Let’s Play ‘Pin the Death on MMS!’


Sylvia Fink died on a yacht near the island of Vanuatu in the South Pacific in August 2009. As a passing, hers is noteworthy because, from eyewitness accounts, death came unexpectedly, after she took the Miracle Mineral Supplement, widely known as “MMS.”

Death by medication isn’t unusual. In fact, death by medication has gained such social acceptance that its significance only seems to matter to the people whose lives were directly touched by the passing. You don’t hear about the people who die each day from standard medication unless they’re well known. However, estimates range from 200,000 to well over 700,000 people die each year from standard medical treatment in the United States alone. Yet, this fact does not call into question whether the treatments themselves are actually useful or effective. The only thing anyone seems to care about, is whether they have been approved by the FDA.

With FDA approval, 700,000 deaths due to prescribed medication is considered acceptable. Without approval, one death is not. On the contrary, it is considered valid reason to issue a public warning against MMS use – without an impartial investigation or verification of the claim. It appears to be reason enough for the FDA to go on a campaign to dissuade the public from using MMS as an internal disinfectant.

Let us clearly state that the FDA did not cite Sylvia Fink’s death in its warning, nor did they infer that death was a possible result of using MMS as outlined. However, they do infer that the myriad ailments that people who have used the product have reported relief from, such as diabetes, herpes, hepatitis, many forms of cancer, and HIV/AIDS  are unrelated. Doug Nash, Silvia Fink’s husband, who claims that consuming MMS killed his wife, portrayed her as the picture of health who died on a two-drop dose.

Someone is either misinformed, misinforming, lying, or all of the above.

Over one year after Mrs. Fink’s death, a toxicology report has not been made public. Yet, articles have been published in the January 9, 2010 edition of the Sydney Morning Herald, implying that MMS may have caused her death, and is dangerous. Several other articles that are supportive of Doug Nash’s conclusion, or critical of MMS have been also published. (The Age, Vanuatu Daily Post, Gabriel Segura, MD)

Playing the role of the grieving husband, Doug Nash made it his mission in life to “pin” his wife’s death on MMS, having pleaded his case in various forum communities where MMS information is exchanged as, and Health Salon, among others. (He has steered clear of this one.)

In addition, he has been in the unusual position of interpreting toxicology, and even offering suggestions on how the coroner should present his results. So intent is he on “proving” that MMS did his wife in, I don’t believe Mr. Nash considers how his zealousness naturally draws attention to him.

I don’t know if the FDA’s campaign was instigated by Mr. Nash, but a copy of a complaint issued by Nash to the Department of Health and Human Services, which oversees the FDA, reads in part, “From this experience I conclude that MMS is a dangerous and potentially lethal substance if ingested as a medical remedy.”

If this was true, toxicology reports should have confirmed it and be public record by now. They have not.

In his complaint, Mr. Nash claims that Sylvia took two drops of MMS, as a prophylactic remedy against malaria. At that time, she would also have used ten drops of lime juice as a catalyst to generate chlorine dioxide, which is the real disinfecting agent of the protocol.

I cannot speak to whether MMS was promoted by the people in that South Pacific yachting community as a prophylactic for malaria, but given its demonstrated effectiveness in cases where malaria has been contracted, no protocols had been issued for its use before the fact. In attending two of Jim Humble’s MMS workshops in the Dominican Republic in 2010, the subject of the prophylactic use of MMS for any condition has never been brought up, much less promoted.

While it was a question a year ago, as people around the world were gaining experience with MMS, it is understood today that two drops of MMS wouldn’t harm a sick mouse, much less the healthy 56-year young picture of a woman that Doug Nash painted his wife to be. It is more likely that such a dose would help a diseased state, and have no impact on a healthy person (or mouse).

Eyewitness accounts of Sylvie’s last hours written by the people who supplied the MMS, observed her the night before the incident before taking MMS (exhibiting labored speech and breathing), and valiantly offered their assistance in resuscitation, paint a very different picture. Mr. Nash showed telltale signs of another agenda – of a man who cared more, even then, about making a case, than helping his wife.

The FDA’s claim that the wide spectrum of conditions abated that have been attributed to MMS are unrelated, is another place where misinformation, misunderstanding, or lies are being perpetrated. However, the problem here is much larger than Sylvia Fink. It goes to the thinking that causes doctors and medical institutions to routinely engage in simultaneous medication, which could also be termed, parallel poisoning. It is the practice of prescribing multiple (expensive) products to treat various symptoms that are thought, by said medical “book” of standard, accepted procedures, protocols, and practices, to be “unrelated.”

