FDA Warning on MMS: Your Hypocrisy is Showing

Drug watchdog "protects" and "serves" who?
Drug watchdog "protects" and "serves" who?

In a move that surprised no one, the FDA has finally taken an official position on the Miracle Mineral Supplement, known by most by the acronym, “MMS.” In a July 30 news release, the agency warned of “serious harm from drinking MMS.” This is a trend that began in May, with a Media Advisory against MMS issued by Health Canada, which cited two complaints it had received. In June, Spain followed suit with its own ban on MMS imports. Having no complaints of its own, it justified its action on Canada’s. The FDA said it has received several reports of health injuries from consumers who used MMS. They included what many who have successfully worked through their health challenges recognize as positive signs, i.e., nausea, vomiting (not guaranteed, but not unexpected either). Diarrhea wasn’t mentioned by name, but they did mention life-threatening low blood pressure from dehydration.

I don’t mean to minimize any of this, but given the numbers of people, now estimated to be in the millions, who have used MMS in the past two plus years, this is tantamount to overwhelming evidence of its benign and beneficial nature. People are not afraid to share bad news, and even make up bad news if it isn’t bad enough. So the overwhelming number of unsolicited positive results shared by MMS users, are significant.

The FDA news release indicates that the agency is considering criminal or civil actions as appropriate “to protect the public from this potentially dangerous product.”

I’m sorry, but this is such hooey, I can hardly stand it.

It is IRONIC that this announcement comes at a time when BP has been running Corexit sorties over the Gulf of Mexico for over three months now, dropping thousands of gallons of this material daily, in a feeble attempt to disperse the oil mass, all the while adding toxic insult to technological injury. They drop the Corexit, which is banned for use on oil spills in the U.K., and is high in benzene and other poisonous chemical agents, while taking no environmentally responsible measures to protect or restore the health of people, wildlife, waterfowl, domestic animals, or coastal lands. In fact, they are applying an unprecedented amount of this admittedly toxic product on an already compromised marine life system. The DISREGARD for human life is blatant.

A year's supply for around $20 bucks.

The FDA is not BP, but the thinking is the same. The FDA thinks that it’s okay to use toxic chemicals on compromised human life systems, as long as the purveyors of the products have jumped through enough hoops and paid sufficient moolah (to the FDA) to “earn” approval. This is why, after trillions have been raised and spent, and millions of lives have succumbed to cancer, heart disease, and diabetes, and millions more contract chronic, degenerative conditions earlier in life, and yet live longer, we’re marching, walking, running, and searching for “cures.”

Yet, in spite of clearly not having found cures for cancer and other popular diseases, the Agency shows no interest in investigating the merits of MMS. You notice that their warning doesn’t even ask for useful information. The public is only asked for adverse information, so that they can build a case to take criminal or civil action. This is “protection” all right, but it’s not protection of public health, or the public interest. The hypocrisy meter is on overload.

In his own way, Jim Humble has baited the FDA and other watchdogs, by saying that MMS “cures” a wide range of ailments, from HIV/AIDS and malaria, to cancer, to the common cold. The FDA warning said that these pathologies are unrelated. That’s part of the problem.

They are related.

Jim Humble reported what he observed, since he took the time and energy to investigate the properties and potential of chlorine dioxide, a chemical that was discovered over 200 years ago and used in water treatment for almost 100 years, if it were applied inside the body, which is 75%-85% water. Indeed, the water that flows inside the body is almost identical in molecular composition to seawater. And when chemicals are used to treat various pathologies in the human body, they tend to exacerbate an already out-of-balanced situation. Chlorine dioxide doesn’t do that. It delivers oxygen into what is oftentimes an environment that is oxygen deficient, and does so without producing new chemical toxicity.

The FDA hasn’t indicated any interest in such details. It says that it is unaware of any research that MMS is effective in treating the myriad diseases that people have reported. The truth is, IF such research were done, it wouldn’t be reported. Even though it is in the public interest to know. Why isn’t the FDA encouraging colleges and universities to do the research? Why are they suggesting that the public throw out their supply? In the interest of the public good, why aren’t they taking the initiative to confirm the claims, which would be monumental if they were verified, instead of do away with any evidence? The answer is that it would be monumental.

