MMS: The ‘Bleach’ is On!


Let’s give the FDA, Health Canada, the Ministry of Health (Japan) and National Health Service (UK), a round of applause and gratitude. With the able assistance of a league of similar “watchdog” agencies around the world, they have increased MMS awareness. The fact that the information they have spread is misleading or downright false, is of less concern, as there will be time and opportunity for clarification.

There will always be those who, trusting “the authorities,” will follow their guidelines to the letter. There will also be those who elect to do their homework, have seen the misplaced priorities and ulterior motives that are at play with announcements that claim to “protect the public.” This latter group will make their own decisions about what’s harmful or harmless about this “bleach.”

“Bleach” is also the subject of a new rash of debates about Jim Humble’s MMS protocol. Reciting the FDA chapter and verse, the nouveau MMS critics claim that chlorine dioxide is a bleach, as though that’s the beginning and the end of discussion. They dismissively proclaim that anyone silly enough to drink bleach must have a screw loose. Yet, the very same critics will very likely bathe or shower in chlorinated water each day, the effects of which are worse than drinking it.

If you didn’t already know it, chlorine is also a “bleach.” It’s a distinction worth knowing, about which the FDA must have thought few would notice, or care.

The term “bleach” is used in a pejorative context with regard to chlorine dioxide, yet since chlorine is also a bleach, then it is either equally “dangerous” (some people mistakenly assume it’s the same thing), or there really are different chemical behaviors at play.

This subject is covered in my documentary, Understanding MMS: Conversations with Jim Humble.  However, here is a thumbnail explanation.

Although chlorine dioxide has "chlorine" in its name,
its chemistry is radically different from that of chlorine. When reacting with other substances, it is weaker and more selective. For example, it does not react with ammonia or most organic compounds. Chlorine dioxide oxygenates products rather than chlorinating them. Therefore, unlike chlorine, chlorine dioxide does not produce environmentally undesirable organic compounds containing chlorine. [Source

The interesting thing about the chlorine versus chlorine dioxide conversation lies in considering the uproar over the new kid (chlorine dioxide), with the claims of its associated danger. It smacks of the tale of chicken little who declared that the sky was falling.

It wasn’t and didn’t.

MMS users have reported, and continue to report amazing improvements in their health, a fact that critics would rather not look at. The FDA only asked for negative information from the public in issuing their warning. If improvements from such a wide range of pathologies have been reported by actual MMS users, this should be cause for greater interest and attempts at confirmation, instead of attempts to shut down.

I write this as another group of sincere souls prepare to “race for the cure” this weekend, and the public is made to be more “aware” of breast cancer.

The radio announcer in the spots for this weekend’s “race for the cure” says that “we’re closer than ever.”

“Oh really?”

Suppose it is as simple as using the right bleach, and disinfecting a chemically overloaded body. Now I know that MMS is not a cure all. I don’t even suggest that it would be all that is needed. However, it is very effective at doing something that has been generally overlooked.

I’ll talk more about that further down.

Just today while writing this article the first time (a momentary power outage during an electrical storm sent it to the ethers), the phone rang. From Houston, the caller was inquiring about the Photonic Water transformation technology. Somehow the conversation turned toward MMS. She was quick to let me know she was familiar with this one.

Before I could say that I knew a thing or two about it, the caller let me know that she recognized me, and then said that MMS has helped her children improve dramatically from autism spectrum disorder.

A former ophthalmologist, MMS was suggested to her by another doctor friend. She said she had tried a multitude of ways to help her children, but they showed dramatic improvements after they began taking MMS. This was on the “old school” regimen. (Children were never given 15 drops at a time under the original protocol, but up to 3 drops per 25 lbs of body weight. That limitation still applies in the 8 hourly dose regimen.)

The caller is now practicing energy medicine, as her horizons have continued to expand after her original introduction to MMS. And yet, in spite of her success, she is at odds with the autism activist group, Defeat Autism Now! (D.A.N.), part of the Autism Research Institute. The group asserts that autism is treatable, but it appears that the “treatment” may also include a chemical-based component.

One of the salient points that I made with the caller, is that with all the hubbub about MMS being “dangerous bleach,” few are considering the effects of the daily bleaching that millions in America and around the world currently go through via chlorination. Many are trying their best to remove chlorine – resorting to expensive treatment methods – to no avail. This is one of the important aspects of water transformation that looms on the horizon.

The talk about the lack of clinical trials and publishing in “peer review journals” on MMS are laughable when you consider the absence of any long-term studies or published papers on studies on how health faired when water was treated without chlorine.

Furthermore, it would be interesting to observe the effects of removing synthetic materials – toxins, heavy metals, etc. – from the body. Chlorine dioxide appears to do this very well. Again, I say this based on results that have been reported.

For all the talk about “good” and “bad” bacteria, it has become evident that no living organism exists to do us harm. However,  the non-living, the synthetic, and unnatural will bring about cellular stress, disrupt metabolic function, and instigate one’s decline into degenerative disease. 

We have operated under the mistaken idea that technology is superior to Mother Nature, and we are paying the high price of our arrogance and ignorance. Yet, many still ignore what is staring them in the face.

Chlorine dioxide appears to discharge, by way of electron exchange, the low level, inorganic disruptors that are deemed close enough to the real thing, such as vitamin D, to be acceptable substitutes, in addition to such other additives as aspartame, MSG, and many more. In truth, they are not acceptable. They don’t kill you on contact, but they don’t help sustain or restore health. These facts are hard to deny.

What if autism spectrum disorder is simply one way that the body, and the being, responds to certain types and levels of chemicalization?

It has been demonstrated
that when chlorine interacts with the chemicals within the body, tertiary chemical compounds are produced. These compounds can be carcinogenic. Yet, this “bleach” is acceptable… not only acceptable, but its use unquestioned.

On the other hand, the “bleach” that people are reporting positive results from, is branded harmful and dangerous.

There is something far bigger hiding in plain sight that either the FDA and its cronies don’t see, or don’t want you to see. A public whitewash that has gone on for generations. Before installing a Photonic unit on my showers, I used to see that “ashy” stuff on my skin every day, and think it was “dry”. I now know it was the chemical bath that I had embraced as my own problem. They can try to run the game, but they can’t hide it anymore, because the bleach is ON!

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99 Thoughts to “MMS: The ‘Bleach’ is On!”

  1. Thanks Adam for taking Dr.Humphries link out! 🙂

    I did not expect for anybody to misuse this link!
    No more links from me on any MMS-sides that could be misused.

  2. Gilgamesh

    The people dont believe in stupid scientists, and their bad science, and they dont trust their dangerous drugs that kill thousands of people every year.
    My wife went to Canada in the 1950-s and she visited the Brother Andre Holy Church, in Montreal. And thousands of people went there and got healed.
    Last week Brother Andre was made saint by the Pope, and there will be even more people going to Montreal from around the World, for healing.
    The Holy Church not using MMS, but I hope they use MMS to purify the water they use for making Holy water. and I hope they also use structured water. In the next 10 years most people will be using MMS, and homeopathy,
    Vitamins, herbs, spiritual healing, and all other alternatives.

    1. Fine. Do whatever you want. If you ever need surgery, I’m sure a homeopathic anaesthetic will be all you need.

      Drink bleach if you want to. You never know, if you drink enough of it, you might even be eligible for a Darwin Award.

      BTW, if you don’t believe in stupid scientists, how exactly did you manage to post on an internet site? Don’t know how things are where you come from, but here in the UK, computers and the internet and all that were invented by scientists.

      1. Merculiv


        First of all it doesnt take a scientist to build a computer these days. A ten year old can custom build a machine far cheaper than any commerical system sold on any market. The internet was developed by DARPA as a defense project from the 60’s and 70’s an also for college universities.

        Anybody can be a researcher and it doesnt take a scientist to figure out whats good for the body or not. Again theres a big difference between chlorine dioxide and chlorine just as sodium chloride is different from chlorine. Please understand and learn chemistry better it surely would help you in this arguement.

        You are brainwashed beyond repair and its your fault you can’t change. I sort of feel sorry for your younger generations if they live long enough to know the real truth about real healing. In any case your words are not credible enough for anyone to believe.

      2. Merculiv, FYI I have a PhD in chemistry, so I know perfectly well what chlorine dioxide is and what bleach is, thank you very much.

        I think you’re the one who needs to learn a bit of chemistry, and more importantly, rational thinking, if you believe that drinking bleach is good for you.

        But hey, go ahead and drink it if you want. It’s not my oesophagus that you’ll be dissolving.

      3. Hi Adam,

        In some respects, I’m honored that you have deemed it worth your while to become the resident “voice of conventionality” in our little domain. Of course, it could be an assignment as well, given that you’ve shown no interest in the actual experience of people who take MMS, and have been dismissive, as though your knowledge, and the opinions of those that you respect, trumps the actual experience of MMS users. Your suggestion of an esophagus dissolving from use of MMS is almost funny, given your PhD and claims of knowing what you’re talking about. I wrote about a basketball player turned musician, Wayman Tisdale, who earlier this year, not from bone cancer, but from acute esophagitis due to the standard treatment that he was given. It wasn’t MMS. He could take an entire bottle of MMS and that wouldn’t have happened.

