An Amplifier of Subtle Energy Understanding

To anyone who has become familiar with my point of view, it is no news flash when I declar that all is energy. This is neither “me” nor “my” opinion, it’s a simple fact. Some opinions are true because they are true. Some opinions are “true” because the persons expousing them think they’re true. That is, until greater truths become demonstrable.

Dick Tracy comic strip. Started in 1931
Established in 1931.

It is quite possible to think that all is not energy too, and that would be an opinion and belief that is untrue. It takes energy to believe anything and everything, because even thoughts, even the ones that we don’t give energy to, are energy. They have their own characteristics and proclivities. However, they have no power in this world and reality that we live in, that is, unless we give it to them. Power is simply energy amplified.

We are amplifiers of energy. In fact, human beings are the energy amplifiers of this world. We do so by way of how we use our imagination, where we direct our attention, and the love (passion), or fear that we associate with each idea. We imagine persons, places, and things, and they become real, first in our mind, and eventually, in space and time.

Remember the Dick Tracy comic book character, and how the 2-way wrist radio that he used seemed far fetched, and believable only in a fictional story? Well today, we’ve not only matched, but surpassed, or at least, have conceptualized virtually every form of space-age technology that Chester Gould, Dick Tracy’s creator, introduced.

Look how far weve come.
Look how far we've come.

We’ve not been sitting still, nor are we ever. But it can seem that way. War, or the threat of war, is still a reality in many parts of the world, but so its peace. Consciousness has certainly not  been sitting still. Our world is changing as we are, individually and collectively. We are at the threshhold of a new understanding of energy, and our connection to all.

These ideas were not present in my mind when I sat down to write this entry, but I’m glad they showed up when they did. They serve as a fitting introduction to why I did sit down to write, which was, to announce my interview with Konstantin Korotkov, a physicist from St. Petersberg, Russia, whom I met recently in Taos, and then Santa Fe, New Mexico when he was here as a presenter at the 2009 edition of the Conference on Science and Consciousness.

Four Amigos -- Krishna Madappa (L), me, Konstantin Korotkov, and Clayton Nolte
Four Amigos -- Krishna Madappa (L), me, Konstantin Korotkov, and Clayton Nolte

It was a rare occasion for me (becoming less so, but rare nonetheless) to have such quality time with Konstantin, as well as Krishna Madappa, of the Institute for Science, Spirituality, and Sustainability, and a prime supporter of, and spokeman for the GDV technology in the United States.

“GDV”, which stands for “Gas Discharge Visualization,” is the term given to a system and technology developed by Dr. Korotkov, for which he holds several international patents. The importance of the device is that it (1) measures subtle energy, and (2) generates data about the energy measured that makes findings reproducable and independent of purely conjectural interpretation. In other words, the GDV opens the doorway to the scientific study and understanding of subtle energy. I’m going to tell you right now that as this is done ever more fully, our world will change be the same. I mean this in a good way.

I had the pleasure of meeting and spending much more than a sound byte’s amount of time with Dr. Korotkov, and it was great to explore his mind, share what’s in mind, and let it all come out through our hearts. We had this experience after his presentation on the University of New Mexico’s campus in Taos, at Krishna’s home.

This was a shared experience along with Krishna, and Clayton Nolte, developer of the bio-photon water structuring device that can be installed on a house or commercial water line. Clayton has begun using the GDV to test (and verify) the effect of structuring on the life-force energy in the water that flows through his water structuring unit. The results are amazing, and another subject we’ll cover in time, but that is why we came together.

Dr. Korotkov has done extensive research on the energetic properties of water, by way of the new levels of energetic sensitivity offered by the GDV, which he refers to in broad terms as an “electro-photonic imaging” (EPI) system. The common desire to better understand, quantify, and then report the properties of water in general, and structured water in particular, brought us together. This too is one of the things that will bring about a significant change in the way we do things… for the better.

Over the following weekend we attended Dr. Korotkov’s two-day GDV workshop, which I had the honor of videotaping, and am preparing for public availability. The following Tuesday, before he left Santa Fe to return to St. Petersberg, I interviewed Konstantin for my Talk For Food radio show.

For the next 30 weeks or so you can listen to the entire interview by following this link.  If the link is broken, please drop me a line.

With Clayton manning my camera, the interview was also captured for visual consumption. Given the bandwidth and file size disparities of video, I’ve prepared the clip below of the first 10 minutes.

[wpvideo FdeAc3Km]

Our world is changing, with many fearing the worse. However, what I’m feeling on the horizon is not reason for fear. It’s reason for joy and great anticipation. We create our futures through the predominant state in which we live the present. Those who live each moment in fear of the next, simply energize that experience for themselves. Fortunately, it doesn’t take 51% of the population to be in joy to counteract the effects of the fearful. More like 1%. That’s divine balance. That’s how much power is available to each of us energetically, all for the choice to embrace it.

Technology like the GDV are coming along to help even scientific disbelievers the truth. You don’t really need the GDV to know that joy and love are greater experiential and energetic positions than fear. But for those who are so into their left brain to think that joy and love are not meaningful, think again.

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  1. I was listening to Wayne Dyer who then spoke of Bruce Lipton. I went to Bruce Lipton and looked at the options of podcasts to play back. Talk for Food seemed to speak to the space I am in right now. Lol. Now, I am listening to the interview with Bruce Lipton on your show. I googled…and now I am soooo excited to have discovered your blog! Wow. Thank you so much for the work that you do.

    1. Toni,

      Thank you for the well wishes and glad you found this channel. I had a great time talking with Bruce, and look forward to more. But I’m having a great time talking to everyone! Much to learn and share.

      Best wishes,


  2. This is great news for us researchers into alternative & subtle energies. I work with orgone devices & this would be a huge boon to mine & many others researches. Thanks for sharing this valuable information. Take Care,


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    It’s very interesting to write, read the entire blog waiting for more posts.

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