Talk For Food Archive: Cancer and MMS

Show #013 — Guest: Jim Humble

Taken in Hermosillo, Mexico
Taken in Hermosillo, Mexico

Adam explores the possibility of moving beyond simply “surviving” cancer, and living again assisted by the “Miracle Mineral Supplement,” or MMS. His guest is Jim Humble, author of Miracle Mineral Supplement of the 21st Century, and developer of the protocol. This was Jim’s third visit to Talk For Food, as the buzz about MMS continued to grow.

Jim shares insights learned weekly from feedback received, including suggestions on taking it on an empty stomach, time of day, and in conjunction with vitamin C.

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10 Thoughts to “Talk For Food Archive: Cancer and MMS”

  1. Gilgamesh

    Hi Adam.
    What is your opinion on Oil Pulling?
    Dr Karasch developed oil pulling and this very simple practice can cure everything, and with oil pulling people can live to be a 150 years old.
    The oil have to be cold pressed sesame or cold pressed sunflower oil.
    If this practice work, it will help a lot of people with health problems, and save a lot of money on medications.

    1. Yo Gil,

      Thank you for bringing this subject to my attention again. I heard about oil pulling earlier this year, and allowed it to be buried through other subjects. I intend to try it myself, and will get some oil and see how it works.



  2. jill

    i am undergoing chemotherapy for metastatic breast cancer at age 44. This willbe ongoing and if I get worse I will get a new drug called a parp inhibitor along with the carboplatin called bsi-201. Can I take the mms while on treatment?? I am considering stopping the chemo because it makes no sense to me to do this for the rest of my life. My breast cancer is what they called triple negative and aggressive. 2 nodes less than 1 cm though, I am at work 30 hours a week. But need an alternative. If so I could not figure out how to buy the mms on this sight??? Thanks Jill

    1. Hi Jill,

      I am happy that you are inquiring about alternative ways to address this condition. HOWEVER, from where I sit, you’re in a delicate position, that (1) of not having full confidence in the methodology that you’re choosing, or (2) trying to please (or not to displease) someone other than yourself. That someone may be your doctor, but it can be anyone. The main factor is that you are not the primary concern, even in your own healing. There are MANY ways to effectively address cancer in general, and breast cancer in particular, and unless you are ABSOLUTELY certain that parp inhibitor IS THE WAY, then you’re not in a healing frame of mind, but an appeasing one instead. Please note, these are my observations and opinions. There is no criticism felt, or implied, and nothing “wrong” is being done by you, or to you.

      YOU are your body’s healer, when YOU embrace this idea as fact. That is when you will no longer select “inhibitors” to your own self-expression, and stop holding in your truth, or making love conditional. Your body simply needs to be in balance, and in this case, to be cleansed of pathogen overgrowth. Is the work that you do fulfilling to your HEART? Is it something that you LOVE? When we truly are in a state of LOVE, NOTHING bothers us, as we place ourselves in a state of dynamic healing, which is all that HEALTH is.

      Please know that, while the parp-inhibitor concept SOUNDS promising, it is yet out of integrity with nature. It IS part of an on-going attempt to find a patentable PHARMACEUTICAL, which means a synthetic substitute for that which is natural and readily available. The body, and the cells that it contains, do not recognize the frequencies, i.e., the vibrational signatures, of these synthetic products, and thusly, they become vibrational viruses upon cellular physiology and function, that wreak havoc within the body instead of facilitating healing. Chlorine dioxide (generated through the use of MMS), generates a vibrational frequency that is recognized throughout nature, which induces low pH (acidic) molecules to surrender up to five (5) electrons while leaving alkaline molecules unaffected. It is not the only way to address the ecological and emotional conditions of breast cancer, but it is in integrity with nature, and truth.

      Healing will not happen at optimal speed if we are dominated in either our left, or right brain. Such domination occurs when we are fearful. Many doctors will instill the fear of death or excommunication if you don’t do things THEIR way. If you do, then you’re also surrendering your power to THEIR belief, THEIR KNOWING. And what they DON’T know is how to successfully treat breast cancer without mutilating the patient. Not because it can’t be done, but because their standard methods will not get it done. The great excitement about parp inhibitors is not because they will cure breast cancer, but because they can be a big MONEY MAKER for the pharmaceutical companies, doctors, and institutions that push this drug, EVEN THOUGH OTHER NATURAL, INEXPENSIVE, NON-TOXIC METHODS ARE AVAILABLE, BUT UNDER-PUBLICIZED, IF NOT SUPPRESSED. Dr. Bjorn Nordenstrom’s successful treatment of breast cancer through electro-stimulation over 20 years ago, that was eventually discredited by U.S. medical establishment, but was embraced and practiced throughout China, is one example. Here’s a short video that refers to him (though not the therapy).