When the public gets wind of the fact that the human being is a single, whole system and capable of systemic correction when a problem is mitigated – in other words, many symptoms can be resolved with a few effective corrections – it’s going to be a very abrupt wake up call.

MMS addresses the condition and state of the water that courses through the system, dealing not only with bacterial, viral, and fungal factors, but inorganic chemicals and heavy metals that have been absorbed, are unmetabolizable, and have been stored in tissue.

In a recent conversation I had with C.W. Reed on Talk For Food, a woman from Florida who got over breast cancer with the help of MMS, she noted the alarmingly high levels of heavy metal toxicity that showed up in a hair analysis test run in January 2009. In May 2010, a follow-up hair analysis indicated that heavy metal levels were now negligible. In spite of 23 pages of data explaining how sick she was, she worked herself up to the original, 15-drop, 3-times daily limit, taken orally, as the FDA is now warning against doing.

When you know for yourself, or have met people who have had such transformational experiences using MMS under their belt, the dubious nature of Mr. Nash’s and the FDA’s campaign is magnified.

While Doug Nash and the FDA are birds of a feather, neither case will stand if it is not based in truth. I can’t imagine his wife wanting her passing to be attributed to, or based on, a false claim.

Money and force will not derail genuine truth. If MMS is harmful, it will become as self-evident as the harm being done by Standard Medical Practices each and every day.

Another year has passed since this MMS controversy began, and this one death remains the worse anyone can come up with to pin on Jim Humble’s simple, inexpensive, and effective chemistry protocol, while another 700,000 or so have died, and tens of millions have had surgeries and other medical procedures that might have been unnecessary, or gone smoother if this simple disinfectant and chemical neutralizer had been used.

In this video, I show you what two drops of MMS looks like, and introduce you to Joe Grenon, who got rid of a staph infection using MMS


The alarm is about to go off.

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21 Thoughts to “Let’s Play ‘Pin the Death on MMS!’”

  1. Helene

    I agree with the importance of discussing Mrs Sylvia Fink passing away situation.

    “Let’s Play ‘Pin the Death on MMS!” is an expression that marks my brain with the words “pin and death”: awaking in me exactly the kind of weary fog Pharmaceutical corporations love to wrap us with. Susan Forward psychologist says FOG is Fear, Obligation and Guilt. The special FDA medication to breed fear has worked its way to here. Also its agressivity: Eckhart Tolle describes how the Energy of agressivity does try to get a hold on people just to continue to live and grow.

    It is interesting to echo, to mirror, with this impressive title how Medico-Pharmaceutical Corporations limit their input into our beautiful community of humans to immobilisation-pin and striking to death.

    NOW I suggest WE display OUR CONSCIOUS absolutely SUNNY and MATURE management of our and the planet’s WELLBEING WITH A NEW TITLE.

    Per example: I think of my friend who died in prison victim of such negligence and assault from the prison staff – pin and death – therefore I wonder how to compare the importance prisoners unnatural deaths everyday occurence in Western FDA legally overpowered countries take in myself each time I get assaulted by FDA inanities.

    Is FDA legitimate to use the public microphone in the first place anyway? Prisoners are now experimentation and profit stock for morbid medico-pharmaceuticals. Do you feel what I feel? Plus all the experimentation the medico-pharmaceuticals make on animals not for the sake of humans but for the legal paragraph that insures absolute irresponsibility of their business consequences on humans. Torture rooms at all levels of nature’s kingdom. From Monsanto torture of land to brain damage torture of prisoners to computer chips installed in the population and bio-nano super polluting technology.

    Human loss of capacity and lives that outnumber the hardly healed by conventional “medicine” a word that has no positive meaning if I observe the facts.

    I know three prisoners who feel bad when they see meat because they have become acutely aware of flesh destruction in the most intimate way: torture. Has FDA something to say about that. The prisoners do eat food and take drugs in torture abling settings FDA approved. With all the Quantic ooplah, FDA should be aware of vibrationnal matters such as its own lies impact on the whole world!!!! Prisoners might be locked in and organic health experts pushed in the ditch, still the intentions of FDA are now real measurable matter.