Chlorine dioxide would be an amazingly beneficial and effective tool in the operating room, to be used as a topical spray just after surgery, before closing the patient up. According to a 2007 article in the Houston Chronicle, approximately 19,000 people die each year from Staph infections, a number that is probably low. Chlorine dioxide use in medical environments could virtually eliminate that statistic. Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus or MRSA, cannot change enough to take itself out of the range of chlorine dioxide’s oxidative effect.

Too many people have benefited from MMS to sweep it under the rug and act as though it has no merits simply because it is not backed by billions of dollars. The companies that do have those billions, gained them at the expense of the lives, livelihoods, and health of millions of people around the world. Government agencies, such as the FDA, exist to protect the well-being of the public. This is a fiduciary role that they serve, where the public trust is of utmost importance. However, they appear to be operating to protect the financial well-being of corporate entities.

And the public sees it clearly.


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49 Thoughts to “FDA Warning on MMS: Your Hypocrisy is Showing”

  1. I just received this comment here at and I think
    this is a great idea. We should make this viral and with everyone’s help here we can. Cut and past this post and move it on to other blogs and forums. Even sites that sell MMS should be able to post it.

    Heres the comment:

    “The FDA advises consumers who have experienced any negative side effects from MMS to consult a health care professional as soon as possible and to discard the product. Consumers and health care professionals should report adverse events to the FDA’s MedWatch program at 800-FDA-1088 or online at

    Why are they not asking for reports where there are no adverse events but cures or recoveries? I think anyone with a good event should be reported as well! Yes report the good stuff whether they like it or not!

    Hey did you know if you take more acetaminophen than recomended in a 24 hr period you can die of liver failure! Why is that product not recalled? Go figure!
    Enjoy! ”

    If you have had a positive experience report it to the FDA. I doubt they will accept phone calls of positive experience but they have no choice with online record. Even if you had a not so positive experience tell them and let them know how it resolved and that you are not dead nor in the hospital nor permanently damaged.

    If you know of someone who has had a positive effect please give them the FDA contact information and ask them to write to the FDA. We must not allow them to take MMS away nor fill the airwaves with lies.

    1. Lori

      Arrow, I just tried this but stopped midway because I have a feeling they will count it as an Adverse Event since that’s the title of the form. We may be shooting ourselves in the foot. They might not even read the contents of the report — the law probably doesn’t require them to note the contents of the report but only the substance name and how many adverse reports about it they get. I wouldn’t be surprised if after a certain number of reports (even if all good!) they’d be legally justified in requiring some further nasty action.

    2. Dinah

      Good Idea. If YouTube video dealing with a relatively unimportant issue like Joseph Kony could go viral, I could see something much more important like MMS should go viral as well. Perhaps someone should make a documentary on MMS with the aim of making it viral.

  2. FDA is a dying if not already dead and rotten horse with a 1tb dedicated corruption backbone serving its every organ. All there’s left to do is meek, inform and protest where debates arise. There are surely good people with their morals and dignity still intact in the FDA, whom will make sure that Wikileaks get their hands on the documentation that will expose their currently ridiculous, inferior and corrupt administration.

    Meanwhile, for those weeks, months or even years left to wait to see that happen – we just do what we’ve always done since we learned the truth; the act of simply not giving a f** f** about the FDA, nor giving any thoughts as to what they have to say. Not now, and not in the future.

  3. David

    Its time that we spread the formula and the simplest protocol:
    Only two ingredients:
    Sodium Chlorite: 28% (in H2O)
    Citric Acid: 20% in H2O
    With ingredients of that ratio:
    mix 1 drop Sodium Chlorite solution with 5 drops Citric Acid
    wait 3 minutes.
    Add 1 cup of water
    avoid vitamin c drinks (is it the ascorbic acid / vit C that neutralizes the formula?)
    repeat every two hours or as needed.
    Uses: treatment of water as a purifier;
    Cold/Flu symptoms; (I attest it will cure a cold)
    for treatment of Malaria and other infections may require stronger doses / protocols please see original Humble materials.

