Money Talks: Proclaims Self ‘God’ of This World

by George Frederick Watts (1884)
by George Frederick Watts (1884)

In the Bible it is written that “The love of money is the root of all evil” (1 Timothy 6:10). From many perspectives, there appears to be much truth to the adage. Yet, in The Kybalion, another book of ancient wisdom, it is written that “all truths are but half-truths.” And while the latter might appear to “dilute” the former, it doesn’t mean that either of them are “wrong.”

Money is on everyone’s mind. It appears to be behind all that gets done, and all that is yet undone appears to be waiting the arrival of a financial consort.

“How will we pay for it?” is the incessant refrain in debates over health care, as though ideas that work are only those that carry a price tag. Modern medicine has been so inept at abating the rising tide of disease that fundraising — “for the cure” — has become big business. Is it really all about money? Are the solutions that we’re seeking only reachable if we throw more money at it the problem? Or does seeing solutions only in our ability to spend money blind us to the real causes that need changing?

Like millions upon millions of others these days, Michael and Amayra Hamilton who formed a community and retreat in Angel Valley, Arizona (, about 10 miles south of Sedona, have themselves been grappling with “the money issue.”

Dedicated to creating a new, workable morphic field from which a paradigm, and eventually a way of living that is not necessarily money dependent may form, the Hamilton’s have often found themselves yet paying homage to what seems like the god of money.

So it was quite the jaw dropper when they scheduled a private session with Cynthia Williams (, trance medium, to seek spiritual guidance. Expecting to hear the soft reassuring energetic presence of the heavenly realms in the Universal Heart or Dolphin Pod of One, they were introduced to the most unexpected, but appropriate “energy”… of money itself, which proclaimed itself to be “god of this world.”

He makes a good point.

The Hamilton’s shared an excerpt from their “conversation” with the god of money at a recent retreat where a group of people gathered to examine our perceptions of money, and how to transcend them.

Part I


Part II

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9 Thoughts to “Money Talks: Proclaims Self ‘God’ of This World”

  1. Laure


    I encourage you to consider the very real possibility that the “God of Money,” aka “The God of the World” is a very real demon, possibly Satan himself, with a very real agenda to devour us, just as he said. All the positive thinking in the world will not deflect him from his agenda. He is coming closer than ever before to accomplishing his goals on earth, exerting more and more political power than ever before…and virtually everything we see occurring today has been prophesied as part of his play to gain the worship of the entire world by subjugating the world with power, fear and intimidation. He is growing cocky, he is so close now. While he transforms the world into a place of fear (via people who actively and purposefully worship him and who are eager to enjoy the fruits of world domination), he has worked on anesthetizing everyone else by promoting godless evolution, lowering educational standards, poisoning our world through greedy individuals and corporations, and overfeeding one section of the world while grinding down the part that is getting poorer and poorer. For those who have the energy to change, he has also managed to resurrect his religion of “self as god” and lulled those who have followed that path into believing that anything they conceive of in their minds can be manifested (like world peace and prosperity). I’ve even heard new-age types say that they would welcome demons, assuming that they were only part of a yin/yang duality that is natural to life.

    There is a reason why God doesn’t want us messing with seances and spirit-chaneling, why it is expressly forbidden, documented in the Bible. There really is a heavenly war between the forces of good and evil, and he knows that the forces of evil are very happy to communicate with, woo, and deceive people with whatever mix of lies and truth will work. In this case, it looked like he was toying with the people who were communicating with him. At the joyofsatan website, there are transcribed channeled sessions in which he pretends to be an injured, well-meaning deity who has been held back from helping mankind by the “evil Jehovah.”

    Satan will not give you the secret of transcending him, but I will. Satan wants you to be just like him, self-focused, independent (you think) and yet, in the end, totally controlled by him simply because he is the only alternative to trusting the God who made you, made the world….made him. You get to choose which one you have loyalty to, and when you choose to set yourself up as a divine entity, you choose Satan by default. There is no way to think yourself out of that situation, you have succumbed to his plan to have all of God’s creation turn their back on their creator. His sin was that he wanted to be god, and that is what started this whole mess.

    Trust in the God who has never had a prophecy fail, who confirmed the identify of his Son and chosen Messiah, Jesus Christ, with hundreds of prophecies – to fulfill them all by accident is virtually impossible from a statistical point of view. God sent his own presence in his Son Jesus Christ to give to the world the thing it cannot earn or buy: forgiveness for our wrong thoughts, behaviors and attitudes and restoration to an eternal relationship with Him. He is the real deal, the one who always tells the truth, the one you can count on for eternity.

