Wolf to Henhouse: “Just Say ‘No’ to MMS!”

FDA Warnings
Who is there to warn the public against these?


The interest in, and use of “MMS,” which Jim Humble has recently dubbed, Master Mineral Supplement, continues, as the United Kingdom has publicly denounced the use of this product. Even the often reliable Wikipedia, which usually presents the appearance of unbiased information, now presents an entry on MMS that is a boldface lie.

A story in the BBC recently reported that the Food Standards Agency (FSA) praised a 15 year-old with Crohn’s disease for alerting it to MMS. Now chlorine dioxide, which is generated by using MMS (along with a citric acid “activator”), could in fact, help someone with Crohn’s disease.

“Why?”, you might ask.

It’s pretty simple. Anyone who has Crohn’s symptoms is going to have an inner system that is out of balance. I believe we can agree on this.

Balance is synonymous with health. When an individual not healthy, they will not be in balance. Yet, if balance is restored, health returns.

Most current medical treatment methods don’t restore balance. Not only that, most current living methods compromise balance on many levels. One of the most fundamental places where imbalance, and hence, disease is started, is in our water.

Chemicals are foundation of modern water treatment.
Chemicals are foundation of modern water treatment.

Current methods of water treatment are most effective in giving us water that looks good, but are ineffective in providing water that is actually healthy. In fact, water that comes to the tap, as well as many bottled waters are touted to be safe, are actually highly chemicalized, with chlorine (a bleach), fluoride, ammonia, and many other inorganic materials. And yet, in light of the urgent warnings against using MMS, the cumulative effects of this ongoing, daily intake of inorganic information is given no consideration anywhere in the current medical treatment matrix. According to the authorities, the bleach called MMS shouldn’t be used, but the bleach that is being used, without any input or consent by the public, is okay.

And if you don’t already know it, chlorine and chlorine dioxide demonstrate very different chemical behavior.

Humans are ingesting a multitude of inorganic and synthetic chemicals daily in going about the business of living life. A significant portion of this is through ingesting chlorinated water, about which no warnings or calls for reductions are being made.

When it combines with other materials, chlorine spins off another group of chemicals called, trihalomethanes (THMs). They are made up of chloroform, bromodichloromethane, dibromochloromethane, and bromoform. All of these are known carcinogens, which mean they can increase the likelihood of cancer. Imagine that this IS going on today, every day, each year, and for decades.

Look at some of the many pathologies linked to iodine deficiency, which is estimated to affect 2 billion people. Iodine is a natural antibacterial, and needed to produce the thyroid hormone. Potential problems include hypothyroidism, goiter, mental retardation and birth defects, and breast cancer.

Iodine is a member of a group of elements on the Periodic Table called halogens, as are chlorine and fluoride. However, it is the only essential trace element among them. In other words, iodine is essential for health. The other halogens are, in fact, harmful. Could it be that getting so much incidental chlorine and fluoride through water intake leaves less room for iodine, which we admittedly get too little of?

Yet, there are no warnings or suggestions forthcoming from the watchdog agencies of this dire situation or that we should adopt other methods.

Are you hearing me on this? Chlorination produces byproducts that are known carcinogens. Yet, it continues to be the “disinfectant of choice” among water treatment agencies around the world. According to, the chlorine industry “contributes” $46 billion to the North American economy annually. Included in their list their contributions:

  • Clean drinking water
  • 93 percent of all life-saving pharmaceuticals
  • 86 percent of crop protection compounds

“Clean” drinking water is not necessarily safe drinking water. Safe drinking water will actually hydrate you and reduce toxicity. Clean water, as it is presently treated, can actually increase the body’s toxic load.

While it may not kill you on ingestion, ingesting chemically treated, i.e., chlorinated water will slowly and steadily deteriorate health. One exception, based on its known chemical behavior, is chlorine dioxide, which actually decreases the toxic presence in the environment when taken in appropriate amounts.

Drinking is only one of the ways that we ingest water, and not even the major way. The main way that we intake water is through showering and bathing. It is absorbed directly through the skin. When water is chlorinated, we turn our showers into gas chambers, open our pores, and step in.

That is, unless we take conscious, and heretofore unconventional measures to counteract the effects of our “advanced” ways. Based on the results that people have reported after using MMS, it appears to be doing something beneficial. And yet, none of the “protective agencies” around the world have seen fit to investigate for right doing, so convinced they appear to be that something “wrong” is being done.

Chlorine isn’t the only chemical culprit that we have developed a blind eye and deaf ear to. Fluoride is right up there, having gained a privileged general perception as beneficial; so good in fact, that it is put in water, toothpaste, and supplement tablets, including some vitamins.

Is this an accurate picture of fluoride?
Is this an accurate representation of fluoride's effects?

Fluoride is a neurotoxin. Taking it on a regular basis can compromise health. Long-standing evidence bears the statement out. A 1992 report published by the New Jersey Department of Health found that bone cancer in male children was two to seven times greater in areas where water was fluoridated. Another study linked fluoridation of water to uterine cancer deaths.

There is no scientific or experiential evidence to support the FDA and FSA’s claims against MMS. It’s chemical behavior suggests that, if scaled down to sufficiently enough, it should reduce toxicity, and if that is done, health should improve. That is what has happened, and perhaps why the world is not being warned against using MMS.

We could go on for days listing the chemicals that, on a daily basis, are routinely ingested, either through water, in gaseous form, in our foods and beverages, or via airborne inhalation, which ultimately cause cellular stress and eventually metabolic dysfunction within the body. Not only are no actions being taken toward warning the public, reducing and replacing these methods, the remedies that we are offered to counteract the effects of these products — and are incessantly admonished to “ask our doctors” about — are also more chemicals.

Health care costs are rising, yet disease onset is coming earlier in life, and staying longer. Yet, MMS has been deemed by these and other “experts,” a dangerous bleach.

I’m inclined to believe that the 15-year-old with Crohn’s disease who, if we are to believe the story, notified the authorities about MMS, is most likely not aware of these nuances of its chemistry. The greater darkness, however, is awareness of his own chemistry which, even after several decades or even a lifetime, is a darkness shared by the general public.

The FSA and FDA should know better. They should be letting the youngster, and the public know about MMS, in the context of how it can actually help his young body reduce its toxic load. But then, that would mean dumping all the chemical stuff they have been supporting, and having to admit that they have been wolves guarding the henhouse and all its chicks.

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  1. I just found the following comment on a German forum:
    How dangerous is MMS in comparison to other medication?
    1) Take an unrealistic amount of MMS to prove how dangerous it is…
    2) Do not mention a similar approved medication …
    3) Avoid mentioning the deadly outcome from the use of some of those medication…
    Hi…hi…some members here are doing very well according to this anti-MMS-rule…
    oh I forgot, the comment goes on:
    Such tactics make MMS only more attractive to me, and they archive the opposite from what they want to achieve!
    I know what this gentlemen is talking about. Exactly my sentiments! 😉

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