        Deaths like Tisdale’s happen every day, in your country, in ours, and in all the countries where attempts are being made to discredit and stop the therapeutic use of MMS. And yet, instead of acknowledging the travesty of this unnecessary carnage, you ridicule people who have looked at the reliable evidence, which suggests that other approaches should be considered, and have decided to do something else.

        Your presence here in the role that you’ve chosen to take, is confirmation that MMS is proving itself to be safe and effective, and is continuing to grow.

        Thank you for that.


      4. Lori

        Adam, consultant to the pharmaceutical companies, I’ve been wondering why, as a science-writer in the field of medicine, you show so little regard for truth. Every time you say stuff like “MMS has no beneficial effects” and “the only people who claim to have experienced a benefit from MMS are those who are trying to make money from it,” then all of us who have had some benefit from MMS (whether small or large) and who aren’t, in fact, selling it or being paid to tout it, see clearly that you’re not telling the truth. So then we realize we don’t need to believe other things you say either. If you’re really trying to enlighten us here, this doesn’t help your cause!

        What’s interesting about what you do here is that, either you don’t mind saying untruths when it serves your purpose, or you sometimes mistake your passionately held opinions for truth. Neither way reflects well on the objectivity of your own writing, and on your profession as a whole, which is already under a cloud for ghost-writing and for putting a positive spin on clinical data to serve corporate interests.

        When you treat our stories of how MMS has helped us as if they were paid lies, that’s just as disrespectful as if we said to you, “Your partner and your father weren’t really saved by pharmaceuticals, you’re just getting paid to say that.” You’d feel justifiably angry if someone said that to you, because it’s an abusive thing to say. If you tell us they were saved, then we respect your words, because you speak from your experience, just as we speak from ours, and that deserves respect.

        Just for the sake of fairness in disclosing one’s occupation, I’m a farmer.

      5. I repeat, I’m more than happy to hear of evidence of the benefits of MMS if it comes from a reliable source.

        Someone on a website saying “I reckon that…” doesn’t really cut it. Show me reliable, verifiable evidence, and I’ll listen.

        Lori, I’m not saying that everyone claiming to have had benefits from MMS is automatically lying or exaggerating because they are selling it (although doubtless many of them are). But just because someone believes they have benefitted doesn’t mean they actually have. People get better from colds and flu without treatment. You need to google “placebo effect” and “illusory correlation”, and you’ll understand what I’m talking about.

      6. Merculiv


        We don’t need to show you anything. We are not here to disclose personal information on patients but we are here to share the experience.

        You on the other hand will never get any of this chemistry because you are not a chemist or a doctor and therefore we wont listen to you. If you were to prove that you are by posting a copy of your PHD or degree in medicine that still shows nothing credible as to why anyone would take your word for it.

        One reason as to why the FDA (a private company) posted a warning out for users that have bought or used MMS is that its digging into their bank accounts. If a few thousand people can use MMS and get well that no longer need meds to feel better thats a big no no for the FDA. Less customers means less business and healthier people which is something the FDA apparently doesnt want.

        You know this just as well as we do so don’t avoid the information that I am posting by saying its all conspiracy theory stuff. Chemistry a 7th grader can understand and say is safe such as MMS will always make its way to where people need it.

        You came a little too late into the picture to stop the use of MMS and the more you try to spread disinformation the worse it will get for you. Sorry to see you in this predictament…the only way you can possibly win this arguement is by supporting MMS or giving up.

      7. I see. So the FDA is out to get you, but it’s not a conspiracy.

        I’m sure that makes sense in the alternative reality you inhabit. About as much sense as the idea that drinking bleach is good for you.

        Just don’t forget the tin-foil hat.

    2. Gilgamesh

      Hi Adam
      Not all scientists are stupid, only the stupid scientists are stupid.
      And some scientists who knowingly, or unknowingly trying to push bad science down people’s throats.

      1. So, your definition of a stupid scientist would be someone who wants to make decisions based on reliable evidence, rather than someone who falls hook, line, and sinker for some con-man, right?

      2. Gilgamesh

        Hi Adam
        Like I wrote not all scientists are stupid, but bad science and stupid scientists are everywhere. Like many scientists even today trying to prove, that Newton was right, that the precession of the equinoxes is relative to the stars, and sun, moon, and all other objects in the solar system. But Newton was wrong, the precession of the equinoxes is relative to the stars ,but not the objects in the Solar System. Even a 12 year old knows, the Swift-Tuttle comet debris the Perseids meteor showers come every year, Aug. 11-12,and this is the same date for the last 425 years. If Newton was right, this meteor shower today would be on Aug 5, and not on Aug 11-12. From the Gregorian calendar 1582
        But more then half of the scientists believe Newton, because he was Newton.

    3. Copy:
      In the next 10 years most people will be using MMS, and homeopathy,

      You are right, because that is what the Golden Age is all about> Besides, we won’t be able to afford doctors and medication anymore…
      But than we won’t be so sick anymore either, so no need for them!
      halleluja… 🙂

  3. Gilgamesh


    In my opinion, as more medical doctors will know, and see the results with MMS, I think there will be many more MMS healing centers or MMS medical centers all over the USA. And the FDA will do nothing about it, as they are doing nothing about chiropractors, and acupuncture.

    1. Just out of interest, Gilgamesh, can you actually point to one single medically qualified doctor who recommends MMS?

      1. Merculiv


        Thats such a broad question dont you think? I mean theres probably thousands of them out there. Thats like asking how many doctors drink green tea or recommend it to their patients. Of course its not illegal for a doctor to recommend MMS to their patients after working hours or off the record.

        Not every single medically qualified doctor in america has the same exact opinion about MMS. I personally know 10-15 medically qualified doctors that highly recommend MMS to their patients. Amen to them too! 🙂

      2. Oh really? Care to name one? How about a proper medical doctor with a statement about MMS on their website?

        It’s easy to say “I know lots of doctors who recommend it”, but there is no way for anyone else to know whether you are telling the truth unless you give names.

      3. Merculiv


        “Oh really? Care to name one? How about a proper medical doctor with a statement about MMS on their website?”

        Your the last person on earth I’d mention names to and secondly that’s confidential information. So eat dirt! :p

      4. Thought so. You just made it up.

        The fact is that there is not a single medically qualified, licensed doctor, working in a developed country, who would recommend this stuff.

        That should set off alarm bells for anyone thinking of drinking it.

      5. Merculiv


        There are big number of developed countries with legit doctors that are treating patients with MMS, Ionic silver, Gerson therapy, budwig diet, Robert C Beck’s blood electrification device. Every country other than the united states, canada, australia, and the UK are treating and healing cancer and diseases with these therapies.

        Your mental capacity is still stuck in the 1950’s and 60’s era apparently. Or, the severe brainwashing has got you so bad that you have no idea or logic about even the basics of chemistry. I really worry about your future… never knowing the full truth about the alternatives. Stuck in that one track mentality forever and ever… looking for that one miracle pill thats a promise of tommorrow that will never arrive in your lifetime.

        Do you ever worry about the real truth and corruption your stuck in? Does it suck to be you period? Ask yourself that question everyday you look in the mirror. Is it worth it to support the corruption to the grave? Or, is there still a chance to see the light and use what works. Of course you will never know that will you. We know that and you sure as hell know that this is the way your life will be forever. But who knows you might just accidentally snap out of it one day. Maybe there is a god somewhere in your world. 🙂

      6. “There are big number of developed countries with legit doctors that are treating patients with MMS”

        And yet you can’t name one.

        Now, re THE TRUTH

        An MMS supporter on a different website recently pointed me to as a good example of a website that tells THE TRUTH. Would you concur? Is that how you see the world?

      7. Merculiv


        There’s no need to be putting names out there to prove anything just like posting staments about MMS in a peer reviewed journal proves nothing. Im sorry I dont click spam links that people post it might be a virus. 🙁

        I know how I see the world though…without corruption and toxic pills and medicines that don’t work against disease and cancer.

        While your here Adam tell the audience what apple seeds and peach seed cores have in them. Vitamin B-17 right? I bet you never knew that now did you? Eating a bunch of these seeds everyday if you have cancer you can pretty much reverse the tumors quite fast. Eating 6-7 peach core seeds a day is a natural cancer reversing remedy thats been around for years.

        I have eaten a hand full of these seeds every other day and I am absolutly fine with no problems. High amounts of B-17 that you can’t get on any store chelf in america yet you can get the from organic plants from any health food store. Adam since you are the expert then tell them about how these seeds can reverse most cancers and diseases in just a few weeks. I am eager to see how you can degrade something that comes from the earth and is all natural.

      8. I’m perfectly familiar with vitamin B17, or laetrile as it’s also known. It’s quite a famous one from the crazy conspiracy theory world.

        It’s a common myth among conspiracy theorists that it’s a magic cure for cancer. In fact there’s loads of stuff all about how it’s a magic cure for cancer on the website. Are you sure you’re not familiar with that website? I thought it was a favourite website of all alt-med conspiracy theorists? Seriously, you should go and read it, you’ll find loads of stuff supporting your view of the world.

