On 'Becoming' a Water Structuring Device

I can’t say that I fully appreciate the impact of blogging in general, or my blog in particular, but I do understand that it is part of a shift in behavior patterns (such as the shift away from radio and television over the airwaves to the internet) that is currently in progress. However, I consider it significant when a blogging peer recognizes, acknowledges and even covers my work, as happened recently when Jan Turner, who publishes Smoking Choices (and Other Musings), paid a visit to this site and wrote a great article about some of what she found here titled, “Panaceas“.

Jan left a very nice note telling me about her post on my “About this blog.” page, writing:

You reference making our own “structured water,” is there a hint about where to discover how to do that? I would welcome your response.

The actual answer may be too simple for some, but here goes.

Water is a living substance. It is alive. I know it may be redundant to run those sentences one after the other, but it’s a point that can’t be pondered enough. Since water is alive, it is also intelligent. It is not only capable of responding intelligently and appropriately to stimuli, that is water’s actual function and purpose. Water is a carrier of information, a conduit that delivers signals or frequencies from one locale to another. As such, it is subject to the widest range and varieties of states known to man. In fact, water exists in states that are unknown, or shall I say, unacknowledged.

However, my specific point about the states of water refer to energy, for all information is energy, and all energy represents a very specific quantum of light. Water, therefore, is light. As we are made of water, then we are also beings of light (bio-photons). Water (light) is responsive to our states, and the energy that we emanate in any given moment, which in turn, is affected by the attitudes that we choose. Said attitudes determine whether we will have a structuring or de-structuring (hence, destructive) effect on water.

In the most basic sense, being kind, compassionate, joyful, loving, hopeful, optimistic, confident, and forgiving will have a structuring effect on water. Physiologically speaking, these states also have an alkalizing effect on our body chemistry. Said alkalizing effect is also a healing effect. Finally, it has a structuring effect on water, both inside the body, and outside.

Being angry, resentful, envious, jealous, ashamed, fearful, etc., acidifies the body, which in effect, brings imbalance and accelerates the onset of various diseases. This mood-set will also have a de-structuring effect on water, both inside the body and outside.

So the simple answer is to structure water, choose the first mood-set. This includes water that you’re about to drink, shower or bathe in. If you are joyful, you will structure the water, through the property of entrainment.  Structuring the water will add life-force energy (light) to it. De-structuring water will take such energy (light) away. You can never been without energy, but you can be with little energy, relative to your potential. Our predominant emotional state is a great influencer of such matters.

Our predominant emotional state (let’s call it the PES) is more powerful and important a factor in our health or ill-health, than anything else. And when we are sick it is the key to recovery. Given how sick many people are, this truth hasn’t been self-evident. The key again, however, is seeing ourselves differently.

Jane probably figured I’d give a simple answer, and so did I, but it makes it delivers the insights that allow us to know the difference between going through the motions, and actually getting something done. We are powerful beings who, in general, don’t know that we are, and sometimes don’t even believe it.

We wonder why God allows us to be sick, or makes us sick, not knowing that we are expressions of God, and what we give ourselves, as in disease, we can also take away. Indeed, it will be us that takes away our dis-ease, when we decide we’re ready to be well, believe it’s possible, and allow it to happen. When this becomes our PES, or predominant emotional state, we will have a structuring effect on water.

To add even greater power to water before drinking or cooking:

  1. Be joyful and grateful for the Gift that you are receiving (the Gift is life, light, and love — all the same thing — which is Diving power)
  2. Holding your hands in front of you, palms facing each other, imagine a ball of light, life, and love forming between them. It is energy of the Highest Order.
  3. Next, bring your hands — with the imagined ball of light yet suspended in the spatial field between them — on either side of the water vessel.

That’s it.

The living water inside the cup, glass, container or pot, will respond as surely as the water in Dr. Masaru Emoto’s petry dishes formed beautiful hexagonal crystals when the thoughts love and gratitude were sent them. They will respond this way in resonance to you. Then, when you drink it, it will nourish you again. If you cook with it, it’ll nourish those who consume it. In a way of speaking it is the profound lack of love in our practices of food preparation and animal raising that has contributed to the Dark Age that we are emerging from.

Until you are able to believe in yourself enough to become a structuring force in your reality, you can purchase a bio-photon structuring device that will get the job done. Listen to my Talk For Food interviews with Clayton Nolte on how they work:

While all water is alive, not all water is happy, and therefore high in life force energy. The structuring device will deliver happy water to every cell of your body, facilitating health, or its restoration.

Here’s to both, and best wishes to Jan Turner.

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3 Thoughts to “On 'Becoming' a Water Structuring Device”

  1. Hi Adam,

    I highly recommend these youtube videos. Here is part 1 of 14. As you move along they get into Emoto’s work and many other cutting edge scientific concepts. These are must see videos for the people of the planet at this very time. As I did with MMS, I am running with them to as many platforms as I can find.

    1. Thanks for the link Rett!

      I’ll check it out.

  2. Adam, Thank you. I am overwhelmed with your generosity, kindness and breadth of perception. I salute you.

    As to your explanation, I appreciate it and I’m workin’ on it. Peace. Jan

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