Imagining New Outcomes For the Gulf

A bird's eye view of the Gulf
A bird's eye view.

How we look at the Gulf oil spill event depends on how we see ourselves and our own capability (or incapability). In general, it’s not a pretty picture. Mainstream and “independent” pundits all vie to be the first to tell you the latest information on how bad things really are that “isn’t being reported.” Okay, so now they’ve brought you the new latest worst information, what do you do? In their zeal to inform you through fearful lenses, they contribute to the likelihood of the feared outcome.

Since the worst has not happened, there’s no guarantee that it will. However, this is a great opportunity to give some thought and energy to potential desired outcomes imagined, and imagined.

What if what eventually happens in the Gulf, as it is in life, was a result of how we imagined it? Does it absolutely have to be one way or another? It will be one way. In other words, we will experience one outcome. However, does that mean that the other did not happen, since some people will have imagined it? Or does it mean that each individual experiences what he or she most relates to?

I ask the question because if we live in a realm of infinite possibility, which I believe that we do, then all potential outcomes are viable, and equally in potential. Determining what will be doesn’t have to be a popularity vote either. We tend to be oblivious to the contribution that our suggestibility may make to the actual unfolding of certain events. They happen in what appear to be a linear progression, like dominoes tripped along a very specific line. However, I believe that the choice, fueled by our beliefs, determines the line of outcome. In spite of what the pundits say, this is a great time and place to put our heartfelt feelings to work.

Now, more than ever, is it time to choose the Gulf outcome you most relate to. I see bioremediation in the Gulf’s future, which will safely accelerate the normalization process. I also see the hemorrhaging of oil stopped. While I’m aware that other methods that haven’t been tried are available, I don’t have to know how it happens in order to see it resolved, and feel the relief.

In spite of what the pundits say, the volcano under the Gulf of Mexico doesn’t have to erupt. The pressure can be relieved. The coastlines do not have to become dead zones. Although we may have a clue, we don’t really have to know or care how.  Instead of being sure that it is impossible (as some scientists will resolutely assert), we would allow that our desired outcome is possible. All we would do, as conscious creators of our experience, is imagine the outcome of our heart’s desire already done.

Furthermore, we don’t need to amass power through numbers. No need to tie the success of this exercise to indiscriminately enlisting or recruiting others… especially disbelieving ones. No need to convince anyone of anything. Simply imagine life as we would most joyfully see it, sending that wave of information and energy out through our hearts.

That’s all.


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4 Thoughts to “Imagining New Outcomes For the Gulf”

  1. If all you say is true then how is it that this could have occured in the first place?

    We’re to many people wishing this upon our mother?

    I did not call for this yet here it is.

    I did not call for depeated uranium bombs to kill countless children yet here it is.

    I did not call for stife between Israel and Iran yet here it is.

    I did not call for lyme disease, HIV, increasing cancer rates, unemplolyment, the dissolving of lifetimes of hard earned income to families and retirees. Yet here it is.

    I always anticapted and called for beauty in the world. For most of my life I thought that was how it was. Why is it that this is happening? I have followed the guidlines as you have put out… yet here we are regardless of a lifetime of hope and anticpation for the best.

    I think there must be more to creating reality than you or the swami state.

    To think and pray is one thing. To call into action is another, to act is another.

    People need to fully understand how this event came about. How can you fix something that is broken if you do not understand how it is broken?

    We must go beyond wishful thinking, is what Ghandi would say, If I may be so presumptous to second guess his consciousness and his attitude and approach to living. He is a man who got things done in the face of great adversity though great sacrifice.

    1. Hey Arrow,

      I did not call for it either, not consciously, but as you say, here it is. Yet, we’ve been imagining that one form of disaster or another was going to be the potential death knell of humanity for virtually all of recorded history. That exercise in imagination has contributed to the present outcome, along with our general response, which is to sit by passively, be fearful, and hope that someone solves the problem.

      Whether you or I created it is a moot point. It’s here. If the litmus test of humanity’s evolution is to demonstrate the unfolding and expansion of awareness, on individual and collective levels, then events of this type are likely to occur.

      It would most likely involve everyone, including those who knew what they were doing and didn’t care (BP, Haliburton, et. al.), those who did care, but didn’t know they could change it (U.S. government?), or how to, and therefore accepted it as “their fate (people in the Gulf and elsewhere), and others who both wanted something different, wanted to learn how to make it happen, and took active steps to make their preferred outcome prevail. In a truly infinite Universe, there is room for every outcome, especially when we realize the role that resonant frequencies play in our lives. In the end, those who resonate with a particular way of seeing and creating things, will be together. No one is alone in their thinking, whether it be fearful or wishful.

