Desired MMS Outcomes, Power, and Beliefs

Jim Humble the educator prepares to teach at MMS workshop.
Jim Humble the educator prepares to teach at MMS workshop.

I have suffered from Epstein Barr Virus for 20 years & YES my first two weeks on MMS I ended up getting the worst chest cold I had in years. This was a form of detox to my body. I had pneumonia many years prior & had the best removal of hardened junk come out of my lungs. I could literally taste the ephedrine HCI (an energy pill I abused yrs ago) in my mouth and smell it in my nasal passages as that came to the surface too. After my cold ended I felt like a million bucks w/no EBV symptoms! — From YouTube viewer responding to Jim Humble’s FDA response

I received an email from a nervous MMS supplier, concerned about the potential ripple effect that might come from the FDA’s campaign. Her concerns are legitimate, but then each person has to ask, what can I do?

We operate in a mindset of they are “big,” and we are “small”, or “they have money and we don’t.” This is the thinking that has contributed to where we are today. We belittle ourselves and tacitly stand by while the “authorities” run roughshod over our freedoms, without a hint of exception on our part.

This is because we don’t know how to use our power. We think that power is in what we have, or in the case of powerlessness, what someone else has that we don’t. The truth is that power is within us all. We’re using it all the time, except it’s mostly unconscious. Anyone who thinks they are a victim is using their power to maintain their state. Have you heard the term, “the rich get richer while the poor get poorer?” There’s a clue there that often goes unnoticed.

Simply put, “rich” are those who see possibility in everything. “Poor” are those who predominantly see, and operate from a mindset of impossibility. While we cannot see, feel, touch, or otherwise measure or quantify them, beliefs are the switches that either turn on, or turn off possibility for an individual. They are bridges to knowing. A person who knows has the power of manifestation. If you “know” that you are sick, or poor, or inadequate, or unworthy, then you have, and are using your power to manifest your experience. You may not have been “the cause,” but you have made yourself susceptible, where others are not. On the other hand, others may be susceptible to conditions that don’t affect you. If we were to examine beliefs and attitudes, the wide range of experiences that we observe would make far more sense. We’d see a correlation between the creator of the experience and the experience itself, and not the random, haphazard process that appears so real.

We create different experiences by adopting new knowing. This is why knowledge is power. New knowledge and hence, knowing, are gained be demonstrating the willingness to adopt and embrace new set of potentiating beliefs. In other words, since present knowing is supported by beliefs. New knowing begins as information, which becomes knowledge that is then processed through, and integrated within a mind that was opened via new beliefs.

Any “poor” or “sick” person can transform their life. However, he will never be rich or well again without a prior belief change. Seeing is believing mentality will not work. One must believe, or be willing to believe in the new outcome, in order to see and ultimately experience it.

Only when one believes that wealth and health are possible and inevitable, does it even become potential. From potential the new reality becomes probable, and with more visualization and acceptance of its inevitability, it becomes actual. The process is like tuning into a specific radio frequency to play the station that delivers the music that you enjoy.

If you are convinced that your particular situation cannot be rectified, or your doctors have convinced you with their “data,” then you will be right. Change will not happen until you accept that it is possible, even if you don’t know how. The evidence that the change you seek for yourself is possible, is any positive change that anyone has experienced that were “against all odds.” What we don’t tend to understand is that we are the only one who has to believe in our very powerful nature in order to begin to consciously use it to change our world.

This applies to health too. If we are sick, especially those that evolved through the degenerative effects of over chemicalization, medical doctors, with their pages upon pages of printouts and test results, and their narrow focus on what is possible and what is not, then we’ll need to take stock with our true desires, as well as our true power.

My response to the MMS distributor triggered these thoughts, related to visualizing a different outcome from what many people are presently imagining.

I wrote:

I don’t know you, but I will say that you need to consult, not your mind, but your heart on what YOUR best move is. Ask your heart if you should power down and disappear, or whether you should continue to make MMS available? If you have no health claims on your web site, and it is a water purification product – which it has always been – then you must decide where you will stand, or whether you will.

You can also help by literally spending some time each day SEEING, again with your heart, the desired OUTCOME, ALREADY DONE. What is the desired outcome?

  • FDA RETRACTS its warning against MMS and explains to the public how it erred
  • That MMS be OPENLY available to the public, without feeling need to tiptoe around the FDA
  • The FDA knows and EMBRACES its therapeutic properties
  • LEGITIMATE clinical trials are done with MMS, comparing it against other antibacterial agents
  • MMS is integrated as a standard medical protocol
  • MMS remains inexpensive and widely available
  • Sellers (of MMS or ANY new modality that has shown merit) are not targeted and persecuted by the FDA
  • FDA doesn’t target or persecute ANYONE… that persecution and intimidation aren’t part of their operational ethos
  • Daniel Smith and all MMS sellers are held harmless, as they have harmed no one
  • Human health improves, by whatever means necessary…

One very important aspect to this exercise, is not being attached to the outcome. In other words, letting go. Letting go of attachment actually connects you to the outcome that you seek. It allows you to become one with it. Attachment to how things turn out, or fear about it, maintains a connection to what is feared. Beliefs are the activators or deactivators that we can change.

If you’d like to add to this vision of desired outcomes, please free to do so.

There’s nothing to lose, except perhaps if we don’t practice.

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5 Thoughts to “Desired MMS Outcomes, Power, and Beliefs”

  1. Ben

    Please add my emaill address to your mailing list.

    Thank you.

  2. This is a very interesting point of view. Your blog is refreshing, but I wish one could find more content, though. I am looking forward to reading more from you. Keep up the good work. thanks

    1. Thank you James.

      There are over 400 articles now… so I don’t know where you’re looking and not finding content, but I’m glad you enjoyed what you found.



  3. In the bible in John 20:29 Jesus says “Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed”

    Having worked in the medical field for 27 years I have met a lot of people, patients who believe their doctors, believe in the pharmaceutical medicine, believe that their course of action to health is the right path, but yet they continue to get more chronic in their health over time until their resulting death.

    The cavett in this belief thing is that you must put your faith into that which holds truth. If you are divided from yourself, and do not have access to levels of consciousness that provide access to intuitive knowing of truth then you are liable to walk the path you had not intended or dreamed.

    Mathew 7:7 provides the answer to the delemma for those who think they do not know or cannot find the answer they seek.
    “‘Ask, and it shall be given to you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened to you”

    Learning to ask the right question is key…. and it IS all done within the heart.
    This has been my learning path and this is why I have found MMS.

    1. Beautifully put Arrow. Thank you for sending.

      Your point about truth is key, which is one reason that I strongly feel that MMS will stay, and that the FDA will be changing. The belief in which the people who run the FDA and like-minded thinkers, doesn’t hold true. The principle works for everyone. No exceptions.



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