them in a randomised controlled trial of MMS vs placebo. If MMS has the dramatic effects you claim it does, you wouldn’t need very many patients in the trial, as you can easily show dramatic effects in small trials, so it wouldn’t have to be expensive.

    But clearly no-one in the MMS community wants to do that. I think we all know the reasons why. You know perfectly well that it would show MMS to be dangerous and lacking in any healing qualities whatsoever.

    1. Gilgamesh

      Everybody knows this is misinformation.
      And nobody believe you. The public dont believe you, your friends dont believe you, the scientific community dont believe .
      Even those aliens, who secretly living among us, dont believe you.

      1. You’re right Gil…

        The EVIDENCE is that neither Adam, Little D, Noodle, or any of the others have had anything but *scorn* and negative innuendo to offer here. They’ve all declared how much they know about chlorine dioxide, but the only thing they’ve offered is the word “bleach” (with no differentiation between its behavior and chlorine), claim there is no evidence, and claim fraud. They are as unwilling to use their minds creatively to see the evidence as the institutions that they support… or that support them. This is been done time and time again, with the tobacco industry with the connection to cancer, with geoengineering and chemtrails, and many others. Whether they are conspiracies or not is unimportant. Intelligent people would treat the specter of MMS intelligently, not punitively. They’d look at the reasons for consideration earnestly, and if official testing methods had not been done, then, for the sake of (1) humanity and (2) science, they’d take active, impartial steps to study it and publish the results.

      2. “Everybody knows this is misinformation.”

        Which specific part of what I said do you think is untrue?

      3. Sorry Adam I did not know you only read what you like or you forget what you read before.
        I think that everybody BUT you knows by now that it stands for

      4. So, what I said is “misinformation”, but you can’t actually point to any specific thing I said which is untrue?

        Hm. Your claim of “misinformation” isn’t looking very credible, is it?

      5. Paul Morgan

        It’s really quite funny to see how clueless the pro MMS advocates are about the whole process of obtaining evidence from the proper conduct of trials of therapeutic agents, even when given links to read articles that describe the process in great detail.
        Do the trials, gather the data, write up the results, submit for publication. Remember, you have to start with basic safety trials before you can proceed to therapeutic trials. Remember that the trials must have a comparator group, either an inactive placebo (ideally, but not always practical or ethical) or current best treatment that should be as close as possible to the treatment group to reduce the possibility of selection bias.
        I could go on, but you’ve already had the links previously.Just remember that any trials on humans must have ethical approval through local, institutional, regional or national Research Ethical Committees. I think you may struggle on this unless you do the basics first.
        As for trying to decry what has been posted as evidence against MMS, all you do is demonstrate your complete lack of knowledge of basic chemistry and the closed states of your minds. You act like the three wise monkeys when it comes to MMS.

    2. Everybody knows THEY don’t want MMS to be tested, because THEY loose lots of money if they do!
      Oh yes, now that we talking about proof again, where is the coroners-report we where promised from Sylvia? We are still waiting!

      1. Monika, who do you think “THEY” are, exactly? The way things normally work, if someone develops a product, it is up to them to test it. So it is Jim Humble and his crew who should be testing it. But they don’t.

      2. THEY are the AAMF!

      3. African American Music Festival?
        Adopt A Mother Foundation?

        My, who’d have thought that such innocent organisation were involved in such evil things?

      4. You still haven’t explained why the people selling MMS don’t want it to be tested in clinical trials.

        The “AAMF”, as you put it, are irrelevant to this. It isn’t their job to do trials of MMS. That is the job of those making claims for it.

  7. “even some quiet MD’s have studied the chemistry, weighed the evidence, and seen the potential benefit, enough to incorporate it into their practice”

    Yes, they are spookily quiet, those MDs, aren’t they?

    Until I hear from one, I don’t think I’m going to believe that they exist. If you could actually name a single licensed doctor in a developed country who has incorporated MMS into their practice, you would have a bit more credibility.