    Evil should be considered to be a state healable said Scott Peck in his book “People of lies”. What does FDA is waiting for to get healed? FDA could attend some Twelve Step Group – it is free and could get FDA off Junk Food , Fake Medicine and Crime.

    Martin Seligman’s super book “Learned Optimism” demonstrates optimism largely superseeds pessimism in positive results.

    FDA and Prisons are certainly the most gloomy, morbid pessimistic “officially” stamped okay structures. Prisons are the new Year Round Deviant Summer Camps for Males. Just super more expensive than would be a correct money to feed, dress and care for our communities which would never need prisons. Ask Marshall Rosenberg author of Speak Peace in a World of Conflict.

    And why haven’t FDA geneticists discussed publicly the scandal that is all the SAVAGES in PRISON: the SAVE the GENES guys with the power to convince a women to eat breakfast in order to be herself genetically strong: in what species are the most physically powerfull and the most mentally acute cornered from birth on to childhood, adolescence and early adulthood into being locked in? Such a huge proportion of Males that happen to be the exact most powerful physical and mental powertowers for the continuation of the human specie is disabled from positive contribution in society? Only FDA society is the square, spiritually and sexually castrating author of this absolute destruction of many many many humans.

    You read the DMS IV and go to mental health community centers and wow, you wonder who wrote the play. Electric chocs that kill nice little old ladies, little Sylvias, Chemical prison shirts for Sylvios and Sylvias , all in a sea of poisonous foods. doctors and pharmaceuticals who accumulate extracted from purposelly made sick patients world records paychecks instead of accumulating world records of healthy complete happy ecological communities of well nourished and happy humans of integrity. With our savages leading.

    I definitely believe FDA should get out of the picture concerning Sylvia Fink just by respect to her molecules. FDA is an unfriendly entity.

    I ‘m on “welfare” because I’m bullied out of decision and power by FDA corrupted type of social structures. “Wellfare” is a positive word reduced to what FDA thinks it is worth. My astrological map is in total dissonnance with ortuous organizations such as FDA. I misfit in tortuous structures, or I prefer to say I fit perfectly elsewhere……Thank God.

    I am Virtuous and prosper on Wellfare.

    I am sincere. FDA works with cynicysm: cynicysm destroys feelings, dreams, creativity and capacity giving therefore permission to abuse such as using Junk food and Junk drug to extorc money from purposelly made vulnerable people to achieve such. I am definitely distinct from FDA type of society.

    The first civilised respect to Sylvia Fink is to keep her out of cynicysm.

    The new title could be: We CONSCIOUSLY send love and light in the direction of Mrs Sylvia Fink and to all the people around her who need love and light. We send love and light also to – – – put the names of your live and passed away loved ones. This is global healing and peace.

  2. We must think bigger than about Mr Nash and his accusations against MMS.

    There is a more insidious threat on the table of Congress right now that the FDA and it’s Big Business sponsors are trying to railroad through before it recesses for the year. This threatens MMS and EVERY nutritional supplement, EVERY natural product that has value to our health, EVERY PERSON selling these products, and EVERY ONE OF YOU who believes in the right to make your own choices about what goes into your body. These bills, introduced in the name of Public Safety, are actually a means to cripple small organic gardeners, people who provide or advocate choosing healthy, clean, unmanipulated food.

    I received this from the folks at Health Freedom:

    These people are doing vital work to preserve our freedom of choice. It is VITAL to ACT NOW to squash these 2 Bills that are being railroaded through without our opinion. Please read their message RIGHT NOW and take all the actions they ask, at least for these Bills. If we procrastinate even one day, we may lose the right to choose clean food, nutritional supplements, or freely circulated nutritional information. FORWARD THIS ON TO EVERYONE ON YOUR EMAIL LIST. Even if your friends or family are not into alternative health, this is about squashing our GOD GIVEN RIGHT TO FREEDOM OF CHOICE, and the freedom to access information to make those choices.

    Especially tell every vendor you know that sells natural health products or organic foods. One of these bills could cause them to suffer CRIMINAL PENALTIES for posting scientific studies showing the health benefits of any of their natural products, even basic FOOD.

    Diamond Walnut, was threatened with criminal penalties by the FDA for posting scientific articles showing the cholesterol lowering benefits of eating walnuts!

    If one of these bills passes, S. 3767, the “Food Safety Accountability Act of 2101 :
    “will literally be able to criminalize and jail the owners of a company which cites scientific literature showing that their product is beneficial in some specific situation or circumstance.”