    Seems to me it should be possible to premix in power form the ingredients so user can do a “plop plop fiz fiz.. oh what a relief it is” type of application. That would be ideal. Johnson and Johnson should be all over this. The FDA sucks, they are worse then useless, they are a liability.

    1. JustMe

      Copy & paste…
      MMS may be slowed down, but never stopped! But I have never seen as many users coming out to speak than since MMS is under attack. looks like the attempt to discredit it by uninformed-none-users is backfiring!

  4. Gilgamesh

    When Troy Hurtubise invented the angel light, with this light he can see trough any wall, even a lead wall, and it was also like a death ray, and anti stealth. The French government, and Saud Arabia was interested to buy it. I dont know who bought it.
    When he invented the God Light, he broke off a blossom from a plant, and with the God Light the blossom grow back in 3 hours. He was curing people with all kinds of health problems. And the cancer society and some doctors came to his house and took the God light away to test it, and I think they are still testing it, in the last 5 years.

    1. Gilgamesh

      Troy Hurtubise also invented the Troy Hurtubise mud. This mud could be just sprayed on manufactured houses, or fill Earth bags, and build Earth bag houses, like they build in Arizona. When the mud dries out, it is like ceramic, but very cheep to make it and very strong. It will protect the house in hurricanes, in tornadoes, volcanoes, flying bombs, and bullets, Earth quakes, fires, falling comets, and asteroids.
      But I think first it will be used by the military on trucks and tanks.

  5. Sonja

    Penicillin may be natural but my brother had an allergic reaction so severe to it that he almost died before they got him to the hospital, my son is allergic to it and my granddaughter’s husband is allergic to it also, but that doesn’t mean it should be banned. I am a religious person and I promote Bible reading as well as herbs and aromatherapy, does that make me a new messiah too. I hate it when a person is condemned for having faith that is different from what others accept. Don’t condemn, instead educate.

  6. Jared

    The PR campaign against mms failed, the FDA taking up the gauntlet only indicates the fear & weakness of pharmaceutical industry who every aware person knows controls FDA “opinion” such a blatant lie on this magnitude will only show up the skewed intent and facilitate more focus on due diligence and independent research. Let the decline of fear based logic begin.

  7. Laurie

    Remember – the FDA said to “throw away any unused portions”.

    1. JustMe

      sounds desperate…

  8. Laurie

    I happen to prefer the 1:1 ratio of MMS. That is the ONLY way I can take it. Not many sites offer the 1:1 ratio.

    1. JustMe

      If you go on youtube you will find a video:
      MMS: Byebye bad taste… show you how to fill the liquid into capsules.

  9. Laurie

    But now there are companies who have REMOVED MMS FOR SALE!!! WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO????? HOW WILL WE GET IT????
    How can we continue to live KNOWING THERE “IS” A CURE, ONLY WE CAN’T GET IT???? Project Green Life has made it UNAVAILABLE!!! What now will we do?????????????

    1. Remember, the chemical sodium chlorite in flake form is available, and not sold as MMS usually. (It has quite a number of industrial uses.) Just take proper precautions (goggle, gloves, follow basic lab rules) when mixing with water. I think a small jar makes about a dozen 8 oz bottles and costs about $40. (I could be a little off on the amounts.) Just be sure to read about or ask someone knowledgeable about what kind of bottles and caps to use. (When buying the proper bottle online, they cost roughly 1-2 dollars in small quantities. Always be sure to check whether the bottles come with lids or if the lids are sold separately. I read Jim Humble’s book and learned everything I needed to know to make my own and bottle it up. Proper labeling is important for many reasons, have labels ready before you begin. Makes enough to share with friends and family and still have a couple bottles for yourself. You’ll need a scale capable of measuring grams accurately. A small glass funnel comes in handy as well. Some material reacts with sodium chlorite and chlorine dioxide. Be aware of this and have all your labs materials on hand before you start to avoid mistakes. It’s some work to go through the process from start to finish, but if you make up all the bottles at once, you should be good to go for at least a year. Since I have so much sitting around usually, I tend to use it for things like household mildew and mold as well as spot cleaning laundry.

