On the Horizon: TV Series and Documentary on MMS

I’ve had the feeling that a new wave of the public is beginning, or about to start learning about MMS, the Miracle Mineral Supplement/Solution introduced by Jim Humble and chronicled by yours truly via articles, audio interviews on Talk For Food, and through my documentary, Understanding MMS: Conversations with Jim Humble. Increasingly, people who contact me with questions indicate that their doctor advised them to get it and give it a try. Bravo! Yesterday I received a link to a video that is currently on YouTube, a pilot for a television series on MMS.


The series, shot in High Definition, is titled, “Straight Talk on MMS: Chlorine Dioxide”, and is hosted by Dan Bender. It gives a wonderfully concise overview of MMS, what it is, and a range of perceived health conditions that it can address. This episode is shot in Brussels, Belgium, and features Andreas Kalcker, who is planning to travel the world in a custom made RV which looks like it could be competitive in the Paris to Dakar rally, and produce a documentary on MMS. As one of the “original players” in this story, perhaps we’ll meet one day. But I wish Dan and Andreas the best in their travels, as MMS continues its ascendancy in public awareness and adoption.

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14 Thoughts to “On the Horizon: TV Series and Documentary on MMS”

  1. Paul Morgan

    Oh, I see you posted the Andreas Kalcker video. Priceless! Rarely have I seen such nonsense. If you Google “Andreas Kalcker” all you will find are articles that make his links to Jim Humble explicitly clear. The pseudo-science spouted in this video just does not stand up to scientific scrutiny. I can find no evidence of the conference that he allegedly spoke at actually having taken place.
    All in all, it is difficult to draw any other conclusion than to say that it is either just another part of an elaborate scam or a delusion.
    Where is the TV series on MMS that you thought might be made? On which television channel has it been broadcast, or where and when will it be broadcast?

  2. Andrea,

    Thank you for your fantastic work. I would like to recommend to your supporters to to contribute to the Jim Humble Foundation, and specifically his work in Africa at

    Thank You!

    1. Paul Morgan

      There is no evidence that Jim Humble has conducted trials in Africa, or anywhere else as he has failed to publish the results of these trials anywhere in any meaningful scientific manner. If someone can supply the references where the data and results are published, please tell me where it can be found so that I and others can examine it and subject it to proper scientific scrutiny.
      If he has conducted such trials, I also want to see the information regarding the ethical approval for his trials. I’m assuming that he did get ethical approval, as to conduct trials without this approval would put him on a par with the Nazi experimenters in the concentration camps(or indeed any other unethical trials, e.g US spreading syphilis).

  3. Gilgamesh

    I wish Andrea and Dan all the best in their travels.
    This is a great thing they are doing.

    1. Gilgamesh,

      Thank you for your kind words.


      1. Gilgamesh

        Hi Dan.
        On my MMS bottle cap some white powder accumulated, the the Sodium Chlorite powder. I just put it on a plate, and put a mach to it, and it burn up with a big flame in a second. I just want to ask, if all MMS bottles accumulate
        this white powder deposits? Would this reduce the strength of the MMS solution? The bottle is now about half full, and I burned the powder several times, but the powder is still accumulating every few days.Is this normal with all MMS solution, or just this one bottle have to much Sodium Chlorite in it?

  4. Gilgamesh

    What is the one to one MMS solution,
    and where can I buy it?

    1. Gil

      You can get MMS with 50% citric acid at The MMS is the same as you get anywhere else. The only thing that’s different is the citric acid mix. You can use the MMS you already have, or from where you presently purchase it, if they don’t sell the 50% solution.


      1. Adam and Gil,

        From my discussions with various individuals, the contents of all MMS bottles are not created equal. Sodium Chlorite is available in pharmaceutical grade as well as in industrial grade. In addition, I was told that the strength of the MMS can vary, depending on the quality a manufacturer strives to produce, along with their particular quality control methods. There are also various different activators with variations in both the strength (which effects the ratio and time to activate), and again in quality. From my own experience, having tried two different manufacturer’s products… there can be a noticeable difference.