        Anyway, back to laetrile. This one, unlike MMS, actually has been tested in a proper clinical trial, and published in a
        reputable journal.

        And guess what? It doesn’t work. Not only that, but it’s actually poisonous as well. Your claim that it can “reverse most cancers and diseases in just a few weeks” is pure fiction. But I suppose you’re now going to tell me that that study had its results “altered” by Big Pharma (and presumably the FDA, the Kenyans, the guys who faked the moon landings, and whoever else is in on it) to hide the fact that it was actually brilliantly effective, right?

        Anyway, I think you have answered my question: even if you’re not familiar with (and I do find that hard to believe, as it really would be right up your street), it seems that you definitely appear to share their world view.

        One thing I don’t know, and would love to know, is whether you genuinely believe all that crazy conspiracy theory shit or whether you are just saying it in the hope that some people will believe you and buy some more MMS from you. But I don’t expect you to tell me.

      9. Merculiv


        The FDA has never tested the Gerson therapy or the use of MMS or vitamin B17 so you can’t base that on fiction or facts. You can base it on results which people have experienced and alive today for these therapies.

        I will not base these therapies on conspiracy theories… this is not a crime case or an investigation. No one has mentioned anything in this forum based on conspiracy except for when you brought it up. The moon landing was real and the terrorist attacks on america wasnt the work of our gov’t as some say years later. We don’t believe everything we hear on the news (CNN) to be true or factual information a majority of the time.

        Vitamin B17 in apple seeds and peach seed cores if eaten routinely are effective against reversing cancer. You have never studied the use of eating apple seeds for its immense healing capabilites on the human body so you would’nt know now would you. If you do say these therapies are fictional then where is this information showing it ineffective?

        What does conspiracy theories have anything to do with effective alternative medacines thats reverse cancer and diseases?

        Google up the budwig diet and its testimonials and also google up the gerson therapy and its hundreds and thousands of testimonials. Google up vitamin B-17 used by the american gov’t and also google up the suppression of B-17 from the western medacine. The american gov’t suppressing these supplements has nothing to do with any conspiracy whatsoever.

        It has to do with certain methods of healing from the alternative medacine field and certain vitamins that would rob the money from the pharmacutical companies.

        Recommending fresh apple seeds and apricot seed cores to cancer patients isn’t dangerous at all. In fact adam you should be encouraging cancer patients to be buying these foods and spreading their healing capabilities as much as possible. If you are truly about healing, health an well being then you will promote organic healthy foods that are local grown. You should recommend to all cancer patients that they stay away from ‘all’ sugars and artificial sweetners.

        Sugar in any form fuels tumor growth like throwing gasoline onto a fire. Stay away from MSG’s, fast foods, sugars, synthetic pills, chemo therapy and all forms of aspertame. Stay away from all hydrogenated oils, animal fats, red meats and chicken.

        Eat only raw organic fruits, vegtables and eating foods that are non organic are toxic with chemicals. Drink distilled water and add a teaspoon of celtic sea salt to your water morning and night. Get plenty of exercise and sleep and learn to use mainly all natural house hold cleaning products.

        Detoxify your body with MMS, molecula silver, colloidal silver and by superfoods and multivitamins. Drink plenty of distilled water when and where you can. Eat plenty of high fiber foods to ensure you have a clean colon for digesting foods properly and absorbing vitamins much quicker.

        If most can use any of these methods if not all of them then you are for certain to ever get any health issues such as cancer or disease. In fact you can reverse both with most of these health style changes. Its not a conspiracy but all factual and proven methods. Adam needs to go back to health school and needs a little math work too so please ignore him as much as possible. 🙂

      10. “The FDA has never tested the Gerson therapy or the use of MMS or vitamin B17”

        You don’t actually understand how the FDA operates, do you? They don’t test any treatments themselves. They review data submitted to them by those who have tested treatments, and then decide whether the treatments should be licensed or not. If Jim Humble believes MMS is effective, then it’s up to him to submit data to the FDA to prove it. But he hasn’t done that. Wonder why?

        “No one has mentioned anything in this forum based on conspiracy except for when you brought it up. ”

        So the FDA are “suppressing” all the positive data on MMS to protect their mates in Big Pharma, but somehow that’s not a conspiracy.

        Right … if you say so.

        “If you do say these therapies are fictional then where is this information showing it ineffective?”

        Read my last post again. I gave a link to the study.

      11. Merculiv


        As I have said before I dont click on links thats are possible spam links even though I could take your word for it. Sorry

        Also the thousands of users that come to these forums to read the posts already are in favor of MMS because they understand how how effective the stuff is.

        The don’t need an FDA approval to use such a supplement just as they don’t need approval to use vitamins. The supplements that come from food and the earth will never be used in the drug industry for mass profit and it never should be. 🙂

      12. Merculiv


        READ THIS:

        A few weeks ago, Daniel Smith of PGL (Project Green Life) a seller

        of MMS, was busy at work one morning when 5 men dressed in

        expensive suits walked in the door. They were from the FDA. They

        were there, they said, to enlist his cooperation in removing this

        dangerous chemical, MMS, from the market. They believed that many

        people would be going to jail for selling such a chemical. But they

        really wanted to give people a chance to cooperate. They mentioned

        no consideration, no advantage to those who did cooperate, nothing.

        They just wanted to give some people a chance to cooperate, they


        Their very attitude struck fear into all those who were there. Daniel’s

        partner, went immediately home, returned that evening and resigned,

        never to return. Daniel agreed to recall all the thousands of bottles of

        MMS that he had ever sold. He would cooperate as there seemed to

        be no other choice. Or —- that’s — the—way– it seemed. I wrote a

        letter to Daniel telling him not to listen to the FDA, but it seemed that

        he was determined to cooperate. In my Newsletter I went on record

        as being totally against Daniel caving into the FDA. I felt that users of

        MMS had to know that I was totally against caving in, in any way. On

        the other hand, Daniel left a little note in his email to me making me

        realize that he had something up his sleeve. I wrote him that I had to

        go on record as being against what the FDA wanted, but I would help

        him in any way I could.

        As it turned out, I had the Church, the Genesis 2 Church come up

        with $10,000 for Daniels defense. That’s one of the things the

        Church does, protect its members. And he used the money to create

        a Private Health Care Membership Association. It just happens

        that the Supreme Court has ruled favorably for private associations

        more than 30 times in the last 50 years. It happens that this country

        conducts its business in two areas, one is public, and the other is

        private. The FDA, CIA and all the other alphabet soups are not

        allowed to interfere in the private area except in cases of a clear and

        present danger. The various private government agencies which all

        the government agencies are, are formed to protect the public, not the


        There is an interesting point of law here I might mention. The

        FDA is a private corporation. They have an EIN number (employer

        identification number). They pay taxes. A private corporation has

        no authority over a private business. So how do they get authority?

        They must get a contract with any business in order to get the

        authority. The way they do that is they call you up and ask for

        permission to visit. Then they will come and visit and discuss many

        things, and during that time there will be numerous things you can say

        that will be assumed contracts.

        The situation was that the FDA made a big error in coming to Daniel’s

        business in the first place. They were so anxious to put the fear into

        Daniel that they did not follow the rules set by the laws and earlier

        court precedents. The law says that the FDA must notify the people

        before coming and then when they arrive they must tell the owner in

        clear language why they are going to investigate him. They may then

        make further appointments. They also didn’t send him a copy of the

        complaint. These errors are covered by the following court cases.

        ● Davis v. Scherer, 82 L. Ed. 2d 139 at 155;

        ● Armstrong v. Mauzo, 14 L. Ed. 2d 62;

        ● Grannis v. Ordean 58 L. Ed. 1363;

        ● Mathews v. Eldridge, 47 L. Ed. 2d 18.

        ● And others.

        At the advice of people who knew what they were doing he then wrote

        a letter informing the FDA that he would beginning to sell MMS to

        his private membership at a certain date and they had 10 days to

        voice their objections, if they have any. WELL, DANIEL IS NOW BACK



        decrease the number of sellers of MMS, they increased it as a result of

        scaring people, many people researched the law and found that they

        could indeed sell MMS Legally.

      13. Well, that’s very telling, isn’t it?

        You ask where is the evidence that vitamin B17 is useless, I provide it, and you say you’re going to refuse to read it.

        I believe that’s called the “la la la I’m not listening” argument.

        As for your stuff about your colleagues finding legal loopholes so that they can continue selling dangerous stuff legally, I’m not so familiar with US law, so if that’s what you say has happened, I’ll take your word for it.

        Perhaps you could share the information with your local heroin and cocaine dealers? I’m sure they would also like a way to find loopholes to prevent law enforcement agencies interfering in what they regard as their legitimate business. Could be good money in it for you.

      14. Merculiv


        What this really means is that the FDA is a private company and isn’t the law. As with any company in america… they must abide by the law and not just take action on their own.

        No matter what the FDA has up their sleeves as to stopping MMS (Chlorine Dioxide) in america from being sold as the FDA does with their drugs…. they can’t just do what they want.