    God created us. We have discovered fascinating things about how creation works at more fundamental levels than ever before, at the quantum level! But being able to use the functions we were designed with does not make us into gods, nor remove us from our place as created beings who has a Creator that loves us and would like us to choose to be with Him forever, to accept the gift of forgiveness for our wayward, self-directed ways. We can’t undo what we have done, but He can and He did in Jesus Christ. All he asks is that we acknowledge our wrong point of view, accept that Jesus’ death was God’s chosen means for our forgiveness, and get back into fellowship with Him.

    I know this isn’t popular, and not everyone who goes by the name of “Christian” has really trusted God or really allowed Him to transform them. We are all on a journey. I admire your search for truth, and hope you find what you are looking for in the place where ultimate truth resides. God bless you.

    1. Gilgamesh

      Hi Laure.
      I agree with you 100%. All the new age version bibles fallow the Westcott / Hort
      translation of the bible from the Greek, in 1850- 1880.They omitted,and changed thousands of words. But Westcott and Hort were into theosophy and spiritualisum and they started up many secret groups; The Hermas Club, The SPR, The Apostles,
      Eranus, The Ghostly Guild, The League Nations. And you can read about all this in the book; New Age Bible Versions. G A Riplinger.
      In my opinion spirit channeling, automatic writing and seances is a dead end street.[ It is all like computer generated stuff from the unconcious mind.]
      And Satan is just all politics.
      Thousands of years ago people worshiped many Gods becous there were many Gods. In the bible it is written, The Sons of the Gods merried the doughters of humans.And there were two groups, the Enlilites, and the Enkiites
      When King Alalu discovered this planet, and the Elohim came after him and settled here to mine gold, humans were not created yet, but Enki later created humans with genetic engenering to work in the mines.
      Enki was the ruler of Earth, but his brother, Enlil stole the created humans from him and a fight started with the two brothers for ruling the World and the humans.From the bible it looks like Enki was Satan,but I think it was Enlil.
      This fight was going on for many thousand of years between the two families of the Elohim, and the humans were just in between and when the Enkiites were in power, the Enlilites were Satan, and when the Enlilites were in power, the Enkiites were Satan. So this Satan thing is just all politics, that came down to us from ancient times. The long story about the Annunaki and Elohim is translated from the Sumerian tablets in the Zacharia Sitchin books.

      1. Rhedda

        hey gilgamesh, think with her definitive take on this existence, she will accept your definitive take???

        that would be great but my guess is an absolute NOPE

        when will humanity desist from the archaic tales and doctrines of old?? what in the bible besides the imposition of fear tactics is useful to humankind (that we could not have come up with without the spooky god with his treatening pendulum)??


      2. Very interesting reading Gilgamesh. I never heard about Enki, Enlil ect, but I’m well aware that the Elohims/Sons of God/Archangels are the parents of the angels/mankind.
        I guess that the above is just another story written, like the Bible, Tora and all other so-called holy books, with lots of truth in, but not all truth.
        Something always gets ‘lost in translation’ or by the fireside, if you know what I mean.
        And God is not at all spooky Rhedda. It is us who ‘created God in OUR IMAGE’, who are spooky, and the only ‘devil’ we have to watch is our ego.

    2. Hi Laura
      No Satan or Devil has made his plans including God.
      Hence they are bound to fail, and this will happen sooner than we think or believe! 🙂
      I do not have enough time now to read all the above because I have to go to work now, but I will do so later.
      Truth is stranger than fiction… 🙂

      1. Gilgamesh

        When the Gods left the Earth planet, 610-560 BC., They were all angry.And all of them left, all 600 hundred of them, and the 300
        igigi, The story was, that they were angry with the people, but I have a hard time believing that. Some thousands of years before, a messenger from Anu told them, that if they leave Earth, they will die. But when Anu and Antu came to visit, he told them, he never send any messenger, and it was not true, that they will die if they left Earth , because they could be treated. Staying on Earth for a long time they were aging,and were going insane.
        Sin, the Lord of the Gods, The Moon god came back, for a short time, the half moon you see even today on many religious places, and mosques , but later he also left. Marduk stayed, but when Alexander the Great went to see Marduk in 331BC, Marduk was dead.
        I find this is a big mystery, that they left, and they left in anger, and the messenger from Anu, that Anu never sent.

      2. Hi Gilgamesh
        Lots of stories going around.
        Only time will tell which one is true or how much of every one of them is true. I don’t think we have to long to wait anymore to find out.
        The truth shall set us free… 🙂

  2. You are never given a thought without also being given
    the power to make it come true.
    The achievement of your goal is assured the moment
    you commit yourself to it.
    If you have the desire, you have the power to attain it.
    You can have anything you want in life
    if you will stay focused on your goal.
    Your dreams can come true if you pursue them.
    Where there’s a will, there is always a way.

    1. Thoughts are actions on the spirit-plane. Whatever you think, you create and eventually it materializes one way or the other. That is why we have to watch our thoughts.
      Yeap, Where there’s a will, there is always a way. 🙂

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