      Explanations describing the effectiveness of parp inhibitors indicate how tumors shrunk after use. Who cares whether the tumor shrunk?! The salient question is, “Did the cancer go away?” Is the patient HEALTHY again? They are silent on that point, because the answer will still be “no!” AND THAT’S OKAY WITH THEM, for they can still TREAT you as long as you have insurance which pays for it, but not for non-pharmaceutical, non-surgical procedures!

      When granting approval to these pharmaceutical cancer treatment methods, the FDA doesn’t care if cancer was eliminated. If they lab says that the cancer shrunk, and it did in testing, then that’s all they need to approve the drug. It doesn’t matter whether it is made of plutonium, or what the residual side-effects might be. If the drug company said it shrinks cancer tumors, and it does, and they’ve paid the going price, then it gets the FDA stamp of approval.

      You should understand that IF YOUR BODY ECOLOGY REMAINS TOXIC, THEN CANCER WILL SIMPLY TAKE ANOTHER FORM. A toxic body is simply one that is out of balance, needing more water (structured), nutrients, enzymes, and less anaerobic and synthetic waste. An ecologically BALANCED body is also electrically balanced, and cancer WILL NOT form within one, because all metabolic functions will be active, and will be protective.

      An agent that has what’s termed, “synthetic lethality,” as is attributed to parp inhibitors, sounds impressive, but it is still synthetic. It will be lethal, but it will create something new, as it has a vibrational signature that the DNA has no NATURAL instructions for. They don’t belong in the body, ESPECIALLY WHEN NATURAL BALANCERS are available.

      In my opinion, if you take the parp inhibitor and MMS, you’ll be a dweller of two worlds. The MMS would react on, and reduce the presence of any and all low pH pollutants in the body ecology. That would include the parp inhibitors, which your body has no natural need for, and no normal use for. Yet, you will need to resolve your own possible inner conflict or appeasement proclivities and set your sights on healing and being healed, and enjoying the whole of your life. This thrust ONLY comes from WITHIN YOU. Trust your body to protect and serve you, and then ask IT what it needs. If it says you need parp inhibitors, then take them. If it says MMS can help you, then do so. If it says you need raw, unpasteurized milk (natural enzymes, natural vitamin D, natural aerobic microorganisms), then drink it. If it says you need to reboot your brain to activate both hemispheres and align your spine (alphabiotics), then get it. With the exception of the parp inhibitors, none of these methods would be toxic, but all would be helpful.

      Best wishes,


    2. jill,my breast cancer which had spread to all my lymph nodes was cured by the 10 step pgm of
      take a look at her tumor she had(!!!!)
      I felt pain relief after 8 days
      and complete remission after 8 months.
      email me for her interviews on radio.

      my friend did the incurables pgm on and cured his terminal prostate.
      my mother also cured her stage 4 acute eukemia at 87 years with this pgm also.
      referances availiable upon request(really!!)

  3. Justin

    Adam- Please Contact me via email. Jude H. says hello!

  4. Adam,

    I enjoyed this webcast of yours. It answers many questions which have plagued several discussion forums for months.
    Much of it is common sense, i.e., empty/full stomach and multiple dosages a day.
    I try my best to inform others based on my own personal experience but my confidence level rises considerably when my words are reinforced by yourself and Jim Humble.
    I lost my grandfather back in April to colon cancer and I had him on Rife, DMSO and MMS.
    I was only successful in prolonging his life so that he and my grandmother were able to celebrate an anniversary.
    2 years ago he was at my wedding and appeared fine. I am sure you know Patrick Swayze passed from pancreatic cancer as well.
    It is frightening how fast cancer can claim a life.
    It is, however, equally amazing how fast one can choose to improve their eating habits and lifestyle to free themselves of disease.
    I have MMS, DMSO and a Rife machine.
    I am not afraid of the Swine Flu.
    Conspiracy theorists claim it was manufactured by the government. I am not certain either way, but we have sanitized everything and with my alternatives at hand, I believe disease is no match for me.
    I also take Maca Root Powder as a daily nutritional supplement in the morning. It has magnesium in it.

    Anyway, thank you for the update, Adam!


    1. Way to GO Jeremy!

      You’ve got a vision and a plan, and wisdom that can guide you through any challenge. The more we can stay out of other people’s fears, the better their chance of getting over them too!

      Patrick Swayze became another example that having money is no guarantee of health, as it has been with all of the big name celebrities that have checked out recently. The public believes that if it could happen to them, it can happen to anyone, which is just what “the doctor” wants you to think. I don’t mean to sound cynical (perhaps a bit sarcastic though). It’s not really the doctors; they’re just doing what they’ve been taught. The problem is beyond them. However, the solution is much closer to home… in fact, it IS at home, or wherever you happen to be. We must arm ourselves with useful, credible information, which is molded into knowledge through the experiences we gain from its use, and lessons learned.

      You will help many simply by your enthusiastic example.

      Best wishes,


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