    1. You must not have read the article, but thanks for the link. The man said that MMS is a real cure for AIDS. They issued it without a license, and the practitioner wasn’t licensed. 12% of their population has HIV/AIDS. That’s almost 2 million people without MMS. What they are using is not working. Or perhaps, for you Paul, it is working just the way you — and those who control how you think — want it to.

      1. That is how I understood this as well Adam. But than my English is not perfect, so I did not comment on it!
        Thanks… 🙂

      2. Roland

        “The man said that MMS is a real cure for AIDS”

        But… did he provide any evidence to back that claim?

      3. What evidence can you provide yourself to support that it cannot help? Saying that it is a bleach is not evidence that it is harmful. The evidence is how it is used, and in the results. You can speak to people who have had results, who can tell you what they had, what they did, using that “bleach” you and the FDA like to remind us that it is.

        Since when did it become inappropriate or illegal to use, trust, and rely on your own mind?

      4. Roland

        “What evidence can you provide yourself to support that it cannot help?”

        You do know that a negation cannot be proven, right? I mean, that’s a very basic concept.

        “Saying that it is a bleach is not evidence that it is harmful.”

        It is, if we already know that bleach is harmful. Which, by the way, we actually do know.

        “The evidence is how it is used,…”

        That makes no sense.

        “…and in the results.”

        Which are published in…?

        “You can speak to people who have had results, who can tell you what they had, what they did, using that “bleach” you and the FDA like to remind us that it is.”

        I can speak with people who can tell me how they were abducted by aliens. Does that prove that there are aliens out there? No. You see, personal experience is very unreliable, that’s why we can’t consider it evidence.

        “Since when did it become inappropriate or illegal to use, trust, and rely on your own mind?”

        Since when drinking bleach because an old crank says it can cure diseases is considering “relying on one owns mind?”

      5. Roland,

        ALL you and the other guys have been doing is “negating” without evidence. Since there are no clinical trials in the form that you will accept, one needs to look at evidence that IS available, which is plenty.

        If you say that “we already know that bleach is harmful,” then you have to accept that the practice of CHLORINATION of water IS HARMFUL. We have EVIDENCE that shows it too. You’re arguing against a product that behaves differently than chlorine, and projecting harm, while as a society, hundreds of millions of people are being chlorinated each day, and you’re ignoring the effects that, we’re actually trying to negate.

        I’m not going to suggest that you’re anything but an intelligent man. But I am not suggesting that you or anyone else use MMS. I’ve looked at the AVAILABLE EVIDENCE, both in how chlorine dioxide works, and how chlorine works. It’s there for EVERYONE to ignore, or see. But you can’t call one bleach without acknowledging that the other is too. And if you do acknowledge it, you have to see the EVIDENCE of a far greater harm that IS being done NOW, versus what you think MAY be done in the future.

      6. Copy:

        Since when drinking bleach because an old crank says it can cure diseases is considering “relying on one owns mind?”

        Why do you AAMF always have to use insults and abuse to get your OPINION across?

        You share your OPNIONS! We share experiences!
        But you would not know the difference so go on an ‘copy and paste’ other opinions …
        I prefer an ‘old crank’ with haert and who does what he can to help others as good as hi can, to a ‘young crank’ like you, with no manners.
        Well here is another t-shirt slogan M&S&CO can make and supply!


      7. Gilgamesh

        It is not in the article, that Dr Kaliati cured 800 AIDS patients.
        At first he he did not want to tell them he was using MMS, as he was just getting a license for it, and wanted a news coverage of it
        But he was found out, and than he told them ; MMS is a REAL cure for AiDs.
        But they did not allowed him a license, and in my opinion they will just prolong the suffering for about 2 million people until they die from AIDs, or from the drugs.
        They said in the article, that the drugs will not cure them, just extend their life. With MMS in 3or4 weeks they could be cured.