      My own health challenges have served as catalysts for me to seek answers, not only to why and how disease happens, but how to reconcile them… how to heal. There are many licensed health practitioners who don’t know much of what you and I have learned, or how deeply we’ve immersed ourselves into health-damaging methods. We DON’T believe we’re powerful because we’re conditioned and ENCOURAGED to believe that we’re not. In fact, many people have been singled out for daring to suggest that healing or “curing” is achieved by other than the standard AMA method. Yet, I now KNOW that when a person has a chronic illness, their body is out of balance, and if balance is restored, then health will return. I also KNOW that balance isn’t limited to a molecular landscape. Emotions, attitudes, beliefs, and even spiritual factors, none of which can be seen or measured, but all of which are real, come into play.

      I simply suggest that being angry or afraid for what is, or may happen in the Gulf of Mexico will bring no new insights, no inspiration, or solutions. Most people don’t consciously use their imagination with the thought that they might actually change a present condition, and few are encouraged to do so. Most encouragement is to do the opposite. I have a friend, Jacquelyn Aldana, who wrote a book called, “The 15 Minute Miracle” ( It is a well crafted workbook (she calls it a playbook), that addresses the unseen and immeasurable components that doctors would simply dismiss. Read the 15 testimonials on the site written by some of her “students” on how their lives have changed. It is from the inside out, from the invisible to the visible, just the opposite of convention.

      There is no point in understanding how the event came about, in my opinion. There is a point in seeing what it is with clear, fearless eyes, and open heart. I spoke to some microbiologists a couple weeks after the event started, who represent current thinking about oil spill response methods. Their thinking is a fascinating corollary to the medical doctor mindset today. Their thinking was that Natural methods can’t handle this, but Mother Nature can, in a few years. One satisfied himself with the appearance of 97% removal of the oil from the Exxon Valdez spill 20 years ago, but that area and many of its people remain largely depressed and traumatized by that event to this day.

      We are not used to looking within ourselves, not even for our own healing. So I don’t expect it to sound too practical when someone hears me say imagine something different. Yet, the answers begin there.

      Wishful thinking should not be dismissed, as it represents only a starting point to desired change.

  2. Adam,
    We are Brothers of Light. I AM an associate with Michael Elley and other Transformational Leaders. I love your message and we share similar ideas.
    I AM ready to Heal Our Beloved Mother Earth and Her People. how about you? Please visit us on the web & to find out more on the “Siver Lining” to today’s transitional transgressions. What if these destructive acts are all intentional to distract us from the “Hidden Agenda” of personal & planetary destruction from fundamentalists.
    Yours in the True Spirit of Christ Consciousness,
    Tony Namste’ Tucker
    TNT, The Change Master

  3. Marion Schlenzka

    Hello Adam,
    in addition to your explanation I really agree with, I would like to pass a message from Sri Kaleshwar from India. I´ve got this wonderfull words via Email, when I was very confused because of the current bad news related to the coming changes of the earth including prophecy about coming disasters.
    Many thanks for all your messages and kind regards,

    Dear Divine Souls,

    The human blocks of humanity, in the clarity of the dignity of the humanity, it always will tell the wars and the volcanoes in the whole Mother nature in creation in all phenomena. But to control the Mother we can only pray through our love. Our love needs to be in a dignity and divinity way. In a divine way we need to pray with no selfishness.

    On the planet so far, a lot of tragedy has happened. Even though tragedy things are going to happen in the society, instead to protect that there only we can do is send love to the Mother, then the Mother automatically will protect humanity and the society. Otherwise we will be in a problem. Mother is always loving with the great dignity. She is. We need to be compromise with Her love, no matter what.

    Every human being in the society has my recommendation to be humble and be honest and be dignified, be loyal, truthful and loving then it automatically will be helpful. It’s a golden statement of your Swami Kaleshwar. The purity of dignity always gives the most humbleness of the great Mother’s loving nature.

    As brothers and sisters on the planet, I am requesting to pray for humanity and society in all angles, pray for the Mother nature not to get unnecessarily aggressive and create unnecessary disturbances and try to protect humanity. We are all brothers and sisters in humanity. Of course, we are kids to Her. We are babies to Her, She needs to protect us. It is Her responsibility to take care of our lives.

    Only we can send our regards, our pure divine prayers and love, then everything will be fine. She is the most mercy lady and pure divine lady. She will protect us. She will take care the nature.

    Try to understand, all my divine souls, whatever my student kingdom, through our love we can make Her calm down, automatically She will calm down. 
We need to make Her calm down in a pure divine loving way.

    No need to worry, nothing will happen, no unnecessary crazy things on the globe. No need to be panic. The Mother in Her nature won’t create disturbances.

    All my love,
    Your Swami

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