      2. Greetings Dan and Happy New Year!

        It’s a pleasure to welcome you to this space, and to see your work. I’ve heard the assertion that there may be variances in the MMS formulation from one supplier to the next. While I don’t dismiss it, I also don’t see it as significant. It’s natural to suspect the supplier if someone who tries MMS doesn’t experience “miraculous” results that so many people have experienced. This is especially true since MMS producers represent a cottage industry, sometimes “mom and pop” operations. However, Jim established a very specific single set of instructions for formulating MMS, and made himself available to virtually all producers, to work out the calculations necessary for them to get it right. What most people ignore, is the fact that individuals will differ from one to the next, relative to (1) the acuteness of their situation, (2) their commitment to healing (some are actually looking for a scapegoat), (3) their body current chemistry and resultant electrical conductivity, and (4) their belief in their ability to succeed which, while immeasurable, will definitely vary from one person to the next.

        Given that MMS is “new,” and its efficacy is still being established, it’s easier to question it than one’s self.

        If a preponderance of people are experiencing no beneficial results from one or more more MMS producers, I’d say that there’s a quality assurance problem with the producer. The formulation that Jim specified has been the basis to help uncover a major deception upon humanity. That is, the myth of pathological diseases. MMS helps so many conditions because all chronic disease pathologies are basically states of imbalance, expressed in various levels of acuteness. The imbalance factors involve hydration (water sufficiency and vitality/coherence), toxication/pollution (chemical and microbial), mineral and enzymatic sufficiency, and most importantly, balanced thinking/perceiving. Humanity is yet slow to acknowledge the connection between thinking/believing/perceiving and health and healing. Believing we are “sick” with this or that disease pathology places us in its morphic field, subject to the laws of effect as governed by its believer/creators.

        Sooooooooo… we’re entering an era when the body/mind/spirit relationship to this matrix is beginning to be understood, because ultimately, it will be the individual who heals him or herself, with the help of MMS. MMS will and can help no one who is not fully and truly committed to healing. And saying one is committed isn’t always the same as being committed.

        Best wishes Dan. You did a great job. If I can be of assistance, please let me know.


  5. World, People, God, stop please these stupid lies. Lies can be intelligent, sophisticated, smart, attractive. Andreas and you around him are spreading such cheap, transparent lies.
    Don’t you have fear of your lies? All staff is such bullshitting. You do not know the human body, you know nothing about life perfection. Money, money that is the only goal of yours.
    How sad. SADDDDD!
    I love you in spite of your sins.
    PS: I think the moderator/owner of this site declares himself as a physicist. Are really something like this? I doubt. Sorry!!

    1. Alija,

      If Andreas or I are lying about something, I sure would love for you to elaborate on the specific lies you believe we are telling. I produced this video because of my research that told me there was something to this stuff. Andreas got involved because it cured, yes CURED his arthritis… which motivated him to research further.

      The purpose of a documentary (or this particular video) is to bring out the truth based on research.

      As for money… Hmmm, can you tell me where in this video I asked for money? I guess you know something I don’t…


      1. Paul Morgan

        I have watched the Kalcker video. Oh how I laughed at the absolute rubbish spouted in it. Let’s look at a few things.
        Firstly, the physiology, pharmacology and microbiology are quite frankly just plain wrong. Secondly, on the video, you state that you took MMS as part of the interview. What we didn’t see was you actually ingesting anything! Even if we did, without independent verification we still wouldn’t know for sure about you taking MMS or something else.
        Thirdly, I can find no reference anywhere on the Internet to show that the conference Kalcker claims to have spoken at ever having taken place anywhere. There is certainly no mention of it anywhere on the website of Erasmus University Brussels. All we can say is that your video was filmed in Brussels as I recognised some of the locations. Why is it that we see or hear nothing of the audience at this “conference”?
        Finally, with regard to Kalcker himself, the only references I can find are ones that link him directly to Jim Humble and his organisation. We have no independent means of verifying his “diagnosis” of arthritis or even any mention of what type of arthritis he apparently had or has. As for his water-driven engine…..Hmm.
        All in all, it is difficult to lend any credibility to this video. When I have challenged the content of this video when posted elsewhere, I am yet to see any response. I am yet to see any credible evidence to support the claims of the MMS advocates to show MMS to be a safe and effective therapy for anything, despite asking repeatedly on a number of Internet discussion forums.
        If you have any credible, verifiable evidence to substantiate the claims made in the video, please supply it here so that I and others can subject it to scientific scrutiny. I really have no interest in whether there was any financial transaction involved.

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