    New Health Freedom Resource:
    The Global Voice of Health & Food Freedom™
    Daily Update Bulletin During the Fake “Food Safety” S.510 Emergency!

    Another Attack By the Empire
    S.3767, New Companion Bill to S. 510 Introduces Severe Criminal Penalties
    For “Adulterating” Food, Which To FDA Means… Selling Supplements!
    Food Fascism Battle is Far From Over

    1. Must Take Revised Action Item Each Day:

    2. Must send viral! Please forward this item, urging contacts to take the Action Item and then send it to their contact with the same request.
    3. Check to Find Your Senat Phone Numbers. Call Your Senators and Leave a Strongly Worded Message Like This One, Two, Three, Four:
    1. S.510 is a CONTROVERSIAL BILL, and
    2. Please, Senator, put a HOLD on it.
    3. Senator, don’t let it be pushed through the Senate immediately by parliamentary means as a non-controversial bill.
    4. The bill can be reintroduced in January when hearings can held to allow groups which are opposed to the bill to tell how it will affect them. And the American food supply.

    The Empire, the Uber Cartel, is on the march. They are marching on your Dinner Table, Your Supplement Shelf and Your Personal Freedom.
    S. 3767, the “Food Safety Accountability Act of 2101” was introduced yesterday by Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT). It is a companion fake “Phude” Safety Bill which brings back the horrific criminal penalties which HR 1279 imposed for doing pretty much anything at all that violated the incredibly restrictive requirements which every farm, and every farmer, would have to meet. The Senate bill, S. 510, while truly frightening, did not include these penalty clauses.

    By putting criminal penalties back into the “Phude Safety” arena, the megacorporations which want to drive everyone out of their farmyards and supermarkets will literally be able to criminalize and jail the owners of a company which cites scientific literature showing that their product is beneficial in some specific situation or circumstance.

    “Yesterday, in the waning days of the 111th Congress, as We the People prepare to throw the rascals out, Big Agra Biz’ friends in Congress have taken the unusual late-session step of introducing a criminal penalty bill.

    The bill reintroduces a 10 year jail term for anyone who sells what the govt later decides was “adulterated” or “misbranded” food, a provision which had been removed from the House-passed (sic) “Food Safety” version last year (HR.1279). The political insiders plan, our contacts tell us, to add S. 3767 to S.510 so the penalties can be in the final bill approved by the conference committee.” Read more here at Trustee Ralph Fuectola’s blog on this horrifying development:

    The Natural Solutions Foundation has been warning against just such a development when we noted with great concern that Codex, like the US FDA, was making the act of telling anyone about the health benefits of food a forbidden act. We noted that this suppression of expression and truth was directed against health and food freedom, and has nothing to do with food safety.

    Well, here we are: A “Phude Safety” Bill, S. 510, will industrialize your food and its Policeman Brother Bill will put people who support any health freedom competition to the Uber Cartel away for a long, long time, threatening and cowing others who might want to do the same thing.
    Not bad enough for you yet? CDC says that 1 American in 4 will become ill from a food borne illness this year – and that’s under the current system when some people are still able to eat food that is clean and unadulterated. That figure, by the way, refers to conditions like salmonella poisoning. It does not refer to cancer, a food borne illness that will kill one American in 3 and has just overtaken cardiovascular disease and stroke as the number one killer of Americans. It does not refer to cardiovascular disease and stroke, which will kill another 1/3 of Americans. Nor does it refer to obesity, diabetis and other nutritional killers. What that means, of course, is that through eating industrial “Phude”, the only kind that S. 510 and S. 3767 will permit, you WILL suffer and die from the “epidemic, preventable, non communacable diseases of under nutrition”, to use the phrase so beloved of the World Health Organization and the Food and Agriculture Organizations, who just happen to be the private, pharma-phunded organizations which run Codex! They openly acknowldge what the FDA tries to hide: fake “Phude” kills.

    Consider that: the passage of these twin horror bills means that EVERY AMERICAN [except, perhaps, the elite who have their own very special food systems, as Congress has its own very special health care system] WILL be the victim of food borne diseases, including infertility, auto immune diseases, allergies, cancer, diabetes, etc., etc., etc.
    And you’ll use nutrients and nutrtion to treat it, right? Not if these bills pass. Only if they do NOT pass.

