Ted Kennedy's Death 'Validates' a Medical Medusa


Relative to health care, and standards of treatment and outcomes that Americans have come to expect, Senator Edward M. Kennedy’s transition at the age of 77 represents a huge vote for the status quo. He becomes the latest high profile “poster child,” an example for what the public can expect with the best medical care, medical care we agree needs improvement, but think that the only way it will get better is if we throw more money at it.

For all the tributes that apply to his life and longevity, Mr. Kennedy’s death from brain cancer shows that it’s not the money that counts; it’s the method. And the current methods of treating diseases like cancer, perhaps especially cancer, need to be questioned, challenged, and changed.

What would a “better” health care system mean? The answer probably depends on who you’re asking. Ask the head of a pharmaceutical company or the American Medical Association, a better health care system might, mean that the public would get sicker sooner, but live longer, so that it can be billed (or bilked) for more money, before making our transition.

I write this as my step-father has an appointment scheduled to have a “permanent” catheter installed for dialysis, as part of his ongoing after-treatment from a stroke he had over two years ago. His last visit to the hospital generated a bill of $223,000. This was not the first $200,000-plus bill he and my mom have received in the past year alone. Clearly, strokes are very good business for the medical profession.

Talking to my mom the other day, she recounted how, on one visit, a second doctor stopped by to say “hello” to Josh… not much more than that, apparently at the request of his attending physician. That five minute exchange of pleasantries showed up as a $349 entry on their bill. The only people getting care from this system are those earning a living off of keeping you alive, but sick. Health is not the Prime Directive of our health care system; breathing is, as long as it’s billable. If it can’t bill you, then even breathing is no longer important.

I say “our” euphemistically when referring to the health care system because while I will transition from this world at some point in space/time just like everyone else, it will not be in servitude to a medical system that doesn’t serve my best health interests.

I’m sure that most people believe that Senator Kennedy’s best health interests were served (just like Michael Jackson’s), but most who hold that opinion have virtually no concept of bio-chemical and even less about the bio-energetic factors that impact human health.

Deaf to the effects of chemical toxicity and dumb to energetics, it is in virtual darkness that medicine is both taught, and practiced today.

Millions are suffering from behaviors that, through careful acculturation, have made a large portion of the population into frogs that have been lowered into a pot of water that has been brought to a boil. The sad thing is that even the “leaders” don’t know what they’re supporting. The medical people who are treating them aren’t questioning the efficacy of their own methods, and the medical schools — largely funded by pharmaceutical companies — aren’t supporting study that has anything other than a molecular basis.

Nanotechnology, the latest darling in many research circles, is still molecular based. Energetics will always trump the molecular, for the molecular comes from it. It is from the level of energetics that answers have been found, and from whence “new” ones will be discovered. But don’t “ask your doctor” about that today, he’ll give you a pill.

Expect more appeals for money to “fight” cancer. Expect more walks and runs for “the cure.” Forget the fact that cancer has always been curable, and always will be, if we change the environment that brings it into being. In other words, when we bring ourselves and our body back into balance, both chemically and energetically, cancer will leave on its own, for its purpose — which is to SUSTAIN life — will have been served.

Killing cancer tumors via toxification is futile. That is how the environment that supports cancer tumor growth is actually fed. Chemical toxification is already the problem when cancer cells grow. Oxygen depravation in certain parts of the body, brought on by many factors, some of which are associated with ingesting foods that are devoid of nutrient value and laced with synthetic chemicals with their bio-disruptive energetic frequencies — leads to a proliferation of organisms that don’t require oxygen in order to live. They are referred to as anaerobic.

Anaerobic microorganisms are present to prevent the macro-organism, that is, the indwelling human being, from expiring due to the spread of necrosis. If an area is oxygen deficient, cells die. If no anaerobic microorganisms come to that location and, like firefighters, cordon it off, then more cells die. Death will spread, and you’d have no physical body to be here in.

So what does medical science do? They administer drugs that are designed to kill the anaerobic microorganisms, viral, bacterial, etc. However, these drugs increase the oxygen deficiency due to their own toxifying effect. Furthermore, they interact with other chemicals in the body, creating even more toxins, some known, and some that are unknown. Each of these actions take the body chemistry further out of balance, making pH (potential Hydrogen) levels down into the “acidic” range which eventually activates cancer cells — for our survival.

As another example, surgical procedures create a very real disturbance within an individual’s energy field. Every living being has an energy field, which few are able to see, and medicine presently dismisses altogether. Caesarian sections create disturbances within a mother’s energy field, which impact her health, as well as that of the child. Yet, the medical system is ignorant of such nuances. It would mask its ignorance with dismissal and suppression, if not an outright attack on those with such “woo woo” ideas.

History is rife with examples of how the medical profession has gone after individuals who came up with “the right stuff” to end cancer, and other expressions of a body or mind out of balance. Royal Raymond Rife, inventor of an amazing microscope that magnified live cultures over 20,000 times in the early 1930’s, is one example. His is certainly not an isolated case. And, there are many who have succeeded in curing their cancer and other disease conditions using non-toxic methods, but they are “hush” about it, fearing retribution. Why?

Why should people feel they have to speak in secret code about methods that work? Why are they not celebrated? Why should they feel they need to be careful about “offending” the FDA, AMA, or any other agency whose practices aren’t serving the best interests of humanity? The simple answer is, they shouldn’t.

When will we wake up?

Will we wake up before, or after 190 million people are given H1N1 vaccinations? Do you understand that those injections include chemicals that will wreak havoc on your body chemistry (and that of your children), and that your immune system is more capable of protecting you — when it is in balance — than anything that takes you further out of balance?

Why have we cultivated so little understanding of our physiology? Why isn’t this simple truth spoken in schools? Instead, public school systems are the leading proponents of chemical dependency in our youth, insisting that parents — many of them young and impressionable — must consent to having their children be inoculated as a condition of school enrollment. This is extortion, pure and simple.

Whether I agreed with his politics or not, I believe that Senator Kennedy cared for America and did the best he could, based on his best understanding of what was possible. I certainly believed that his brothers John and Robert did this. They threatened to change the system, and were killed for their convictions. Ted Kennedy didn’t go the route of his brothers into death, but his passing is no less saddening, no less important for what it means to all of us.

In choosing his method of health care, Ted Kennedy protected the interests of “big medicine” with “big government,” and in transition, he embodied what many have come to expect. From where he sits now, I hope he sees this. But more importantly, I hope those who remain start to see the medical “Medusa” that is hiding so blatantly, in plain sight because, the more we look to medicine and don’t understand ourselves (since it’s not being taught in school), we take the slow, expensive train ride, deeper into disease. While it appears that’s just the way the system wants things to unfold, the final decision ultimately rests within each of us.

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  1. “Teddy Kennedy was the weak kitten in the litter, never able to measure up to his brothers.
    The accident at Chappaquiddick displayed his chronic immaturity. One problem Teddy has always had was keeping it in his pants – even when other people are around.”
    – Cleo O’Donnell – wife of former Kennedy campaign aide.
    Read my take on the senator, and stick around for more good content.

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