      8. Gilgamesh I agree with you, many will die that could have been saved and many will suffer who’s pain could be improved.
        This is why I say, those AAMF do not care about mankind, they just argue for the arguments sake, regardless who the hurt in the process.
        They should be ashamed of themself.

  8. HK

    ohh and Paul why don’t you start advocating this instead:

    Carcinogen Found in KFC’s New Grilled Chicken

    KFC calls its new Kentucky Grilled Chicken “the better-for-you chicken for health-conscious customers.” But recent PCRM tests of the new grilled chicken revealed substantial amounts of a carcinogenic chemical in all samples tested.

    A PCRM scientist visited six different KFC stores, obtained two samples from each location, and sent them to an independent testing laboratory. All 12 samples were found to contain PhIP, a chemical classified as a carcinogen by the federal government. PhIP, part of a chemical family known as heterocyclic amines (HCAs), has been linked to several forms of cancer, including breast cancer, in dozens of scientific studies. No safe level of ingestion has been identified. Every sample also tested positive for at least one additional type of HCA.

    The new KFC grilled chicken products were the focus of a controversial promotion by Oprah Winfrey, who offered coupons for free Kentucky Grilled Chicken meals on her Web site. PCRM has alerted Ms. Winfrey to these findings.

    “Just as the fat and cholesterol in fried chicken have prompted concerns about heart attacks and obesity, the carcinogenic chemicals found in Kentucky Grilled Chicken raise serious concerns about cancer risk,” said Kristie Sullivan, M.P.H., a PCRM toxicologist. “No parent would knowingly serve carcinogens to a child, and parents have no idea these chemicals are in KFC products. We are asking KFC to withdraw Kentucky Grilled Chicken.”

    PhIP and other HCAs do not exist naturally in chicken; they form when animal muscle is cooked to high temperatures. The National Toxicology Program administered by the National Institutes of Health has identified PhIP as carcinogenic, as have the state of California and the International Agency for Research on Cancer.

    But KFC is not the only restaurant serving carcinogen-containing grilled chicken. Last year, PCRM filed suit against McDonald’s, Chick-fil-A, Chili’s, T.G.I. Friday’s, Outback Steakhouse, Burger King, and Applebee’s for knowingly exposing customers to PhIP without warning them of its risks. The suit was brought under California’s Proposition 65, which states that consumers must be warned about products that contain known carcinogens.

    The lawsuit is based on tests that found PhIP in 100 grilled chicken samples from the seven restaurant chains. The findings, compiled from independent laboratory tests commissioned by PCRM scientists, were published in the September 2008 issue of Nutrition and Cancer.

    Burger King was the first of the restaurants to settle the lawsuit. As part of its agreement with PCRM, Burger King has posted warning signs in its California restaurants to alert customers that its grilled chicken products contain PhIP.

    But the other six defendants that continue to fight the lawsuit—and KFC—have yet to inform customers about the cancer-causing chemicals in their grilled chicken products.

    1. Paul Morgan

      This is a discussion about MMS. Nothing you post here is relevant to the debate on MMS.

      1. HK

        It is absolutely relevant because the CHOICE (and I stress) for MMS is due to the fact of failed big pharma drugs. If big pharma drugs cured and truly helped people and not fattening the gov’t s pockets we wouldn’t be on this site. so you are protesting MMS based upon one (alleged) death and when there are hundreds of thousands dying each year off prescription where is your logic? who is the one that has truly been brainwashed?

