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The first time I learned about channeled information was in the early 1980’s, when I stumbled upon a book titled, Seth Speaks. Although Jane Roberts was the physical author, the originator of the ideas was a “non-physical entity” known as Seth.

Seth's first book.
A Book that Started an Awakening

The book came into my life at a very critical time, as I grappled with this idea called death, as the unknown and for me, feared, part of mortality. The mere thought of my death could make my heart palpitate. It loomed as the loneliest of doors to pass through, with virtually no sense of how the journey would transpire, nor what, if anything would await me on the other side, if there was indeed “an other side.”

Yet, I eventually experienced what I’d call an “intellectual death experience.” I surmised, incorrectly I might add, that my day of reckoning had come. My conclusion was influenced more so by the marijuana joint that I was smoking against my own conscience, than by any jeopardy that was actually present.  Nonetheless, the thought of dying scared me to no end, enough for me to actively seek understanding.

Before discovering Seth Speaks, I revisited a book that I had about seven years earlier, Your Erroneous Zones, by Wayne Dyer. What was good for me the first time proved great for me the second time around. We are often unaware of just how profoundly our fears affect us, all with our tacit approval.

I gobbled up the Seth material like a cell absorbs and processes oxygen. Each stream of information providing me potent reason to release one fear or misconception after another. No one knows just how deep they are in dark, fearful doo doo, or on the other hand, just how high they can go into love’s light. However, from wherever we are right now, we can chart a direction. Choosing love will always take us on another course if fear has been our captain.

Many teachers, both in body and out, have followed since the Seth Material. All have contributed to a healthy respect that has evolved within me, not only for them, but for myself, as my mind continues to appreciate the oneness that defines all existence. This appreciation was in place the night I met Linda Deir and Ray Holley, an intuitive couple who have teamed their gifts to run the web site

Dubbed, The Nostradamus of the News, they have evolved a novel use of their gifts, creating what is, in essence, an intuitive news service. I almost used the term psychic for “intuitive,” but the term has been stigmatized by a dimensionally challenged orthodoxy of linear thinking, that has trouble conceptualizing a timeless, formless reality where the terms “beginning,” and “end” have no meaning. We have even further difficulty wrapping our minds around the fact that we come from, and return to such a place, and that present within each of us is the power to access this great ocean of energy and information.

So the prospect of having Linda and Ray as guests on Talk For Food was an attractive one from the start. I wasn’t looking for anything profound, nor any prognostications. I simply wanted to talk to two people about how they discovered and then cultivated a gift, and how said gift is affecting life. I was pleased to receive a message for my Talk For Food audience and Thought For Food readers, received through a Ouija board-like instrument developed by Linda, called “Ask the Universal Channel.” You can watch it in action in the video:


Ray Holley and Linda Deir of
Informational Insights from the Fifth Dimension

You can listen to my conversation with Linda Deir and Ray Holley by visiting this link.

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