On Being Beings of Conscious, Powerful Change

In the same way that, on surface appearances, it’s hard to tell the difference between a sunrise and sunset, we are at the threshold of a great awakening, or a greater sleep. What is your view? There is increasing evidence that homo sapiens, also known as humans, are very powerful beings, able to cure themselves of diseases and other life challenges, and help others to be well once again. At the same time, more and more people are sicker, anxious, and more desperate than ever. There many who are convinced that they are at risk, and that someone(s) far greater or more powerful are really pulling the strings and running the show.

If you listen to mass media, and to what the people who bring you these messages think is true, then you may indeed be at risk, because there is far more power in suggestion than most people realize, especially when we are led to think that our thoughts and words have little or no power, but someone else’s does. It doesn’t matter who that “someone else” is to dis-empower you, just that you don’t think you have any power to bring about meaningful change.

One interesting thing to note is that people who have ushered in meaningful changes to humanity knew that the power was within them, irrespective of what anyone may have told them to the contrary.

As long as we think that our thoughts and words have little or no power, powerlessness will be our predominant perceived experience. In truth, a great deal of power is being used — unwittingly and unconsciously — to create our experience when we could as easily and far more joyfully know the converse. One key way to change this pattern is to become less quick to get serious about what we observe and think, and permit ourselves to have fun, be joyful, share life’s pleasures with each other, both simple and profound.

We use virtually everything in the book to justify being serious, to get offended, and ill-at-ease with the moment. We are “on alert” to the slightest “sin” that we, (or someone else) may be “guilty” of, or that others may judge us for. We “bitch and moan” about this injustice and that, this “dangerous” group and that (even though we’ve had no personal experience with them). This pattern of behavior darkens our perspective on life, because it encourages us to stay in a perpetual “Amber Alert” mode of thinking.

If we’re seeing calamity and danger around every corner, and looking at innocent people — neighbors and strangers too — as criminals in hiding, then our mind is over active but the heart is closed. We are in a state of other-induced, but self-maintained powerlessness. An active mind with a closed heart is a recipe for lonely, dangerous and joyless experiences.

Energy follows our attention. Said energy organizes itself according to our take on what we see and feel. We are feeling beings. We can feel with a closed heart, or with an open one. If our heart is closed, fear will be our partner in the feeling. If the heart is open, then courage is, passion is, love is, strength is, conscious power is. We become paradigm shifters. In fear, we simply perpetuate an unsatisfactory status quo.

Healing ourselves is a matter of opening our heart and choosing to love in spite of all the reasons we’ve given ourselves to “protect” it or ration it out conditionally. In so doing, we simply limit the Bounty that Life would naturally return to us. We question why God has forsaken us, when we have closed off our greatest power. No matter what tonic we search for to heal, it begins through, and with the heart.

Healing is not simply a matter of body; it is more so a matter of emotion, mind, and spirit. This is something that pharmaceuticals have no effect on. It is a realm in which you rule. That is, unless you think that you don’t.

When true healing happens, everything changes. We often consider the state of the body to determine whether we’re healthy or not, popular or not, worthy or not, or whether life is “treating us well.” We also look at our bank accounts for largely the same form of validation. However, the Great Validator lives within, and is always present and ready to work on our behalf. Some would refer to this Force as God. Some refer to It by other names, including the Higher Self. We are always one with this Presence.

Our presence in this world is the soul corroborating evidence that a God or Higher Self empowers us, endowing us with free will, which includes the freedom to transcend our challenges, or be victims thereof. However, we rarely think, much less feel Oneness with that Great Power, much less know what that means. Oftentimes, we think we’re alone… in our thoughts, in our drama, in our pain, or in our misery, not knowing that it is we who have permitted, created, or allowed it, or that we possess the power to transform it.

Yet, if, when, and as we come to that place of acceptance of our Creatorhood and Oneness with the God Power that is within us, masquerading as it were, as each of us the hurdles that we placed before us — whether they are physical, financial, relationship, or otherwise — will give us wonderful, confirming feedback as they fall away, one by one. It is great validation that you are indeed a changed being, when you become a Being of conscious, powerful, and wonderful change.

Where you stand on this subject sets the tone for the experiences that unfold for you. In the worst of times for the masses there will be those who prosper, as there will be those who suffer in the best of times. The challenge is getting the masses to understand how its reality is created by the preponderance of thinking and believing. The key point to consider is that the process happens one mind and heart at a time, beginning with one’s self.

I can’t simply change mass consciousness, but I can change my own. On the other hand, if I change my consciousness, I change my being. My vibrational signature changes, in therefore, my reality. And in so doing, I influence the mass consciousness. As the resonance increases, the mass consciousness will eventually change.

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5 Thoughts to “On Being Beings of Conscious, Powerful Change”

  1. Gilgamesh

    Hi Adam.
    I think I should explain here, that Zecharia Sitchin did not received his information. He is not a contactee, he is not a UFO book writer. He is a scholar, and read and translate ancient Sumerian clay tablets, and Babylonian , Akkadian, Assyrian, Hittite, Egyptian,Canaanite, and Hebrew writings.
    I think Sheldan was thinking of someone else when he said that; he received his information.

  2. Gilgamesh

    Hi Adam.
    This is a great article.
    However there are many Questions hanging in the air.
    The face on Mars, if it is a face, is the face of King Alulu. He was from a planet that comes into our Solar system every 3600 years, and he discovered this Earth planet 500 000 years ago, he was the first contact here before we were human.
    Alulu died on Mars and he is burried there.After he discovered Earth they came here to mine gold, first from the sea, later in south Africa , and south America.This is old Summerian records translated by Zecharia Sitchin in The Earth chronicles, about 10 books,the first is; The 12th Planet.
    Anunnaki after some time, wanted workers in the mines, and created Us from they’r own blood and DNA and from a primitive ape from from the African jungles. First was only males, and later females, and the first humans were not a big success, they had to recreate humans many times, as after so many generations the humans started to revers to apes. The final success was about a 100 000 years ago. And they were also copulating with human females, the first rulers and kings on Earth were human and Anunnaki blood. The Anunnaki on Earth started to age, and going insane , invented religion, and wanted to be worshiped.
    After the church burned all the books in Alexandria, and repressed all education, and created the dark ages for hundreds of years, today people are educated and developed, but at the same time the question is, how many more generations before humans start to degenerate? Did it started now, in our time ?
    I dont think humans will revers to apes, but will we revers, or develop in one direction , or another direction? Or what direction?

    I think it would be also interesting,
    if you had an iterview with Zecharia Sitchin, the author of The Earth Chronicles.


    1. Gil,

      I’d love to interview Sitchin. Sheldan says that Sitchin’s information was correct at the time he received it, but some things have changed here and there. Not to invalidate him or the integrity of his work, or what you have referred to here (which is consistently reported by a number of authors on this subject), but simply that some factors are not the same today as they were when they were published.

      I believe the general evolutionary spiral of consciousness is “upward,” or perhaps “outward,” as in expansion. But what appears to be devolution is necessary for their to be evolution in a three and four-dimensional framework. It may likely still be necessary at fifth dimensional levels and higher. We simply choose the spiral or “ray” that we will resonate, but all are from and of One Source, One Home.



  3. CdnFarmgirl

    Awesome article, Adam! I like the way you think! We all make the choice about whether we live a faith-based or fear-based life. I choose faith and loving with an open heart. As you said, changing our own consciousness does influence the mass consciousness…one little step at a time 🙂

    1. Julie,

      You are a valuable beacon in this spiritual wilderness. Thank you for being here.


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