    Well, Who Is In Charge Here?
    Monsanto? Pfizer? Sen. Lehey?

    You and I and our neighbors, friends, relatives and co-workers are in charge. We, the People have ultimate Power .

    Perhaps you have already taken this Action Item. The good news is that we have revised it to reflect yesterday’s surprise assault so you can take it again, once for every member of your household, and then send it forth, again to let your list know that the other side is not playing for fun, but is engaged in a deadly struggle. Whose death? Yours, I am afraid, and mine, and our children, and our future.


    As of Close of Business today, the official US Senate Calendar does not show S. 510 on its voting schedule. Given the enormous importance that Agribiz, Biotech and the globalists attach to destroying your access to clean, unadulterated food, this is very good news. But given the fact that we have a long, long drag of days between now and the end of the 111th Congress, we are clearly not out of the woods yet. We anticipate that the S. 510 and S. 3767 will be introduced close to one another so we will be watching both of them.

    To send a letter to any group or person supporting S. 510 and S. 3767, click here:
    and make free use of the material there.

  3. My blog was one of those that Mr Nash decided to take the rant of MMS causing his wifes death. I don’t believe it for one second.

    I my self have taken 15 drops of MMS 3 times a day for several weeks. I have know many many others who have done the same, some of whom have cured some pretty serious diseases considered incurable by the American Medical Association.

    My children, who are grown and independent reach for the MMS first when they feel illness coming on.

    Some of these cured diseases have been classified as autoimmune diseases. It is clearly apparent through these cures that autoimmune diseases are pathogenic invasions that the body cannot content with and not just a profound and mysterious breakdown of an immune system. MMS has cured some of these as well as the dreaded MRSA.

    Jim Humble has spent considerable time in Africa teaching African physicians and individuals how to use MMS.

    I have been advised that the World Health Organization has been made aware of the curative effect that MMS has for Malaria, but the W.H.O. has chosen to ignore MMS in favor of the antimalarial drugs that do not work.

    I watched an interesting video found at Netflex awhile back. It was part two of “Guns, Germs and Steel” based on the work of Professor Jared Diamond. Diamond, as part of his research went to Africa to try to understand why the Euro-centric white man has not colonized Africa as they have colonized and come to rule over other civilizations and land masses in other parts of the world.

    Diamond came to realize that germs were the reason that the European man could not endure in tropical Africa. The wihte man did not have any defense against Malaria. He could not conquer nor control a land that seemed to make him sick and die. He discussed how germs can determine the fate of nations and even continents, and they can be of assistance in the wars waged with guns and steel, steel representing the economic force used to rape and transform a nation.

    Diamond went on to explain that Africans who live in tropical Africa lived with in a cultural structure that supported survival against Malaria though developed living situations that mitigated the disease developed through an evolutionary process over many generations. These social living structures have been destroyed by the invasion of the Euro-centric invaders though the forced relocation out of necessity of native peoples into large cities to work.

    Right now hundreds of children die daily in Africa from Malaria. In his travels Professor Diamond ends up in a pediatric Malaria ward in a city hospital in Zaire. He has a discussion with the doctor. The doctor reports that in her ward alone about 7 children a day die from Malaria. She goes on to explain how disease devastates the population and the economy. People are so distraught and down trodden by disease that they will never be able to pick themselves up economically. Professor Diamond breaks down into tears as he faces the dying.

    Africa currently has a -1% annual population growth. The main causes of death are Malaria, AIDS and war. In Zaire the average life expectancy is 35 years. War, the other primary cause of death, is the result of cultural disintegration from the invasion of Euro-centric peoples seeking raw materials over the last 80 years.

    The World Health Organization has rejected MMS, disregarding all evidence that MMS cures malaria. They would prefer hundreds of children to die every day than bring forth a curative agent. MMS has also been reported to be very beneficial to victims of HIV/AIDS in Africa also

    One has to wonder what the agenda of the W.H.O actually is. Could it be that they are promoting worthless drugs and ignoring MMS because they, primarily Euro-centric white people, often strongly associated with the pharmaceutical industry, are looking at that -1% growth rate and thinking that in another 30 or 40 years most of Africa will be fair game, easy to invade economically and socially? Could they have in mind the take over of central Africa, profoundly rich in natural resources, coveted the world over, as easy game though “natural” and “unavoidable” depopulation strategies, primarily executed though disease?

