Now Look Who's Suggesting a 'Miracle Cure' (NOT About MMS)

You can thank 60 Minutes New Zealand for this suggestion. They recently produced and broadcast the story of Allan Smith, a dairy farmer in New Zealand who  contracted Swine flu in 2009 and, lungs filling up with mucous, rapidly came perilously close to deaths door. His condition got so grave that the hospital, on the advice of a consultant, was ready to bid him a bon voyage, by pulling the plug on the life support system that was helping him to breathe. To complicate things further, he also showed signs of  leukemia.

Allan Smith
Allan Smith on life support with Swine flu and leukemia.

What unfolded was a microcosm of contrasting health care philosophies, a territorial battle wherein the patient’s life was clearly shown to be secondary to standard protocol. This drama is being played out in hospitals around the world. Except that the outcome in this story was the exception when, with genuine cooperation on the system’s part, it could become the rule.

At stake in the area of personal medical discretion is whether human health and recovery will prevail over methods and practices that inhibit such outcomes.

As you will see, while the hospital staff did their best, and while they went “by the book,” standard medical practice and policies at first helped Mr. Smith stay alive, and then, as his condition got progressively worse, the same practices and policies inhibited his ability to stay alive, not to mention restore his health.

Further standing in the way of success, the hospital staff’s collective and unanimous belief was that such restoration was not even possible, under any circumstances.

They had written him off, and were ready to get on to other, “more viable,” patients.

Fortunately for him, his family’s belief was stronger, and positive. As standard treatments were showing themselves to be ineffective and X-rays showed a “white-out” condition prevailing in his lungs, the family suggested high doses (50g / day) of IV vitamin C. I’ll let the video, produced by 60 Minutes New Zealand, tell the story.

Hospital recommends taking Allan Smith off life support.
Hospital staff agrees that vitamin C would be of no benefit.

Please follow the link below and watch the 18-minute video, and watch the drama play out.

Living Proof: Vitamin C – Miracle Cure? – 60 Minutes – Video – 3 News.

High doses of vitamin C is no miracle cure, any more than MMS is. Vitamin C is an essential nutrient. It has a specific purpose in the human body, as does oxygen. Mr. Smith’s case showed what supplementing the body with a natural element, for which there is a known purpose in human the metabolic process, can do. While the body has no specific need for chlorine dioxide, it does need oxygen. When an environment is chronically oxygen deprived, anaerobic microorganisms — that don’t require oxygen in order to live — must proliferate in order to maintain the life of the host. When medications are given that further deplete oxygen, a downward spiral will continue. Delivering oxygen to an oxygen depleted environment changes all that.

Allan Smith is a healthy man again.
Allan Smith (shown with 60 Minutes reporter) is a healthy man again.

We tend to look at the microorganisms as the culprits, which have become the convenient and silent targets of medical counterattacks and offensives. However, there are many other factors that call for a rise in the anaerobes, including but not limited to malnourishment and various forms of stress. If they didn’t show up under these circumstances, we’d be toast much sooner than later. However, we can’t be healthy with a body that is out of microbial balance. How do you make an anaerobic life form go away? Bring oxygen, and every other nutrient that the body needs. Bring water. Bring aerobic microorganisms. Bring living enzymes. None of these may be in the pharmacological “book,” but they are all essential to sustaining life or restoring health.

The MMS/chlorine dioxide conversation, which has been rather heated lately from the new attention the product has received, is also about a mentality within the health care industry that needs updating. Said mentality, which, if put into words, might be expressed as, “everything knowable is known by us, and if we don’t know it, it isn’t worth knowing,” is part of the reason that medical treatment, as we presently know it, is going the way of the dinosaur.

This is not about doing away with medical treatment. It’s about making changes in areas whose methods and practices do not reflect 21st century understandings of human physiology, chemistry, energy, and environmental dynamics. Too much has changed, too much has been learned, for there to have been so little change in current treatment strategies that remain focused on chemicals. Our chemical dependency contributes to the earlier onset of chronic diseases, and their longer stay as part of human life. Our bodies are not programmed to break down, nor need parts replacement or supplementation by more synthetic chemicals. It needs simple things, including life-enhancing, energy-rich water and foods, and environments that are energy coherent, rather than chaotic.

