Talk For Food Classics: Sally Fallon

[I have been promising to create an archive of my Talk For Food podcasts that have gone off rotation at WordPress has come to the rescue. I simply had to learn how to post my interviews so that they could be easily listened to.]

Show #036 — Sally Fallon

Did you know that the body NEEDS us to include animal fat in our diets in order to prevent obesity? Or that in spite of government required warnings on the labels about bacteria, RAW milk is the ONLY milk product that helps the body clear up disease? We thought so. In his quest to understand why indigenous people had perfect teeth, Weston A. Price traveled around the world studying the diets of diverse cultures, and what he learned will astound you. That’s why you’ll find Adam’s conversation with Sally Fallon, President of the Weston A. Price Foundation critically important and priceless.

Fallacies About Food that Threaten Human Existence with Sally Fallon

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  1. Really?

    Raw Milk?

    Yes, I have always wondered about the perfect teeth!

    Thank you!

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