A 'Wake-Up Call' to Love

The Love Within, by Della Hale
Removing our shields and revealing the unwavering love within changes everything.

For many reasons, some obvious and some not, 2010 marks an important step forward in the story that humanity is writing for and about itself. Increasingly, we are learning to permit ourselves the possibility that there may be some truth to the idea that we are sentient, intelligent beings possessing heretofore unimaginable powers of creation. So fully and consistently has the wool been pulled over our eyes (and consciousness), that we’ve bought the idea of powerlessness, difference, and inequity, hook, line, and sinker.

Yet, I believe we are waking up from the malaise; that is, a sleep so deep, that we are mostly in it even when we are awake. The sleep I speak of is the one wherein we walk a dream of our own creation, totally unaware that the dream is ours, and that we can change it according to our desire and will. Believing we are powerless, we don’t realize that the dream is unfolding as a perfect reflection of our state of mind and heart, a state we often deny and disown, or assign to others. We have made that dream our truth. And yet, there are some amongst us who, knowing the truth, and content with the status quo, will gently and “innocently” encourage us to remain captains of our own dark nightmares for their own perceived gain. The light of day dawns, for we will one day see that both our “loss” and their “gain,” are illusions, as are our powerlessness and their power.

While celebrity soothsayers predict dire events and calamities this year, and times to come leading up to and including 2012, the ride need not be traumatic. We always have options. We can be fearful, or we can choose love.

Choosing fearlessness when fear might appear to be the most logical or reasonable response, is the same as choosing love when most are calling for vengeance or retribution. Love is the great transformer of individual and collective lives, and realities. I’m not referring to selective, transitory love, but love that is as consistent as gravity, as reliable as the tide. There will sometimes be shifts and changes in how love presents itself, but it is always present, love makes the moment transformable always. Love doesn’t make magic possible. It allows us to see, feel, and experience the magical side of life, which is always ever-present. In fear, we are deaf, dumb, and blind to life’s natural, loving magic.

No matter what the challenge, I look forward to each and every day. Each presents an opportunity to love in the best way that I know how, beginning with my self. To admit to loving one’s self was, at one time, the height of selfishness. We had to love others in order to prove that we were loving, putting self last, if on the list at all. If you don’t love yourself, then what will anyone else resonate with? At best, they will resonate with your invisibility, to the extent that you don’t include yourself among recipients of your love.

When you fill your own cup with love, and keep filling, you can then give to others, and not be depleted yourself.

Each moment presents the opportunity to love even higher and deeper. To put our “hurts” away, taking the shield from around our hearts. Little did we know that erecting shields of fear, anger, and resentment around the heart imprisons our power, and keeps us where most say they don’t want to be; i.e., in pain, depression, poverty, feeling lonely, resentful, abused, and powerless. We use much more power maintaining this illusion, this untruth about ourselves, staying out of balance while believing that something or someone outside of ourselves is going to “save” us. The Saviour is within, and we will connect as soon as we love. That’s because the Saviour is love.

We have much to learn about ourselves. Yet, all we need to know, is to love ourselves, and each other, without condition, ulterior motivation, or strings. Some will say that’s easier said than done, but if you look at each time you feel less than loving toward some one, recognize that moment as an opportunity to heal your self. It’s a place to improve your health, to hurt just a little less. The first step is to forgive.

To forgive doesn’t mean to forget. True forgiveness means that we enter a kind, harmless, non-judgmental place with full knowledge, and in full remembrance of what the individual may have done. In so doing, we reclaim the power that we had given away, oftentimes to fear, wariness, or over protectiveness.

We are learning that there are many ways to heal; in essence, to maintain or return to a state of dynamic, perpetual balance called health. We are waking up from the idea that the pain life is to be expected and endured, and that injustice is the rule. We are cautiously stepping into the concept that our experience is our creation. Owning one’s own experience is the first step in changing it. Forgiving is the next step. Opening the heart and embracing and being love solidifies the foundation that these two steps must stand on.

Let it be.

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2 Thoughts to “A 'Wake-Up Call' to Love”

  1. CdnFarmgirl

    Oh, Adam! Now you’re singing my song!! Great article! There is an interesting book by don Miguel Ruiz (author of The Four Agreements) called “The Mastery of Love”… in it, he explores how we are each the artist of our own existence, painting our own canvas. We don’t judge artists for their creations, why do we judge each other and ourselves?

    The Beatles had it right: all you need is love. Most people are too afraid of what others will see when they open their hearts and expose themselves, yet it is only by allowing love to flow from ourselves that it comes back to us. The most amazingly incredible, beautiful things happen once we let go of our judgements and fears, and just give of ourselves. We are living the dream, as you say, and we have the power to make it whatever we want. The word “impossible” suddenly vanishes from our vocabulary. Everything is possible.

    We can all start with little things, a kind word here, an anonymous act of love there, and before you know it, there is a flow. Life is an incredible ride, all we have to do is get on it!

    I wish you, Adam, nothing but happiness and success in all your endeavours in 2010! Love you! Julie

    1. Hey Julie, thank you!

      It’s amazing today to realize how completely and readily we discount or dismiss love, and in so doing, its power… our power. Then we go on long and drawn out searches to find it, or to find health, while withholding love from others and from ourselves. On the other hand, choosing to love (and BE love) in such an environment makes where we stand very clear and unambiguous. It will put us in an optimal state in the times that come.

      Best wishes to you too Julie. I perk up whenever I see your moniker.

      Warm regards and much love,


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