Making a Real Stand on Cancer (and All Disease)


You can call me the Grinch that stole Christmas for cancer fundraisers. I am as passionate as anyone in my desire to see the end of cancer as part of the human experience, but the billions that are raised each year constitute a monumental missing of the point of the highest order. Cures for cancer and other diseases are available now, have always been. We have simply blinded ourselves from seeing. As such, our predominant methods actually keep us from achieving the stated goal.

According to a 2008 paper published by the Rand Corporation, funneled along three prominent tracks

  • drug development
  • biotechnology, and
  • medical technology

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that in 2010, cancer will become the leading cause of death in spite of $65 billion invested in cancer research by the pharmaceutical industry, and another $30+ billion by the National Institutes of Health, state and local governments, and private non-profit organizations.

Almost $100 billion raised in the United States alone for cancer research in one year. Yet, methods that show not only promise, but demonstrated effectiveness, such as Jim Humble’s chlorine dioxide delivery protocol, MMS, are first shunned (e.g., Gates Foundation, WHO), or ignored (FDA), then as the amazing stories of recovery and relief pour in, they are attacked (Health Canada, FDA, FTC).

With that said, this article isn’t about MMS, or about fundraisers. It is about where the true power to heal lies, and where it begins.

Inside you and me.

You are the answer to your disease, as I am the answer to mine. We are the “missing links” in the search for the “cure”.

And guess what? We’re only of value to the cancer research community as laboratory test subjects. Results reported by people who have healed themselves using something than drugs, are dismissed as “unscientific” or “anecdotal.”

Yet, research in the area of quantum physics and consciousness studies indicate and confirm that we are much more than people who can sign forms and give consent for procedures to be done on us, or products to be given. We are the one who give the products and procedures the ability to hinder, or actually help us.

If we have been experiencing disease and choose to be well again, then we will be the ones who heal ourselves. It need not be through a journey where conscious awareness is raised, but it can be. The power of choice, or shall I say, the power in choice, has been grossly under-estimated.

Wishing and choosing are two different things. I imagine that the number of people who wish to be well again is most likely as high as the number of people who are sick. But the number of people who chooser to restore their well-being is much smaller, as evidenced by the fact that disease has become a $100 billion growth industry.

Let’s agree on one thing here. You’re not likely to get the detailed map on “what to do” to heal yourself in this one article because it is a personal journey. Yet, if you understand and accept that the power rests within you, your journey will have begun.

There are things that you can do to begin, which I will explain as we go along.

It is, and is not a simple task to accept that you have the power to heal, because depending on the acuteness of the illness, it will have become a preoccupation, not to mention that you don’t believe that you can change it.

If the power to heal is within you, it begs the question, why would you have created disease for yourself in the first place? There is no rational answer to that question, and the lack of a rational answer as to why anyone would choose illness becomes the reason to believe that the ability to heal at will is not innate.

Another reason to disbelieve in our innate healing ability, is that if we acknowledge that the power is within us, it would mean that it is currently being used to create and maintain our susceptibility to the disease.

It suggests that we give situations, people, or circumstances power over us. This is a bitter pill to take at first. However, with it comes relief in the idea that we can choose, at any moment in time, to rise above former limitations.

The journey begins by choosing to see life, and ourselves – actually imagining – differently.

Healing is an Inner, and Very Personal Process

No matter what you take, or what you allow someone to give you in order to “get well,” the true catalyst starts on an immeasurable plane. It is the plane of intention. Again, this is not a place where wishes are sent, or even prayer.

While prayer is powerful, it is most often presented like a plea for mercy or clemency, by one wanting to be released from prison. It’s not done from a place where we see ourselves as the prison’s key holders, much less the ones who willingly created the prison, entered the cell, and then hid, or threw the key beyond our sight or reach.

