FDA: MMS is Harmful, and Gulf Oysters are 'Good to Go'

MMS in spray bottle for topical applications.
MMS in spray bottle for topical applications.

It’s great to be back home, even while the drama surrounding MMS continues to unfold. The FDA is, albeit unintentionally, calling more attention to MMS and itself by embarking on this latest smear campaign. It’s a smear campaign because due diligence has not been followed on the FDA’s part. This is becoming the rule, not the isolated exception.

MMS is just one, and perhaps the latest example, of the FDA, like a latter-day Nero, fiddling with a promising medicinal compound or product while America’s health continues to burn. They use power because they have it, and have no compunction to criminalize people where no crime has actually taken place. Using coercion and intimidation behind the scenes, and misinformation and fear through the media, they show no concern for truth, no willingness to take a balanced look at all sides, to weigh the true merits of MMS versus any possible downside.

Such practices are not part of the FDA method because the truth about MMS and chlorine dioxide would reveal something they really don’t want you to look at; i.e., the absolute uselessness of the expensive, caustic, and death accelerating medications that the Agency has sanctioned and authorized for decades, bought and paid for by millions of human lives, in America and around the world.

I was particularly saddened last year when former NBA basketball player and jazz musician, Wayman Tisdale passed away due to the effects of the standard cancer treatment he received, in response to bone cancer condition. He took the chemotherapy, admittedly, a powerful dose. Then his leg was amputated. That was supposed to solve the problem. Then when it didn’t, more chemotherapy was called for. The logic was that he was a “big guy”, so the doctors surmised that they needed stronger medicine. He died, not from bone cancer, but from acute esophagitis, at just 44 years of age. That’s a problem with the throat.

Wayman Tisdale after leg amputation.
Wayman Tisdale after leg amputation.

What could esophagitis possibly have to do with bone cancer in the leg?

Simply, the caustic substance, much like battery acid, had to be swallowed. If you listen to the FDA, MMS is made to sound like this. But then if that were true, it would be harmful. It would also bring about the kind of results that the FDA appears to think is acceptable, as long as you’ve paid the price of “protection”.

All the king’s horses and all the king’s MD’s, haven’t figured out that chemotherapy and radiation make the environment even more conducive to tumor growth. In his workshop Jim Humble repeatedly instructs that the sicker a person is, the less MMS should be used. Not because using more is dangerous, because it won’t harm them in the amounts suggested, but that it may be unnecessary in order to help the body’s innate healing processes get started.

The medical establishment and the FDA, which went to the same schools and are under the same umbrella of thought, think that the drugs actually heal or “cure.” Mr. Humble, and many more who have helped healing occur, realize that drugs inhibit, rather than facilitate healing. They give you the suggestion of relief by blocking pain sensation, while the reason for the pain either remains in tact or is escalated.

The body may need only a small amount of assistance to activate its own internal mechanisms to bring about healing. The mind must be on-board as well. This is actually more important. Current medical orthodoxy doesn’t embrace this kind of thinking, which is okay by me, except when they try to convince the public that a different approach that IS showing promise is harmful, but consider methods that Wayman Tisdale faced to be acceptable. That’s when they lose their credibility, and any right to dictate my choices.

There are thousands of Wayman Tisdales quietly passing out of this world each year through unnecessary, ineffective cancer treatment, while hundreds of millions of dollars are collected each year, often by sincere people, to find a “cure.” Yet, the FDA would persecute innocent people who have seen the merits (and positive results) of the human use of a disinfectant, and drive it off the market.

If this is acceptable to you, then do nothing, say nothing, read no more.

And perhaps, have some oysters from the Corexit and hydrocarbon marinated Gulf of Mexico, because the FDA says they’re good to go.

Here is a video response to the FDA that I shot on my most recent visit with Jim Humble.


Listen to more on Talk For Food

After a two week hiatus — couldn’t get a good internet connection to upload from there — here is my Talk For Food show, which includes a longer interview with the Jim Humble, and with a woman who conquered (not “survived”) breast cancer with the help of MMS.

Click here to listen…

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3 Thoughts to “FDA: MMS is Harmful, and Gulf Oysters are 'Good to Go'”

  1. Dear phaelosopher

    I also received an email from my MMS provider and this is what I emailed him back. I think we should show support to somebody who did something good for us in the past. The same support I give to Mr. Humble.

    (translation from Spanish to English)

    1 .- I’m healthy and happy customer of PGL International.
    2 .- I am grateful to PGL International because in the past I had the opportunity to buy MMS from your website.
    3 .- There is something I call Universal Justice and you will be rewarded for doing something good for humanity: produce and sell MMS so expeditiously.
    4 .- I hope you continue producing and selling the MMS.
    5 .- With the MMS I managed to eradicate a disease that had for 15 years.
    6 .- The MMS has never produced any undesirable effect in my body
    7 .- I am a customer very well informed about the MMS and the MMS I have studied for a long time and what the FDA says it seems ridiculous to me and without good arguments.
    8 .- None of the drugs the FDA promotes managed to heal me of my illness for 15 years and MMS helped me heal in just weeks.
    9 .- I do not fear the FDA, because I am a human being.
    10 .- I encourage you to continue selling the MMS labeled as water purifier without making a therapeutic claim.

    I bless you.

  2. I am saddened about this assault on mms. The first place that i purchased it is not selling it anymore. The fda passes evil stuff like aspartame and msg . I have used mms 1 and 2 with the most favorable results. My son had childhood cancer and I saw little children die of chemo radiation and surgury. I was forced with no choice into it. By Gods grace and alternitives my son is alive and well. I think what is called treatment are nothing less than barbaric poison. Just my opinion.

    1. JustMe

      it is wise not to post addresses of suppliers online, especially not in groups or forums discussing MMS with members of the Flying Monkey Squat. Hi..hi…
      Last time this was done the supplier in question was been reported by ‘a teenager’ to his city-council. Seems to be a hobby of them to try get others into trouble! So lets not support them by making it easy for them!
      MMS works, no matter what!
      Thanks Jim Humble for MMS!

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