        They (FDA) like any other legitimate company have to go through a process by the law. Any private company can’t just walk up to another company and tell them to get rid of their products because they ‘assume’ its a danger for human consumption. Which we know it already isn’t and never will be dangerous as long as we live.

        So you can go along with your convincing and hypothetical stories as long as you want… and this arguement that you are trying to prove that ‘mms is dangerous’ is all BS. The american people aren’t stupid and know what real healing is about.

        The laws are always in favor of whats right….. and no amount of money can keep corruption from suppressing real healing supplements such as MMS. The company I was referring to was Project Greenlife or PGL. The FDA did their very best to threaten them and failed. PGL will continue to sell MMS today, tommorrow and years from now and theres nothing the FDA can do about it even if it wanted to.

        I dont even work for PGL but I do support them because they are selling products that heal people from real sickos like the FDA. The law is the law… and you or I can’t change it because it is always in the interest of whats right. Whats right is for people to have the very best health no matter what.

        MMS is a product that is doing just that….to help people get their health back safely and effectively.

      15. Pleaaaaase Merculiv, do not get tempted to give their names to those two-faced self-apointed ‘quack-watchers’, as they call such doctors. We don’t want those doctor who still live by their doctor oat ans swear to do THEIR best to help mankind to be harassed by the likes of those AAMF here, like Adam did to Dr, Humphries, do we?

    2. JustMe

      “There are big number of developed countries with legit doctors that are treating patients with MMS”
      And yet you can’t name one.”

      I understand why nobody co-operates anymore and dishes out addresses online, especially after last time a address appeared ONLINE and 2 days later some TEENAGER informed this persons council to shut down his MMS business!
      Nice try, but we know by now how Anti-MMS Fanatics work and that they are bored stiff if they cannot get everybody’s attention to agree with them.!

      1. Have you stopped to ask yourself why a local council would want to shut down an MMS business? I don’t know how it is where you come from, but here in the UK, selling unlicensed dangerous chemicals as a health cure is illegal.

      2. Well, looks like where I live now and where I come from, people are not as brainwashed as in the UK.
        Teenagers are also better behaved there and show respect for elders and others in general, which you could do with a few lesson on!
        We all know that they authorities there by you are under one blanket with the FDA.
        But what I find interesting is the question what teenagers who need to grow up first and smell the roses, have to gain by terrorizing people online and reporting them to their local council? I see a trend in wanting to become famous , rich or both being the motivation of you AAMF. You should first learn manners before anything else!
        Read your M&S Bible and leave us alone. We are adults and can look after our-self! Thank you Adam… 🙂

      3. Just, Simunye, you guys are missing an obvious point. Councils are groups of responsible adults, working together according to well defined rules and on behalf of the people who elected them. They don’t just shut something down because some teenager told them to. They look at the facts. What Rhys did was find those facts and pass them along. They saw those facts and acted on them as they saw fit.

        If the countries where you live are run by teenagers or someone can effect a change of policy without being elected, and while they are still at school, then I worry for you! Next thing you know, some completely unknown and unqualified medicine man can turn up in your country and make all sorts of impossible claims, and people will believe him just because he seems to have the right connections. And then what?

  4. Gilgamesh


    I dont think there will be a Nobel prize for these low level experts, for trying to shove down misinformation on the American people’s throats.

    1. Merculiv


      I completely agree with you on that 100 percent! 🙂 Thank god the FDA don’t control information on the internet or America would really be in trouble.

      Of course people on the internet have rights to know the truth too and this day in age the internet is the best place to find tools for healing ones self. Of course doctors and the FDA can still exist with the basics and who knows maybe they might change their ways in the next ten years for the better. Who knows…

      I still say that the FDA could make just as much money if not more by using alternative meds for curing cancers and diseases. It doesnt have to be limited to pills and chemo therapy and that might be a big reason why most companies in america are having trouble with health insurance costs and coverage.

      But whats nice is that once the majority of america finds out that no matter what their doctor tells them and they arent getting any better… they have a choice to look in other areas. The internet is the best place to find resources for healing without the help of a doctor or having to worry about insurance coverage.

      Cheap, low cost, do it yourself methods for healing the body without toxic medications. If anyone wants true health in america then they have to find it for themselves and share that experience with others.

      This of course is just my personal opinion and I think that everyone should be independant in what they want for healing and not limited to their government’s ways. Of course its not all restricted at what one can do once they get sick with cancer for example. Right now as it stands that if you are diagnosed with cancer by your doctor. You have the right to tell your doctor that you refuse to take any treatment whatsoever from them. Tell them that you won’t sign any papers or make any agreements for them to follow through with any treatment.

      The first amentment rights give every american citazen this power to choose their own methods for getting well no matter what health condition this is. Every american has the rights to be a researcher and experiment with their own methods. Most people in america really don’t know this and automatically think that they need to get chemo therapy right away. And so they sign an agreement with their doctors which then gives the state the legitamite power to use only those methods for treating cancer in the body.

      By not signing any agreement to begin with there are no laws preventing you from doing whats right. Which is taking charge of your own health and using your own methods for cleansing the body. If every american knew this then they’d put the chemo therapy companies out of business and their would’nt be such a high death rate from cancer in america. Like some say in this world ” your health is your choice” which is true.

  5. Lori

    “Adam” of Dianthus Medical Limited:

    You say to the people on this forum who use MMS “I honestly don’t know how you sleep at night.” Your clients, the pharmaceutical industry, kill at least 200,000 a year.

    Sweet dreams!

    1. All drugs have side effects. But licensed pharmaceuticals have beneficial effects as well. When used properly (and I agree they are not always used properly) the beneficial effects outweigh the side effects.

      Conventional pharmaceuticals frequently save people’s lives. I wouldn’t have either a father or a partner if it weren’t for modern pharmaceuticals.

      MMS, on the other hand, has only toxic effects. The beneficial effects are all made up by the people who make money out of selling it. They do not really exist.

      My comment “I don’t know how you sleep at night”, by the way, was not aimed at the users, but at the pushers. I think we probably have both categories in the people commenting here.

      1. Merculiv


        ” MMS, on the other hand, has only toxic effects. The beneficial effects are all made up by the people who make money out of selling it. They do not really exist. ”

        Tell us then why does the EPA use this (Chlorine dioxide or MMS) for cleaning large amounts of water for human consumption? Why do most of the meat companies (USDA) use this same stuff for cleaning their meat plants? Are you saying that the EPA is toxifying the water and meat before the general population uses it and consumes?

        If MMS is so toxic as you claim then why does our own gov’t use this same stuff to clean our water? Answer this for us as logicially as you can. Gives us the details as to why they use toxins (as you claim) to clean the meat factories. We need a real explanation as to why your so confused about chlorine dioxide and its uses for healing the body.

      2. You seem seriously confused here. There is a really big difference between products used for industrial cleaning and products used for human consumption.

        The clue is in the dose. When chlorine dioxide is used for purifying water, you end up with a concentration in what you drink of about 1 part per million. MMS is a 28% concentration. Now, I don’t know what your maths skills are like. If they are anything like your medical science skills, I expect I would need to explain really slowly and carefully what the difference is between 1 part per million and 28%.

        Do I need to do that, or do you see it already?

        Alternatively, you could do the following experiment. Take any of the products you use for cleaning your kitchen or bathroom, and drink a pint of it, neat. Then let us know how you feel.

      3. Merculiv


        ” The clue is in the dose. When chlorine dioxide is used for purifying water, you end up with a concentration in what you drink of about 1 part per million. MMS is a 28% concentration. Now, I don’t know what your maths skills are like. If they are anything like your medical science skills, I expect I would need to explain really slowly and carefully what the difference is between 1 part per million and 28%.”

        It actually comes out to 22.4 percent to be exact. Also, a few drops of the mixed into a 12 oz glass of water dilutes it several hundred times weaker than the FDA claims that its being used after its activated. For example if you took a full bottle of tylenol which im assuming you already use and drank 30 pills in one sitting you’d of course overdose in the same sitting.

        Take 2 capsule of tylenol in the same sitting and im sure you probably would die but still toxify your kidneys and liver. Its not like most people are dumb enough to use the 22.4 percent drops of MMS striaight from the bottle. Its mixed with a full glass of water that brings those 22.4 percentage of drop way down to safe levels that can be used in the body.

        As with any medication that the FDA approves and doctors prescribe there are dose limits that the doctor writes on the bottle and im sure you are aware of this already. Anything in large amounts can make people sick like most of the FDA’s pills. Not only that the MMS doesnt leave anything inside the body after being used except a few trace amounts of sodium which is harmless.

        No I dont keep toxic chemicals under my sink so I cant drink any of those either. Maybe you do though…so fill yourself a glass of your own chemicals and we could watch you struggle for help after taking a few shots. Better yet… there will be one less fool disinforming this world such as yourself. Nice try though. 🙂

  6. You say MMS has health benefits, and yet you produce absolutely no reliable evidence of that. It’s all based on anecdote, marketing spin, and conspiracy theories.

    You may think it’s “laughable” to suggest that the total lack of evidence for your quack cure in peer-reviewed journals is a weakness. No serious commentator would agree with you. What is laughable is that you expect to be taken seriously when you sing the praises of a product that has absolutely zero supporting evidence.