Issuing forth the intention to be well again as the acknowledged creator of your experience is no plea. It is an alert that is broadcast throughout the 50 trillion cellular population of your body, and extending to subtler levels through the recesses of your mind, soul, and beyond. The real “you” exists in all of these realms, and on all of these levels. Treating your body for disease while ignoring the rest of you is like thinking that the tip of an iceberg represents its totality. This is another reason that, as currently practiced, medicine is doomed to higher costs, more disease, and more rationalizations when healing doesn’t happen.

You may not know how or even what to change in your environment or behaviors, but after setting your intention with a knowing that the power to heal IS within you, the next step is to calm yourself and be at peace with where you are, and what you’re experiencing Now.

  • If you’re in pain. Choose to be at peace.
  • If you’ve been stressed out, choose to be at peace.
  • If you’re worried about the bills, choose to be at peace.
  • If you’re angry at what someone did to you, forgive them, and choose to be at peace.
  • If you’re afraid of what will happen to you or someone you love, be grateful that nothing has happened thus far and choose to be at peace.
  • If something “bad” has happened to someone that disturbs you, realize that he or she is the creator of their experience, and what they’ve gone through is their choice – consciously or unconsciously – and need not be part of your journey. Then be grateful that you haven’t needed to choose such a catalyst for yourself, and choose to be at peace.

The simple act of choosing to be at peace will relax The Inner You and is a more powerful healing event than words can express. You will not balance yourself or heal while under inner stress. Your body manufactures different chemistry when you frown (toxins) than it does when you smile (life enhancing).

And guess what? The items listed above won’t cost you a dime.

Re-Imagining Our World Consciously

We are always using our imagination. What we don’t tend to realize, or perhaps haven’t noticed, is what we imagine, we create. While we don’t experience everything that we imagine, every experience is the result of what we have imagined, that has come into being. Therefore, it behooves us to become conscious imaginers.

A conscious imaginer takes an active step in using his or her imagination, choosing, for example, to imagine desired experiences and outcomes instead of feared ones.

Every time you embrace any horrifying idea, it becomes a possible experience for you. You increase the likelihood of experiencing it in this reality, or even in dreams, which are not bound by present “laws of time/space.”

If a sex offender is reported to have moved into your neighborhood, and you go on “red alert” with fear that you, a neighbor, or someone you care about could be victimized, you are already in a receptive and creative state for that possibility. In fact, you and those who resonate with that idea, would have already been in that state before the sex offender moved in. This is how regrettable experiences are created. The actual moving in doesn’t mean that it will happen, but it is the manifestation of thoughts and fears, commonly shared.

Even if a sex offender or ex-convict were next door, having no fear, meaning no resonance to possible victimization, creates no entanglement with such an eventuality. Loving yourself, and forgiving those whose behaviors you don’t love, is your best liberator and protector.

You don’t get this kind of advice on the Evening News.

Another example is the idea that cancer that is a difficult, vexing menace that we’ve been unable to conquer, for which we need to walk, run, sing, shout, and raise and spend more money to finding a “cure.” We see, and know so many people contracting and dying of cancer – big names and anonymous – and assume that it’s just as hard to conquer as everyone says it is. We then imagine that, if we get it, we hope we’ll be lucky enough to survive.

The public is also led to believe that everything possible is being done to find the cure, that no stone is being left unturned, and that the answer will come from some laboratory, and we have to patiently bide our time and hope. Intended or otherwise, this is a deception nonetheless.

Notice how the focus is everywhere but on you. If you happen to have cancer, this method fully absolves you from any involvement in the unfolding of your experience, and any power in the cure. It empowers the medical institution and treatment system to “fix” your situation. Actually, you empower the system. Unfortunately, the system’s predominant treatment methods make an imbalanced environment worse, and allows you to continue thinking that you have no say in this, all the while sucking your pocketbook and life, dry.

Cancer is an easy example because so much energy has been given to it. The body/mind/spirit complex that IS you makes no distinctions on difficulty. If YOU change YOURSELF, then the disease – by whatever name – will change accordingly.

