Getting Structure: On Forming a Healthy Relationship with 'The Water Within'

Water is the first key to every question of chronic disease, and every answer to the restoration of health. It is also one of the most overlooked, and as such, misunderstood. Our status with, and relationship to water should be on the lips of every doctor, dentist, nurse, and any professional that includes the word “health” in their description or scope of responsibilities. Since that’s not happening, you and I must include the word health in description and scope of personal responsibilities, because it’s not the doctor’s responsibility to keep us healthy, but our own. Therefore, it behooves us all to better understand this thing called water.

For something that looks virtually the same no matter how it’s prepared, water has many different personalities, states, and characteristics, many of which have gone unnoticed by most “experts.” However, it’s time that we know better. Only one of water’s states is conducive to the maintenance or restoration of health, whether we’re talking human, plant, or animal. That is, when water is structured. This caveat is not limited to water we drink. It’s any water that we’re exposed to, including that which we shower and bath in, or wash our dishes, clothes in, or cook with.

Knowing the difference, animals will naturally select structured water if given the option. Planets will grow taller, faster, and be healthier with structured water than they will with distilled, tap water, or any other adulterated form (such as when it is microwaved).

Our drinking water may, or may not be structured. In fact, it may not even be alkaline, a point that applies to far too many popular bottled water brands. Waters labeled as “purified,” “dionized,” or “reverse osmosis,” are not structured. While some people may be aware of wide variances in water’s taste, in general, for most, drinking water will look and taste the same irrespective of the preparation method used. However, the long term effects of said methods can differ dramatically.

According to a World Health Organization study, people who drink water that contains minerals have lower rates of disease when compared to people who do. This makes sense when you realize that the body needs those minerals. Even more important is that the body needs and uses life force energy, another term for bio-photons. The key point about bio-photons is that they represent all potential, and can function as minerals, and anything else that the imbibing body needs at that very moment. As such, it is more important to have bio-photon energy present in the water than anything else. Structured water is the optimal way to do so.

These understandings aren’t widely appreciated by the public. “Purified” drinking water will often have much of its mineral content removed, as they are considered part of the water’s “Total Dissolved Solids,” which are considered contaminants.

Minerals that the body uses as building blocks to maintain its health, such as potassium, zinc, magnesium, and anions, are lumped into the same category as arsenic, cadmium, lead, and positive ions, which themselves are disruptive in effect.

The problem with this is that drinking water that is devoid of such constructive minerals and life-force energy (which the anions represent) and will essentially “leech” what it needs from the host, that is, you and me. Organized in clusters that too large to be usable by the cell, they must be broken down, which the body will automatically do, using whatever is available. It “structures” the water internally.

Another term for structured water is “mature” or “ripened” water. It is succulent to the body and effective at hydration because the clusters are smaller. Each are oriented to the other in such a way that they are constantly and instantly giving and receiving two electrons to each other. This instant ion, energy, and information exchange, increases the body’s metabolism (and health), delivering both oxygen and hydrogen where they are needed most; which is everywhere.

I am currently reading Living Energies, by Callum Coats. It is an examination of the work of Viktor Schauberger (1885-1958), a somewhat obscure Austrian, who made the study of nature in general, and water in particular, a life-long mission. He first came to my attention through meeting Clayton Nolte, an inventor who, through over forty years of service in the Air Force and other “intelligence” gathering factions in the U.S. military, gained his own understanding of the forces of nature, and properties of water.

Clayton has developed a device that structures water, infusing it with bio-photons (living light). It does so in such a practical way that it portends to be a real paradigm shifter with respect to our relationship to, and what we get out of water. However, we need to be informed in order to appreciate what structured water does on our behalf, and has been doing all along.


The unit operates in-line in your home or apartment’s plumbing, structuring water as it enters the house (covering all outlets), or just before it exits the kitchen faucet (via an under sink unit), garden hose, or shower head. A few restaurants in Sedona now include placards on their tables informing patrons that they proudly serve structured water. This is great to know, and a trend that will grow, as water is the only “beverage” that we cannot live without. And increasingly, it’s also the beverage that we’re also not healthy with.

Water that is not healthy itself, is also not structured, and in that state, cannot contribute to our health. In fact, it will take away from health and vitality.

Energetically speaking, structured water is most coherent. Without electricity, magnets, or filters that need replacing, Clayton’s device will structure tap water, taking it from a chaotic, large cluster size, to a more coherent, smaller cluster state. Unstructured water takes mineral resources and energy from us, whereas structured water gives bio-photon (living light) life force energy to us. Until recently, this has been hard to quantify scientifically, except through such subtle methods as applied kinesiology. But tests were recently conducted using an “electro-photonic imaging device” referred to as a GDV (which stands for gas-discharge visualization). Developed by Konstantin Korotkov, Ph.D.

I recently spent some time with Clayton (and separately with Dr. Korotkov) to discuss structured water, and subtle energy measurement. Here is a clip from the videotaped conversation.

[wpvideo vFhzu52O]

If you’re interested in this full 52 minute conversation, let me know.

The public’s understanding of the subject is growing slowly. We’re still trying to understand such water-related terms as distilled, reverse osmosis, and ionized. It’s not readily apparent to most people what makes structured water special, and why we’re just now hearing about it, or even whether it’s legitimate. For these reasons and more, it has become important to me to learn more about water myself. I highly recommend that you do your own homework too.

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