    How would you react if pharmaceutical companies just sold their drugs without having to test them first? I don’t think you’d like that, would you? Why do you think you are exempt from having to provide any evidence?

    1. Merculiv


      “How would you react if pharmaceutical companies just sold their drugs without having to test them first? I don’t think you’d like that, would you? Why do you think you are exempt from having to provide any evidence? ”

      Then why has the FDA failed to label GMO salmon and its long term effects on humans and isnt tested? Or why has’nt the FDA tested the GMO approved foods that are grown for human consumption? Genetically modified foods are just as dangerous as all drugs that the FDA approved.

      We are reacting to the GMO salmon (which isn’t tested) as in “we would’nt eat salmon” period. Also, the general public doesnt use alternative therapies based on evidence… this isnt a crime case. They use these therapies because every doctor or medical professional hasnt gave them any healing options that truly work. They use these therapies from alternative medicince because others have healed from thier sickness and heard about it from the internet.

      The internet is a very powerful tool for finding information and no govt or private company will stop or suppress this information from being available to the public. It will never happen and it even in your wildest dreams.. cant happen. So quit trying… get a life and join us. If you can’t beat us then join us… you know you want to. You know you want out of the medical field and to be with the people that truly heal. Come out of your closet and drop the white coat.

      1. Right, so basically it’s a religion then.

        Are you dissatisfied with life? Feel that the world is unfair to you? That science and medicine don’t always have (or even claim to have) all the answers? You are not alone. Come and join us. Together we can imagine the truth of how we would like the world to be. Together, if we all close our eyes and concentrate really hard, the world will change to be just the way we want it to be. All we need is Faith!

      2. Dear Mike,

        Your preferred and respected method conforms to framework of religion as well. You’re welcome to be here and be the “voice of reason” for us wayward souls. But please note that no one sought you or people who see things your way out and began ridiculing your point of view. We have helped each other, and offer suggestions to those who have asked for it. And though you don’t give us any credit, we have come to our understandings about chlorine dioxide on our own, respecting that we possess sufficient intelligence to determine what may or may not work, and why.

        Please also note that we haven’t sought a site out that gives support to traditional cancer treatment adherents, to tell them how silly their treatment methods are, or how it represents true quackery, in spite of the appalling numbers that might support such a claim. The point is we respect your right to choose what’s best for you.

        A dialogue on this forum would be much more fruitful if you respected the intelligence, and the rights of the people that visit here, to learn, with an open mind, what their experiences are — if you’re interested. Otherwise, it simply sounds like you’re trying to convince yourself that you made the best decision, by denigrating someone else’s choices, even though it is meaningless here. If you haven’t noticed, no one is forcing you to try MMS, or even suggesting that you try it, or disrespecting your choice to do something else.

        Best wishes,


      3. Merculiv


        Welcome to the club my friend! Glad you can join us once again. 🙂 Did I mention somewhere that the FDA can’t stop MMS? Oh yeah they had a confrontation with a company that was given without notice and now they have to go to the supreme court. In which the FDA will lose of course… I can’t wait to see this backfire.. we will all have a good laugh. And hey we will all be in good health too right? So yeah…sit back and relax. Let the games, fun and good health begin. Round one!

      4. Sorry, not quite sure whether you’re saying approval of GM salmon is a good thing or a bad thing. Are you saying that it’s a bad thing because it hasn’t been thoroughly tested, or have I misunderstood?

      5. No… GM salmon is definitely NOT a good thing. It’s not about lack of enough testing. They are unleashing a Pandora’s box on the ecosystem and on the food chain by assuming that this is an acceptable fix without addressing the real factors that have led to a decline in natural Atlantic salmon populations. The ABSENCE of natural Atlantic salmon will have as much as an adverse impact as the unnatural new ones will.

    2. Merculiv


      GM salmon is a bad thing. But my point was mainly on the FDA not testing GM foods over a long period of time on the human body. GM foods can alter the way human cells operate over 3-4 generations. Not trying to stir up another arguement but instead trying to make anyone and everyone aware the dangers of GM foods period.

      The FDA might not be fully aware of the dangers of GM foods but in the next 5 years when the majority isn’t buying these foods then they’ll see the money dwindle because of this. It would’nt be such an issue if they at least labelled the salmon but since they aren’t then people aint giving money for it. They are doing more harm finacially to themselves by taking such action and of course a few of the smart ones know it.

      1. I agree 100%. The FDA’s ignorance of unnatural, vibrationally alien foods is very clear. Not labeling such foods as GM simply makes problem isolation — when it becomes apparent that a problem DOES exist — more difficult.


      2. Do you know, I think I agree with you that GM salmon is a bad thing, although I must confess I haven’t read enough about the subject to say for sure that I do.

        Anyway, why do you think it’s a bad thing if the FDA don’t test GM foods over a long period of time? You seem quite happy to sell MMS without any testing whatsoever being done on it.

        Why the double standards?

      3. Hi Adam,

        Genetic Modification is founded on a number of fundamental errors in thinking; one of which being the idea that man’s technology is superior to nature’s ways. Instead of being part of, and one with nature, and working in co-creation, we see ourselves as apart from, and lords over nature. Our supplier — the Earth, and all of LIFE that it supports — upon which we are totally dependent, is seen as our servant.

        We have taken a stance (or attempted one) of nature’s domination because we believe we can live independently of what Nature gives us. This idea has been sold throughout the “civilized” world. Genetic Modification is just one example of a pervasive syndrome. Our arrogant sense of “superior/inferior” thinking and capability applies to most, and can be seen in virtually all aspects of life. We organize into various groups who are deemed “learned” and capable of discerning what is true, and other groups who (we think) are incapable of such knowing (another fallacy). This syndrome applies to concepts of power and its counterpart, powerlessness, worth and worthlessness, strength and weakness, intelligence and ignorance. It’s the foundation of our class and caste systems, supported the concepts of royalty and subjects, masters and slaves, employers and employees, and doctors and patients.

        The fundamental error in thinking, is that everything and everyone is disconnected. We’re not. The imagined disconnection allows us to judge others as dominable, that unilateral decisions can be made on their behalf, and by force (for their own good) if they don’t give in willingly.

        Of course the governing and scientific agencies will not (admit to) see(ing) long-term evidence of potential harm if they don’t think that natural salmon habitats were valuable enough to be respected and protected, and that the declining numbers of natural salmon in the sea would not create other ecological consequences.

        Since humankind is not thought of as part of nature in the general scientific research community, then said community is going to be hard pressed to anticipate or “predict” problems from genetic modification before they manifest. They’ll most likely deny it when they see it, much like the tobacco people did with smoking links to lung cancer several decades ago. They will initially look dumbfounded when the truth is revealed, much like the puzzled look BP physicians exhibited with when people in the Gulf started getting sick from simply breathing the toxic fumes from the oil and Corexit spray. The physicians claimed to be unaware of what was causing the problem.

        An imbalance that we — humankind — have allowed to develop within the ecosystem *and our behaviors* (i.e., fishing), has led to a serious decline in salmon populations. Instead of acknowledging this and endeavoring to restore environmental balance, the agencies are supporting a patentable, marketable “product”, which looks like a fish, swims like a fish, and perhaps even tastes like a fish, but it is an unnatural mutation. As such, it will cause unnatural mutations, because we are part of nature, and the intention of our efforts — both positive and negative — will manifest until our oneness is recognized. Evidence of this can be seen in how growth hormones used to unnaturally fatten chicken and other poultry has resulted in changes in the growth rates of children, as well as the earlier onset of disease.

        Very little attention is given to the state of their ecosystem, and the effects of years of constant chemicalization and other environmental stressors. Chlorine dioxide has proven itself to effectively discharge toxicity on a large scale. Jim Humble scaled it down, and it has helped safely denature toxic accumulations that otherwise would continue disrupting health. Given the massive scale of changes and admissions that MMS’s efficacy would make very apparent, I am not surprised at the lack of interest in confirming the claims, and the misinformation campaign. But people are more intelligent than these groups given them credit for.

        There is no double standard with respect to MMS. It has been tested. Jim Humble began testing it and saw its results on two men with malaria before he knew what actually fixed the problem. It has been tested by doctors too. Everything an individual needs in order to make an informed decision is available.

        A disinterested, “we study for grants” research community won’t go near a subject that might bite the financial hand that feeds them. So with information readily available, it is incumbent on individuals to do their own research, and take responsibility for their decisions. Realizing that they are capable of putting together information and making an informed choice, they must trust their own intelligence.

        Researchers research, and then journals publish, all on an intellectual level. I weighed the information on MMS presented by Jim Humble and others, and then used it myself. I have shared my experience and insights, both with, and without charge. I don’t do it for the money. I do it because our system needs to change. We need to favor what works for many, over what is profitable for a few. When money is given more importance than health, something is wrong. And if we don’t acknowledge that the best options are not being used then nothing will change.

        I speak from my own experience about MMS, and know, with far greater certainty than the FDA or NHS who have NOT conducted a genuine study (and are not inclined to), what constitutes safe amounts. Others who have studied and used MMS speak from the same knowing.