To get a different outcome from what has become normal and customary, one must be willing to apply their energy differently.

  • Intention – Without equivocation, make health and well-being your already realized goal.
  • Imagination – see again, with your radiant, open heart, your healthy life unfolded, with you as its joyful star
  • Self-empowerment – embrace the idea that your power has always been, and will always be with you, and that you are using it Now. Now empower your new imaginings, trusting that transformation will unfold in its Natural Order and Timing.
  • Love – who you are as you are. Love others as they are, even if they don’t love you back. Like a light to darkness, love dissipates fear, replaces stress with flow, and discord with harmonic energies.
  • Forgiveness – Release toxic resentments that skew perception, create spiritual blindness, and cause doors out of the prison to appear to be locked, or non-existent. Problems and limitations only look real until we adopt “new sight.”
  • Balance – Respecting another’s right to an opinion different than one’s own is one way to unpolarize one’s self. As we let go of the need to be “right” which requires another to be “wrong,” or lesser, or unworthy, we gain insights to discover what is best for all. Make optimal balance your mission in life, and it will be revealed to you in all ways.
  • Peace – When our care is for the whole, then fear will be quelled by love, forgiveness will wash away enmity, disease will no longer fester in the spirit, which will quiet the mind, which will reform, cohere, and heal the body.

Peace is an inner reality well before it becomes an observable one. Finding peace within – making peace with one’s self, is a key factor in healing, and finding one’s own cure.

Perhaps you see why, in my eyes, the days for these many efforts that call for something outside of one’s self without acknowledging humanity’s innate inner Power, are numbered.

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7 Thoughts to “Making a Real Stand on Cancer (and All Disease)”

  1. Heather

    Taking responsibility for one’s health seems rare these days. It can be difficult when one is kept in the dark. But seek and you shall find. Becoming aware of the healer and creator within ourselves is exceptionally empowering.
    Thanks for your wonderful work, Adam!

  2. Hector Sanz

    Adam, the fight continues. It began to spread. First US, now UK, wonder who will be next.

    Your post’s will keep people informed with the truth. Hope the readers can really see the benefits they can obtain with MMS and the lies behing what FDA is saying.

    Best wishes to you. Keep it up.



  3. Dan Aquilina

    Thanks for your blog and the ideas you share. You are without a doubt a most articulate and thoughtful writer. I am grateful for your thoughts and inspiration and always look forward to reading the next blog you write.

    Thanks for being such a strong supporter of Jim Humble and his cause to make affordable health possible to many with serious health concerns. I love reading the comments to your blogs as well. Many who comment are sincere and honest in their responses. And, they are most positive in their remarks.

    I continue to enjoy using MMS daily. Thanks again.

    1. Dan,

      Your presence here and encouragement is much appreciated.

      Best wishes,


  4. We are co-creators of our reality.

    We are not isolated. We respond to the energies surrounding us.

    Part of the healing process is learning to stand in truth, to discern truth and to allow those who carry truth to assist us.

  5. Canadian Farmgirl

    AWESOME POST, Adam!! I need to re-read it slowly to give it the full attention it deserves, but my quick read the first time showed me how similarly we think about things…Although many people in my family and friends have been diagnosed with cancer (indeed, my mother died of colon cancer 7 years ago), I have no interest in funding any further research IN THE DIRECTION THEY ARE GOING. As you said, there is a cure for cancer – many, in fact – but none that are going to make anyone a pile of money.

    Your writing about healing ourselves and the power of our beliefs was synchronisticaly right on the money with a 7 part video I watched recently, by Gregg Braden, called “The Science of Miracles” – worth the time to view. He shows how quantum physics and the miracle of spiritual healing can co-exist.

    Keep up the great work!

  6. Leon Edwards

    Thankyou very much for this post Abraham it has helped me greatly 🙂

    Love and Light

    Leon 🙂

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