    2. Hi Laurie,

      MMS is still available in other places. The FDA has chosen PGL as a “big fish” in its campaign to discredit MMS, creating a perception that it is harmful bleach. The main point right now, is for the public to speak up for the application of chlorine dioxide as an effective and safe water disinfecting agent, not only on a large scale, as has been done for decades, but on a human scale too. The FDA should not be opposing and trying to get rid of MMS. It should be verifying and sanctioning UNBIASED research and its safe use. If FDA officials were held responsible for the deaths attributed to drugs that they have approved, they’d take a far different stance on MMS. Yet, they are taking actions to restrict the reasonable efforts by people who have seen how INEFFECTIVE prescription medicine is, to clear their conditions. This is not to say that MMS is the ONLY way to make such things happen, or that it even will, but it has helped achieve far greater benefit than it has harm, and predominant medical practice is beginning to produce more harm than benefit, and at great expense.

      The public is waking up. Now it must speak up.



    3. I just bought a pound on ebay for 20 .oo . will probably last me 10yrs. I have enough mms2 forever from a 3.00 bag.

    4. Rabbit

      Greenlife is severely diluting their products…they are a rip off! Read solution strength information carefully!! And compare to others who sell a 4oz. bottle under $20

  10. Gilgamesh

    The FDA is warning people, that MMS may come with a side effect, vomiting, nausea, and diarrhea.
    All MMS users know about these side effects. The FDA is a little late with this warning.

  11. Dear Paul,

    Thank you for weighing in. Your point is duly noted. There are many people with negative opinions who’ve elected to ignore (1) the profoundly beneficial results that people who’ve used MMS have reported, and (2) the appalling results that Standard Medical Orthodoxy is delivering to the public these days. You can make any claim that your experience and/or education warrants, but in my opinion, a true scientist is unbiased, and would be curious about how and why the results reported by MMS users may have occurred, willing to the possibility that a better one may be at hand by putting it to the test. I’m not saying that MMS is it, but I don’t hear any such willingness on your part.

    Best wishes,


    1. Paul

      Dear Adam,

      You seem to have posted a response to my comment, but not my comment itself.

      I was open-minded about MMS to the extent of trying it myself a few years ago, when I had a health problem conventional medicine was unable to help me with. My wife and I spent several weeks trying to build up to the prescribed 15 drops and the only results we experienced were nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. We noticed no improvement in our health at all. I know of many people who have had similar experiences, and one man who became very ill after taking MMS. I don’t really understand why it is those who are proponents of “natural” medicine would promote an artificial chemical over far more effective and less toxic natural substances like penicillin.

      As for the many testimonials, it is worth pointing out that noxious poisons like mercuric chloride, strychnine and arsenic were once very popular as medicines, and had many devoted adherents. Testimonials do not cut it as scientific evidence.

      I would like to see a simple best case series of 20 or more people with medically diagnosed conditions, who have been treated with MMS with medical evidence to show both that they had the condition and that they have been cured. Surely Jim Humble could manage that, out of the many thousands of people he claims to have successfully treated? It would not cost much, and would go a long way to demonstrating that MMS works. I first suggested this four years ago on a Yahoo Group devoted to discussing MMS, and I am still waiting.

      By the way, the safety study that Humble is currently touting as proof that MMS is safe gave 2.4 milligrams of sodium chlorite daily for 12 weeks. This is a tiny fraction of the 150 milligrams in 15 drops that Humble recommends. This sort of inaccuracy does not fill me with confidence. Neither does Humble’s recent attempts to portray himself as a new Messiah with healing powers, and his self-appointment as a bishop of a new religious cult (membership only $350).

