A Not So Strange Case Involving Water

It’s About What We Don’t See

Jennifer Strange
Jennifer Strange

A recent story in the Sacramento Bee chronicles how what innocently started out in January 2007 as a contest on radio station The End (KDND, 107.9 FM) to win a Nintendo Wii game console, has led to death, emotional dysfunction, and inevitable lawsuits. The court case begins August 2009. While the controversy and drama surrounding the lawsuits will garner the most attention, a salient understanding about the nature of water will, by most observers, be overlooked.

The challenge and theme of the contest was to “Hold Your Wee for a Wii”. Simple enough. Contestants were given 8-ounce bottles of water every ten minutes. After consuming eight of them, the intake was upped to 16-ounce bottles at the same intervals. The first one to succumb to their urge to go to the bathroom for relief, was out.

As the next to last holdout, Jennifer Strange finished as the runner-up. Her perseverance earned her tickets to a Justin Timberlake concert. However, she died later that day of hyponatremia. Court records list the cause of death as “drinking too much water.”

The story in the Bee centers around the unexpected loss that the Strange family has sustained, and whose pockets are deep enough to be picked for retribution and restitution. They are going for roughly $25 million, with Entercom, the company that owns 110 radio stations, including KDND and five others in Sacramento, as the main target.

Other contestants have also reported various changes, including a weight gain of 60 pounds, “water phobia,” and an elevated sense of imminent death. Ignored in this entire conversation is the water itself. Not simply the brand or type of water that was consumed, but the qualities thereof.

While it remains a relatively obscure understanding, water is not an inert substance, as is generally thought. It is living substance. Water is an information carrier, in fact, it is the information carrier, not only within the human body, but within all of the reality we call “Life on Earth.” Water is the ultimate shape shifter, everywhere that we are, within everything, even when we think it’s not.

Water is a carrier of information in the form of vibrational or energetic signatures or frequencies that it picks up in its travels. While said frequencies do not take up “space,” they exist within a certain bandwidth that can be “tuned into,” just like a radio station. Unless water goes through a full hydrological cycle, as few commercial brands of water does these days, it will retain the vibrational/energetic information associated with every place it has been. Mother Nature normally takes care of that via said full hydrological cycle, when water enters the Earth, is filtered, and “degaussed” of its vibrational information, re-mineralized and and restructured, where it then rises once again to form or join streams. Oxygen rich and clear, the water can do what it is designed to do, that is, deliver life sustaining energy to living creatures (including humankind), and remove waste products on its journey.

Much, if not most of the bottled water that we buy hasn’t gone through that process. Energetically speaking, said water is energy deficient. However, in contrast to healthy water that is high in energetic coherency, processed water is “high” in incoherency. It is chaotic. Tap water has been chlorinated and fluoridated, which adds additional health consequences, but does nothing to clear the water.

What this means is that the thought-forms associated with wherever the water consumed has been, remain active. And, to the extent that the consumer is unaware of these characteristics of water (meaning most of us), events such as those outlined in the Jennifer Strange case can occur, and are not so strange.

The energies, vibrations, and thought-forms that I’m referring to are not particulates. They have nothing to do with “total dissolved solids” (TDS) or other reference data that we’re used to measuring water quality by. No amount of distillation or “osmosizing” will remove them, not even ionization, which is a form of electrocuting water to force it to release higher levels of unstable, and aggressive oxygen. Water’s memory is cleared through structuring, as done by Mother Nature, through the full hydrological cycle, by our conscious intent, and by devices that structure water using Nature’s methods.

The chemical particulates that have been discovered in water range far and wide; over 60,000 in some estimates. Everything from arsenic and Prozac® to birth control medication and rocket fuel have been found. Beyond that, the thought-forms of those who have come in contact with that water, emotions and feelings, concerns and fears, are also imprinted in the water, which is the master carrier of information of our reality.

When we see water as living substance, possessing a consciousness and intelligence of its own, which it can communicate through us, it becomes reason to look at it, and life differently. Honoring the water that we drink with our highest thoughts and intentions before consuming it would change our experience with it. Honoring each other in the same way would do the same thing.

Something to think about.

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6 Thoughts to “A Not So Strange Case Involving Water”

  1. Gilgamesh

    Hi Adam.
    I was reading, that sometimes ORMUS water can tunnel through the glass, and the sweet tasting ORMUS with a little water will be outside ,or the bottom of the bottle. And there is a lot to learn about ORMUS water, plants, and vegetables can grow , and produce 3 or 4 or 5 more crops, and this could help with more food production for the hungry World.
    Foods grown with ORMUS water also much healthier, and this water also restore health in people, and animals.I know you write a lot about structured water, but would you write more about ORMUS, and ORMUS water?
    In my opinion we have a lot ORMUS in our bodies, and in water, but a lot of people also have ORMUS deficiencies, as we are not getting enough from foods.

  2. kim

    very sad news. she was a real mother. RIP.

  3. bridgett

    namaska’r friends,
    ever hear of the book Anastasia. she lives in the russian wilderness brought up by animals. the whole book is about love and energy (ringing cedars) she says if you put your seeds under your tongue for a couple of minutes before planting, the soil will recognize your dna and produce food your body needs. b

    1. CdnFarmgirl

      I just read Anastasia last month…fascinating read. What is truly amazing is that we can all start living in the manner she describes, that is, putting love first and foremost. What a difference it makes when you put love out, regardless of the situation or people involved. Try it yourself, if you haven’t experimented yet – I guarantee you will start looking forward to interacting with people…it can become quite addictive 🙂

  4. CdnFarmgirl

    Very interesting article, Adam. A good reminder that everything we ingest carries energy, good or bad, and that we can choose what we put into our bodies… Thank you!

    PS I’ve missed reading your articles, but know you’ve been very busy! So nice to read your viewpoints on different topics. Julie

    1. Hi Julie,

      It’s always a pleasure to hear from you too! I’m feeling drawn to spending more time at the keyboard writing again. There’s SO MUCH to say… such a problem, eh? Look out for new information soon on MMS2.



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