        If you spend any time on this site, you’ll note that I don’t “sell” MMS. I certainly don’t tout it as a “cure” for anything. Unlike Jim Humble, I don’t even leave the healing to the body. It is the human spirit that heals the body when the soul is ready. When does that occur? When we are ready to forgive ourselves and others, to appreciate life, to give of ourselves and to be tolerant of others, knowing that kindredness lies underneath the apparent differences. When we remember that we are connected to all, including nature, we will once again be able to recognize, experience, and enjoy life’s gifts. We will stop stressing ourselves in fear and judgment. We will stop being our own worse enemies while blaming others.

        When that occurs, then virtually anything that one uses will help. However, some tools are more practical than others, and MMS is far more practical as a tool to remediate a polluted internal ecosystem than prescription chemicals that actually increase one’s toxic load. The results that intelligent people are realizing from its use is the true evidence.

        Best wishes,


      4. “There is no double standard with respect to MMS. It has been tested. ”

        So why has this alleged testing not been published in a peer-reviewed journal?

        Sorry, but until it’s published somewhere reputable, no-one will take it seriously. If you genuinely think it works, then publish the data you have.

        If you don’t do that, the rest of us will draw our own conclusions.

      5. You’re wrong about no one taking it seriously. I take it seriously. People who have healed themselves of everything from staph infections, to cancer, have definitely taken it seriously. You have all the information you need to take it seriously, or conclude otherwise. Publication in peer-reviewed journals will not change the reality. Look at the FDA approved chemicals that HAVE been published in peer-reviewed journals. Have they helped improve our dismal record in treating chronic diseases? Your conclusions are no concern to me, because you have to live with them, as I live with mine.

      6. Just out of interest, why won’t you publish the data? If it really exists, wouldn’t you want to convince a much wider range of people that the product is useful?

        You say that you are motivated by a desire to improve health and not by money. If that is true, and if it is also true that MMS is beneficial for health, then surely you would want mainstream practitioners to believe that MMS is beneficial and start using it for their patients?

      7. I would love mainstream practitioners to use MMS, and guess what… they are beginning to. Many of the calls that I get from people asking questions about it are from some form of health care practitioner, including doctors, or was referred to it by a practitioner. People are looking at the evidence, seeing the results that are reported, and choosing methods that indicate a higher likelihood of helping. This is how the system will change, not from the review of “peers” who have never had the problem, but from people who have had the problem and solved it.


      8. Even if that were true, it still doesn’t explain why you haven’t published anything. Perhaps you have a few people taking an interest in it now, but you would have far more if you published data showing that it is beneficial.

        I think we both know the reason why you haven’t published anything.

      9. You illustrate my point beautifully. If my direct answer to you doesn’t mean anything, then why would anything else?

        It’s not my job or interest in convincing you, or anyone else, of anything. Until you opened your mind, it wouldn’t do any good. And if you did open your mind, you wouldn’t need anything more than what’s already here. And yet if you asked earnestly for clarification on what YOU believe may be helpful to YOU, for YOUR understanding, you would receive it.

        Best wishes,


      10. I do have an open mind. If I were to read articles in peer-reviewed journals demonstrating that MMS were beneficial, then I would believe you.

        BTW, what “direct answer”? I asked why you haven’t published in peer reviewed journals. You haven’t answered that.

      11. You say you have an open mind, and apparently don’t realize that if you will only believe MMS is beneficial if it comes from a peer-reviewed article, then the “opening” is narrow, at best. You also suggest that, even though peer-reviewed and published, and FDA or NHS approved products can later be demonstrated to have been harmful, you would still trust them rather than your own intelligence and judgment.

        I didn’t need peer review reports to confirm what my own research and reasoning was telling me. I respect the fact that people who claim to have experienced improvements from using MMS, were most likely telling the truth. Some of them had the papers to “prove” it, but it was evident without it. If one’s mind is not jaundiced with doubt and skepticism, it’s easy to tell when someone is being truthful. They don’t have to sell you on anything. They tell their story as they experienced it, and you can take it or leave it.


      12. Yes, the opening is narrow. That’s the way it should be. I keep an open mind, but don’t automatically believe everything that some fast-talking salesman tells me. I want to see evidence. If I see good evidence that something that seems unlikely on the surface is true, then I believe it. If I don’t, I don’t.

        I think it was Richard Dawkins who coined the phrase “I keep an open mind, but not so open that my brains fall out”.

      13. Well, it’s good to see that we agree on something. I want to see evidence too before I spout off about anything. Relative to MMS, I have seen and experienced it myself, and spoken to many others who exemplify the very outcomes that Jim Humble originally experienced first in British Guyana, and then later in Africa. They became my peers, and unlike the ones that you put so much faith in, whose findings you read about in journals, but have never had the problem that they studied, I could talk to my peers. They could show me their healed wounds, describe the problems that evolved, how they sought to resolve them — typically seeking standard medical solutions first — how they discovered MMS, and the decision to use it, and their personal journey.

        You’re welcome to have as narrow a window as you’re comfortable with, but in doing so you limit yourself and lengthen the time it takes to gain YOUR OWN sense of truth. No one is above misunderstanding and misinterpretation, and some of the most “authoritative” sources can be tools of misinformation.

        Best wishes,


      14. We only have your word for any of that. If you actually had any evidence for it, you could publish it.

        You haven’t published any of it. I shall draw my own conclusions.

      15. You still seem to think that I care about your conclusions.

        Be well.


      16. No, I don’t think you care at all what I think. I’m sure you have a nice little business model going which is completely unaffected what I think, just as long as there are enough vulnerable, desperate, and gullible folk out there who believe that MMS can help them.

        You are, however, being a little inconsistent. You have stated previously that you genuinely believe MMS to be something capable of improving health, and that you are motivated by a desire to improve health, rather than simply making money. If both those things were true, then you would care about whether mainstream scientists believed MMS to be helpful, because if they did, then MMS would be much more widely used, which according to your stated beliefs, would be a good thing.

        Clearly, however, given that you don’t care whether mainstream scientists believe you, one or both of those things is not true. But that’s OK. I didn’t believe them in the first place.

    3. Lori

      Adam, I just clicked on your name by accident and it took me to your website. How VERY interesting that your business offers “clinical data management services to the pharmaceutical industry.”

      1. So I’m just part of the conspiracy, right?

        You’ll also spot from my website that I’m a qualified medical statistician, so I’m well qualified to judge when someone is making bullshit health claims.

        I would tell you to go and get your information from a reliable source. But if you believe that there is a huge global conspiracy to shut down MMS and make everyone ill, which includes me, the FDA, the governments of several countries outside the US (including Kenya, who are not normally known for being part of big US-backed conspiracies), and a great many doctors etc who have blogged about this, then clearly there’s not much point. I take it you would just assume that anyone saying MMS is poison, no matter who they are, must be part of the conspiracy too, right?

        Can I ask you a genuine question? Clearly my telling you that MMS is a poison doesn’t convince you. I understand and respect that. What would convince you that MMS is a poison?

      2. I’m going to chime in on your last question… RESULTS. This is not about conspiracies. It’s RESULTS. People are being told that poisonous chemicals are their only hope for cures for cancer, and the products have been approved by the agencies, and journals that YOU respect. However, the RESULTS suggest otherwise. MMS has yielded RESULTS that suggest it is not harmful, but is actually doing something beneficial, and you, a self-proclaimed scientist, DENOUNCE it because your “peers” haven’t reviewed and endorsed it. Let’s compare RESULTS. If that is done, it will become not only evident that MMS is beneficial, but that the crap that PROFESSIONALS, SCIENTISTS, and their PEERS have been ramming down the public’s throats for generations, have been the problem masquerading as a solution, all along.

        Fascinating that I don’t care if you believe or don’t believe in MMS to try to convince you, but you care that others DON’T believe, to try to convince them, when the EVIDENCE that you suggest isn’t supported by KNOWN RESULTS.

      3. Oh, just another thought, Lori.

        I understand that you don’t trust anything I say, given that I am part of the great global conspiracy.

        But do you trust your own doctor? Why don’t you ask your own doctor what he or she thinks of MMS?

      4. I’d love to compare the results. Publish them, and then we can.

        Of course you won’t, and you and I both know why.

        I’m just hoping that some folks on here who may have been taken in by all your slick sales pitch will think about why you won’t publish your data. I don’t actually care too much if someone who knows what they are doing chooses to drink bleach and makes themselves ill, but it makes me really angry to find that some people are poisoning their kids and their pets with this stuff. I honestly don’t know how you sleep at night.

    4. Merculiv


      ” Oh, just another thought, Lori.

      I understand that you don’t trust anything I say, given that I am part of the great global conspiracy.

      But do you trust your own doctor? Why don’t you ask your own doctor what he or she thinks of MMS? ”

      No one here ever mentioned anything about you being apart of any great global conspiriacy? We never knew anything as such existed until you pointed this out? We are talking about alternative medacines and why MMS works and the hundreds of thousands of users that benefit from it across this country….which the FDA cant ever stop.