      1. Paul,

        I would be the last person to say that MMS will work in every situation, for every person, but then, nothing and no one can truthfully make that claim. (I know that Jim would try to, but even he backs away from that.) I also agree with you that natural medicines will always be preferable over synthetic, although I don’t see how chlorine dioxide is synthetic. As a chemical, it is far less damaging to physiology than chlorine, which gives birth to new chemicals in its interactions, and whose cumulative effects on human health have never been studied, or factored in to their possible contribution to the escalating onset and persistence of chronic diseases (not to mention the other “additives,” such as fluoride).

        I disagree with your dismissal of testimonials. Jim Humble pointed out, quite nicely this past week, that scientists are willing to experiment on rats and mice, that can’t give them much useful feedback beyond dying, and never develop any form of sensitivity or interactivity with the people that their drugs are intended to serve.

        On the other hand, if chemotherapy, radiation, and other chemical staples were all that effective, I’m sure that thousands, if not millions of people would be stepping forward and declaring that it is so, and this whole conversation would be unnecessary. The stories associated with chemotherapy and radiation would be horrific if they were fiction. The fact that they are true, that outcomes are unacceptable, and viable alternatives ARE available, is why we’re talking now.

        The fact that 75% of oncologists won’t take chemotherapy if their own life, or the life of a loved one counted on it, is telling. Your not having a confirming experience with MMS doesn’t mean it doesn’t work, or even that it won’t help you, nor that it didn’t work for the people who have. It also doesn’t mean that it’s best for you. Yet, I suspect if you were willing to talk with Jim Humble, he’d probably come up with some suggestions that would help you, if such assistance were still appropriate.

        The predominant results that people are getting after using MMS are far more encouraging than the predominant results that have become standard in medicine today. I just interviewed a young man who had a MRSA infection, that pennicillin and amoxicillin were ineffective on for over six months. In three weeks of “old school” MMS downage, the infection was gone, and has not returned, now several years later.

        For these many reasons MMS should be studied by an IMPARTIAL, meaning not pharamacologically biased, agency.

        I would also like to see that test done. Jim Humble has done such tests. He has already seen that it works. HIS doing anything won’t change the mind of people who are biased against “alternative” methods, whether it is MMS or something else. Instead of waiting, you should consider doing the tests yourself, since you do have biochemical experience. If we can coordinate it and are in some geographical proximity, I’d be happy to do the documenting, and share the results.

        Jim doesn’t recommend the 15 drop regimen any more, although I met and interviewed a woman this past week who got over breast cancer using that protocol. He said that he learned, on his last trip to Africa, that a smaller dosage more frequently, produced better results, more quickly.

        We are accustomed to using chemicals that are much stronger than chlorine dioxide in the amounts suggested in Jim’s protocol. It seems that once we grow to accept a product or method as not killing us immediately, we’re willing to keep taking it. Chlorine dioxide reduces the chemical, toxic, microbial, and heavy metals in the body. The lady who had breast cancer had all these factors confirmed through hair analysis. Chlorine dioxide could be used quite effectively in surgery, as a simple spray prior to closing a patient up. I bet the families of the 20,000 people who died of staph infections last year in the U.S. would have appreciated that small detail. It is simply worth being looked at, not covering up.

        Jim’s fascination with church has nothing to do with any messianic ambitions. He has claimed no healing powers beyond any that we all have. He’s a man who values life, including his own, and has watched other people with innovative ideas brought down. I don’t subscribe to the church thing, nor do I condemn it. Some people need a reason to permit themselves to do what they know is right. We’ve grown afraid of helping each other simply because it’s the human thing to do. Some people will do it because that believe it’s right. If we ultimately get into the habit of helping each other, then our society will advance. That’s what’s important to me.

        MMS / chlorine dioxide in person application, warrants an honest look, of its own merits.

        Before I close, please forgive me if I mis-characterized you. Your points are well taken and thought out. I appreciate that, and am always willing to learn.

        I hope you worked out your health problems. There are many unseen factors that can contribute. It’s unwise to close off and dismiss when we don’t know the full story.