  9. HK

    I’m not worried about Paul. LOL I have already researched how many products that have chloride dioxide and sodium chorite in them. Paul doesn’t realize that the water he currently drinks as well as the vegetables he eats contains CD & SC to some degree. Ummm hello FLOUR is BLEACHED (or the word the govt uses whitening agents LOL) I have tried alternative medicine after I had the worst reaction to an FDA approved antibiotic called cipro-now black boxed but still available (that gave me pins and needles, hot flashes, tendon pains, candida, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, floaters u name it and it scared me that my body could react this way and it literally took 6 months+ to heal) and if Paul would research how many people have died of using “quinolones” (a prescription FDA approved antibiotic) please see he would understand that we are all here to make our own decisions on OUR own body. Paul no disrespect but the way I look at life the older I get is everything we were BORN into depends on the country our parents had sex in and we adapted to the laws of that specific land. For example the S.A.D. diet (standard american diet) is a bunch of crap PERIOD-Japan (83yrs old on average) has the highest life expectancy in the world (US is not even in the TOP 30!!! yet #9 on the highest amount of cancer patients) and cheese, milk, white flour is not in their diet and processed foods and meats are NOT consumed daily over there. I am of Asian descent (Korean to be exact) and my parents have true belief in asian medicine and alternative therapy..reason being? is Asian countries have been in existence for thousands of years vs. US is still in the hundreds of years category… and the quality of life Blows the US out of the water! Don’t get me wrong I love the US but believing into a government that infiltrates other countries for their resources and for POWER is like believing everything Donald Trump tells me. Understand that 99.999% of the rich have told lies to get ahead. what makes the FDA any different?
    why do I have to pay EXTRA money to get organic food? the food that god intended for us to eat (and if you look at the unused land that’s available in the US for farming you KNOW this is some BS) but I can get a full meal at taco bell for $2? If that simple logic doesn’t speak VOLUMES to you than I don’t know what else I can tell Paul.

    1. Paul Morgan

      Are you deliberately setting out to ignore the facts on MMS or are you too embedded in your delusion to open your mind? I suggest you search the Internet for definitions of “cognitive dissonance” and “crank magnetism”.
      This forum is here to debate MMS and not drift off into other aspects of health care, diet, geography, etc. These are not relevant. Please provide real, credible. verifiable evidence of the safety and efficacy of MMS.

  10. HK

    No major health concerns but definitely need a detox from smoking…and playing the lab rat for my parents.. (dad has enlarged prostate mom has arthritis..Its been 3 days..started at 1 drop 2 times a day to 2/3 drops 3 times a day..Not sure if i can go up any further the smell and burping taste is so terrible…but brain fog and sleep are better.

    1. Try using capsules and fill them. Takes away the bad taste…
      Oh dear, now I will be in dog-box again…hi..hi..

    2. There’s no point in doing more… listen to your body. You’re experiencing changes right where you are. Your body will make corrections wherever they are needed as toxic debris is removed. No need to rush it. Thanks for sharing.

      1. Paul Morgan

        So you think it’s a good idea to poison yourself with industrial bleach? Phaelosopher actually says something useful for once – listen to your body. MMS will smell terrible, taste terrible, make you nauseated, make you vomit, give you diarrhoea and make you dehydrated and seriously ill. These effects are toxic effects of MMS, not “toxins leaving your body”.

  11. HK

    Hey there…I know this is slightly off topic..but I have now been on MMS for 3 days having very slight nausea and “D” happened today (no major health problems but definitely need an overall detox) everything has been ok but I noticed my eyes are alot more bloodshot than usual and wondered if that is toxins clearing out of my blood vessels, am i herxing or is my liver on overload? anyone please respond! Thanks HK

    1. HK,

      Since we don’t have cookie cutter lives, each person will respond to a detox in his or her own way.

      I had a toxin major release on just 4 drops on the fourth day I used it several years ago; via both lower and upper pathways. I dialed it back for awhile. Later, larger doses had no effect on me. If you have to ask if you’re having a herxheimer reaction, you’re not. 🙂

      Would you care to share what prompted you to take MMS? How much did you start with? Is that the amount you’ve taken each time? How often are you taking it?