      If you didnt already know… no matter what your doctors think (in america) they can’t use non-orthodox medacines on thier patients. Come to think of it I think a huge majority doesnt really care what you think or what your perceptions are about MMS.

      As I have said before and I will say again… MMS is here today and it will be here the next ten years. When I am 50 years old MMS will still be used and your objective of course will have failed. No matter what you say or how much you try to convince the majority of people that use MMS… I dont think you will ever get your point across.

      The FDA has lost the battle against MMS and will continue to lose and the more media stations across the country that post articles about MMS the better. The more determination and effort the FDA puts into suppressing alternative medacines like MMS the more deception gets exposed to the public. I don’t think many people across the country can trust most doctors and the insurance they try to deplete to make more companies rich with their toxic drugs.

      The information is spreading way to fast and a lot more people don’t look forwards to throwing any amount of MMS away as the FDA suggests. Just think as we sit here and talk about the use of this stuff that several hundred people are already buying this stuff and passing it on to thier sick families and healing which means less drug use and less money for the drug companies.

      The more people we can get to use MMS and heal themselves the quicker we can get the population to see the truth of how corrupt the medical system really is. Im sure the drug companies are already watching their bank accounts dwindle. Im looking forwards to seeing the drug companies go broke in my lifetime.

      Popping pills and chemo therapy sure isnt going to heal the sick from cancer or disease….never has and never will.

      1. A bit optimistic, isn’t it, talking about when you are 50 years old? If you are an MMS user and you’re currently younger than about 48, I don’t think I’d have too much confidence that you’ll reach 50.

        Still, your health, your choice.

        Although perhaps you’re just an MMS pusher, and we all know that the smart pushers don’t use the stuff they sell, as they know how dangerous it really is.

        And I do find it amusing that you say you haven’t mentioned a conspiracy theory, and now you seem to be saying that most doctors are in on the conspiracy as well.

    5. Merculiv


      Yes. I am saying all doctors that abide by the current medical system are trained to use only those methods that are proven ineffective against healing cancer and disease. Also, most doctors dont even know that there are true cures for reversing cancer or disease such as MMS does. Of course I am not a doctor and neither are you so what makes my story less true than yours?

      Even if you were a doctor or claim to see alternative medicines posted in peer reviewed journals what does that prove? Also, its chlorine dioxide and not chlorine. How many times do we have to tell you that MMS isnt bleach?

      You must have some serious brain damage from all the pills you been sneaking in from your doctors office or poisoned by all the pills that you know in your mind work.

      First of all I do use this stuff (and you should too) and no I dont sell it. What I dont get is that you are not smart enough

      1. So, let me get this straight:

        You are saying

        1. You are not a conspiracy theorist

        2. All medical doctors have been trained only to use methods that have been proven to be ineffective, but of course haven’t been told that they are ineffective

        Did I miss anything?

        BTW, you can tell me as many times as you like that MMS isn’t bleach. But although I’m not a medical doctor, I do have a doctorate in chemistry, so I’m not going to believe you.

      2. Oh, silly me, of course I missed something:

        3. That all medical doctors have been brainwashed to make sure that they are incapable of being able to tell the difference between effective and ineffective treatments.

        Obviously, without that, THEY would never get away with part 2 alone.

      3. No, on second thoughts, I’m confused.

        My option 3 in the last post could be correct, or it could be that all medical doctors are actually in on the conspiracy.

        Which is it? I really don’t know. Why is it that all mainstream doctors only ever prescribe ineffective treatments and warn people against effective ones? Is it because they are well meaning but have all been brainwashed, or is it because they are part of the conspiracy?

      4. Gilgamesh

        Everybody, know there is a conspiracy, It was on CNN, Jessie Ventura Uncovered it last week , that they are poisoning us with aspartame in most of our foods, and want to force vaccination on everybody, etc. And all these very low level scientists and experts dont even know or dont want to know. I think, some of them even feel good to be a part of this conspiracy , and poisoning and murdering thousands of people.Jessie Ventura call it; the soft kill, slowly over a longer time.
        So this is not a very big surprise, that they are trying to suppress MMS with lies, and spreading fear, and deliberate miss information.

  7. Bruce

    Hi Adam, great work as always. I’d like to briefly comment about chlorine dioxide and oxidation. Oxidation is not, as many assume, the chemical combination of a “fuel” with oxygen into a molecule. The term refers to any reaction at the molecular level where electrons are exchanged. Any “oxidizer” is an ion or molecule with a certain charge, or Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP), expressed in volts, which indicates the kinds of substances it can exchange electrons with. Chlorine dioxide, at .95 volt, is a WEAK oxidizer, meaning that it will not interact with substances that have strong covalent bonds, such as healthy tissues. It will ONLY oxidize pathogens and toxins in the body that are foreign to its healthy cells and systems. Bruce Tanner, Mh, Dh, Genesis II Church of Health and Healing

  8. Lori

    Go, Adam! Keep those clear thoughts coming!

    1. Nice of you to say so. Doing my best, although there are others round here with some seriously muddled thoughts.

  9. mmser

    As an mms user for 4 years I can tell you that the long tern effects of mms are very damaging. How can you continue to support Jim Humbles claims?

    1. My question to you is… IF you feel that MMS is damaging TO YOU, then why have YOU taken it for four years (as your screen name deceptively suggests)? Do you see how disingenuous YOU appear here?

      Your anonymous and vague references to “damage” are also telling, but I will act as though you are being truthful for those who are earnestly answering this question for themselves.

      People who are GENUINE, and GENUINELY want to help themselves, don’t “damage” themselves. They get very specific about problems and procedures, and they want to be clear on how to get the best out of life. They t do so by using their intelligence, seeking help, guidance, on what ADJUSTMENTS they need to make. But then, it is apparent that you’d rather people think that the MMS was doing the “damaging” rather than YOU DAMAGING YOURSELF.

      If you have been using MMS for 4 years (which I find hard to believe), you’d have quite a bit more to say about your experience — your reasons for taking it, your journey, what you learned, etc. — than what you shared. You are, in effect only acting as a shell for the FDA’s claims, which, if MMS is used as suggested, are specious and false.

      I am not supporting “Jim Humble’s claims.” IF you read the article, you’ll note that a medical doctor told me HER TRUTH, WITH GRATITUDE AND JOY. I support that. Jim Humble brought THIS use of chlorine dioxide to the world’s attention. HE is NOT responsible for what YOU do, any more than a regular medical doctor would be responsible if you misused the Coumadin (or some other drug) that he prescribed you. The only difference is that any use of Coumadin, or drugs like it, is going to be damaging.

      My question to you is how can you NOT feel that truth, share the doctor’s joy at finding something that helped her children, and not re-examine YOUR methods and what YOU might change, IF you really wanted to improve your health? How could you not ponder how extended exposure to chlorine, begun LONG BEFORE MMS came along, might have affected, and BE AFFECTING your health? You make NO reference to any of these factors, and stuck to the program.

      You are your own problem.

      This doesn’t have to stay that way. You can change this situation. In order to do so, you’d have to take responsibility for YOUR choices.

      If YOU are willing to acknowledge that YOU “damaged” YOURSELF, then YOU also can see that YOU can and will HEAL yourself.

      MMS can HELP you do it, but the KEY FACTOR is YOU. If you research this site, you will find that message communicated loud and clear here.

      May the TRUTH be with you.

      1. mmser

        Why are you attacking me? I am stating the truth. My name: Rev. Dr. May (you know me) and I have taken mms for 4 years and I have long term damage from mms. In the beginning mms was good and worked. Jim does not disclose a lot about mms and long term effects are one of those items Jim does not disclose. Long term use of MMS destroys red blood cells, causes premature aging, oxidative stress and yes there is more. I am sorry that you feel the need to attack me. I am merely stating the truth.

      2. Dr. May — if I know you (and I have vague recollections of previous interactions), then you know that my response to your post was not an “attack”.

        Ultra sensitivity is a great way to keep conversations shallow, and deep seated pain ingrained. I respect your experience as your own, but you do not speak to the experience of the majority. Plus, you have the power to change your future, if you don’t dwell on what you believe is a negative past.

        Your truth is YOUR truth. The woman who I referred to earlier described events that happened several years ago. It was HER truth. If you don’t like YOUR truth, then you can change it. We all have the power to change it. MMS can help, but the individual… in your case, YOU, must be willing to empower YOURSELF. The fact that you think I am “attacking” you shows where you presently are. There’s no “sin” in seeing one’s self as a victim, but it’s no fun, and unnecessary.

        You can’t speak for the behavior of others’ blood cells, especially since predominant experience doesn’t support your claim. You are responsible for your own, as I am responsible for my own. By my claiming responsibility for my choices, does that mean I’m “attacking” me?

        Why don’t you disclose what Jim isn’t disclosing. And on the other hand, why not consider figuring out what you can do to heal your blood cells, since you believe they are damaged. Or are you suggesting that it is irreparable?

      3. mmser

        I understand your reputation is on the line and that is why you are defending mms and Jim Humble. But if you would expand your vision and step aside from what you have been told you would see. The truth is mms has long term side effects.