        Best wishes,


      2. David

        Paul, what illness were you trying to treat using MMS? Jim Humble says all through his books/materials discussing its application that if a person experiences nausea or diarrhea that they are to immediately REDUCE the number of drops back to where they did not have such a reaction. To not follow his very clear and plain instructions shows A MISTAKE ON YOUR PART, so don’t blame him or CL20! Another thing, the protocol is now changed (as experience is proving out) that the build up to 15 drops is not even necessary, 2-3 drops every 2-3 hours. The use of this formulation and its procedure is NEW and we are not totally certain of the best application methods yet, so if you can’t stand the heat… (get out of the kitchen).

        The good things in life are made by individuals first and foremost, and groups tend to either harm individuals or make it nearly impossible for individuals to prosper. The FDA is one such monstrosity, how long will a free people be able to tolerate them? I am sure that there are many good individuals in the FDA but they too are helpless against their employer and their way of doing things. Have we created a monster? Do we really want our own government agencies to harm us?

        The potentials of this substance for improving the condition of man is stunning. The economic benefits alone should cause every government on Earth to demand its use in treatment of all contagious disease. Every day we hear of some new strain of H1n1 or Swine flu about to overwhelm us all, we have been taught to wash our hands and sneeze and cough into our elbows… is that what our BILLIONS of dollars are buying us?! This should make every decent human being very angry. I’m sorry, but I can’t accept this. Either we get serious about this or just end the facade and retool our FDA.

        We can cure malaria with this – the biggest killer of children on Earth – it will just cost pennies! Children themselves could afford it, for once UNICEF pennies would truly work!

        THE SCIENCE IS SIMPLE, THOUGH NOT INTUITIVE, THE RESULTS OBSERVABLE, AND EASILY VERIFIABLE ALL ONE HAS TO DO IS LOOK. (and care about what is going on) We CARE about our condition and care enough to do something about it.

        So buck up Paul and figure out what part of the book you got wrong.

  12. hmariewv

    I was taking everyone of these supplements L-theanine, Taurine, Gaba, a good B vitamin, and Magnesium at the time of taking the MMS. I was trying to treat the panic attacks naturally since I had never had them before . I do not have heavy metals because I had a hair test done . This stuff is bleach .
    There have been others who have talked about it making them anxious but I had no clue it was this bad. I have really changed in these past two months and I hate it! My mind is so different and not in a good way. I just hope I can be normal again.

    1. Marie,

      You’re trying so hard to create a negative impression of MMS, too hard to be taken seriously. I trust that you can be normal again (whatever that is), if you want to be. People who truly want factual information will take your point of view into consideration, since you have lodged it, and I haven’t deleted it.

      Best wishes,


      1. Sonja

        I have had all the symptoms she mentioned plus a few more. They were from prescription meds my doctor had me on. It too weeks to get the meds out of my system to where I wasn’t having tremors and months to feel “normal” and not panicky. It was an allergic reaction, it didn’t mean the same meds wouldn’t work for someone else, just that it wouldn’t work for me. Anything can cause reactions in some people, even foods. To condemn a product that works for so many because of a few who can’t or won’t take it is ridiculous. My son is using MMS and having wonderful results, his wife felt sick on it at first but she doesn’t say do not take it.

    2. try some 5htp and or kava kava for your brain imbalance. MMs 1 and 2 have done wonders for me.

  13. I publish magazines and produce trade shows for the natural products industry and I am big supporter of consumer access to the products and information about them. But, if one wants to sell these products, one has to do it legally, and the marketers of MMS have not done so. The laws are very clear. To sell a product as a supplement rather than as a drug (and an ingredient can be sold as either or both as long as it is done properly), once cannot make drug claims. Simple. There are far too many people making money by selling phony alternative “cures” to people who are desperate. If the product really has a benefit, those profiting from it should do the studies and prove it. It is not that expensive or difficult. To suggest that it cannot be done or that it is too expensive is not an acceptable answer.