    This is profoundly disturbing to consider… but it is what I think is happening….should we be not be outraged? should we not continue to promote MMS with every fiber of our being? If we allow ourselves to be silenced we unwittingly push forth agendas of death.

    1. Beautifully said Arrow!

      Thank you!

      1. Wow,I could not have said it better. Thanks Arrow! 🙂

    2. Lightbulb

      the more people who can understand this truth and move into an awakening the sooner we can freely enjoy products that are not harmful to our health as the FDA & gov’ts seem to think, such as MMS, certain herbs & others like marijuana. Our prisons are full of people who should not be there, while perps are running around doing damage… it’s a crazy mixed up world, but maybe if enough people have intent and thoughts and even action, maybe we can somehow set things right… I’m a dreamer for sure!

      1. Keep dreaming dear! Sometimes dreams do come true!

  4. Gilgamesh

    From all the reports, from the eye witnesses in death of Sylvia, it is very clear, that her husband should be investigated by the police. If he is trying to team up with the FDA against MMS, and the truth comes out, as I m sure it will, all this may not look on the FDA. I think it would be best for the FDA to stay a way from this guy, and just let the police do a complete investigation.

  5. Great Article as usual Adam. I wondered why I was getting questions about that Nash/Fink story today.

    I also know C Reed, she is truly an inspiration and testament as to the worth and benefit of Chlorine Dioxide.

    Keep up the fight Adam.


  6. Lightbulb

    Excellent post, and so true!

  7. I have been safely using mms1 and mms2 for about 4 months now. It is truly a very helpful product. The first time I read about the Death of Sylvia something seemed very suspicious. Instead o fthe fda teaming up with the husband to try and defame a very helpful product they should be investigating the real cause of her death. How many will get paid for this deception? I am overcoming some very challenging health issues and have taken up to 13 drops 2x a day. That was very hard , now I use smaller amounts in a capsule with lots of water. I am greatful to have something that works well and is affordable to everyone.

    1. Lightbulb

      Is it a difficult process to put the solution into capsules, sounds tedious. I’m trying it for Hep C, & worked up to 15 drops, quit for a while & can seem to only manage 5 drops once a day. and how many times a day do u prepare the capsules?

      1. Lightbulb
        I put my MMS1 in to capsules. I made a video of it and posted it on YouTube.
        MMS-byebye bad taste!

      2. Lightbulb
        I put my MMS1 in to capsules. I made a video of it and posted it on YouTube.
        MMS-byebye bad taste!

      3. VERY NICE Simunye!

        Thank you for producing and sharing it!


  8. Lori

    Thanks as always for this balanced and reasonable account. It should immediately strike anyone as idiotic to assume that, just because one event (such as drinking two drops of MMS) precedes another, the first must necessarily be the cause of the second. It’s the opposite of science.

    Will the real cause of Sylvia Fink’s death ever be known? Is it known, but covered up as so many deaths are? Is there any phenomenon whose real cause gets covered up as much, and for such compelling reasons, as a human death?

  9. Thank you for coming to the defense of a wonderful product. I have been personally using MMS for over three years now and would not be without it. It healed two mega-e pups and continues to make them healthy, lively dogs as well as their 73 year old master (me). lol
    I haven’t been to a Doctor in years and prefer alternative medicine now. My only regret is not having started that sooner in my life. My website is down at the moment because my supplier has been threatened by the FDA. So sad!

    1. Dan Aquilina

      I have been using MMS for about 3 months now. I have noticed a change in my energy level, and mental clarity. It seems to have detoxed my body. I am usually healthy as a rule. But, I am obese. Some have told me that I have been carrying a very heavy toxic load suggested by my obesity. I have not had any testing done to confirm this. But if how a person feels is any indication, then I am reporting that this MMS works. I plan on using it throughout the year to prevent the flu and colds and to continue the job of removing heavy metals and other toxins from my body. I also have a cat that I treat to some MMS in her drinking water now and then and see her perk up as a result. I plan on taking responsibility for my own health and staying away from the doctors unless I need emergency surgery or something like that. MMS is my first line of defense against all pathogens. Thank you Jim Humble for bringing MMS out to the public. I hope one day you receive a Nobel Prize for doing so.

    2. You can always get it somewhere else online dear. I feel the same way. Do not wish to be without my MMS ever again and wished I found it sooner!

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