      4. This is not about my reputation. You seem to prefer sticking with the idea of being damaged, rather than healing, and then want the readers to believe that only damage awaits. You ignore and dismiss evidence to the contrary, and offer no helpful insights on how YOU got to where you are, and how YOU can get to where you say you want to be. I can only conclude that you want to stay there. Even that’s okay, but it is irresponsible to lead people to believe that they WILL damage themselves, when in fact, the evidence doesn’t support it. It is equally irresponsible when truly harmful drugs are given (as evidenced by the persistence of sickness, disease, and death) by doctors IN SPITE OF predominant results, while remaining blind to the benefit that may come from other means.

        My interpretation on how and why MMS works differs from Jim Humble in several areas, but I am clear that it is a more effective tool for a myriad of conditions, and if it is understood, then NO “damage” is going to be done. The results would verify the correctness of use, or indicate when and where changes should be made.

      5. I can’t believe that you can write this and not see it as an unfriendly thing to say to someone.

        More importantly though, you go on about how your anecdotal claims for the effectiveness of MMS are sufficient reason for everyone to use it, and that “no-one” has suffered any adverse effects. Then when someone pops up with anecdotal evidence that they have suffered adverse effects, you go all religious on them and tell them that their state of mind, and not their ingestion of bleach, is the reason for their ill health.

        Let’s be clear: you are selling a faith position, not a medical cure. However you (and Mr Humble) describe it in such a way that it appears as if you are describing something scientific. You are not. You are selling faith healing. Unusually, you are also selling faith healing based on something which is dangerous rather than, for example, something with no ingredients at all, such as homeopathy.

        I wondered whether you were a nice, honest but mistaken person. This unpleasant response of yours to someone who has suffered through taking the very advice you and Mr Humble have been dispensing, answers my question. Thank you for clearing that up.

      6. From one person to the next, my reply will touch them according to where the reader is. Your impression won’t get unanimity, any more than my opinion will be. My response was honest, and as I see it, as I assume yours is. I am not simply taking a position without supporting *independent* evidence, even though you might be inclined to dismiss it. The comments that I made were in response to conclusions presented that have not been corroborated as a pattern of effect. As I said, there are TENS OF MILLIONS of people who are suffering from the list that she mentioned, who have not taken MMS, and don’t know what it is. However, they have taken drugs. They HAVE been chemicalized. They have been under constant stress. There are MANY factors that can be pointed to that might be causative other than MMS.

        Talk about scientific research is overrated, given how it is practiced today. True “scientists” would hear the controversy about MMS and step up and say we’ll study it and confirm. If this stuff helps ALL THOSE AILMENTS, we need to know for certain! THAT’S true science. If you haven’t noticed, no one is doing that. No one is replacing antivirals and antibacterials with MMS and seeing what happens. Why not; especially when many of these products are expensive, time and energy consuming, and most importantly, ineffective?

        The laboratory setting of “selective scientists” are more anecdotal than the reports of actual MMS users. If someone you knew and trusted, and knew had no other motivation for saying what they said other than it was true, got over a serious illness, you might be inclined to consider it yourself, especially if the price that the doctors asked you to pay, was the loss of your organs, or a long round of poison sickness, or even death.

        Actual experience is more telling than a laboratory setting, yet we base many of our scientific assumptions on dry, unrealistic, empirical “data.”

        The true “faith” selling is in the scientific method which doesn’t have acceptable results to show for itself.

        Are you really satisfied with current cancer treatment methodologies and results? Do you think they are acceptable? Do you think there are no other ways to treat cancer other than what your doctors used?

        I met a man today who had, and healed himself of lung cancer 30 years ago. Guess what? He didn’t use chemotherapy. He didn’t use radiation. I’m looking forward to interviewing him. To this day, the public is led to believe that chemical options, along with surgery, are the ONLY ones.

        You are free to your opinion of me Mike. I wish neither Dr. May, nor you any disrespect or ill will. It’s great that you consider the cancer treatment that you received to have been a success. That’s really all that matters… for you. My opinions about MMS come from what I have seen for myself, experienced personally, and has been shared with me by others.

        A man told me today of the parasites that were expelled from his wife’s body after taking MMS. Again, this was after other methods that she tried proved ineffective. He was free to tell me anything that happened. People aren’t simply telling me this because they think I want to hear it.

        Orthodox medicine does not have an enviable record with respect to success at helping people regain their health from cancer and many other diseases. If they did, there’d be no need for MMS. If MMS was really dangerous, had really caused great harm, then users would freely say so. And that would be end of story.

    2. Bruce

      Questions: 1) How were you using MMS? 2)How, specifically did MMS damage you? 3) Are you on someone’s payroll in a campaign to discredit the use of this miraculous substance? thx, Bruce

      1. RevDrMay

        I used MMS for 4 years and as directed by Jim Humble and in the beginning it worked to clear everything out, which was good. Taking MMS long term causes damage to the body. I do not suggest taking it beyond the period needed to clean out the body. A maintenance dosage should not exist.

        Long term MMS use causes:

        * cardiovascular disease
        * degenerative diseases
        * premature aging
        * atherosclerosis (plaque in blood vessels)
        * cancer
        * arthritis
        * cataracts and vision loss
        * neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease
        * autoimmune diseases
        * and many other health problems generally related to aging.

        I am not on anyone’s payroll. I am a private individual. Why are you people so paranoid? Just because I state that MMS has long term side effects, immediately I am accused of working for the FDA. That is insane thinking on your part. Maybe, just maybe what I am saying it true. I do not have anything to gain by posting here or stating what I know.

        Do not take my word for it, ask a doctor… Oh that is right, Jim says not to talk to your Doctor about MMS use. Ever wonder why?

        I have tried to give you some good information but it has been taken and ripped to shreds. What kind of people are you anyway? Who does that?

        Hopefully my comments has helped at least one person out there.

        Rev Dr May

      2. Dear Dr. May.

        You are entitled to your opinion and belief. If it worked in the beginning to “clear everything out,” then why did you take it long-term? What were you clearing out, and once it was done, why did you not listen to your own guidance? Do you not listen to your own body when it tells you that enough is enough? I had a MAJOR blowout of toxicity after taking just 4 drops of MMS, on the fourth day. I didn’t continue marching on toward 15 drops simply because Jim Humble said so. I’ve never taken that much. I listen to my own body, and trust its guidance.

        Jim Humble isn’t responsible for your choice to continue using MMS after there was no need.

        I am not defending Jim Humble here. You lay out a long list of conditions that you claim MMS “causes.” You state it as though this is a foregone conclusion. It is YOUR conclusion, and there is little evidence — beyond your experience — to support. There are TENS OF MILLIONS of people who are experiencing the ailments you listed, who don’t know a thing about MMS and have never taken it. Did it occur to you that something else might actually “cause” such diseases?

        Yet, you also come across as a person who apparently doesn’t listen to, or didn’t listen to her body’s feedback, and now is making Jim Humble or MMS responsible. I don’t hear you taking any responsibility for your choice to not follow your inner guidance. You wouldn’t be alone, but when do we stop blaming others for our problems?

        I am not on anyone’s payroll either. I am also a private individual. I do talk to doctors, irrespective of what Jim says. And for all the titles you have given yourself, and all the education they suggest that you have, you don’t seem to recognize the voice of a wounded, victimized child that comes through in your post. You seem to think that if Jim has said not to do something, or to do something, then anyone who supports MMS must being doing as he says. Not so.

        Thank you for your contribution to the discussion, and I am sorry for the misfortune that you have encountered. I am sure someone has been, or will be helped by your speaking up.

        For that I am grateful.

        Best wishes to you,


      3. Bruce

        Dr. May, You did not answer exactly how you used MMS, or how you were hurt. You just gave a laundry list of “bad” things it does – “Ask a doctor.” Many doctors are using MMS. Documents from the FDA itself confirm that sodium chlorite and its derivatives do no harm in the body, including to the blood.

        You say “Hopefully my comments has helped at least one person out there.” I say, hopefully anyone needing support for their wellness will realize that your comments contain no substance, only unsubstantiated allusions to unproven, hypothetical problems with MMS.

    3. If MMS is so damaging how is it that you used it for 4 years?
      Perhaps you have other health concerns that you did not address properly, such as nutrition, mental health, exercise, genetic errors, vibrational densities, and other forms of disease causing behaviors or agents that MMS cannot alter.

      1. Oh, I see that you already took on this Rev. Dr. May.
        God bless her soul. When I read such diatribe I don’t know weather to laugh or cry. It is not without its own peculiar pathos.

      2. Rev Dr May

        You people are awful. If anyone says anything against mms you people go for the jugular. Point proven

      3. We are all “people” Dr. May. And apparently, we only hear what we are willing to hear. Disagreement with your point of view doesn’t make us awful any more than your disagreeing with us makes you awful. Why go there? The questions raised are legitimate. You can ignore them if you want, which appears to be your preference and prerogative.

        I have sent you well wishes, understanding, acceptance of your viewpoint, and respect. You apparently didn’t hear, or FEEL that.

        Point proven.

      4. Actually no, you people are behaving pretty awfully.

        Perhaps deep down you also know that.

  10. Great job you are doing Adam.! Love and light from Denmark

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