    2. Paul Morgan

      The effects you are experiencing are TOXIC effects and nothing to do with “toxins leaving your body”. If you continue taking this industrial bleach, you risk making yourself very ill and possibly even dying.
      My advice as a doctor is stop taking this poison and throw it away. The bans on its sale are spreading worldwide for this very reason.

      1. HK,

        I trust that you can discern between when someone actually cares about YOU, or if they have an agenda. Paul will remember these soulless moments when, like a mindless robot, he put his cause ahead of your well-being.

        And if he doesn’t. It sounded good anyway.

        Best wishes,


      2. Gilgamesh

        If MMS works too fast for some people. or if they take too much, or too much toxins leaving the body, people dont have to be ill because of this. They can just cut back on the MMS drops for a day, or just drink a glass of orange juice. The vitamin C in orange juice will neutralize the action of the MMS. And people can go back to MMS at a slower speed.
        I dont know what people do, if they over dose on prescription drugs, but I think that would be much more serious.

      3. Gilgamesh, now that is good advise to reverse an overdose with vitamin C…well done!

      4. “I trust that you can discern between when someone actually cares about YOU, or if they have an agenda. ”

        Thus speaks the man who wants to sell you a set of DVDs about MMS for a mere $350.

        I think it’s pretty obvious to most of us what the real “agenda” is here.

      5. Thank you for getting to the core of what is important here. At that same workshop was a woman who believed she had leukemia simply because during a routine checkup 8 years prior, she was told, supported by a stack of “data,” that she had it. She didn’t feel bad herself. However, trusting her doctor, she went on the medication, which cost $8600 per month. She had been on it for 8 years. Her quandary was knowing she was “cured.”

        My own stepfather amassed medical bills totaling more than $500,000 over the three years of traditional treatment after having a stroke, wherein he was given coumadin. It eventually caused necrosis in his legs they were amputated. It appeared to have happened overnight, but it was due to the steady diet given over time. He was a “good patient,” his golden years were “gold” for the system, little for him. Some people would say “thank goodness he had health insurance,” but the truth is that the insurance would only pay for the kind of treatment he received.

        He died within a month after the amputation.

        It is obvious to most of us what your real agenda is.

        FYI… some of the fundamental information from the workshop is available for free in my radio podcast.

      6. Dear Adam (!), sorry to hear about your stepfathers misery! This is unbelievable something like that can happen and nobody cares about it. I’m shocked! 😮

      7. Thousands upon thousands of cases like this are happening each day, even as we have this incessant exchange with the “enlightened” ones. It’s just anecdotal to them, proves nothing about why people are listening to their own counsel these days. I introduced a number of methods to my mom and stepdad when I’d visit over the following three years, but none of them would have been accepted by the system that they saw day in and day out, and they had not sought this kind of information on their own. So I respect the fact that choice is inviolate, changeable only by the chooser.

      8. “enlightened” Adam?
        Hmmm I suppose you can get a 10 watt or 100watt Light – bulb! Anybody thinking it is OK for people to die from FDA approved medication and forces the others to suffer or die, can have no more than 10 watt enlightenment, possibly less or 0!
        They are fooling them-self!

      9. They certainly talk as though anyone who doesn’t see things their way are “dim bulbs”.

  12. Paul Morgan

    If you actually had any idea about clinical trials methodology, that would be a start. Nothing you have written so far suggests you have even the slightest clue.

    1. Gilgamesh

      Many cities purify the water with MMS , and people drinking it everyday in drinking water. And thousands of people already used it in a higher concentration and MMS cures a lot of health problems, and in my opinion nothing will stop the people from using it, because it works, it cures diseases.
      The prescription drugs, that was approved and tested by scientific method,hardly ever cure anything, they come with serious side effects, many times these side effects are permanent, and thousand die every year from these prescription drugs.
      The scientific method is not perfect.
      The scientific method never proved the existence of consciousness ,or the existence of the soul,
      In my opinion the scientific method is useful,but limited.

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