    1. With all due respect Mr. Benninger, the word “prove” means different things to different people and organizations. The word “expensive” is a relative term and depends on the person and situation. Studies to “prove” MMS to certain organizations would indeed be too expensive for most people who would like to be able to freely mention the benefits of MMS. And I am sure there are those with enough money to go ahead and prove it, but fear “unpleasant” attention. To me, the stories of Jim Humble are enough, he’s done more than most saints in history. His motives are clear when you look at his life over a period of time. He could have taken advantage of so many situations and still asks that everyone sell MMS as cheaply as possible. Certain organizations are totally and completely corrupted and the motive behind the people running them is obvious to any sane person willing to dig a little deeper and face the facts. Adam, I hope I have not overstepped my boundaries here, feel free to delete this. I pray for patience in these crazy times we live in.

      1. Hello Jane,

        Thank you for speaking from your heart! The internet connection is spotty here in Barahona, after the first day of Jim’s MMS workshop, and distractions have been many, so I am grateful to you and all friends of this community who contribute when something within them draws them to the keyboard.

        Best wishes,


      2. Thank you, Adam, for the words of encouragement. Enjoy your time at the workshop! I hope that many good things come from it. I have and will continue to pray that all those in attendance are and remain safe, and are fruitful in their labors.

    2. Dear Jon,

      “Legally,” according to who? Jim Humble has broken no laws. Chlorine dioxide’s unpatentability shouldn’t be a reason to impose artificially and arbitrarily high prices for approval by agencies that purport to protect the public. There are indeed far too many people making money by selling phony “cures” to people who are desperate, and a large population of them have the letters “M.D.” behind their name, and an industry that legally and legislatively shelters them from the ramifications of their “practicing” and an insurance industry that favors their expensive, ineffective Draconian methods over non-invasive, natural and energetic remedies. So we’re in agreement on many points.

      The main people profiting from MMS use are the USERS THEMSELVES! People who are finding themselves pain free after years of debilitation, walking again, seeing again, living again, after being given only a faint shadow of such possibility by traditional medicine. I’ve spoken to too many people who have been given extreme options by medical personnel to herd them into chemotherapy or some other life-long relationship with an expensive, ineffective, and ultimately dangerous drug.

      You may be an insider for natural products, but you seem insensitive to the realities of dealing with the medical system that the public is being herded through.



    3. JustMe

      MMS is legal in many other countrys. So relax, whoever needs it can get it elsewhere without breaking the law. The law has no right to take my free will away to do with me how ever I please…

  14. Thank you Shaine for clarifying how MMS works. It is important to keep these details straight when defending this product.

    To hmarievw and all, in medicine there is no one product that is good for all. MMS is a very powerful medicine. All medicine will have some kind of side effect for some people. Conventional antibiotics have helped untold people over the years to live longer lives but still they can kill people and have and continue to do so to this day when taken under the advice of a physician, under free will.

    All medicines need to be used judiciously and in cases where there are such reactions as mentioned the medicines should be discontinued until professional help is found for certainly something uncommon was going that is not common to most useres. The symptoms mentioned, off hand, sound like a strong heavy metals detox, yet who can say for sure? One will never know because no one had the foresight to look into it. Such uncommon experiences require further investigation and care from someone who is trained in detox and alternative therapy.

    Belief in MMS really has nothing to do with its positive or negative performance. MMS is being used by some very sick people and many many people do not understand just how toxic they are.
    Then again, adverse reactions are always possible with any agent taken into the body. From my observations of MMS over three years the benefits far outweigh any possible side effects for the vast majority of people. So many of the diseases it is helping with are considered uncurable by conventional medicine. Whenever someone takes on the self responsibility to treat themselves they also take on the responsibility to analyse their situation carefully, daily. If one cannot do this objectively then professional assistance is needed to adjust regimens or find another pathway. Self treatment means taking on self responsibilty with all outcomes. There is no doctor to sue. There is only the individual and the choices that individual has taken for their healthcare. Being responsible means being able to respond to the situation moment to moment.

    I suspect many people out there need professional guidance in the use of MMS becasue their education in alternative health protocol, detox issues and complications, signs and symptoms and self assessment is far too limited for safe and effective treatment.

