Sheldan Nidle Workshop in Montgomery Alabama

Banner for Sheldan Nidle workshop in Montgomery, AL
Banner for Sheldan Nidle workshop in Montgomery, AL

On July 18-19, 2009, author and Planetary Activation Organization founder Sheldan Nidle (, will be in Montgomery, Alabama to conduct a workshop titled, Making Galactic Sense Out of Chaos. Some of the topics covered in this workshop include:

Saturday, July 18 | 10a-5p
From Collapse to Contact

  • Rising from Global Collapse
  • The Agarthan Connection
  • Becoming Galactic Humans
  • The Power of Our Collective Consciousness
  • Galactic Humans Among Us
  • The Revolution of Compassion (I’d suggest calling it the Resurrection)

Sunday, July 19 | 1-5p
A Galactic View of Current Events

  • Reasons for Economic Chaos
  • Economic System Makeover
  • Forbidden and Hidden Solutions
  • A New Abundant Earth

The fee for this workshop, which will be conducted in a private home, is $125. A limited number of space are still available. For additional information, contact Dorothy Schaefer (, or to pay online, follow the link below.

Making Galactic Sense Out of Chaos — A 2-Day Sheldan Nidle Workshop
Montgomery, Alabama, July 18-19 | $125.00

Click here to reserve your space.

Housing is not included. The map below shows available nearby lodging.

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I will be present to videotape the workshop, which will be edited to a 30 minute program and aired on local television. A DVD of the entire workshop will also be available.

I have no personal recollections of contact with extra-terrestrials. However, having interviewed Sheldan on three occasions on Talk For Food, his authenticity comes through with ease. He speaks from a level of knowledge that doesn’t come in textbooks, but are naturally imprinted through personal experience.

Here is an excerpt from a video interview I did with him earlier this year (2009) at his home in Northern California.
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If you can attend, I believe this workshop will answer many questions and allay any fears you may be harboring about tomorrow, which should enhance your experience of today.

We are at a turning point in human history. It might be more appropriate to say that we’ve been on one for quite some time. The turning point is one of growing, expanding awareness of our fundamental nature as divine, energetic beings. This point of understanding is broached to a modest extent in some religious teachings, however, it comes bundled with an entire mythology, which may or may not set right with the individual, and infers some exclusivity of application. The truth is that all human beings are divine energetic beings, whether they believe in God or not. Beliefs change. Reality does not. Even one who doesn’t believe in God now, still exists within this reality, and has a veiled consciousness that is subject to expanded awareness. As such, belief will eventually give away to knowing, not only of the existence of God, but God’s expression in us, as us.

We are at the precipice of the expansion of such awareness, even as we ponder such large questions as our place in the Universe, and the very personal one of whether we can heal. The answer is that we’re not alone and never have been, and that healing is everyone’s birthright and inherent power. Power is disengaged by beliefs that disallow possibility. It becomes personal as beliefs give way to knowing of our universal equality with, and connection to ALL.

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