These factors are not limited to the United States, for conventions of thought have no borders. As you can see in the story of Allan Smith, it’s not even about MMS. It’s about anything that falls outside of “the Book” that guides, or shall we say, dictates, how approved medical treatment will be administered, and who has the right to decide what they will, or will not take, or whether they step outside the box.

Arrogance masks fear; a need to cover one’s ass for tragedy to come. But what if the tragedy isn’t necessary for the willingness to try something different? This is not to say that all “alternative” methods are going to work, but look at what can happen when there is a willingness to try.

Perhaps the real point here is what we imagine from here on, so that more Allan Smiths of the world experience the same triumphant outcome.

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7 Thoughts to “Now Look Who's Suggesting a 'Miracle Cure' (NOT About MMS)”

  1. Debbie Barna

    I am a Nurse of 30 years & was healed of fibromyalgia after taking fish oil & flax seed oil capsules, alternatingly, with every meal & bedtime for only One week after i had tried to get relief from18 charlie horse sites of pain with Dr ordered Prescription drugs. I finally prayed with my sis & Husb& all the way home from Pa to Nc , I had a “oil, oil & water ” COME to my mind every time I thought of what was the Answer to our prayer ! This was healed 10 Years ago, with a tiny twinge of pain 2-3 times when my nutrition got too acidy or Nightshift strain & stress made it inflamed ! Read “Prescription for Nutrtional Healing” by Dr Balch.,,& in the meantime, any one when taking antibiotics PLEASE take probiotics to prevent terrible c-diff & GI conditions from accumulative results from removing the Good Bacteria in the colon where it needs replaced.

  2. Lori

    Adam Phaelosopher,

    Mr. Smith’s family are heroes, along with their lawyer, the journalists who did the story, and the courageous doctors and staff members who went against peer pressure to help them (though they probably can’t speak about it now without losing their jobs.) It seems that the medical establishment with its deeply engrained dogmas would rather kill more patients than admit its basic thinking needs to change. So much egotism, financial liability and profit are at stake that the most important changes just can’t come from the top down anymore. They have to come from the people — that’s us!

    1. Hi Lori,

      Egotism is blind to itself.

  3. Gosh. that’s an interesting story. Let us know when the case report is published in a peer-reviewed journal. After all, if it happened as described, it would be pretty remarkable, and I’m sure any doctor involved would be keen to publish.

    It did happen as you describe, didn’t it?

  4. I have recently met two Naturopathic doctors who have been teaching me about their work. When you go into their waiting room there are a number of three ring binders loaded with patient testimonials all signed and dated with patients names and addresses, willfully placed there by the patients. These patients want the world to know who they are and the truth about what they have been through.

    Many of the stories included patients who were on deaths door until a family member somehow got them under the care of these to alternative heatlh care providers, and Im talking about serious conditions. Some had, like in this story been given up for dead. Sent home to die. They are all alive and well due to therapies like IV vitamin C and others. There are also photo testimonials of those who were scheduled for knee replacements due to bone grinding on bone, who after care from these alternative doctors they now have full and restored cartilage between their joints. The stories go on and on, all kinds of stories.

    In not one waiting room across America have I seen anything similar in any medical doctors office and due to my work I have been in a lot of doctors offices. Why? Becasue they don’t know how to fix a dam thing and their medicine brings death, not life. There are no long lines of patients with testimonials telling how they were, not just fixed, but cured.

    One story even made it to the local news. A gilr in Florida was dying after being sick for most of her life… now she was going to die. The doctors gave up. one of these doctors went to florida and started treatments and when she was strong enough to travel, being able to at least sit up she was taken to their clinic. She and her mother resided in a a trailer behind the clinic where she stayed as she received treatment. Now she is fully well and a shining light for the world . She had lyme disease, which the medical doctors failed to diagnose and consequently were ready to allow her to go to her grave.

    Lyme is fully curable now. But don’t look for treatment from your conventional doctors. They will likely kill you before cure you.

  5. Maria

    I saw this news report a while ago and I was very pleased that once again, logic prevail and not standard medicine methods. This is a good way to send to skeptic followers.

  6. Alexdenmark

    This is great Adam.! there is great similarity between the MMS and the C-vitamin story

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