  15. hmariewv

    Wait a minute! I believed in MMS also and was up to 10 drops a day. Yes I had diarrhea, lost 40 lbs in 2 months and thought it was all due to toxins being released. I never put together that the severe panic attacks and shaking and crying and mental confusion that I suddenly started having was from the MMS ! My daughter had to come stay with me for two weeks and I stopped the MMS at that time. I thought I was going crazy and told her it felt like it was something physical causing it but couldn’t get a Dr to listen. [I never told the Dr I was taking MMS.]. After 3 weeks with starting to eat again and no panic attacks , I took 2 drops of MMS and I was right back into the horrible crying and panic again! I knew it was the MMS then that was causing it!
    I know from experience that this stuff is bad for some people! Canada banned it and they provide health care to their citizens . If it was so great why wouldn’t they use it.

    1. Gilgamesh

      hi mariewv.
      I dont know if MMS have side effects as you describe. And I m not saying to stay on the MMS, but if you have to use MMS for some health problems, In my own opinion it is good idea to load up with L-theanine, Taurine, Gaba, a good B vitamin, and Magnesium. Use these natural products before, and or during the time using MMS. And any time, as needed. All these natural products sold in health food stores and a lot of information on them on the internet. But this is only my own opinion and maybe Dave or Jim could explain more.

    2. JustMe

      Lets be realisting! Not everybody reacts the same way than the other. We can not be sure why. But as Jim Humble always says, if MMS makes you feel worse than you were before, stop it. You obviously have either an allergy against it or there is something else in your body that does not agree with MMS. Maybe some other medication?
      Just remember that ALL medication-instructions tell you that there MIGHT be side-effects, but surely not everybody has those side-effect either.
      Sorry to hear MMS did not help you, but there are plenty people who were healed from it.

  16. TV

    I’ve been taking MMS (water purification drops) for over 3 years and I just keep getting healthier and healthier! My 81 year old hubby healed Lyme disease with MMS. We also use the transdermal magnesium we found in your very fine books, Adam. It has all been a great life saver, too!

    We’re not taking it now, but when I feel like something is coming on — we now use the NEW take-it-every-hour protocol and use the 50/50 citric acid that activates it in 20-30 seconds. You mix the MMS and Citric on a 1:1 measure. You can take one to three drops of the chlorine dioxide every hour during the day. We sell MMS bottle – kit – with the new 50/50 activator in a bottle — for only $25 at

    It is almost free. I can see who the big pharmaceutical companies are putting pressure on the FDA to stop the sales of MMS.
    Adam — keep up your great work! We appreciate you!

  17. Rick

    It’s hardly surprising that the FDA would move to protect it’s vested interest in marginally effective allopathic drugs.
    IMNSHO (In my not so humble opinion), the time has come for a MASSIVE campaign to petition for the removal of the powers of the FDA. To strip it of it’s powers and relegate it to an advisory capacity would reflect the average American opinion of the FDA.
    It’s merely the matter of a statistically significant survey as evidence.
    The days of the likes of heinous people such as William Randolph Hearst are over.

  18. Shaine Parker

    Great post. However, there is one glaring error. Chlorine dioxide does not deliver oxygen to the body as Humble explains in his book. It acts similar to an oxidizer by stripping oxygen from cells of parasites thereby exploding them, and because it operates as such the parasites cannot develop resistance.

    It should be noted that FDA approved drugs kill almost a million people a year; whereas, no one has died from using MMS.

    1. Shaine

      Thank you for the clarification.

      Best wishes,


  19. I will spread the word. Thanks for the heads up, it is appreciated!

  20. Adam…Masterfully thought through and communicated brilliantly. As you know I feature your DVDs on my Website because of your unimpeachable observations and integrity.

    Rich Blessings

  21. Canadian Farmgirl

    Not a surprising response from the FDA, but certainly, as you said, lots of “hooey” … A good point about turning a blind eye to all the Corexit being used. I came across this article when ordering more clay yesterday – it’s about a group that went boating on the Gulf for 12 hours and the health repercussions that followed:


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